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USAA Customer Care Service


9800 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio
United States - 78288

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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USAA Complaints & Reviews

USAA / Auto insurance

Gregwakeel on 2016-04-13
Don't ever become a member or get in an accident with a member. My car was at a garage getting fixed and the day before I was to pick it up a usaa member hit another car and that car smashed into mine. First was the rudest person ever Eric carrol a real straight douche bag...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / Banking

Nothing2016 on 2016-04-07
I had been with USAA for over 10 plus years. The last three years they have taken a nose dive. I have removed all my business from them, ie: checking, savings, credit card, and finally my auto loan. The auto loan was the final straw. I had previously set up automatic drafts for my auto...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / Refusal to remove a levy on EXEMPT funds

lawrenk on 2016-04-06
On April 6, 2016 at approximately 4pm, I noticed that $161.51 was placed on a hold in my secondary account. I immediately called and was given a telephone number for Virginia Tax Office. I spoke with them and confirmed that the debt was owed and was told that they would not take anything...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / Security/Privacy and Customer Service

Reviewer22697 on 2016-02-26
Recently I submitted all the required documents for eligibility and residence via an email attachment to USAA. When I called after three days, a Customer Service representative told me they received my email but no attachment. Since the attachment included more than enough information for...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / Not covering my stolen enclosed trailer

Foodgod1 on 2016-01-31
Regarding the theft of our 2 year old enclosed motorcycle trailer-- Today I received this email from USAA Insurance Company. Not only do they value the trailer at $0.0 dollars, they are requesting the registration, title, and documents. USAA came highly recommended. Now, I'm finding out...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / USAA Checking & Customer Service

Mariel Donovan on 2016-01-26
Earlier this month, I decided to switch my primary bank account to be USAA. Upon that decision, I closed my other checking account, and submitted for new direct deposit with my company. However, it was too late in the pay period, and instead of direct deposit, they gave me a payroll check...

USAA Auto Insurance Co. - Idaho, Garden Valley / Auto Insurance

Reviewer24086 on 2015-12-22
In the last 18 months I have lost a $ 7200.00 classic truck due to semantics. Been threatened with cancellation 5 times due to presumed non-payment even though money was in my account to cover payment. I have been told I hadn't any auto rental reimbursement even I am paying for full...

USAA Auto Insurance Co. - Oklahoma, Lawton / Filing medical treatment

Reviewer97433 on 2015-12-11
On August, I was hit me an USAA member. She reared me while I was at a stoplight. I have dealing with Christina Weathersbe in the San Antonio Casualty Claims. Christina Weathersbe has been nothing but rude to me since the accident. I have not received my medical bills due to the accident...

USAA - Texas, Texas City / Fraud

Reviewer18221 on 2015-12-07
I report unauthorized taking of my money out of my account to USAA. I explained that it was a large amount of 994.00 and 750.00 dollars which they told me the persons name but there was nothing they could do when you wire money from an account there is a routing number so the bank...

USAA / Just got insurance policy in October both with banking account also

Reviewer26886 on 2015-11-28
I took out an auto insurance policy in October. I opened the checking account the same day. The accounts were opened and paid for with another debit card. Everything was fine. (I thought) not long after I received a letter saying that there was a charge for lack of funds. And that the...

USAA - Texas, San Antonio / Auto Insurance

Mr. Legree on 2015-11-27
USAA representative took out an unauthorized payment from my bank account and caused my checking account to go into the negative. I found out about this while I was buying groceries at wal-mart for thanksgiving. After being totally embarrassed, I call them and was told that there was no...

USAA / Flood insurance

Schmoo11 on 2015-11-24
I have every insurance possible as a active duty member always deployed because of my particular job. I decided to get flood insurance after being told it would cover me when others wouldn't over pipes bursting and storms. I took this out last month. I returned from travel this month (the...

USAA Auto Insurance Co. - Texas, San Antonio / Auto Insurance

Air Phelps on 2015-11-03
USAA Auto Insurance has performed miserably I have been a USAA member for 43 years and paid a premium for all my insurance needs because I felt that their service would be the best if ever needed. I was wrong. I had my first claim on Friday October 23 – my personal auto was in an accident...

USAA / Auto Insurance filing a claim

Reviewer88855 on 2015-10-14
If you wish to know the definition of a stupid bureaucracy run by those who were dropped on their heads as children, I suggest you have insurance with USAA. Because their computer has my home and cell phone numbers reversed, I cannot put in a claim for a broken windshield. I have farted...

USAA - Florida, Tampa / Auto Insurance unethical behaviour

Reviewer25981 on 2015-10-04
In August 2015, I was rear ended by an insured motorist. The at fault insurance company paid for my rental car while my auto was in the body shop. I had to pay $500.00 to get my auto out of the body shop. My insurance company is suppose to be taking care of the matter with dealing with the...

USAA - Auto Insurance / Insurance claim

Reviewer59116 on 2015-09-24
There was damage to the vehicle at the gas door, then the car stopped running. Tow truck came so much later to tow the vehicle to the nearest shop, but then the shop was closed. Out of pocket paid for the car to be towed closer to the house, waited over a week, for the vandalism department...

USAA Credit Card - Texas, San Antonio / Refusal to take payments over the phone

Reviewer47081 on 2015-09-24
My husband and I have a cancelled credit card through USAA. He is the primary user and I am listed as an authorized user. I have called repeatedly and had my husband get on the phone to authorize me to be able to pay---yes pay--on the account. Now mind you these are automated systems in...

USAA / Service

Reviewer53754 on 2015-09-13
Today there was some sort of anomaly pertaining to maintenance that resulted in my debit card not working. Not only did I get hung up on twice but I was on hold for 45 minutes only for them to lie and say they sent out an email detailing "routine" maintenance. They never have a straight...

USAA - Florida, San Antonio / Lies and deceptive practices

JonesMikeMart on 2015-06-10
I am a previous USAA employee of 15 years and a Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom combat veteran. I suggest any soldier considering them to think twice. State Farm or Allstate will be just as good if not better than this company. I had a simple jewelry claim. My wife's wedding ring broke...

USAA Auto - Pennsylvania, Aston / Auto Claim

Unhappy Customer1267 on 2015-06-02
I was hit by a driver who had USAA has an insured. I was directed by my insurance company to submit a claim into USAA. USAA contacted me stating that they had tried to contact the woman who hit my car, however she did not respond to their voicemails. Since the insured did not respond to...

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