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United Healthcare / Problem with company approving needed medication and when called supposed pharmacy person did not know what medication was

taylorknb on Jan 20, 2017
On Dec 23, I went to my local pharmacy (Walgreen) to get my Travatan eye drops refilled. I was told that the prescription was not going through but there was no reason showing. After trying several times, the pharmacy technician advised me to get a new prescription from my ophthalmologist...

United Healthcare / Step program

MacLeod400 on Jan 18, 2017
I was on Trulicity before going to United Healthcare thru a employer with my spouse and I was told that I had to have PA because of the step program that I have never heard of in my life making me have to go back to Victoza, Trulicity which is a once a week injector vs the daily injector...

United Healthcare / Error refund

JOyea on Jan 12, 2017
Not sure the exact month but mid year of 2016 I received a check from united health care stating that I had a credit on my account. When I called to verify they said that it was correct. I cashed the check and a year later i'm now getting a letter from collections stating I owe the amount...

United Healthcare / Insurance

Fight4tmrrw on Jan 9, 2017
I am a suboxone patient residing in Florida. Ive had UHC for a year and a half now. In November 2016 we called to make our monthly payment and was told I now had to pay in full for the year, which cost over 300$ . Today Jan 9th 2017 at my doctors appointment I was told my insurance wasn't...

United Healthcare / Claim

Wade Sunko on Jan 4, 2017
Dear United Health Care, On 12/06/16 I went to an In-network doctor A. Falkoff who requested I have a series of blood tests performed right then and there. While in his office I was walked me a room which was their in house lab and their in network nurses drew the blood. Turns out the...

United Healthcare / Dental plan

FredStein21 on Dec 29, 2016
All of the dentists in my area, approved UnitedHealthCare have the lowest ratings on Yelp. And they are all accused of fraud, mis-representation, and shoddy work. There are many highly rated, 4.5 to 5 stars on Yelp in my area. My current dentist tried to sell my a crown on the spot and...

United Healthcare / Denial of service in hospital day surgery

Scott D Anderson on Dec 21, 2016
I was scheduled for surgery for hardware removal. Literally. Minutes before an approved surgery. Hospital called to denied the surgery. Same place the work was done in August of 2016. Now here in December the hardware has to be removed from the right foot. There denying that surgery. How...

United Healthcare / Incorrect coverage info

Schesche on Dec 13, 2016
Today 12/13/2016 i had an appt for a complete physical with my pcp when the receptionist called to verify my insurance he was told my coverage was ineligible even though im covered until 12/31/2016. I had to call your 866-705-9767 number myself and was told the doctor should be able to...

United Healthcare / Coverage issue

Screwed by UHC on Dec 1, 2016
Medical premiums for United Health Care policy are auto-pay monthly and paid up through December, 2016. Family member needed immediate medical attention November 28, 2016. Coverage denied at medical facility. Re-confirmed with UHC that premium paid up and current through December...

United Healthcare / Claim reimbursement

Breezy0547 on Nov 18, 2016
In April 2015, I submitted a claim for services that occurred February 16-March 19, 2015 (within 30 days of service). For a year and a half, I fought with UHC to get reimbursed for the benefits I paid out of pocket (over $18, 000) and to which I was entitled under my plan. I was repeatedly...

United Healthcare / Prescription

Maria Collier on Nov 17, 2016
United Healthcare is the worst insurance I have ever had to deal with. For the past 3 days I been talking to them about a prescription that the doctor recommended for my husband to quit smoking. His employer changed insurance in the process of program of stop smoking and United Healthcare...

United Healthcare / Pissed off with customer service - united healthcare

Krishna Sahiti on Nov 8, 2016
I am a medical services provider. A claim of October 2015 had been denied for some reason, since then we have been appealing claim. UHc denying for some or other reason, once they say need to submit reconsideration form and then they say need an appeal. Everytime calling customer service...

United Healthcare / Benefits not being paid out per agreement

pookadrools on Nov 3, 2016
I was a gastric sleeve surgery patient at Johns Hopkins Bayview. I was enrolled and completed the nutritional program by November 2015. I switched my coverage from United Healthcare with Enterprise to United Healthcare with Nestle through my husband's employer since Enterprise didn't elect...

UnitedHealthcare / Mix up insurance plan

amhj on Sep 7, 2016
On the middle of August 2016 i call UHC for need of transportation for my mom medical appointment ONLY!!! C.S. Transfer me to Sales dept. They offered me a plan with transportation prescription, vision, dental and other services. I explain sales lady that i was looking for transportation...

United Health Care / Managed medicare

rawdon on Aug 29, 2016
They could care less about customers. There are four rude customer service reps for one good one. I have ordeals each week that take me hours to work out. Today I was told my husband was not getting his meds because they called the doctors yesterday, which was a Sunday and did not get a...

United Health Care / Inadequate service with united healthcare

mamadog1 on Aug 23, 2016
Tried to get approval for a out pt surgery. Received pending precert. Never heard back from united health care. Called again, call lasted 1 hour - selance gave a pending number, however she put the patients young son in as the patient. Patient was having a hysterectomy. Marilyn deleted the...

United Healthcare / United healthcare service

cricket dawg on Jun 26, 2016
I have tried to get a sewer chair for two months I can't stand up after a bad car wreck and had surgery on June 15th, let out of hospital on June 18th asked for home health care to clean and cook help me bath and a home nurse care for my wounds, I have called every day and no help, I have...

United Healthcare / Provider neglect

lis62 on Jun 21, 2016
I have been a provider with UHC for 10 years now and have had nothing but headaches. I have claims that are over 18 months outstanding that managers have finally started to address, but are not following through. I had a phone consult with 2 managers on 4/8/16, they were "looking into"...

United Healthcare / Health Insurance

Matthew William Farver on May 31, 2016
I started work with a new company that uses UHC. I live outside of their main area in the Northeast and when I used their website to look up providers I found none in the area. When I contacted them about this they told me the same thing. I cancelled the coverage and went on the very...

United Healthcare / Lack of action, dragging their feet

Hashbrown on Mar 30, 2016
I've had an issue with my left leg for weeks now. It finally got to the point where I could not put ANY pressure on it at all and went to urgent care on 3/17 and was diagnosed with sciatica and was given muscle relaxers and anti-inflamatories and told to stay off it for 3 days. I went back...

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