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United Healthcare Complaints & Reviews

United Healthcare / Dental thru Medicare Advantage

Reviewer21373 on 2016-02-05
Absolutely the rudest and most arrogant "supervisor", Rodney, who was of no help, very insulting and a waste of time quoted me I would have 2 copays for preventative care service which is wrong, when i questioned him he became very belligerent and insulting. Refused to connect me with hi...

United Healthcare - Georgia, Atlanta / MRI denial

cherishrodden on 2016-01-26
My Dr. ordered an MRI after finding a mass in my uterus on 12/19/2015 sonogram. I am scheduled today to have the MRI with contrast completed. I talked with the hospital a week ago before today and they approved the MRI stating that I would only have to pay $199 in a co-pay. I received a...

United Health Care (Uhc) - Utah, Salt Lake City / Gold Plan Covered..

Dustin Cotter on 2016-01-25
Do not try to call UHC's customer service line.. The time of day does not mater... After 62 minutes on the company phone the call went until 4:02pm MST which is after 6 pm EST.. when they close live customer service... This company is horrendous.. I have covered my daughter with them on a Gold...

United Healthcare - New York, Kingston / COBRA account

Jay328 on 2016-01-21
For me the UHC Customer Service is the worst I have ever seen. I plan to file a case to local government for this issue. Any suggestions how to file such a case? Here is my story: 1) Switched to Cobra in 09/2015; Premiums paid in time from Sept to present time; No family changes; 2) UHC...

United Healthcare / Prescriptions no longer covered

Reviewer21462 on 2016-01-19
My husband and I have used United Healthcare through his employer for 30+ years. About 5 years ago, we moved, and my asthma got much worse. I was INUNDATED with information/mail about controlling my asthma. I am well controlled right now, but in December, received a letter advising that my...

United Health Care Insurance / Rx coverage. Changed plan without asking me. Cant get meds

wanda ray on 2016-01-11
January 1, 2016 Member ID: 91643759000 Wanda Ray. BD 07/21/1954 Phone: 843-906-4465 United Health Care changed my policy without asking me. When it was time to refill my pain medicine was told the medicine wasn't on the list. I spoke to about six people to try to resolve this problem. Wa...

United Healthcare / Customer service

Reviewer61576 on 2015-12-31
The worst customer service experience ever! Every time you call or email, a different rep. Handles the case, so you have to start all over each time. Minimum efforts are expended by the reps., Who send you in circles, instead of figuring out the real issue and solving it. My problem...

UMR / United HealthCare - Utah, Salt Lake City / Dental Claim Processing

Reviewer34549 on 2015-12-09
As a dental care provider, we do everything we can to help our patients receive the benefits they are entitled to. UMR has our claims in their system for months. When I call or access online, my only option is to receive a fax back or online status. I have completed these options for...

United Healthcare - Utah, Salt Lake City / Choice Plus Premier Plan

Jenmolbiol on 2015-12-02
My 9 year old daughter was born completely deaf . She received cochlear implants on both ears as a toddler. The external parts of the cochlear device (the processors: one for each ear) malfunctioned in early August just as the school year was starting. My daughter put the processors on In...

UnitedHealthcare Group / Claim processing

Reviewer85589 on 2015-11-30
On 3/31/2015 I went to have a "Well Woman's Exam" at my family doctor. A few weeks later I received a bill from LabCorp stating I owed $30.44 that was not covered by the UnitedHealthcare. I contacted my doctor and they confirmed the only requested the panel of tests for this exam...

United Healthcare - Florida, Delray Beach / PPO

Paul Siesser on 2015-11-23
The AARP Unitedhealthcare PPO is absolutely disgusting. After fighting with them about an October 2014 claim which I submitted directly, THREE TIMES, and was given all sorts of stories I finally received my reimbursement today. 13 months later. Now, I have another claim from August 27 thi...

UnitedHealthcare / Flexible spending account

Reviewer69100 on 2015-11-15
Mastercard issued is useless cannot use at doctors or dentist. Everything must be paid out of pocket first then you are required to submit a claim, can't even pay a copayment. There are only three things my card has been accepted for, copay for medicine, reading glasses and sun...

United Health Care / Misrepresentation of co-pay

Dave Noch on 2015-10-09
I purchased this Bronze Compass 5500 plan off the health care.gov site. If you would ask me why I choose this plan it was one simple answer: the co-pay for the pcp was 35.00 and specialty doctors with an electronic referral 75.00 straight out. There are no mention of any co-insurance. All...

United Healthcare - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Billing Department

Reviewer34055 on 2015-10-08
On November 28th 2014, following the consultation of three separate specialists, my son had an urgent CAT scan. After 10 months, UHC have yet to settle the bill. When UHC fails to pay a bill, the service provider turns to the patient for settlement. Due to an autism spectrum disorder, my...

United Healthcare FSA - New York, New York / Flexible Spending Account

Monica DP on 2015-09-30
Have been Contributing since March of 2014, this company is by far the worst I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. My wife is an eligible dependent on my Dental Benefits, I submitted the claim for reimbursement for expenses. it's been over 3 months, I have spoken to 4...

United Health Care - California, Santa Ana / Claim denied for deem not medical necessity

Reviewer63208 on 2015-09-22
I had an aneurysm which caused me to underwent a craniotomy to remove the blood clot 20 years go. As a result of that aneurysm, i am left with significant loss of use of my entire left side. On saturday, august 22, 2015, i went to attend my niece's birthday in corona, which 30 mile...

United Healthcare - Texas, euless / Medical insurance HMO

mercedes_703 on 2015-09-21
Let me start with this I have been dealing with this issue over two months. My mom has dementia and is unable to handle things on her own. Back in June they cancelled her insurance an her premium went up because marketplace said they didn't receive papers. A new application was filled...

United Healthcare / Deceptive

Reviewer61551 on 2015-09-05
I spent hours trying to sign my wife and I up. They are divided into subsections that refuse to talk to each other, canceled my wife's ins. without informing us, signed me up in a plan totally different than the one my wife was supposed to have. A total wast of time. I now see that they...

United Healthcare - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / overdraft fee

Vera Shulga on 2015-08-03
On the 1st of June 2015 my insurance company, United healthcare, deducted $287.58 instedad of $95.86 due to technichal issure. Somehow, my bills were doubled for the past 6 months i was with this company. As i was going to vacation, i just had enough money on my account for automatic...

United Health Care - Texas, Helotes / Fraud

kcmwallen on 2015-06-22
January 26, 2015 I set up automatic payment by phone. UHC took one payment out, (referenced on my financial institution statement as an automatic payment. During the month of April 2015 I called UHC regarding the statements I was receiving from my health care providers; my providers had not been...

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