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Tophatter / Smart watch

Anna Hadley on Jan 12, 2017
My name is Anna Hadley hags and David and I have purchased over 75 items from you and you cancelled one of mine and I don't know why my credit card number is a MasterCard and it is fine now I'm sorry 5491 - 22001 2181 03 100 other the smartphone watch and he said I cancelled it I never...

Tophatter / Order #: 19553456 - remote control dancing robot with light music

DIANE92 on Jan 8, 2017
I have not received my item. Either send my purchase or give me a full refund. I had to close my account with Tophatter because someone got my debit card number and charged over $200.00. I closed my account with this company and now I can not log in at all. Tophatter will not let me sign up...

Tophatter / Short sleeve shirt order #18222014 for $19.00

Crystle Priestley on Jan 5, 2017
It was supposed to been mailed out and I still haven't received this item and would like the payment of $19.00 you charged me to be returned to my mastercard account as soon as possible. You can call me at 780 496 3442 during the day. Your telling me to write something I thinks it's pretty...

Tophatter / Defective to non-functioning products and product ordered switched to off brand.

Sandra Carron on Jan 5, 2017
I ordered 24 Duracell batteries (12 AA and 12 AAA) for $21.00. NONE of them worked. Seller was Geeta Bakshi. I ordered a FitBit exercise watch. I paid for a FitBit I was sent a "kick off" brand called Smart Bracelet. THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED. When I call the TopHatter company in Palo Alto...

Tophatter / Several

Joe Sondrup on Dec 23, 2016
Order #20086765 I bid on this item and won. I paid for it and returned to look at other items. When I went to bid on another item, it said I had excessive cancellations. You have done this to me several times when I haven't cancelled a damn thing! Would you please explain to me just how...

Tophatter / Flower martin shoes... Auction cancelled. Due to damaged stock

eeyoreplustiggy on Dec 20, 2016
I won an Auction on tophatter for Flower Martin Shoes @ $10- and $10- Postage... The Auction was cancelled due to supposedly damaged stock, But yet there is still Other Auctions running for Flower Martin Shoes. So if my pair were supposedly damaged they could be replaced with an unsold...

Tophatter / Charged for an item that I never ordered.

Mary McNish on Dec 15, 2016
I got an email from Top[hatter charging my account ending in 3227 for $184.00 for a bracelet. the order number is 19797513, I called my bank and cancelled that charge because I didn't make that order. I was shocked to get that email and have been trying to let someone at Tophatter know that...

Tophatter / Tooth whitner

audra lockwood on Dec 12, 2016
i bought a teeth whitner expecting as advertised to be really good only when i got it firstly I had to rip the packaging off as it was sealed really well, secondly the item is not fit for purpose you couldnt clean your teeth never mind whiten them with it, its of that poor quality, and...

Tophatter / Ipad 2 dock

abigailee on Dec 2, 2016
oh boy am i pissed off once again i been scamed !!! fraud cheat! damn damn set up ---i been had and thank god it was only $8.00 but this 8.00 will forsure be teaching me a very good bitter lesson i seen [ tophatt] on facebook and thought it was for real------but it is not just another rip...

Tophatter / 2 pc ring doesn't even match and stone fell out?

James Cardey on Nov 28, 2016
Good morning! My name is James Cardey. I ordered a 2 pc ring and 1st day diamond fell out and the colors don't match on rings! what do I need to get a return authorization # and return label? I like your products usually this ring like I say is different colors and fell apart? my name i...

Tophatter / I refused to be paid

Chinad on Nov 22, 2016
I write to inform you that my seller account on tophatter no longer shows how much owed to me after making a complain to customer service of not being able to transfer income made from selling on the site. Why have I been refused payment for items sold on tophatter. I tried to contact...

Tophatter / Unable to contact company to inquire about status of my order for pink stone earrings.

Estelle Nicolet on Aug 11, 2016
Unable to contact company via phone or internet. I cancelled my account but do not believe I have received all of the jewelry I ordered prior to cancelling my account. They keep asking for my eMail (which is catnap1@comcast.net) and my name (which is Estelle Nicolet) but then don't...

Tophatter / Beyond ridiculous!

Arni on May 25, 2016
I was participating in a auction and wasted a lot of money because I really wanted that ring. The ring looked awesome and many people wanted it. I was so happy when I actually won and that moment I thought how cool Tophatter was! But when I received it I was super disappointed and...

Tophatter / All products and services

gibs on Mar 11, 2016
You mean I really have to give one star can I not give any stars at all they do not even deserve one star they are so bad .They not only rip off buyers but also the sellers. They suckers sellers into wanting to sell more . I was specious of what was going on the whole time it took me a...

Tophatter / Avoid

Munko on Feb 26, 2016
I ordered twice from Tophatter for the past three months and both sellers I purchased from were really bad and dishonest. These sellers did not honor the sale unless auction was at an amount they were okay with. One seller was greedy, but I did receive what I paid for. The other seller...

Tophatter / Be careful!

Jackie232 on Feb 24, 2016
I bought a laptop from Tophatter and received my UPS tracking number. The seller gave me a completely wrong number, which was not working. After I contacted the seller he gave me a fake fedex tracking number that was invalid! I contacted the seller and asked for a refund, but received no...

Tophatter.com / It's a trap!

Omin on Feb 23, 2016
I fell into their auction trap! I bought two items and they were supposed to be sent in two different packages ( I paid for shipping twice). But the seller shipped my items in same package and used the worst and slowest shipping service ever! I contacted TopHatter customer support and...

Tophatter / Never again!

Cherry on Feb 16, 2016
Be careful and avoid Tophatter at all costs. I purchased a designer bag and when I received it I was extremely disappointed since the bag was fake. I contacted the seller, but she called me a liar and refused to take it back. It was not my first designer bag, so I know the difference...

Tophatter / This site is horrible!

Elvira on Feb 15, 2016
I didn't like Tophatter at all. The merchandise they are selling is cheap and of a poor quality. Their return policy is absolutely ridiculous and they make it almost impossible to return anything. Also, if you cancel something you can't bid for 24 hours after the cancellations. I ordered...

Tophatter / Truly horrible site

Dominic Morgan on Jan 29, 2016
This website is horrible! Tophatter owners only care about lining their pockets by stealing peoples money. They actually do not care what about the sellers and buyers. Buyer can leave a negative review without any proofs and it is automatically approved. They punish you multiple times for...

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