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Specsavers Complaints & Reviews

Specsavers / Customer Service

Sharnay on 2016-02-08
Pathetic Customer Service... I went to Spec-savers in Port Elizabeth at The Bridge, Greenacres this past Saturday I received appalling service from the one staff member that Michelle directed me to that would assist me with frames, she was very rude, sarcastic and didn't show...

Specsavers / Glasses lens

Reviewer43855 on 2016-01-22
I recently bought a lovely pair of frames from Specsavers which I was delighted with. However, they are unwearable. From the start they were extremely smeary and in spite of constant cleaning they are always smeary. These lenses are practically impossible to see through and not fit for...

Specsavers / Policy and staff

Reviewer57716 on 2015-09-28
Three attempts at the Taunton store to purchase glasses. Staff very focused on sales only. Once had help with choosing frames. Every possible reason excuse given to up the price. They will be very thick lens and we would like them to look pretty on your face. And those frames won't...

Specsavers / Lens scratch

roland1 on 2015-01-07
In Oct 2013 I purchased two new lenses for my spectacles with scratch resistance coating from Specsavers Wrexham. Ten months later, the right-hand lens showed a severe scratch after normal cleaning. I had done nothing untoward and in all of my years of having spectacles I gave never seen...

Specsavers / Bad service

mrzyz on 2014-05-13
I have a monthly contact lens plan with you, with £15 per month payment in direct debit. Most recently, I get to travel a lot within Europe because my job, hence I need smaller package of solutions. In my last annual check, I raised the query with my local store, the store assistant/manager...

Specsavers / very poor customer services

elsie194 on 2014-01-20
I have been a customer for over 10 years on a contact lens scheme paying £10 pounds monthly for a lens and solution package which is delivered 3 monthly to my door. I have had no package the last few months so was expecting a new pack coming through my door any time from January...

Specsavers - England, Greater Manchester, Swinton / Lens mail scam

Yvonne Wallace on 2013-09-12
I have been a lens mail customer for approx 12 years and have experienced a fairly smooth service, that is until 2 years ago. Late delivery dates have become increasingly common now, this means I run out of lenses therefore forcing me to go to the branch and purchase another box to keep me...

Specsavers - New South Wales, Mittagong / using nudity to advertise

Mottley on 2013-05-20
I have complained regarding this add for specsavers using nudity in a time zone where children are watching. It is such a lazy way to advertise. It is not hat hard to be funny without nudity or profanity. I still laugh about he yellow pages adds. Why should I be subjected to seeing a naked...

Specsavers - Wales, Dyfed, Aberystwyth / Contact lens service

Xravia on 2013-02-19
I am sorry to say that I need to put in a complaint regarding the Aberystwth branch of Specsavers. I initially had a contact lense appointment in December 2012 for which a pair of trial lenses had been ordered for me to put in an hour prior to this appointment. I picked these lenses up...

Specsavers - England, Greater London / CUSTOMER SERVICE

rjoy on 2012-12-07
I bought a pair of glasses in Specsavers last March, and noticed upon receipt of the glasses, that the lenses were poorly fitted. I took them back to the store, and they refitted them. However, the problem continued and I have had to return every 4-6 weeks to complain about the fact that...

Specsavers - England, Lancashire, Bury / unhelpfull staff

A LIGHTFOOT on 2012-06-20
When i asked the manager at the branch in MILL GATE SHOPPING CENTRE, BURY, LANCASHIRE, BL9 0BX for a copy of the complaints procedure she gave me a card for the shop and said put it in writing and send it in, AND THEN THE OTHER SHOP ASSISTANT CHIPPED IN, AND WE DEAL WITH THE COMPLAINTS...

Specsavers - Scotland, Strathclyde, Dumbarton / Glasses

Flora Prophet on 2012-06-02
Had appointment at opticians today to pick up my Vari focul glasses and sun glasses today 2nd June but received a call yesterday to say that there was a problem with sun glasses and they would not be ready until next week I am going on holiday on Tuesday the 5th and required them for thi...

Specsavers - Wales, Clwyd, Prestatyn / eye test

Stephen Delaney on 2012-05-30
After two eye exam..inations i was prescribed the tottaly wrong prescription. i have always used specsavers but never again. the service was very amaturist and basically they could not be bothered. Thank god i went to Boots where the service was excellent. i have spoken to many friends who...

Specsavers - England, West Midlands / Customer Care (Or lack of)

sallsadip on 2012-05-20
A copy of my complaint...If I can find someone to send it to! I am writing with regards to my disappointment with the service, or rather lack of, of Wolverhampton Specsavers over the last 12 months. I have used Specsavers since a very, very young age and have had glasses from you every...

Specsavers / Optometrists

C_D on 2012-04-03
I have visited two different branches in Surrey and recipient of patronising, arrogant optometrists. How can such professionals exist?

Specsavers - England, Essex, Harlow / Verbal insult

Peter Brennan on 2012-03-27
On the Saturday 24th March 2012 I was booked in for a 11.05am eye test appointment. After I completed my eye test the optician recommended I required reading glasses for close up work. A male Specsavers sales assistant came and collected me to choose some glasses, I said to the sale...


Milesy on 2011-07-20
I have over the past 20 years had lenses & frames from this Company No problem.However a couple of months back I went again to my local branch for a test & new frames.As I am a bi-focal wearer I advised the member of staff that I required lenses of a suitable size for satisfactory near ...

Specsavers / Aircraft Carrier TV Advert

TheAntman on 2011-07-02
The latest Specsavers commercial shows a couple arriving to board a Ferry but ending up on an aircraft carrier. This commercial demonstrates irresponsibility as the main focus of the 'story' is that our hapless couple got on the wrong boat due to eyesight problems, whilst...

Specsavers - England, Lincolnshire / INCORRECT PRESCRIPTION

cowslip on 2011-06-12
After having my eyes tested at SPECSAVERS I returned to the shop a few days later to collect & have them fitted. As soon as I left the shop I realised that the new Bifocals were not as good as my old pair. I persevered for two days but returned to the shop & explained my problem. Of...

Specsavers / Misleading adverts and staff

iamstig on 2011-06-10
I recently went to Specsavers for my glasses and contact lens test and was given false information on their lens mail scheme right from the beginning. I am a contact lens wearer for 14 years now and have purchased my lenses from abroad. What pulled me to Specsavers was the convenience of...

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