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Visionworks of America Complaints & Reviews

Visionworks of America - Ohio, Fairlawn / unethical behavior

Reviewer72249 on 2016-01-26
Sales rep lied about my insurance benefits. After I got home and pulled out my vision benefits, I realized that I nearly avoided a 300$ bill for glasses that I had to settle for because the ones in stock which should have been free were even more. I went to another provider and all the...

Visionworks - Massachusetts, Seekonk / Poor Customer Service

Reviewer41692 on 2015-12-16
I entered the store and said hello to a person standing at the door. This person refused to speak or even acknowledge me or my son. We made direct eye contact. I assumed it was a rude customer and moved on. Within seconds the store manager approached me and asked what we needed and...

Visionworks - Florida, Port Orange / You name it

reather not say on 2014-09-04
Since the new manager the store is very different and dirty. Manager (Jenenne) very rude and talking bad about a patient in front of other patients. Also telling a sales person to use a Ins. for a patient that didn't have any ins.; sales person told the manager I will not do it. About...

Visionworks / Ins.

Visionworks Nightmare on 2014-07-31
BEWARE!!! I recently had an Insurance Billing error for an eye exam at Visionworks at the 2156 E. Williamsfield Rd. San Tan Mall Gilbert Arizona and after contacting my Insurance company Avesis, they stated it was an easy mistake to fix and directed me how to simply resolve the issue...

Visionworks / Karen Hagblom

karen hagblo on 2014-06-21
my son needed glasses.we got the glasses ad he wanted contacts.after trying a weeks worth he decided he didnt want contacts.we had not picked up his ordered contacts.i asked if we could get the offer of by one pair get one pair free.i was told for another $60 and return his only glasse...

Visionworks / prices

Linda641 on 2014-02-27
My husband went in to get the buy one get one free deal. by the time he was done he ended up paying $814.00 for his glasses. the only extra he got on them was photogray and non scratch on his lenses. what a joke. they are money hungry company obviously. we will never shop there again...

Visionworks - New York, Kew Gardens / Worst employee appearance

Right and wrong on 2014-01-08
I went in to price glasses and see if I can make an appointment to see the doctor. I wasn't able to see the doctor because she had already left for the day. However the person that was helping was a little to interested In my personal life. Some of the questions she asked wa...

Vision Works - New York, Kew Gardens / Worst employees

M26 on 2014-01-03
The worst employees at vision works in Kew gardens NY. I go in to get contact lense and the employees lost so pissed and don't want to give customer service for anything. I try to make an appointment for more contact lense and I don't have insurance which I will pay for contact...

Visionworks - Illinois, Joliet / Rude Customer Service

not that rude on 2012-10-06
SCAM Two for one deal is more than Lenses Crafters over 500.00 for two pair. Poor selection of frames. In spite of the poor Customer Service I still ordl.ered two pair. I hope that the lens are as good as they claim. I can be a very poor customer also. I'm tired of rude people. If I...

Visionworks #280 - Nevada, Las Vegas / charges, customer service

glgodfrey on 2012-08-25
I purchased glasses for my son, using the buy one complete pair of glasses get one free deal, any frames, any lenses, no exclusions..First after being in the store looking at frames after thirty minutes there was no acknowlegement that we were there and needed help.Once the frames wa...

Vision Works - Florida, Port Orange / Customer service

Sammy Paulson on 2012-07-25
I have been in Vision Works in Port Orange at different times. I have found the management and licensed (as they told me) were very rude and unprofessional. While I was being helped by a sales person with short salt and pepper hair, the other staff members were talking very nastily about...

Visionworks - Illinois, Joliet / SCAM

The store uses Bait & Switch techique to get you in for discounted pricing. After eye exam, make sure you tell them to do the eye exam for both contacts and glasses even though you just want the eyeglasses because they will make you come back for another eye exam if you want contact...

Visionworks - Wisconsin, Kenosha / WORST MANAGER SEVICE EVER

Debby Nelson on 2012-04-29
I stopped in right after they closed thought they were open yet. The manager yelled from across the store what do I want? I just needed to refill my eyeglass cleaner I paid for refills for life.I did not expect to be let in, she could have said they were sorry but they just closed for the...

Visionworks - Florida, Clearwater / Can not deliver on standard promises

Visionworks used to be a reasonable alternative to high priced glasses for those of us who are not fortunate enough to have employers that provide vision health care. However, the price at Visionworks has increased dramatically in the past few years, and their buy one, get one, offers are...

Visionworks - Tennessee, Memphis / Bait & switch

RG I on 2011-12-22
On 12/18/11 visited store on Winchester Rd to select prescription sunglasses. Selected a Nike frame priced at $189.00. We were quoted another $189.00 for the polarized lenses which was accepted. When the prescription for the glasses was given to the sales clerk, she noticed the prescription...

Visionworks On Clay Blvd University Area - North Carolina, Charlotte / lenses not correct - rude employee

EMF on 2011-04-10
Lenses not fitted correctly. In-experienced employee trying to convice me they were correct - even tho they were blurry. Finally returned the lenses and frames. May be a discount but $420 is not a discount in my opinion. employees need better cust serv training - as well as optical training. Wasted my time

Vision Works - Florida, Sarasota / Deceptive Advertising, Bait and Switch

elizadoo on 2011-03-09
March 7, 2011 I went to the VisionWorks store because I had seen an ad in the Sunday paper with a "buy any frame in the store for $59" notice. When I went to the store with my child I asked the price of the lenses, single vision. I was told that the lenses for a child 17 and under started...

Visionworks - Florida, Seminole / No glasses

Rob33785 on 2011-01-20
We ordered a pair of glasses in November. We paid the full fee and were promised to the glasses in 10 days. Two months later the glasses have still not arrived and no date can be given. They just say they will arrive any day now, which is exactly what they told me at the end of November...

Visionworks - North Carolina, Charlotte / Product & Service Dissatisfaction

RX # 211730. I choose a Marc Jacob frame and asked the store associate to see if the lense would accommodate bifocals. With assurance, I ordered my Rx to be filled. Came back after a week and picked it up. I found it difficult to read no matter how far or near, something was not right. I...

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