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Shoprite Complaints & Reviews

Shoprite / Freshmark strawberries

Gerty20 on Oct 17, 2016
I bought freshmark strawberries on the 14th of October 2016 @ Shoprite Dawn park store, the quality of the strawberries was really bad, they were slimy half the pack, I was so disappointed as I was planning to make desert. I am awaiting your response

Shoprite Kempton Park Central Avenue / Parking lot vagrants

Desigan on Oct 13, 2016
The parking lot vagrants at this shoprite are very dangerous as most of them carry knives and are either on drugs or alcohol...Nothing has been done to get rid of them... They hang around the parking lot pretending to be car guards and washing vehicles but are always high...and makes it...

Shoprite / Product

mariska8905 on Oct 9, 2016
I purchased "Rkranrz Bwors" from Shoprite Brakpan as I got home straight from the store I opened my meat to start making dinner and found that it was green and had an awful smell. This was very unpleasant and a real unfortunate and inconvenient situation. Please advise what am I todo as I...

Shoprite / Cheated by a cashier

Luvo Ntsangani on Sep 26, 2016
Hello There, I went to Shoprite Newtown Junction mall yesterday to go and buy Chicken braai pack carrying R100. I took: 2kg IQF braai cuts R46.99 175g Sunlight soap R9.49 RB P/Boiled rice R20.99 Rb Soup PKT R2.99 Bar one nuts R8.49 These totalling to R88.95 When I realised that the RB...

Shoprite / Bad service

Johnny.Williams on Sep 24, 2016
I do my shopping Monthly at Shoprite, because of your low prices and quality products. I listened to James Basson on 702 and was impressed on how the business is growing in Africa. I went yesterday to the Shoprite in Mayfield on the East rand . Last month I bought English Blazer [Body...

Shoprite - New Jersey, West Milford / Chicken rotisserie

benvb1990 on Sep 16, 2016
I bought a 8piece thigh and leg rotisserie at shop right at approx 7:00 pm and I brought it home and took a bite of it and realized it was raw I called shop right up and asked for a superviser and the lady said if i wanted a store manager a ndbi said ill talk to who ever and the lady said...

Shoprite U Save / Poor service and incompetent staff

Busim on Sep 16, 2016
Today 16/09/2016 at 17h05 I went to Shoprite Usave at FAlala Shopping Centre to purchase airshow tickets at their money market. The cashier told me I must come the following day for the tickets. then she called the manager named Nunu Nyakale or Ngakale to collect the tickets from their...

Shoprite / Vrot hoender & onopgeleide kassiere

SJ* on Jul 20, 2016
Ek het gister 19 Julie 2016 vleis gekoop by Shoprite in Aliwal Noord. Die hoender wat ek gekoop het se verval datum was nog reg, so ek het gedink ek verbeel myself oor die onaangename reuk wat uit hul vrieskaste uit kom. By die huis gekom het ek die hoender oopgemaak. Die hoender so bokant...

Shoprite / I am very disappointed

Tandokazi on Jun 3, 2016
I bought a kettle in November last year at Shoprite in Bellville Voortrekker Road. Last week I noticed that the kettle boils water but doesn't switch itself off, I have to switch the main plug on the wall for it to stop boiling. I took the kettle back to the store & was told that its my...

Shoprite / Money Transfer payment not received

Faghma on May 17, 2016
On Sat, 30 April 2016 my helper sent money to her children using the Money transfer at Shoprite Eldorado Park. When they went to withdraw the money later the same day, the money had been withdrawn already. Helper went to Shoprite to check what had happened and was told to come back the...

Shoprite - New York, West Nyack / Regarding rude and very bad customer service

Dhwani kumar on Mar 25, 2016
Hi shortie at west nyack ny This is really serving a very bad customer service to the value able customer they don't know even how to talk to customer and they r not ready to help even. Yesterday I went there in the evening and I was at cash counter 2 employee was talking then I ask help...

Shoprite / Mr John Groblar employee head salesman

Taugeedha Minnaar on Mar 5, 2016
My son applied for a job at shoprite in 2015 his still attending school he was 16, since then mrs Busby has left as manager of store.This Mr Groblar constantly thretens and go's on with my son oh his lazy he'll give my son's sap number to someone who can work in the week.My...

Shoprite / Customer service

Christopher Kock on Mar 1, 2016
First time visit and experience at Shoprite Zeerust was on the 27th february 2016, the visit thing it was a busy weekend for the store operated with 6 tills while the queues where crazy. i stood on the queue for over 45min and got pressed, went to the branch manager (Lucas) and asked if i...

Shoprite / I am complaining about the manager

kuhle on Jan 21, 2016
I went to shoprite to purchase some things and the plastic of corn flakes was open & I noticed that after paying. When I showed the manager she said that its not her fault & I must do what I want to do because she doesn't do corn flakes. She was so mean to me and we were all surprised ...

Shoprite / Security at Protea Glen Mall

Reviewer35384 on Jan 11, 2016
While exiting the Shoprite store at Protea Glen Mall on Friday 08/01/2016. The security lady called me to search my handbag and I went to her. She forcefully dug deep in, me trying to keep the peace, I let her and she took out my R1500 Perfume and my hand lotion - both these item are not...

Shoprite / Championship boerewors 2013

Mickey van Tonder on Nov 7, 2015
Good day I am utterly disgusted with the 2013 championship boerewors bought at Bougainville centre Hercules Pretoria how many bones can a piece of boerewors contain? I am sure the person who won that particular year did not put bones in the recipe. Over the years I have always bought...

Shoprite / Mushroom and the manager & branch manager.

chrysty on Oct 21, 2015
We are Romans Pizza - Lesotho running here at Maseru Mall, for almost 3 years, when Shoprite here in Maseru Mall was open we are the first customer always buying mushroom, after 2 1/2 years, your staff and vegetables controller and Manager name he called Pitso, Did not attend to my...

Shoprite / Admin Manager & Money Market Teller

Yash Garrod on Sep 24, 2015
I recently for the first time in my life went to Shoprite in Fish Hoek because someone transferred money to me using the money market and it is certainly the last. I was waiting 10 minutes in the queue behind an individual who was on the phone for 10 minutes whilst the teller enjoys her...

Shoprite / Complaint against Admin Manager

roxannelazay on Sep 11, 2015
Good day I deeply disappointed in a complaint ii laid against Shoprite Vryburg Admin Manager I Lockey in wich manner she speak to the customers and swearng, also what i expierience how she swear at even the staff members(cashiers) its shows me that she got a leck of proffesionalism. Also it came...

Shoprite Valhalla / Bad Attitude

Drina du plessis on Apr 27, 2015
Ek wou betaal maar die kasier was baie ongeskik. Linda Maluleka het nie eers moeite gedoen om my te groet nie net met die vinger gewys op 'n stukkie papier wat langs die till vas geplak is. "Cash Only" Linda het nie eers moeite gedoen om my behoorlik in kennis te stel dat sy net...

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