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Shoprite Checkers Pty. Ltd.

CNR William Dabs and Old Paarl Roads (off the R300), Brackenfell
Western Cape
South Africa - 7561

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 800 010 709 41 14
+27 219 804 000 16 6
+27 219 804 050 5 1
Work days:
Mon8 AM - 5 PM
Tue8 AM - 5 PM
Wed8 AM - 5 PM
Thu8 AM - 5 PM
Fri8 AM - 5 PM

Shoprite Checkers Complaints & Reviews

Shoprite Checkers / Service and store

Halimah711 on Jan 14, 2017
Shop Rite on Fox and Henry Ave in Philadelphia, Pa is a nightmare.. That store service is the worst, and customer I can't begin to tell you about the. They are slow and have a don't care attitude. Manager is not any better. The line are very slow all the time. I hate going into that place...

Shoprite / Waiting time***

adwin on Jan 14, 2017
hi, i was at shoprite oxford street week before last and every time its pay day or pay weekend the queues tend to be loooooong, there was no staff member or supervisor to reassure us that they have called someone to come and help on the tills. today 14/01/17 i was at shoprite Gill well...

Shoprite Checkers / Phone contact 609-698-6502

bill wight on Jan 8, 2017
I called the Shoprite in Waretown NJ about a price I was charged. I had lost my receipt and the lady had to look up my info from my name. I had purchased turkey breast from the deli and was charged $5.99 a lb and it was on sale for $2.99 a pound.When the lady looked it up she told me yes I...

Shoprite Checkers / Grilled chicken portions (ready to eat)

suhaila abderoof on Jan 7, 2017
Hi. Today the 7 january 2017 i bought grilled chicken at checkers westgate mall at about 13:00. When i got home i opened the packet and ate of the chicken without really looking at it. But when i took a closer look i realized it had maggot eggs forming on it just a hour after i bought the...

Shoprite Checkers / Goods taken from parcel counter

Zulfa Madatt Salie on Jan 5, 2017
I would like to lodge a complaint with regard to an incident which occurred on the 26th December '16 at the Shoprite branch in Claremont Main Road. My husband and myself entered the store after 10 am with a KFC barrel. My immediately bought a plastic bag to put the KFC inside, approached...

Shoprite Checkers / Till lady that was so rude

Erika Otto on Dec 31, 2016
At shoprite in sophia town date: 31/12/2016. Lane: 9. Time: 12:52:10 as per my till slip. The till lady (Khaya as told by the floor manager) was so rude. There was no "cash only " sign at the till. The man infront of us used his bank card, she then turned to the packer and told her in her...

Shoprite Checkers / Frozen Salmon advertised in Natal Mercury

anne sharpe on Dec 30, 2016
In the Natal Mercury of 28th December 2016 there was a double page ad for various items at Checkers and Checkers Hypers. The item that caught my eye was frozen salmon at R6.99 per 100g and a picture of pink salmon filleted and deboned advertised the product. On 29th December 2016 I went to...

Shoprite Checkers / Over charging

megeshan on Dec 26, 2016
i come to the grey town once year, last year i was over charged R130, this year R30, not sure what the issue is in the store i think managment. once having the problem i was able to deal with buy twice some is not right i the store, on the 24th the store was so buys so i can belive how...

Shoprite Checkers / Unprofessional store manager

Spaman on Dec 21, 2016
I was touched since I secondly paid my RCS Acc at the end of October, .it was not like that yesterday, .I was told to bring an ID book for a transaction to be processed from Team Supervisor before approaching the Store Manager that said RCS card is not paid there, later I don't pay with a...

Shoprite / Employee termination

Mika02 on Dec 20, 2016
After finishing my grocery shopping at Shoprite I made way towards my car and noticed an individual sitting in his grey Ford Explorer. While putting my groceries in my trunk I observed the individual drinking heavily from a bottle of alcohol. Shortly after rinsing his mouth out with what...

Shoprite Checkers / Customer service - st john's liquor store

Lesley Formoy Cox on Dec 12, 2016
I went to the above liquor store today to buy drinks for my staff Christmas party - I had a basket, but the basket was too small for my purchases - so I needed a trolley - I asked the Checkers staff member who was standing at the door, if he could find me a trolley - He was busy chatting...

Shoprite / Deli salads/deli and customer service

djlovelee on Dec 10, 2016
I have frequented shoprite in Monticello for a while I was also employed in deli t Monticello we ent thru extensive trining and given recipes for salads so shoprite had some consistency in products. Monticello follows that plan there salads are good...I purchased same salaads in liberty ny...

Shoprite Checkers Giyani / Bad service

virginia228 on Dec 8, 2016
My name is Virginia maluleke I stay in Limpopo Giyani my number is 0788783150, the day before yesterday I went to shoprite in Giyani town, little did I know that it was going to be the worst shopping day of my life, after I had finished shopping I went to the till points to pay for my...

Shoprite Checkers / Mugging inside of shoprite store in homestead kimberley

Gail du Toit on Dec 5, 2016
My mother-in-law, an 81-year-old, was mugged in Shoprite on Friday, 2 December, in Kimberley. She does her shopping there daily. She was distracted by two muggers and one took her purse from her bag. She has just drawn R2000, 00 from the ATM so this was the amount with some extras in her...

Shoprite Checkers / Shoprite at langa junction

Lusapho@#12 on Nov 29, 2016
Service has been bad for a while and now I feel the need to complain. On several occassion the store manager will observe long queues of customers with only two tills open and one express till open. This past Sunday (27 Novermber 2016 as early as 8.45am the same thing happened. The shop...

Annezz / Hygiene

Annezz on Nov 8, 2016
Good day I must say that i am to the upmost level that anyone can be, unhappy/upset due to the unhygiene rules & Reg of Checkers Mokopane.when i walked into the store, it smelt horrible, like garbagge trash.2nd of all, when i went to the display section where they sell desserts, pie...

Shoprite Checkers / Chicken

Cape Town on Nov 7, 2016
Yesterday (6 November 2016) at 11:22am, I bought a chicken braaipack from the Shoprite store in Shoprite Park. We couldn't consume the meat as it was off, with a foul smell. I am very dissatisfied and highly disappointed by this. What annoyed me even more is the fact that when I went back, to...

Shoprite Mkhuhlu Plaza / Birthday cake

Yuletide on Nov 3, 2016
I have ordered a cake yesterday at Shoprite Mkhuhlu Plaza, we agreed that i will collect the cake today at 16:00. I went there today exactly at 16:00 only to find out that they just backed the cake and nothing was writen on. I have requested a simple birthday message with Sophia. I have...

Shoprite / Hygiene

thato92 on Oct 31, 2016
Good day I would like to complain about the filthiness of the shop, your shop smells like rats died in the, the refrigerators are not working properly. More especial the ground floor it is really disgusting and the smell is unbearable to actually think that a retail shop like Shoprite that i...

Shoprite / S26 gold 900g

phumla soko on Oct 30, 2016
On the 28 October 2016 I went to buy baby milk from Shoprite, I took the 900g milk the price was R154 and when I got to the till the price was R179. I questioned the price and the surpivisor went to check she cane back saying I saw the wrong price tag that its a 400g. I then asked to go...

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