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Salvation Army Complaints & Reviews

Salvation Army - New York, Bronx / Wrongful Pickup by Truck Driver

Reviewer17595 on 2016-02-04
I had a scheduled pickup on 2/4/2016. The time slot was from 9am - 4pm. Online I left instructions for the driver saying 'Apartment on 4th Floor - 1st door on the left side of elevator #4A'. I wait the entire time patiently for this pickup. I received a voicemail on my phone at 1:53pm...

Salvation Army / T.B.R.A. Housing grant

Reviewer37363 on 2016-01-26
I was given a housing grant after being found both physically and mentally disabled. Salvation Army in new richmond wi, stole 2 yrs of housing $. When I asked to see my file and showed i.d. An unknowing secretary gave me the file which also... Had all originals and copies from s.s. Both me...

Salvation Army / Ann Arbor Michigan Thrift store Manager Unethical Behavior!

KenManBrand on 2015-12-26
Today (12/26/2015), I went to purchase a chair at the Ann Arbor Thrift Store on State Street. After hauling the chair from the furniture department up to the front of the store where the cashiers were, I proceeded to pay for the chair. The thrift store Manager came and told me that the...

Salvation Army - Pennsylvania, West Chester / Aggressive general manager

Reviewer62208 on 2015-12-26
The general manager of the salvation army in West Chester is aggressive to both employees and customers. Several regular customers left the store because of the hostile environment. She refused to let an injured employee rest when he had completed all of his duties despite risk of further...

Salvation Army - Delaware, Milford / Thrift Store, Milford Delaware

MarthaSexton on 2015-12-23
Today, 12/23/15, at 03:53pm, and my cashier was Beverly. I was buying some things and had found a sweatshirt ( I do have a photo of the shirt with the tag) I wanted. It had a Salvation Army tag on it and it said .99 on it. It had writing on it like most of their tags do. When I go up the...

Salvation Army - Indiana, Greenwood / Abused Volunteer

Reviewer67999 on 2015-12-10
Their exact location is 325 Market Plaza, Greenwood, IN. . The SA employees Hayes (a black man) and Major C. Kennedy would not sign my community service sheet because they said I was away from my station. On the last day I had to chase them down in parking lot. They drove off and drug me...

Salvation Army - Nebraska, Omaha / Majors mis handling of the bell ringers this year. Very mismanaged

Ricky1067 on 2015-12-03
Major fired me for doin my job.Stay at kettle and ring the bell.You see he expected more and more.That's cuz he was doin the same thing expecting a different result.That just so happens to be the definition of insane.I can't help how much people donate or not that's up to...

Salvation Army - New Hampshire, Portsmouth / Store operations

Reviewer72848 on 2015-11-25
On Thanksgiving Eve at around 4pm, my boyfriend and I called your Portsmouth NH retail location to inquire what time they would be closing. We were told 5pm. We would be coming from our home in South Berwick Maine to make the trip especially to that store, and wanted to make sure we would...

Salvation Army - Indiana, Indianapolis / Community Service

Reviewer44252 on 2015-11-20
I was forced to do community service for the Salvation Army. One evening I was scheduled to work from 4-9, which i did, however my doctor has me on elavil which makes you constantly thirsty and therefore you constantly have to urinate. So I was gone from my post one to two times an hour...

Salvation Army / Invasion of privacy

Reviewer21103 on 2015-11-03
I live overseas. I received an automated phone call asking for money. It was up to me (!!!) to call them back to take myself off of their call list. Everything was automated and I did not have the option of speaking to a living person. I am furious.

Salvation Army - California, Victorville / Assistance for the needy

Reviewer32049 on 2015-10-12
I have called several months in a row for assistance with our electric bill. For three months straight I have been told they have no funds for electric, only gas, and they do not know when they will have funds available for it. I find it very odd that they can sell so many items in their...

The Salvation Army - Alberta, Red Deer / Price adjusting

Reviewer35846 on 2015-10-02
Today, for the third time, they inflated the price at the register. In all 3 instances, these were not stickered items, but items that are listed at specific prices: 1) The first incident, about 6 months ago, was about a cd. There is a price list posted by the media items. Cd's are...

Salvation Army / Being bullied

elvis34 on 2015-09-16
hi my name is tracy Doncaster and I was on a work placement in one of your charity shops in Eastleigh when I was asked to leave due to the fact another member of staff asked me to ask out another member of staff and the manager sue didn't like it she said I was picking on a down...

Salvation Army - California, Huntington Beach / Customer sevice/pick up of furniture from my residence

kellynavarro on 2015-09-03
I made an appointment to have two couches, loveseat, ottoman, and 70lb tv to be picked up at my residence. I did this online. I was told the truck would be here on that thursday. I never received a confirmation email nor a phone call with an estimated time of arrival. I called the company...

Salvation Army Thrift Store - California, Pleasant Hill / Mis-representation and disrespectful act

john Precious on 2015-07-22
I went into Salvation Army store when they had color coded discounts on.As I finished shopping and was in line to pay, the customer ahead of me brought it to my attention that a store clerk, Johanna had removed the Green color discount tags.Lo and behold, when it was my turn to pay, I...

Salvation Army - California, Bakersfield / Family and social services program

Ms. Tammy C. Williams on 2015-06-22
I have in the last couple of months been having financial problems, and it is affecting my ability to pay my bills. I am currently on public aid. My electric/gas provider gave me my local Salvation Army to contact regarding receiving help paying my bill.I contacted them and spoke with a...

Salvation Army - Georgia, Dallas / Cashier

Jennifer Silva on 2015-06-11
I went into the store about 3 weeks ago, and was looking at some of the antiques. Their was a worker setting up items up on a shelf. They caught my attention so I wanted to buy some items. When it was time to pay I put all of my items on the counter, I had chose out 3 porcelain figures and...

Salvation Army - New Jersey, Vineland / Worker was yelling at my children

Tiffany terron on 2015-06-09
Salvation army employee was yelling at my children because they were playing with there trains on the floor next to me while I looked at something. The employee said "This is not a playground". I'm sorry but she had no right saying anything to my children when alls they were doing wa...

Salvation Army - Michigan, Clinton Township / Broken item

I always shop at this salvation army, never had a problem until today. Bought a receiver for an entertainment system for around 50 dollars. Item said "tested" as if it worked.. Bought it seeing it would work.. Got home, hooked it up and it's not powering on. I called the Salvation...

Salvation Army / Staples holding the tags onclothing

cyndy42 on 2015-05-31
I went into The Salvation Army on May 26, 2015 to purchase some clothing. I found several items that i liked. I went into the fitting room to try on a couple pair of capris and the tag that is STAPLED on the waist band of the pants was not pushed down, it was sticking straight out. I did...

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