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SafeCart Complaints & Reviews

Safecart / Safecart spyhunter program

Valentin Sergeev on Dec 4, 2016
It is not a complain.Could you please cancel or terminate chain charges for a program not installed currently in my computer-an old machine.My name is Valentin Sergeev, payment occurs as VISA Chargeback to Safecurt SpyHunter 855-432-0. Date of charges: 12/09/16 $ Australian -49.99 + 49.99...

Safecart / Huge scam!

Anne on Nov 15, 2016
I signed up for SafeCart and one month later they charged me again without my permission. SafeCart support said that I will be charged every month. They said that I agreed to that when I used their site for the first time. I knew they would not refund my money but I did not want them to...

Safecart / Fixing the Drivers in PC TOSHIBA-Satellite

Arturo Cardona on Apr 30, 2016
-I paid and they withdraw from my debit card the amount of $19.97 and never send nothing, never repair my drivers and never call me for any explanation, looking as a perfect RIP-OFF BY INTERNET, The phone they announce is #855-432-0727 only computers answer, they give me this reference...

Safecart / Scam!

Bornek10 on Apr 29, 2016
Paid them money and was hoping they would fix my computer. But later I received a call from SafeCart and they said that they need more money because there was a serious problem with my computer. I paid some extra money and they promised to fix it as soon as possible, but then I got another...

Safecart / Pc cleaner pro - pc cleaner recurring service

Reviewer78512 on Feb 3, 2016
Several years ago, I tried PC Cleaner Pro's one-time payment and now they continue to sneak recurring charges onto my account after NEVER having signed up for any subscription service. I am very careful when dealing with companies claiming to fix computer slowness or viruses, so I alway...

Safecart Techheal / The company and its offers were scam

Reviewer47181 on Jan 17, 2016
I had some problems with the computer and asked Safecart Techheal to check what problems were and what I should do. The agent asked me for the permission to get the access to my computer. I agreed and after 20 minutes he said that I had bad viruses as well as he offered me to clean the...

Speedy Pc Pro/safecart/advanced Tech Services / Bad Customer Service

Melody Dareing on Dec 22, 2015
I ordered the Speedy PC Pro Dec. 21, 2015, because several sites gave it excellent reviews. Downloaded it, but had trouble installing it because the instructions regarding the licensing number weren't clear. So I called tech which was ATS. The guy is more concerned that my purchase wasn't...

Safe Cart / Charges for automatic renewal for a service which I attempted to cancel

Reviewer10444 on Nov 9, 2015
I ordered a service and cancelled it via given cancellation period via email. The company did not canceled the subscription and charged my credit cart for the monthly subscription fee. I tried to inform safe cart via email but their email addresses seem invalid. Thus I am not able to get a...

Safecart / I don't know what this charge is

Reviewer67769 on Nov 3, 2015
I just looked at my account and found that Safe Cart Charged me $2.95 in August. Then a couple days later they charged me $19.95 and a month later another $19.95. I have had to cancel my card attached to my checking account and now I will have to wait to get my other card so that I will be...

Safecart / don't know why charged

wdougherty on Oct 26, 2015
My card charged and I don't want safecart. Request refund. Please cancel any products you charged me for on my DICOVER card. I don't want them. I don't know what they are. I don't use or wish to use safecard. On 10/5 my card charged $49.97. My name is William Dougherty...

Safecart / Unauthorized debit from our account

Reviewer29942 on Oct 5, 2015
found a debit on my checking account and when I called and was finally able to get through, she told me it was for a spyware program that I had purchased. I told her that I had made a purchase in 2013 and I cancelled it right away. I also had a debit last year and called and had the money...

Safecart.com*asaptech / bill for services i did not agree to

Billy Kemp on Jul 4, 2015
My computer was running slow and I was seeking help to run a virus scan and clean it up. I only needed help for the one computer. I was billed for repair and tech support I did not request or agree to. Product Name Qty Price Sale10/29/2014 ASAP TECH HELP (1PC_REPAIR_280.00) 1 280.00...

Safecart / Refund of $69.37

Order Reference Number - DRUP-C0901151424-62TUU VISA was billed $69.37CAD statement will show order as SUPPORT.SAFECART.COM - copy to be mailed to buholzerbudr@gmail.com. Dear Sir: I would like the above amount refunded and placed back in to my VISA account card. DRIVERUPDATE Registration Key...

Safe Cart / unauthorized paypal access

Kezp on Sep 28, 2014
I have never ordered spyware, online security or anything else from these people. In fact I had never heard of them until they hacked my paypal account and signed me up for annual products!! I was fefunded by paypal but I am concerned they may continue to sign me up and to get paid for it...

Safecart / SafeCart got paid but failed to deliver

Luis Laureano on Sep 10, 2014
On 9/9/2014 my computer got hacked I download a software named Spyware the company Enigma software. This purshase was made by through SafeCart using my Visa card. Today 9/10/2014 I expected the key code to activate the software but nothing nada. I called the bank and yes they got paid I...

Safecartspeed / Company steals from me and impossible to stop them

Duic on Sep 6, 2014
The company Safecartspeed is total crap and scam. I haven’t ordered from them, but they started to take money from my account. WTF? I sent them emails and messages, but these bastards simply ignored me and continued to take fake charges. I wonder if there are people, who had the same...

Safecart.com / Regcure Pro / Charge not authorized

SamuelWRR on Jul 3, 2014
Half year ago my computer got a popup ad about RegCure Pro. It looked very attractive so I ordered it online. They charged me US$39.90 for this product. Then I found it didn't improve my computer performance but made it worse. So I uninstalled the product. A few days ago I was charged...

Safecart / Money back

Jan Moelans on Apr 30, 2014
Whitout my consent Safecart.com.paretolog. charged me 18, 38 Euro on my credit card on April the 28. 2014 Sorry, but that day I've unsubsrive me by safecart So, I dont want to pay. I reqeust for my money back return back to my credit card I do not need any more service from Paretolog.With thanks I am still waiting on a answer of you..

Safecart.com / visa charges

S.Vaillancourt on Apr 19, 2014
I have just received my visa statement to my surprise I have a charge of 64.96 to safecart.com, I have no idea where this has come from. I have not ordered anything from this company.How in the world did they get my visa number from.I wish to have this money returned to me.this is not the...

Safecart.com / Messed up my computer

Shirley J Goss on Mar 31, 2014
On 17 March 2014, I ordered Programs from safecart . Every since my computer has been messed up!!! I ordered these programs: 1. 1pc fix and support service : $230.00 3. Driver Update: $29.97 1pc active support service : $ 14.99 2 year licence update $ 9.95 total : $ 244.99 Fix cleaner...

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