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Ross Dress for Less Complaints & Reviews

Ross Dress for Less - California, Culver City / Service, Store 0414, Reg. 05, trans 8563, 05/10/16

ShelliMone't Williams on 2016-05-11
I've visited several Ross stores where I have made purchases and at each check out counter, I don't have a minute to count my change and return it to my wallet before a clerk is requesting the next guest while I am still gathering my bags and money. That kind of treatment really...

Ross Dress for Less - Maryland, Bel Air / employee complaint

Altamese berry on 2016-05-05
Hello, My name is Altamese berry I work at your bel air Ross. Yesterday on 5/04/16 I was supposed to work your stock shift which is from 5:45am-10:15am. I showed up to work at 5am and nobody was there. I stood outside until 6:30am before I realized nobody was coming to open the door. I wa...

Ross Dress for Less - Florida, Miami / Returns and Overall Store Experience

Fashion Forward on 2016-04-25
This is an ongoing issue that has gotten worse through the years. I don't like to return things but shop for a few people and it's necessary sometimes. I've been shopping at Ross since 1987 at various stores and cities and the descriptive tags at this point have become incorrect more than...

Ross Dress for Less - Florida, Melbourne / Unethical employee shopping practices

Aris Bess on 2016-02-15
At the Ross where I work the mark down clerks are the only employees that get to purchase the items that are significantly marked down, i.e. Mk shoes orig price $200 now marked down to $12 being purchased by mark down clerk only. That example is only one of about 500 items that I know of...

Ross Dress for Less - Texas, League City / Fitting Room Policies

Reviewer25068 on 2016-02-14
Friday, February 12, 2016. I selected a pair of pants to try on before purchase. The fitting room attendant with head covering came to assist me. First she did a pat down search of the pants and instructed that I must return the hanger. After deciding to purchase and not in need of the...

Ross Dress for Less - Arizona, Lake Havasu City / The way Ross treats employees

Reviewer52706 on 2016-02-12
While shopping in the Lake Havasu City AZ, after 10;00 pm I noticed a Spanish couple with their two children. They were allowing there children to run around the store un-supervised tearing apart the toy section by ripping open the packages and throwing them on the floor. An associate...

Ross Dress for Less - Florida, Miami / Terrible place to work

Valerie9999 on 2016-02-08
I recently got hired at a Ross in Miami, Florida. Out of all the jobs I've had throughout my current college career, Ross takes the cake as the worst. My first day, I was barely trained at the cash register before I was thrown into my own and forced to ring up around 20 angry customers who...

Ross Dress for Less - Connecticut, Portland / Work Environment

Reviewer96758 on 2016-01-28
I worked for Ross in Portland, OR at the Cascade Station Location. It was TERRIBLE! No type of training, management not willing to work w/ you on availability, if you complain to management you don't get hours, minimum wage for EVERYTHING, W2's take too long to mail out, slow PW...

Ross Dress for Less - California, Long Beach / Accused of theft

Reviewer40223 on 2016-01-26
Complaint about Brittney, loss prevention employee at Ross Store #0602. 1/26/16, 4:50 pm. The day before, I had purchased a pink nightgown. It didn't fit right. I went to the store the next day to return it. The item had originally been mis-tagged as blue and not pink. So when I tried to...

Ross Dress for Less - Arizona, Cave Creek / Shopping carts that have a large stick so you can't take your purchases out of the store

Nancy Feiges on 2015-12-10
Ross is the only store in the Phoenix, AZ area that has sticks on their carts. You can not take the carts past the door because the door won't let the cart out. I am a senior citizen and a Ross shopper for many years, but today when I purchased several items that I could not carry out of...

Ross Dress for Less - Colorado, Denver / employee

Reviewer83592 on 2015-12-09
There is a woman named Virginia who works at the Colorado Blvd store in Denver Colorado. She is constantly making racist remarks against white people every time she rings me up at the register. If that is the best employee that Ross could hire I would rather not shop there anymore. Can't they hire anybody decent?

Ross Store Inc. / I get called every another day when I am off

Reviewer40913 on 2015-08-19
I am mad because the mangers, boss threat to write me up because I miss so many days because they call me no work next day. I was liking are you serious? I only have Mondays off because of the reasons. I am so sick of people waste my time when I want to work. They even threat me that they...

Ross Dress for Less - Alabama, Louisville / Worst place I've ever worked.

Irishmike on 2015-08-16
I was laid off in early 2013. I applied at numerous places. One was Ross Dress for Less, which was opening a new store in Louisville, KY. They called me, interviewed me and hired me. So I took the job in Loss Prevention at their St. Matthews location. It didn't take me long to see how...

Ross Dress for Less - Florida, Saint Petersburg / Bad management

Delaina on 2015-07-07
Managers are allowing associates get away with out of dress code. Making only women hang clothes and not the men. Cuts everyone's hours without telling them. Not providing the right management and then writing the associates up for not doing something the manager should have told them...

Ross Dress for Less / Run far, far away

Ross-Sucks on 2015-06-02
I started working for Ross in May 2013. The day I came in for training one of the assistant managers told me that no one told her I was coming in & that I needed to "come back another day", that should have been a red flag right there that this company is unorganized and doesn't know...

Ross Dress for Less - Colorado, denver / disgusting amount of discrimination in Colorado stores

stop-ross-corruption on 2015-05-28
I was employed at Ross for a round a year. during that period of time i watched a disgusting amount of favoritism in my store in which hard working employees especially the older ones were treated like absolute garbage by the store manager. Their senior citizen employees were constantly...

Ross Dress for Less - Washington, vancouver / HORRIBLE EMPLOYER

usernaaame on 2015-01-01
Where do I start!? I got hired at Ross on the same day as my interview. They really pave the way with gold and make it seem like an amazing place to work at. The glamour and appreciation wears off after working for about 10 days. The girls I work with are catty. They scold you when...

Ross Dress for Less / Horrible employess

Stores Best Friend on 2014-08-13
I was absolutely HORRIFIED at the behavior of the associates at the Lombard location on 8/12/14. I entered the store at 930p, the security guy yelled from the cashier station " where the hell did you come from?! " & 2 other associates started laughing. They were all staring at me. They...

Ross Store - Illinois, Schaumburg / Mistreated employees and racist management

Angel725 on 2014-07-01
This company has no consideration for their employees as humans. No mater how hard you work for them, they do not acknowledge your hard work and effort. It is never good enough for them. Also, management is racist and will not promote within unless you are the same race as them or you have...

Ross Dress for Less - Arizona, Tempe / No Payment

jBananerrz on 2014-04-11
Applied for a second part time seasonal job at ROSS. The ROSS store in Tempe, AZ on Elliott hired me on the spot. Didnt hear from them for 5 full weeks. They called me and asked if I was still interested in the job. I accepted. Didnt hear from them for another week, so I called them...

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