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Progressive Complaints & Reviews

Progressive Insurance - Ohio, Mayfield Village / Worthless Insurance - DO NOT BUY!!!

harry88keys on 2016-04-13
DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE for your RV, Boat, and possibly for any other vehicle. I had a full coverage “stated value” policy for over ten years. I paid extra (around $500 yearly) to cover the RV for a value of $19, 000. Then I had ONE claim this year due to a windstorm ripping off my...

Progressive - Ohio, Sharonville / Damage to my vehicle, Unethical Behavior.

williamrayney on 2016-03-10
I was involved in a 5 car accident and I was the very front car. The vehicle behind me was pushed into me in a chain reaction. The "at fault" party has Progressive Insurance. I finally took my car in to be inspected, after "I" had to call and set it up, no one ever called...

Progressive - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Payment Not Received

Reviewer42333 on 2016-01-04
My car was backed into and totaled as the car in front of me was waiting to pull out onto Colorado Blvd. in Denver. The Claim # is 15-4346003. The matter was resolved except for the rental car issue. Richard A. Hood, from Progressive (719-424-3169) who was representing A - Z Limo Service...

Progressive Insurance Company / Boat Insurance SCAM alert

Reviewer49199 on 2015-12-18
Like most insurance companies - they want your premiums on time however they really don't intend to pay claims. Boat insurance - Progressive now has a totally different deductible called "Named Storm deductible". It can be 5 times the normal deductible which is also very high. These day...

Progressive Auto Insurance - Florida, North Miami Beach / Problems with claim. Fraud company

highprofile on 2015-12-02
I purchased a brand new Rolls Royce 2 weeks later some jealous hater keyed my car in my parking space at my condo. My entire car must be repainted and all the scratched parts must be replaces. Progressive is trying to get out of paying by putting an investigator on me whom allegedly think...

Progressive / Auto insurance policy

Scott Wemhoener on 2015-10-05
Purchased an auto insurance policy for a new vehicle, filled out all of the particulars and payed initial payment.On the way to dmv was pulled over as vehicle had no current tags, officer said the paperwork Progressive had provided me was not legal in my state. Called Progressive'...

Progressive Auto Insurance - Georgia, Sparta / Insurance Blunder

Reviewer73744 on 2015-08-24
My husband had rear ended my parents, I'll figure 23 days ago. We all knew that he was at fault so there was no issue there. The whole deal in the end was that my truck turned out to be a total loss and that once my truck was looked at and a value placed upon it, that Progressive would pay...

Progressive Insurance - Ohio, EUCLID / Roadside assistance agent

SYLVIA PARKS on 2015-02-21
Progressive set roadside assistance agent to jump start my car upon arrivel he procedeedto tell me my apartment building was a dump and everyapartment had bed bugs iwas very insulted my apartment has no bugs and i have lived here for 30 years i think he was very unprofessional and i resent...

Progressive Auto Insurance - Georgia, Mableton / deniel of reduction

Laurency Gaston on 2014-10-21
i am 69 and on social security, i get my monthly payment on a credit card, i pay most of my bills with the card but Progressive INsurance wont except my card so i have to pay $16 a month more then people that progressive insurance respects, im made to feel dirty and of less human worth since...

Progressive Insurance - New York, florida / bad insurance

victimofprogressiveins on 2013-05-14
progressive is the worst ( THE WORST ) car insurance ever, EVER even you do have a good driving record every six months your premium goes up, and they have the audacity of blaming the state, I've been with them for more than a year, i have a 2002 Chevy with only state requirement with...

Progressive / Progressive does not care about their customers

Gloria Pedemonte on 2013-05-02
My dad had Progressive insurance for 10 years, but we noticed for the past few years that his rates were going up for no reason. His last renewal notice was high by almost $500, so he called them to clarify last week. They informed him that he had 2 points on his history and as a result...

Progressive Insurance - Pennsylvania, Delta / Non-fault accident

xx_frankc_xx on 2013-02-06
I have had Progressive for 2 and a half years now. I have my home, autos & bike on with them. I haven't had not one claim till last week. I slid on black ice and hit a tree in my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 on the night of Jan 28 2013. This truck was emaculate before that. I called the next...

Progressive Insurance / Claim Complaint

advocate4me on 2012-10-05
My car was totaled by a shipping company who was shipping my vehicle about 400 miles. The driver hit my car on something and totaled it. The driver and company had Progressive Insurance.At first Progressive was very understanding, polite, and made me feel that they were going to promptly...

Progressive Insurance - Texas / boat motor

p rizzo on 2012-09-19
I took my boat in to have repairs after hitting something under water my prop was broke and the crank shaft snapped due to the impact. I had 3 boat machanics backing me on the claim. After several weeks of progressive doing a long investigation they turned the claim down. After requesting...

Progressive Insurance - Wisconsin / incompetence

Good Day everyone on 2012-08-08
Been with Progressive for 15 years (autos, boat and umbrella policy). Submitted a claim in June 2012 for $2900 because one of my boat motors had been vandalized and I needed two heads replaced. They declined the claim even though the marina mechanics attributed the motor failure to the...

Progressive / Avoid at any cost guys

Blatiste on 2012-07-20
Purchased an auto insurance through an agency called ALL COUNTY INS, west palm bch, Fl with Progressive ins.Initial down payment was $250.00, with remaining balance of $605.70 in 4 payments of $123.55.Policy period is May 1 2012 -Nov 1, 2012. Progressive sent me the document verifying the...

Progressive Insurance - Florida, West Palm Beach / Auto Repair

sunnired on 2012-06-05
Car went in for minor front end repair from an accident; 2009 VW Jetta Wolfsburg. Came back with hood and lights all wrong. Hood seemed too long/hooded over the headlights. It appears they used non-oem, perhaps used/refurb parts. Doesn't look right. Worse, the shop they chose...

Progressive / Threat to Serve

jailee on 2012-04-28
Man by the name of Bill Brooks called my mom's home number. Left a message on her voicemail saying that he would be sending someone out tfor me to be served and picked up for check fraud. Said that I needed to call his number by a certain time if I did not want to be picked up. I have...

Progressive Insurance / Beware of Progressive Insurance Company

Nessi on 2012-02-23
My son had an accident with my car on May 13, 2011. Although I had full coverage, progressive would not pay because my son was using the car to deliver a pizza and according to my policy, underknown to me, I am not covered if the car is being used to deliver goods or services. Although I was quite...

Progressive Insurance - New Jersey, Parsippany / Racism

CatDiddles on 2012-01-10
My friend (who is half Asian with an American name) applied for a position in Claims. He passed all their tests and phone interviews. He was then scheduled for the final in person interview. While he was in the waiting room, the two hiring managers came out of the back office and their...

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