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Newegg.com Complaints & Reviews

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / The worst place to shop at.

Bastian335 on 2016-04-25
I have purchased a MacBook from www.newegg.com and received the wrong model. Immediately contacted customer service and told them that I want to send the wrong one back and get an exchange. I told them that I never opened the box and they agreed to give me a replacement. So I sent it back...

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / Seems like a scam

Sokolen23 on 2016-04-19
Ordered a gadget from Newegg and the one I received was defective so I decided to return it and they said that I have to send the defective item back and promised me a refund. I did as they said and sent it back and they keep telling me that they did not receive anything yet. That i...

Newegg.com / refurbished macbook pro

IJacobson on 2016-04-06
Bought refurbished pro in march 2015. First one did not work and was sent back. Second one worked, Unreliably, for three months then completly crashed. In October 2015, I contacted newegg and asked for a refund or an credit OVER THE PHONE, THEY TOLD ME NO. They told me I would now have to...

Newegg.com / Rebate never received

MichaelGr on 2016-03-17
I purchased a monitor from Newegg and submitted the rebate in October 2015. The tracking site listed a date that came and went (Feb 7th) without a rebate arriving. After contacting Newegg I was told that they would resubmit my rebate request, and IF it was accepted they would mail me...

Newegg.com / Mail in rebate & customer service

Samba73 on 2016-02-23
I bought product with mail in rebate. After mailing all required documents there is no sign of rebate coming through. When I enquire customer service they only redirect to same page in their website from where I registered and took document printout to mail them. In spite of repeated...

Newegg / Ordered Computer Monitor, received computer case

Reviewer24161 on 2016-02-20
Ordered a computer monitor for 110 and some change from newegg.com received a computer case instead. They will not ship me my monitor without first providing my credit card information AGAIN *JUST IN CASE ANOTHER MISTAKE HAPPENS* so they can charge my account for their ungodly screw...

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / Worst online shopping experience!

Tim on 2016-02-16
I ordered something from Newegg website three weeks ago. The seller was actually a private one but I had no idea about that. Well, I never received my order so I tried to contact the seller by phone, but the phone number was invalid. Then I sent him several messages, but never got a reply...

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / Dangerous scam!

Bakster4545 on 2016-02-11
Never order anything from these thieves. I purchased some goods and paid huge amount of money! I ordered three items for over $2000 and when my order finally arrived two items were damaged. I don't know who's fault that was, I actually don't care, but I paid big money! I contacted Newegg...

Newegg.com - Michigan, Warren / Hp refurb pavilion pc desktop

Reviewer17282 on 2016-02-09
pc was not factory refurbished, description was not clear that pc was not factory refurb. but third unknown party, return of item was 45 restocking fee, 40 return label ship, $85 a third of pc price, making return unreasonable, beware of high shipping and restocking fees, return policy i...

Newegg.com / Waiting over 2 months for REFUND

Reviewer30896 on 2016-02-06
On Black Friday 2015 we ordered $1, 100.00 in computer parts to build a new system for our son in college. They shipped via UPS who in left this package on our front porch and no one home. The package was stolen. We contacted Newegg and they contacted UPS to do an investigation, which 3...

Newegg.com / Customer Service

912680 on 2016-01-21
By far this company has the worst customer service, and support staff I have ever encountered. False advertisement, shipping issues, customer service phone wait time extremely to long, return policy and rebate system a complete mess. In the future, I will not be purchasing anything from...

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / IP camera set

ralphshenderson on 2016-01-12
I Ordered a set of IP cameras with no hard drive which was sold separate. Received cameras with a defective ac adapter not suitable for U.S. Applications and instructions that are absolutely useless. The 500 GB hard drive has never arrived. After going through their Customer service...

Newegg Inc. - Florida, Stuart / No fraud protection for your credit card at Newegg. The thief works there.

Reviewer59295 on 2015-11-14
Almost $2, 000 charged to my credit card that I used one month ago (October '15) at Newegg and to Office Depot. I believe the thief works at Newegg and got all the info from my card and used it or sold it to someone. There is no fraud protection at Newegg so I would not deal with them. The...

Newegg.com - Texas, Plano / Rebate

Reviewer43661 on 2015-11-14
I never got the rebate for below item. Newegg Coboc iSyncLT8-4-WH White 4inches/10cm Apple MFi Certified 8-Pin lightning to USB cable - Charge and Promotion #62092 Tracking ID#24494121 On June 17th 2015 my rebate submission was completed and according to confirmation email I got I should...

Newegg / Delivery, a horror story

Reviewer42035 on 2015-11-02
zoomdelivered or boardparadise or whatever their name will be next week did not ship for 7 days even though I had selected 2 day shipping. They only provided a partial order for delivery and not with the tracking information they gave. The order also contained incompatible and incorrect...

Newegg.com / Billing verification

Reviewer71355 on 2015-09-08
Their billing verification is terrible, I've had numerous orders voided because they could not verify my payment information. I tried 4 different credit cards and failed their billing verification. Spent hours on the phone with sales and supervisor to push through a manual purchase but...

Newegg / return process

HeMaTa on 2015-03-03
Do not discard the original box and packing materials of anything you purchase from newegg. You will not be able to return an item - - even if it arrived doa - - without the stupid box. So keep your box for as long as the warranty with newegg is valid. Use it as a laundry basket, a pet...

Newegg.com - Connecticut, East Hartford / Will not honor rebate

Andy104 on 2014-12-29
I bought an Asus T100 that came with a 50$ rebate. My mom and her husband needed a computer/tablet so she asked me to buy one for them as well. Since they are old and not very computer savvy, they asked that I submit their rebate and they will pay me the difference. So both rebate were to be...

Newegg.com / Unethical return process

Echo216 on 2014-12-15
I will NEVER buy at NewEgg and will tell everyone not to either! They are so unethical in the return process. Can you believe that they change your items to REFURBISHED ones in the return process? Unbelievable! I bought two iPhones on NewEgg for my parents but later they changed their mind...

Newegg.com - California, Whittier / RMA return Fraud

Jamie fontaine on 2014-11-13
Newegg.com defrauded me on this RMA return for a ASRock 990FX Extreme9 AM3+ motherboard. it was defective item it caught on fire 3 times near the frontal connection port. and nothing was connected to it. it got fire on 3 boots all in a row... I told them about in the rma request online and...

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