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Logitech Complaints & Reviews

Logitech - Virginia, Ringgold / M570 wireless mouse

Wayne Crider on Jun 16, 2016
I have purchased two of the products in less than two years. The warranty is 3 years on each. This one lasted less time than the first one. Same exact problem. Left clicks double clicks when you touch the left click for single click. I will never ever buy another Logitech product. Numerous complaints about poor or non existent service.

Logitech / Louzy product and louzy customer service

Idian Mansjur on Apr 28, 2016
I bought an M570 about one year ago and now the left click is having problem. It will double click by itself where I only click once. So I went into the Logitech Support Website and fill in all the data for a warranty claim. However when I click submit the site give me VisualForce...

Logitech - California, Newark / Logitech security cameras and getting a refund

Reviewer65319 on Dec 14, 2015
I ordered software for their security cameras. The software didn't work and their support people were very hard to understand. I called 4 times and was unable to get them to cancel my order and refund my money. They don't have a phone number to call for billing and or e mail to contact them. I wouldn't ever do business with them again.

Logitech / no customer service

Marie Lovell on May 27, 2015
I ordered wireless keyboard K350 and wireless trackball. The package arrived but had been damaged and the tape that ran the length of the box had split open and 3 pieces of tape had been put across the top. The keyboard was there but the trackball wasn't. Logitech won't do...

Logitech - Illinois, Plano / NO support

Ganeshku on Feb 1, 2014
I bought Logitech Revue years back. I had a problem and did try reaching for support. . the agent i reached said that they discontinued the product and dont help via phone, but will entertain questions/problems via email. he also said that someone will respond to the question. their...

Logitech - New York / unprocessed submission of rebate

I submitted forms and UPC code to claim a rebate on this item which was purchased from newegg.com I mailed it with delivery notification. Logitech never sent me an email confirmation of receipt. I phoned logitech's service rep. She said, mail my xeroxes and original of UPC code. Of...

Logitech - California / Poor Customer Service/No Response

I have a Logitech V450 Nano Mouse. This is a wireless laser mouse with a nano receiver. The mouse has worked great until I wanted to remove the receiver from my laptop to use on another laptop. When I removed the receiver it fell apart. Now it is in three pieces.(Which is all there is) I...

Logitech / No support for newly buy trackman mouse problem

I requested for a support at Logitech technical support website for my recently bought Trackman Marble mouse from Logitech. I just get back the auto response as shown below and no further feedback from Logitech until today. Logitech Resellers in Thailand also are hopeless and refused to...

Logitech - California / Logitech 350 Headphones with Mic POORLY DESIGNED!

Headphones poorly built. Several internet postings from owners complain of fragile wires breaking from normal use. Here's the problem: Usual, large guage USB wire, on one side of a volume control dangle from a much-thinner wire on other side of volume control, which lead to one of the...

Logitech - California, Fremont / Rebate

Purchased a Logitech WebCam Pro 9000 on NewEgg in Dec-2009. Once the item arrived submitted a rebate (details below). The rebate form, NewEgg receipt, and UPC code was sent in one USPS envelope. The website shows missing receipt. My inquiries were ingored. I resubmitted the receipt again...

Logitech - California, Fremont / Ridiculous No Customer Service

Customer (Eng Lim) 01/26/2010 10:58 AM Shame on Logitech again!!! I called today at 10:30AM West Coast US Time and talked to Rae from your Philippines office about my refund cheque again, which I have not received. She said she's going to escalate this matter to her boss. I told her...

Logitech / No Support Windows 7

I bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 less than 2 years ago. The product is still being sold. I upgraded my computer operating system to Windows 7. The QuickCam drivers and software would not install as it was blocked due to a compatiability issue. I contacted Logitech and they will not...

Logitech / Poor product support

For the upteenth time I have struggled to get my Logitech Harmony 890 to communicate with the wireless extender. At least this time it suddenly decided to work. The last time I had to call tech support, which costs $30. The website gives you inaccurate information and out-of-date picture...

Logitech - Utah, Draper / Defective product

Recently I have purchased Wilife outdoor camera (command center 2.5) about 2 months back and it stopped working as of September 24 2009. I finally called Logitech support on November 2nd to resolve the issue after 3 hour call with Customer services person (Adam Irvin) it come to conclusion...

Logitech - Alabama, Madison / Mail in Rebate not processed

To: Logitech Rebates, Dept # 114427, P.O. Box 540004, El Paso, TX 88554 RE: Enquiring about my mail in rebate for my rebate tracking number: 316056883 On 11/28/2008 I had mailed my mail in Rebate form to Logitech Rebate Center with purchase receipt of Optical Mouse V320 and bar code...

Logitech - California / unprocessed rebate

i wrote a letter to dispute logitech decision to make my rebate invalid. The reason for making it invalid is: Missing original UPC. But what LOGITECH did not know is I xeroxed all the original documents, the original UPC, receipt and application for rebate that Office Depot gave to me when...

Logitech / Fraud and scam

I purchased the Logitech security camera from my local Best Buy store. The package promised a simple install and good performance. The install did go fairly well and within a few minutes I was viewing the camera images on my personal computer. The problems began about three days later. I...

Logitech / Scam and cheating

Purchased Pro-Fi Elite. Package says "Everything iPod". Unfortunately it does not charge my iPod Touch, my iPhone, or my Nano. So listening to music the battery goes dead. I spent well over 30 minutes waiting for customer service when I finally was connected to tech support. After 40...

Logitech / They don't support their products

I have purchased 3 sets of the Logitech Freepulse wireless earphones. Over time, they all wore out and split in the middle of the headband, making them useless. I kept all 3 pairs and sent them to Logitech a month ago with a letter asking for a free set. I know they got the package - they...

Logitech / Apparent coordinated criminal conspiracy!

Purchased a Logitech "Harmony 880" Remote Control in Feb. I filled out their form correctly, and included required receipt and original bar code from package, in order to claim their $30 rebate when purchased thru Amazon.com. Logitech now claims I did not fulfill terms by purchasing ANOTHER...

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