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Lipozene Complaints & Reviews

Lipozene - Ohio, Findlay / weight loss

Pamela Watson on Apr 2, 2016
I bought some lipozene on 3/5/2016 for $19.88 and it did not work for me in matter fact it put weight on me and I do not like that iv been struggling with my weight for a long time and am trying quit smoking and you know how's that puts weight on you so I would like a refund thank you

Lipozene - California, Encinitas / Refund

Tramaineh on Feb 3, 2016
Hello, My name is Tramaine Harris and I placed an order through the automated system on January 1st, 2016 to receive the discounted price for the weight loss product Lipozene. Since I never brought this product before I was unsure about ordering it. However I did, and I followed the prompt...

Lipozene - British Columbia, Mackenzie / No weight loss/Being billed for product not being recieved/Cancelling our order

SGraff on Jul 12, 2015
We have ordered a one time special package for Lipozene & MetaboUp Plus, after taking the product My Father & I had not lost any weight what so ever. Within 3 weeks we of taking we didn't lose a lbs. Now we're being billed for no product, already called the Credit Card company...

Lipozene - Mississippi, Philadelphia / TV Product Scams

Brian062638 on Jun 12, 2015
Warning: If you order a product, from a tv ad, you should never pay by check or money order. Always use a credit card. Federal law states: If you purchase a product with a credit card and receive unsatisfactory services or dissatisfied with a product, you may not have to pay the charge...

Lipozene.com / I can’t reach customer services, but their products are useless

Michael Dennis on Jan 6, 2015
I ordered diet products from the company www.lipozene.com. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy from them. These scammers sent me the products, but it was completely useless. Nothing worked and I decided to return it. I tried to contact the customer services, but these bastard...

Lipozene - British Columbia, vancouver / Credit card

PISSEDCUSTOMER92 on Mar 7, 2014
I hope this complaint gets out to everyone in this world, and if you choose to delete it its no problem because its already all over you tube etc, but i just want everyone to know that this lipozene company not only doesnt work but they continously keep taking $125. 00 off her credit card...

Lipozene / badgering bait and switch, recuring charges

Johnny D. Campbell on Dec 27, 2012
I called after a commercial on TV for a $29.99 for 30 day trial of Lipozene and was asked for my credit card number. Then there is a barrage of self renewing orders, additional products with self renewing orders, all charged to my credit card, offers of free Walmart, Target cards, followed...

Lipozene - Pennsylvania / PILLS DON'T WORK

LIPOZENE on Jun 19, 2012

Lipozene / keep charging my credit card.

maria ortega on Jan 16, 2012
I requested product which was going to be charge to my credit card. I was charged and about after a week or more, the product arrived. Since it was advertized, that I had a month to return it if not satisfied, I considered this was not fare, because I received the product after I wa...

Lipozene - New York / dishonest practice

ikat on Jan 11, 2012
I completely agree with costumers who state that this company is running a scam. I ordered the Trial of Lipozene for $29.95. I did not request any club auto shipment. Unfortunate for me with in a month the company charges my card for two additional bottles. The phone inquiry about the refund...

Lipozene / doesn't work/won't refund what was not ordered

Jenny McG on Dec 20, 2011
I ordered the TRIAL of Lipozene for $29.95 w/free S&H for my daughter. Then they sent two more 60 count bottles & charged me a total of $101.85. I called to get a refund, as I had NOT ordered any other products. They told me I was out of luck!! This company is running a scam. Nowhere on...

Lipozene - California, Riverside / Weight loss

John D. Perez on Aug 1, 2011
This product does not work period. I did the six pills a day with the metabo-boost and not one pound came off. It didn't make me full, it didnt give me more energy and it didn't make me lose weight. Good commercial but the clinically proven staement??? Not sure where they got...

Lipozene - Maryland / return issues

postalladyi on Jun 16, 2011
I took the product and it made me sick. I tried over and over again to return the product. When I finally reach lipozene customer service how convient my 30days were passed and now I'm stuck with 153.00 worth of pills that make me sick.

Lipozene.com / There are just in it for the money

Shuklave on May 6, 2011
I found this company off of television. I ordered 2 bottles of this product called Lipozene. They promise that you will lose pounds of pure body fat immediately after you begin to take the pills. They also say that you don't have to change your diet at all. They also say that thi...

Lipozene / Unapproved charges

I was going to purchase Lipozene from the company's web-site and I had filled out all of the information but I cancelled it because I remembered seeing the product at Wal-Greens for a lower price, and there would be no shipping charges. I went to Wal-Greens and got twice the amount...

Lipozene / Fraudulent charges

Late one night I disabled and on limited income, was watching a infomercial on T.V. about a weight loss pill that needed no excerise program for it to work. Because I'm disabled I thought why not try it. It stated that I could cancel at any time and get my money back. So I called Mid...

Lipozene / Unauthorized charges

Lipozene ads say...100% money back guarantee! They LIE. I tried their product and didn't like it. I called with in the 30 day trial period and was told to package up the bottles, put a return number on the outside of the package, name and address and other information in the box and...

Lipozene / Den Lipozene - just a plain lost!

I purchased a one month diet supplement from Den Liopzene, RENO NV that promised that I could cancel due to delivery at any time. After trying the product for 2 weeks,and having bad side effects, i called and canceled delivery. Next I know, there was a new package at my door, I called...

Lipozene / wc *value plus $16.95

Supposedly random companies can add u to this discount membership in which you may/may not have heard about. I tried lipozene out for a 30 day money back guarantee and canceled my subscription in which they are currently issuing a refund. apparently they signed me up for wc value plu...

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