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BeachBody Complaints & Reviews

BeachBody LLC / Cize DVDs

Angrycustomer44 on 2016-05-11
As seems to be a common complaint, I was charged for an order I did not make. I was planning on buying the Cize dvd's, I even put in my credit card information. However, before I submitted it I noticed that there were 2 dvd sets in my shopping cart, and for some stupid reason there in...

Beachbody - California, Santa Monica / Unethical Behavior

Beachbody Bad Business on 2016-03-29
The following is a transcript from an online chat with Beachbody to cancel an order that was never submitted. Apparently, the company's practice is to charge you for an order even if you do not submit one, and then make it as difficult as possible to cancel the order that was never made...

Beachbody - Florida, Fort Myers / Identity Theft - Being billed for merchandise / services I did not order or receive

bill897 on 2016-03-04
I am being billed for a product / service I did not make or receive. The address on the bill reads BEACHBODY, P.O.BOX 406, FRMNGDALE, NY 11735-0230. Phone 1-866-441-4737, 800-470-7870. Account No: 24726211386, Amount: $19.95, Client No: 62121795. It says I ordered merchandise on 12/16/2015...

Beachbody - British Columbia, Vancouver / DVD's Hip Hop

A1971CWL on 2016-02-14
I did not commit to an order on line and yet my information I had put in was accepted as Confirmation. The next day my email said my order was on its way? What order ? I called and told them that I do not want this product that was "on its way" less than 24hours after my supposed...

Beachbody - Oregon, Portland / Worst Customer Service Experience of my Life

Megan Bauer on 2016-01-15
Back in November, I decided to start the 21 Day Fix program with Beachbody after chatting with one of my friends who is currently a coach. There was a Thanksgiving accountability group on Facebook that included a group of individuals who would be completing the challenge all at the same...

Beachbody - California, Santa Monica / Customer Service

Reviewer33145 on 2016-01-08
I have tried to cancel my account repeatedly and they continue to ignore my request and take money out of my account. I have received none of the product, but I have had my account charged plenty. When I was finally able to speak to a person, they said they did cancel my account and ye...

Beach Body / Customer service

apiggy on 2016-01-05
March 2014---that is how long I have been dealing with this problem! My neighbor was a coach for Beach Body and kept going on about how I should get the 21 day fix. I ordered the package she recommended, she also talked me into becoming a coach so that I could continue to receive the...

BeachBody LLC - Nebraska, Seward / Vitamins

happywithmyweight on 2015-10-21
Yesterday AGAIN I received vitamins/supplement in the mail, charged to my credit card. I have contacted the company 2, may I repeat 2 times to stop this shipping and stop putting it on my credit card!!! Their website says they will get back to me as soon as possible. Ha! Ha! I need this to STOP!!! NOW!!!

Beachbody - New Brunswick, Fredericton / Unethical charges

Reviewer73623 on 2015-09-14
I ordered the 21 day fix program in August 2015 by calling the Beach Body toll free number. The sales rep talked me into taking two bottles of Actifit vitamins for 2 dollars as a "trial order" to see if I liked the product, I was told I could cancel any standing order of future shipment...

Beach Body / shakeology return

Jessica apple on 2015-04-14
I purchased shakeology March 1st, and it did not really impress me. I took it every now and then, but it was kind of blah. So before my 30 days were up, I called to cancel my future orders. I used the automated system they have, and went through all the procedures, as soon as I heard all...

Beachbody P90x3 / Poor Customer Service

S.H. Khan on 2015-02-05
Their customer service has gone to the pits. I was missing a DVD from my P90X3 set. Since I bought it through Amazon, I contacted Amazon to acquire it. My Message was forwarded to Beachbody, who sent me an email to contact them on their 800 number for shipping DVDs. When I did, after more...

Beach Body - Florida, Royal Palm Beach / No refund and now they send me to collections

Martha010 on 2015-02-05
This is the letter I just sent Beachbody I am quite tired of this company and now after all I have gone through and NO REFUND they have the nerve to try to send us to collections... HORRIBLE COMPANY INCOMPETENT CUSTOMER SERVICE DO NOT USE THEM! Cust # 22697131385 I just received a...

Beachbody 10 Minute Trainer - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Charges for incomplete order

I was considering purchasing a product from BeachBody on 1/8/15. There are 4 stages to the ordering process. The first stage requires you to input your credit card info and forces you onto a 2 part payment plan with the promise to allow you to change to a single payment option later in the...

Beachbody / Beachbody unauthorized charges/ scam

l2ebekah on 2014-12-16
This is the email I sent to Beachbody earlier today, it contains my entire experience with this company: REQUEST: II am a Beachbody customer. I want to CANCEL my auto-shipment of " Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" and I also want to CANCEL my "Team Beachbody Club" membership. I want them...

Beachbody / Over a month and still no refund

kellyjean51 on 2014-12-03
I had ordered a challenge pack back in September. I got the shakeology and didn't really care for it. I figured that since they took my card number, they would likely set my account up for autoship. I tried to go into my account and make sure that I changed it back so they would not...

Beach Body - California, Los Angeles / THEFT - Order completed without authorization

dontbuyfromhere on 2014-11-23
I was sucked in by a commercial for Body Beast and went to check it out on the BB website. Entered shipping and payment info on the first page, but before finalizing the order watched a video about all the EXTRA equipment I would need to use these DVDs. Decided not to order and closed out...

Beachbody Coach Hannah Rose - Washington, DC / Misleading coach

dcfitness on 2014-10-07
I think the beachbody coaches are incredibly misleading. There is this one coach I follow and was interested in working with because she posts miraculous transformations in her Instagram claiming its due to her "hard work" and "diet" and when you see her in person, she looks nothing like...

Beachbody / DVDs Skip

02Avalanche on 2014-01-28
Beachbody DVDs skip badly. Stay away from any Beachbody dvds unless you dont mind having to pause every couple of minutes due to the dvds either stopping or skipping. Particularly with the Shawn T series. In just about all his workout dvds, there is a problem with the skipping and pausing...

Beach Body / Damaged RFockin Body Dvd

RL Fields on 2014-01-20
I purchased both the Hip Hop Abs and the Rockin Body DVDs to prevent work out boredom, and to provide a spice of life. I find that I am using the Rockin Body Dvds specifically Mark, Move and Groove for the time limit factor. For the last two days my Dvd has malfunctioned and I called thi...

Beach Body / Customer Service - Unauthorized Charges

T25 is a SCAM on 2013-12-15
Unauthorized charges to credit card for a monthly membership after fully paying for T25. Customer service representative has poorly spoken english - could not remember my name - forwarded me to their supervisor (stayed on hold for 30 minutes and finally the music stopped and nobody came...

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