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Great Clips Complaints & Reviews

Great Clips - Nevada, Las Vegas / Worse than terrible

Emmanuel Nelson on 2016-05-26
You guys suck. You need to gob back to school to know how to cut hair. GO TO A BARBERSHOP SCHOOL, YOU GUYS REALLY NEED IT. If not, you guys should hire people who been in a barbershop. You guys are freaking terrible, I was not satisfy with my cut. I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THAT PLACE. You...

Great Clips - Virginia, Salem / Horrible haircut/style

Blake L. on 2016-05-11
I got my hair at Great Clips at Lakeside Plaza in Salem, VA on 4/29/16 by Susan and I wish I hadn't. The workers there were scary, like they were found in an alley. I didn't want to prejudge the lady who cut my hair but turns out I was right because she gave me a very strange haircut. I...

Great Clips - Nebraska, Omaha / Customer Service

Mark Griger on 2016-05-02
Good morning, I wanted someone to be aware of what is going on. On Saturday the 30th of April 2016, my wife took my son 6years old to the location on 90th and Maple in Omaha NE, I have been using this location for approx.. 7 years and have used great clips before that, to get his haircut...

Great Clips / Employees

Reviewer69436 on 2016-02-13
There a lady who works at Great Clips in Glen Allen, Virginia. Not sure what's her problem. Rude to everyone who came in the store. She has medium to long brown hair, a little on the heavy side. I watched her while my daughter was getting her hair done. The young man who was sitting in her...

Great Clips - California, Corona / Hostile work environment

Reviewer36757 on 2016-02-03
There are so many complaints as to all the abuse hairstylist endured working for this company, whether it from the owners or being treated unfairly by management. Why don't we all get together and file a CLASS ACTION suit again working in places where you do or die (sweat shops). Career destroy by money hungry owner who don't about your concerns.

Great Clips - Tennessee, Soddy Daisy / Service

Reviewer23250 on 2016-02-02
Took my 3and 6 year old sons and the girl was so mean to my kids .have been there before and was treated well but this time the girl smelled like a brewery and didn't look professional at all ! And when I tried to tell her how to cut my child's hair she responded I know what...

Great Clips - Minnesota, Marshall / Haircut

Reviewer42285 on 2016-01-14
I have never had a problem with great clips until last year when I went to get my lil man haircut twice Amber clipped him right behind his ears so I called em and said I don't want her cutting my lil man hair more! Took my lil man back today 1/13/16 to get his haircut all off leaving...

Great Clips - North Carolina, Franklin / Poor job

frank bubacz on 2015-11-19
date of haircut was 11/19/15. the girl was polite but lacked experience . instead of misting my hair with water she soaked my hair with water and then combed it down . I told her none off the top, taper the sides and back of the head. then trim around ears and along hairline at back of...

Great Clips - Georgia, Alpharetta / Chopped my hair off

Reviewer39337 on 2015-10-13
Chopped my hair off when I asked for a trim Submit Complaint Complaint avatar0 Angry a few seconds ago Country: United States They (stylist name Sefora or something) cut my hair in tiny little layers in the back when I said trim only for my shoulder length all one length bob - I reached...

Great Clips, Inc. / Terrible hair cut 9/15/15

Gretchen Littlefield on 2015-09-20
This is a horribly chopped cut. The layers are not blended and have single strands jutting out that are so uneven. I asked for 1/4" off of shoulder length/layered hair and I ended up with this. There's a thin fringe around the nape of my neck, similar to a mullet. The rest of my hair is 2...

Great Clips, Inc. - Arizona, Tempe / Incompetent employee

Gretchen Littlefield on 2015-09-18
I visited Great Clips in Tempe, AZ. This is the Mill and Southern location. I asked Brook for 1/4" off of my layers. She looked at the notes from a prior visit and noted that I usually get 1/2" removed. I said, "Not this time. I only want 1/4" off and just a minor lift to my layers." She...

Great Clips - Florida, San Antonio / bad haircut

juan j garcia on 2015-06-11
I went to get a hair cut to great clips near heb 410 and bendera and the lady who cut my hair was cutting the so fast she didnt look at what she was doing and cut it badly and now my hair looks horrible and three times the scissors got caught with her fingers almost cut herself with how...

Great Clips For Hair - Florida, Palm Harbor / Terrible Haircut and Product

Eileen on 2015-01-11
Went to Great Clips at Ridgemoor Commons in Palm Harbor, Florida on a Sunday. Jamie, who only works on Sunday, cut my hair. I have course, thick hair that needed to be thinned out. I told her to leave my bangs and sides long, but cut the back short, as I was trying to grow out my side...

Great Clips / Terrible company to work for

rationalbehavior32 on 2014-10-19
I worked for great clips for years i never had anyone to complain to about the terrible manager that wouldn't ever cover a single shift no matter what the emergency even if you were in the emergency room she would make you come in.only the manger could have a set schedule there...

Great Clips - Wisconsin, Waterford / lousy boss!

lauren weis on 2014-07-29
I just left an utterly sad job at great clips about 3 weeks ago...I have so many complaints about this place I don't quite know where to start but ill try to make this complaint informative and less catty. So, as with other great clips I have heard about this one had a dress code.now...

Great Clips - Ohio, Canfield / Wrong profile - wrong haircut

M Pacella on 2014-03-28
I have been taking my 8 year old son to great clips for several months now and have been very happy, he has always walked out with a very good haircut. Cute little boy cut, a little longer on top parted to the side, short sides and back. My husband started going as well. He gets a very...

Great Clips - Indiana, Indianapolis / bad company to work for

pissed stylist on 2014-03-02
First of all i before i started school i said i would'nt work for great clips. just because of how i was treated as a costumer. but then right before i graduated i thought i would give it a shot. even though color was my favorite thing not cutting. well then when i started they send you...

Great Clips / screwed over employment

time wasted 123 on 2013-11-24
This place is the worst place to work for. The training academy is a joke you spend most of it watching product videos. Only learn 3 cuts one time then in the actual salon they have you watch videos and read books on products for about 3 weeks. Don't give you a chance to be on the...

Great Clips - Alberta, Calgary / Very Bad hair cut

GCamacho on 2013-11-10
On Nov 8 at around 9:30 in the morning at crowfoot, calgary when for a hair cut by a lady ( Don't know her name) that was coming from Texas she mentioned. The lady did not know how to cut hair, even another co-worker explained to her to how to do it, but she did not have a clue after...

Great Clips - Washington, Lakewood / hair cut

shirley annie on 2013-10-10
the girl doing my daughters hair didn't listen to what she wanted, she only wanted a trim on her short hair and now it looks almost like a military hair cut, she cut to much off and thinned it out to much. i think the girl needs to start listening to the customer and go slow if she...

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