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FedEx Complaints & Reviews

FedEx / Late delivery

Brou92L on Oct 7, 2016
I used FedEx a lot in the past and they never let me down. Recently I sent some valuable documents via FedEx service and needed them to be delivered as soon as possible. I even paid some extra, but they did not deliver on time. Documents were delivered two days late and it was a huge...

FedEx / Liars

NomoreFedEx on Sep 30, 2016
Fedex was supposed to send a subwoofer back to the seller with a perpaid label. They charged me 40 dollers and sent it to the wrong place. A B. Brown signed for it and its in Kentucky but it should have been in Newyork I was told it would go back to it rightful owners by the Fedex...

FedEx / Negligent and irresponsible service

NitinChauhan on Sep 19, 2016
I would like to express my disappointment with the fedex service. I sent my kid's passport to ckgs application center new york for indian visa stamping on 29th aug 2016 through fedex It was overnight delivery, well here is what happened 1- fedex shipped my package to wisconsin because of...

Fedex Ground / Truck driver collision

T lC on Sep 8, 2016
On August 26, 2016, a fed ex ground truck had a blowout in front of my house at 2:30. The driver stated he was waiting for a tow truck, which subsequently came about a half hour later. The truck was jacked up and taken away. When I went outside and looked at my brick retaining wall had 5...

FedEx Ground / Misdelivered item, injuries resulting

Magdelena on Aug 19, 2016
A package that was to be delivered to a neighbor down the street was delivered to my address by fedex ground. It was placed on a handicap ramp blocking passage. It was placed directly beneath the sign reading "no deliveries at this door. This is an emergency exit only" A visually impaired...

FedEx / pick up

Pegasus63 on Aug 6, 2016
Fed Up with Fed Ex So, I recently resigned a position from an employer that had provided me with home equipment. I made arrangements for it to be returned but what happened was... well... it will be funny when it is finally done but for now it is infuriating! Saturday July 30th: Scheduled date...

FedEx / $60 overnight priority delivery takes 4 days. the distance is a 5 hour drive. no arrival in sight

chewy chewy on Jul 23, 2016
Paid $60 bucks for an overnight priority for my housing deposit to be sent.Now there is a good chance we won't be able to get our housing because fedex says theres a thunderstorm in Tennessee now its going to be delayed for up to 4 days. How does a summer storm last 4 days and delay an...

FedEx / Lost Package

Sabrina Jackson on Jun 27, 2016
My Fedex packages got put in local mail by mistake and mail lady picked it up and took to the post offices and said they gave it to Fedex driver back in Jan and gave they say they gave to Fedex driver that picked up there at Post Office. And at this point my package Vanished. I called post...

Fedex Freight / Non delivery of freight

Jon Halliday on Jun 23, 2016
6/23/2016 We are an Electric Motor Service company. We ordered a large motor about 3 weeks ago. The motor is shipped from Indianapolis; about 3-4 day delivery. We ordered it with "Lift Gate Service" something you pay extra for, with 24 hr notice. The delivery has been scheduled 3 times now...

FedEx / Package Delivery

sanerica on Jun 18, 2016
My package was due to be delivered on June 17 by 3pm. Well according to the app for tracking packages, the driver made an attempt to deliver around 7:40 pm. That's not even the issue. The issue is, this driver attempted to deliver the package at the manager's office. Why would you do that...

FedEx / Poor delivery service

Cherry on Jun 1, 2016
I decided to use FedEx because they seemed quite reliable and this company is known all over the world as one of the best delivery services. I send a parcel and it was a very important one. I also paid for the insurance. The person I send it to was waiting and needed the stuff which were...

FedEx / Paid to deliver, But Does Not!

FedExSucs2016 on May 7, 2016
FedEx was paid to deliver overnight. That is a waste of money as it does no good if deliver attempt is made when the recipient is not in. Then FedEx comes around the same time over the next two attempts. Two days later after three attempts FedEx sends package back to sender. FedEx was paid...

FedEx / Dangerous Driving

Susan Tennant-Zukauckas on May 6, 2016
5/6/2016 in the Eastbound Lane of I-80 near the 1st Exit for Cheyenne WY a Fed Ex Semi Driver Ran my 23 year old daughter off the road into the median in her Honda CRV. With no disregard for her life. He did not stop or anything. Luckily she is alright and was able to get back onto the...

FedEx / Lost Package

Michele Cutlip on Apr 5, 2016
A wedding dress was lost that we purchased two years ago waiting for this wedding, I shipped it to my daughter thru a fedex office, they did not fill out the value, and the package was lost, while its 1800.00, a small amount to them, I lost the dress and all the minor things in that box...

FedEx / Poor Delivery Service / Customer Service

Milan Mail on Mar 17, 2016
A door tag was left on my front door yesterday, March 16, 2016, indicating that an attempt was made to deliver a package. The door tag had the wrong date on it (2/16/16), and had no information about future delivery attempts. Today, while I was at work, the delivery person returned and...

FedEx / Poor Service with FedEx Ground

Tina Marie Charles on Mar 14, 2016
I took a day off work to wait for the FedEx delivery that had been scheduled for today. But no one came. And no paper was left on my door or in my mailbox saying that FedEx had attempted to make the delivery as agreed. Four calls to customer service later I learned the FedEx driver made...

FedEx / Overnight delivery

imparts Online Ltd on Mar 2, 2016
Should change name to Fed Excuse, consistently leave shipments in Memphis for no other reason than their arrogant incompetence. This is a consistent problem of sloppy performance which leads to bad attitude with their employees who spend much of their time making excuse and listening to...

FedEx Ground / Box

Reviewer66730 on Feb 28, 2016
The driver literally threw the box at our inside garage door- my husband was in the garage in the corner in his workshop the guy didn't see him there- but the complaint it was directly in front of the open doorway that when I came out not seeing the box on floor I stepped on it...

FedEx / Avoid this postal service!

Robert on Feb 25, 2016
My package was shipped from Canada two weeks ago and I received nothing yet. Yesterday received a message from FedEx stating that due to local weather delay they could not deliver my order on time. Absolutely ridiculous! I tracked my package and I know that it already arrived. Lazy clown...

FedEx / Poor Delivery Service

Reviewer51716 on Feb 11, 2016
FedEx held package for 2 days, according to the tracking info this was due to "local weather delay, delivery not attempted". Even though the weather wasn't bad enough to delay or call off local schools. The third day when they decided to brave the weather and attempt a delivery, tracking...

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