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FedEx Complaints & Reviews

Fedex / Delivery complaint

Joan Gehlhausen on 2016-01-05
January 4 2016 Fed Ex box truck incorrectly delivered my package to pole barn not my house. My house sits near the pole barn. House is obviously taken care of and lived in. Car in driveway, etc. Pole barn sits off by itself, is hard to get to, grass grown up. Why driver delivered to pole...

Fed Ex Ground / I have been waiting over three weeks for a delivery

Reviewer71124 on 2015-12-18
I have used FedEx Chat. called their 800number that I stayed on hold for 15 min, then was told that they don't know where package is...they notified USPS that the package was coming but it was never received by USPS. How in the world is a customer supposed to get a delivery that ha...

Fedex Ground Service / package delivery

Reviewer78872 on 2015-12-18
FedEx/Kinkos member entered wrong zip code on package. Address correction was made and I was assured package would be routed via express so it would arrive next day do to FedEx mistake. Package was not delivered as FedEx promised and will now arrive 5 days from date promised. Total...

Fed Ex Home Delivery - North Carolina, New Bern / Delivery

lonewolfricky on 2015-12-15
Two large packages were delivered today left sitting in middle of the driveway near the street. There was no knock on the door or ringing of the doorbell. Just set there and the driver left. Luckily there was someone home at the time which he had no idea because no vehicles was visible due...

Fedex / Why have i been waiting 2 weeks for packages that shipped from ny to connecticut? they have been in connecticut for the past week

Reviewer55439 on 2015-12-09
This company is horrible. I actually work in shipping and receiving and I use FedEx as little as possible - between botched shipments, lost shipments and exporting errors. I think going forward if i order online i will not use the free shipping option from vendors if deliveries will take...

Fedex / Hailey/wood river valley division

Reviewer16505 on 2015-12-08
So my complaint may sound psychotic or paranoid, but I have noticed that most of your fedex employees decided to follow my whereabouts, or stop in front of my house to pretend they are dropping off a package but never seem to exit the truck or van. It's really quite unnerving and unbelievable but I'm certain it happens and would like it to stop.

Fedex - Maryland, Nottingham / Packaging product for shipping

Rhonda Collins Diggins on 2015-12-02
On October 26, 2015, I had the Fed Ex office at Campbell Blvd, Nottingham, MD ship my laptop for a usb port repair. However, Lenovo contacted me to let me know that when they received my laptop the screen was cracked. The screen was not cracked when I handed this laptop to Yvette H. in the...

Fedex / ATM card

Mike Abeyta on 2015-11-29
To whom it may concern; My name is Mike Abeyta I have been corresponding with Mr. Johnson Udoh from FedEx. Employee number - FedEx098763. I sent Mr. Udoh a fee payment for delivery of an ATM card. His office representative picked up the payment and now Mr. Johnson refuses to send the ATM...

Fedex / Express (no) pick up

Drew Thomas on 2015-11-25
Yesterday I called (and spoke in person to the delivery guy as well) Rangel Expresso to schedule a FEDEX pick up. No one showed up the entire day and had NO CLASS to call me and warn me that I can leave my home as they won't be picking up the envelope today. No, they kept me prisoner...

Fedex - Florida, Pensacola / Packaging Scam

Reviewer89481 on 2015-11-20
I have received FedEx deliveries for many years at my workplace and I know how they package things. I recently brought a package to their Pensacola, Florida office with a prepaid return label. I repackaged it exactly as I received it--it was shipped to me by FedEx. And it was packaged...

Fedex / Delivery driver

Reviewer51766 on 2015-11-20
Ordered coffee. The fedex facility in Sewickley pa received it on Friday 11/13/15. On Saturday the 14th, they say they tried to deliver and business was closed and gave a door ticket number, that we never received on returning to work on Monday. On Monday, the drivers excuse was the...

Fedex / Pick up

Reviewer97849 on 2015-11-19
I waited from 8 am to 3 pm. I called. It was scheduled. I told them to call me before they came. Nothing. At 6 pm I called. They said the driver had reported that noone was at the address. I was here, never left. noone called. the driver is a total liar and wanted to go home early. then...

Fedex - Texas, Hewitt / Delivery of my package

Reviewer31178 on 2015-11-15
Delivery was to be a certain day by 8pm. It left the Hewitt Texas FedEx before 9am but at almost 10pm it said the package was "rescheduled based on your shipment instructions for the carrier." This was not true. No contact was made with any carrier. (From Hewitt to my address it i...

Fedex / Incorrect valuation of goods and custom charges

Minimus on 2015-11-09
16/10/15 I bought 2 items worth £13 each from India on Ebay. P&P Free. They were delivered in separate parcels by Fed EX. I subsequently received a customs invoice from FedEX for £63.25, which I ignored presuming this was a scam. I received another letter last week - this time...

Fedex / Unsafe driver

Reviewer38361 on 2015-10-28
I was driving down Burbank St just off of Midway in Broomfield Co. at approx 11:02 am on 10/28/15. The driver had just pulled up to the end of the driveway. He looked at me and pulled right out in front of me. The license number was 917-UYB or UBY.

Fedex - North Carolina, Washington / Delivery practice

Reviewer65537 on 2015-10-19
Fed ex makes insuring and delivery of packages very troublesome. First they do not really insure packages and if you do with shipper a signature is required in person. I was off Saturday and Fed Ex says they made a delivery attempt at 10:00 but driver missed me ( probably in back yard...

Fedex - Florida, Orlando / My package being delivered

Reviewer21422 on 2015-10-12
First of all I schedule my delivery to be delivered to me on a Wednesday October 7, 2015 I was home cooking that morning when FedEx came n didn't ring my door bell n he just put the red tag on the door saying no one was home, and refused to come back. When I called the 1-800-463-3339...

Fedex / Delivery and communication is horrendous

Reviewer23076 on 2015-10-08
FEDEX delivery and communication is horrendous... Your driver had come to my resident apartment building 3 times in one day with NO intention of making a delivery. He would rather post his post it and walk away and do as little as possible which is a reflection on the caliber of driver...

Fedex Home Delivery / Package delivery

Reviewer12819 on 2015-10-04
I received a package on Oct 3 that required a signature. I didn't get to the door so the driver took it back with them. I called and was told I could go to the warehouse and pick it up after 3pm the same day and the business was open until 5pm. I went to their facility and was told it...

Fedex - Tennessee, Memphis / FedEx international shipments

Reviewer49825 on 2015-09-30
FedEx charged my company $133 to ship a debit card from Denver, Colorado to Riga, Latvia. The guaranteed it to arrive in 7 days. Now it is 9 days. The envelope has gone from Denver - Memphis - Paris - Koeln, Germany - Frankfurt - back to Koeln - Stockholm - Copenhagen and it is still not...

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