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eBay Complaints & Reviews

Ebay - California, Fair Oaks / eBay Refuses Appeal Of Proven Switch Phone By Buyer, Sellers beware!

Reviewer83796 on 2016-01-29
I recently I sold a mint LG G2x T-Mobile smartphone on eBay in which the buyer claimed random shutdown and boot problem eBay to exercise their “Buyer Guarantee” clause. Directing the buyer to return the phone at sells expense, despite no return on the sale. The return phone was not...

Ebay - California, San Jose / Don't purchase from eBay

Ron on 2016-01-28
Ebay really doesn't care about the consumers or the sellers. Once they get your money they are done.They guarantee money back but it is actually a lie! Once you gave them money you'll never getting it back. I made and order and never received it. I contacted eBay customer care and was told...

Ebay - California, San Jose / eBay is a complete fraud!

Emma on 2016-01-26
Don't use eBay, they will never protect or help you. I bought a cute dolly dress from a seller on eBay but instead of that I received a used bra! I was so extremely disgusted when I opened the package and saw that thing! What's wrong with this site? I cannot even leave a bad review! I...

Ebay - California, San Jose / Don’t try selling anything!

Imi on 2016-01-21
I make some cool handmade stuff and decided to sell them on eBay. According to their rules, I was able to sell unlimited amount of items for free. I posted many products in one time and did not use any of their payment services. Well, several weeks later I decided to remove all the post...

Ebay / Do not order from them!

Jannie on 2016-01-19
I purchased two dresses from a seller on eBay. The delivery price was almost the same as the price of the clothes. The shipping was actually very expensive, but I really liked the dresses, so I decided to make an order. I ordered back in November and wanted to wear one dress on Christma...

Ebay - California, San Jose / Bad experience

Dwayne on 2016-01-11
Several weeks ago I got kicked off EBay! I was just selling guitars and that's all. A person ordered a guitar and I shipped it by boat. Few weeks later I received a negative review. I gave buyer a tracking number and he said I never shipped the guitar. When he finally got the guitar he...

Ebay / Network CCTV System

Simon2016 on 2016-01-06
I purchased a Network CCTV 4 camera security System. It never worked properly. I bought it on Ebay. The company had a return policy. I emailed the company to return the item. I received an email from someone who said there was a "newer version" coming on the market soon, and they asked...

Ebay / Videocon LED TV not received

raj10212 on 2016-01-05
i had bid on ebay for videocon led tv and ebay sent me confirmation mail on my mail that i had won the bid and after some time i received a call from the seller he sent me the bank account name to transfer the money but before making transaction i asked ebay by making call on ebay customer...

Ebay / I did not get that gift in time for Christmas

Reviewer48384 on 2015-12-29
I bough an item with location on UK and the seller sent it from ASIA. Because of that I did not get that gift in time for Christmas (est. delivery between 5 and 10 of December and I only got it on 28). I've paid more because of the item location and it was the same Chinese crap. Ebay...

Ebay / Snoopy Sticker EbayItem#252079693392 - seller George Boulos George9785

georgeboulostheconman on 2015-12-22
Vintage "Apollo 11 Lunar Team" Snoopy Astronaut Sticker/Decal + stamp NASA He never mailed me my item. I ordered a Snoopy Decal off eBay..eBay item number:252079693392 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.CROOK!!! ITEM NEVER RECEIVED, THEN HE ACCUSES ME OF MAKING A FALSE...

Ebay - Tennessee, Lebanon / extremedeals2014 - Running shoes

marc macomber on 2015-12-09
Vendor shipped shoes to me that were not accurate on the size (US 11M); the shoes were at least one to two sizes too small, and, nowhere on his Ebay site was it EVER mentioned that the Saucony shoes, which I paid him $89.99, ran smaller than the size marked on the tag. I sent the shoe...

Ebay / Seller: willowbrookantiques - Listing Practices

Marquist on 2015-12-01
Ebay seller “willowbrookantiques” claims her items are vintage and estate items, though most are available brand new from Chinese jewelry dealers selling the identical items for a fraction of the price. Here is an example, a necklace she says is designer and sells to vintage jewelry...

Ebay / Scratches on a product i received

JOKER89 on 2015-11-27
i received an item from e-bay. the item name is, " power rangers' operation overdrive red ranger, helmet. i received it on 11/27/15, when i open it. its have scratches all over it and its have a bad order inside of the helmet. the person i received from, gina m krupp, 4 williams rd...

Ebay / Frank Schauer - Music-Outlet-Shop - scam seller

Adam Livingston on 2015-11-23
Frank Schauer of music outlet shop Köln Germany scammed me on ebay.I purchased several guitars from Frank Schauer and he pretended to be an honest businessman. He uses the ebay username music-outlet-shop. Frank agreed sell the guitars to me at a specific price then after I had already...

Ebay India Private Limited / HTC desire 626G plus warranty issue

Rahul_Garg on 2015-11-18
I have purchased HTC desire 626g Plus for RS 14290 from ebay.in around 1 months ago and its was in 12 months HTC warranty . So, recently i started facing problem in handset so i approached to HTC service center but they denied and gave the reason that the product has been purchased from...

Ebay / George Boulos George9785 - Space Cover

Reviewer72052 on 2015-11-08
George Boulos sells philatelic covers signed by US Astronauts on eBay under the name George9785. He buys under the name 55seconds. He has a Post Office Box Address in Blaine Washington, but he does not live in the United States. He lives in British Columbia. George Boulos is originally...

George Boulos George9785 eBay Grifter - Washington, Blaine / Stolen Items For Sale

Reviewer44252 on 2015-11-06
GEORGE BOULOS is a Lebonese terrorist, living in Canada under exile. His Real name is Said Rawdah . He uses a fictitious name AKA George Boulos . He uses a United States Post Office Box as a fake address, using his fake name. He lives over the boarder in British Columbia. He likes to give...

Ebay / Item received damaged

Donald A Spera on 2015-11-03
Sold a prop (Halloween wilting vase) to a customer. Not even a day later received a case opening for damaged item and wanted a return. Received item back from buyer in a box covered in rancid oil and the prop was destroyed. Looks like a dog or child got a hold of it and completely...

Ebay / Unethical treatment by Ebay Customer Support

John Christmas on 2015-10-29
Regarding item #261998340648 - Case of 40 DSC LC-100-PL - I sold it on Ebay 09-07-15. Upon being notified, I printed the Ebay shipping label and shipped the package. My buyer advised he had not received the package. Seems the address Ebay printed on the label was incorrect. UPS left it on...

Ebay India / Claim id 1191464

iamHarshn on 2015-10-26
I ordered a camera cover from Ebay.in on 15 August. (prepaid order). They committed they will ship on 19th August. Today it is 26th October, Product isn't shipped and refund isn't done. I called customer care several times but they extend days and told" amount will be refunded...

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