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Amazon / Delivery to Garbage Room two days in a row. No more Amazon!

Selim Yavuz on Aug 16, 2016
Hi, I am really disappointed with Amazon delivery service as well as customer service. My order has been left to garbage room two times in a row even though I filed a complaint. On top, today the delivery man rang our door bell literally 5 times, while my wife was trying to put the baby to...

Amazon / OSP designs kensington recliner

M Gro on Aug 14, 2016
They advertise this recliner with the lever handle, I ordered this recliner in red, which was what my mom wanted, she was recently in the hospital and used the lever handle recliner because she could not sleep in a bed and this type recliner was not very taxing on her body after heart...

Amazon / Dog food price change

blazewhitney2 on Aug 10, 2016
I received an email from Amazon Prime saying "Buy It Again"? Regarding Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula 30 lb bag. for $61.99 less than 1 month ago (July 24th, 2016), and on previous occasions I paid $44.99. That's a $17.00 dollar increase in under a month. So I checked out their...

Amazon.com, Inc. - Washington, Seattle / Lack of membership control

rolex452 on Jul 29, 2016
This complaint referes specically to making a purchase from a PRIVATE SELLER on Amazon.com: NOT FROM THEIR warehouses or from legitimate stores/internet sellers who sell products on Amazon. They seem to have little control over sellers (almost always "new launch" sellers) who advertise...

Amazon / Online purchases

franco8 on Jun 28, 2016
im a single mother of 4 my $ is the only thing keeping my head above water-that being said ...apparently my oldest adult son somehow changes my amazon email address & made up a different address unbeknownst to me. WELL-$7000 later without notification i got completely...

Amazon.com / Refund Not Issued|Defective Merchandise|Breach of Agreement

mncp5729 on Jun 23, 2016
A pair of shoes were purchased on March 25 from a vendor Foot Gift. The shoes came defective. I contacted Amazon and FootGift to request a return. The items were returned via seller provided address for order # 11321205964805011. The USPS tracking# 953461059663512907880 and...

Amazon - Washington, Seattle / I'm very disappointed with Amazon

Oliver on Jun 22, 2016
Ordered an item from Amazon and when it arrived it was damaged. I tried to resolve the situation with the seller and asked him many times to give me a replacement but he refused and said that was the only item in stock. When I asked for a refund he said that he does not accept returns. I...

Amazon / Shipping

Zonasha on Jun 13, 2016
I have been shopping on Amazon for years and have always used multiple addresses per orders as I have a sister in New York and my Mother in Atlanta. I recently placed an order and mistakenly hit the submit payment button without first selecting multiple addresses. I tried everything online...

Amazon / Discount taken away on refund

vandana modi on Jun 7, 2016
I had ordered on a sale day of Amazon where a discount is given on a certain amount . As the ordered delivered did not meet standards and the item delivered was defective I contacted customer service who very gallantly confirmed my return and did not inform that the discount will b taken...

Amazon / My account was closed, no refund for my return

jannatS on Jun 1, 2016
19Hi, I have shopping from Amazon more than year. Recently due to my family function i order many item has gift to relatives. I wasn'tht sure about the size and quality. I was confident that incase i get faulty item or i dont like it. I can do easy returns. So i return most of the...

Amazon - Washington, Seattle / Customer Service

Precious0214 on May 18, 2016
What people don't understand is that the customer service agents have their hands tied. If they don't follow policy they get written up. Also when customers answer the survey with a NO that can also get them written up. Even though they are not responsible for writing the policies they are...

Amazon / Wiping for no reason

stephanie shanholtz on May 7, 2016
Amazon is wiping people left and right! We dont even know why we are bring done this way. Amazon doesnt give any explanation as to why they wiped a person! All you get is a email with the same message that is sent to everyone! (We have determined that you may have manipulated Customer...

Amazon / Big disappointment

Dim on May 5, 2016
Ordered two items from Amazon last week and yesterday received my order. I was pretty satisfied with what I received, but the delivery service was a complete nightmare. When I placed my order I asked them that I need the courier to be here before 2:00 pm and they said ok. So I was sitting...

Amazon / Yureka mobile phone

Piyush solanki on Apr 24, 2016
I had purchased a yureka mobile phone from amazon order number # 403-0589956-4260317, and I faced too many problems on phone, and there was no resolution provided neither from YU televentures nor amazon. I e-mailed amazon regarding the issue on 09th April 2016 they said they will provide...

Amazon / Discount jungle

Rosi Sanchez on Apr 21, 2016
I bought a pair of 16.99 pair of pants from Amazon this April. The reviews said they run very small and I ordered one size up. I wear a size 7 and got a size 9. They were too big. I had to ship them back to Discount Jungle which is a third party seller. I paid 8 dollars shipping to Amazon...

Amazon.com - Washington, Seattle / Robbed My Selling Account in the Amount of $2403.18: Amazon Continues to Rob Honest Sellers

Professor Ashley on Apr 21, 2016
After several wasted and frustrating attempts to try to log in to my selling account, I had to contact Amazon.com directly. Subsequently, Amazon.com notified me that my selling account was suspended on Aug. 04, 2015 but failed to indicate the reason for the suspension. It turns out...

Amazon / Unauthorised credit card charges

Nancy Gitonga on Apr 13, 2016
On 17th March 2016, Amazon.com charged Mrs. Nancy Gitonga Visa Card Number: 4174 ---- ---- 7905, $99 as Prime membership charges. I have never ever enrolled for such a membership. I live in Kenya and rarely order from Amazon.com. Whenever I do, I pay for the goods and services. This is the...

Amazon / Sloppy customer service

AviCha on Apr 10, 2016
Reseller NGP STORE USA : Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos G920FD DUAL-SIM Unlocked Android 16MP 5.1IN Super AMOLED Quad HD 32GB Black SLOPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AMAZON.CA Order number: #701-9607933-4547466 Based on the technical specs advertised by the seller on Amazon.ca 4G: LTE 700 / 800 / 850 ...

Amazon.com - Washington, Seattle / Charged $100 for Amazon Prime w/out My consent

Redrock on Apr 5, 2016
I have only once bought anything from Amazon.com. Amazon then sent me an email saying I got a free month of Amazon Prime. Next month, Amazon charged my credit card $101.11 for something I did not want and will never use. I was supposed to read their SPAM and jump through a bunch of hoops on...

Amazon / Refund of a missed order

rella1992 on Apr 3, 2016
Amazon gift card team delivered my order to someone else instead of me, but they do not want refund me cause the gift card have used by other person. I feel really upset to them and amazon Customer Service's attitude. There are some screen picture about our chat.

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