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Dollar Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Rent A Car / Overcharged, not being told what he was paying for.

Philip591 on 2016-05-16
My Grandfather, who is 70 yrs old, and I (his granddaughter) worked out a plan for him to rent a car at Atlanta Airport, GA. We live in Dublin, Ireland. This was to be his first 10 day trip to the USA to visit long lost relatives, and he has never hired a car before. According to the...

Car Rental - Ontario, Toronto / Threatening behavior (will report my credit card to the credit bureau and suspend it for 7 years)

Ahmed Mostafa on 2016-05-10
I rented a car on January 9th 2016 and the wind damaged the drivers door and it needed alignment. The Damage Recovery Unit (DRU) mailed the costs and supporting paperwork to an old mailing address (note: the new mailing address was updated on my driving licences on September 2015), then...

Dollar Rent A Car - Florida, Miami Beach / Dollar doubles/triples their prices with unethical hidden charges

Happy55 on 2016-05-02
My two day car Rental in FL went from 89.00 to over $250 due to ridiculous fees. They also tried to charge another $49 for gas after we filled the car. Two weeks later, I receive toll charges of $2.40 with Dollar adding on an administrative fee of $60. They tacked on insurance without my...

Dollar Rent A Car - California, Los Angeles / Product & Services

Shivinder on 2016-04-02
This is first time I chooses dollar rent a car!! Everything was good till I reached to get my car!! I mean picking up service from airport and online computer ( or human) was great...but when I went to get my mini SUV...there were no cars...that's fine..when I went to window counter to...

Dollar Rent A Car - New Jersey, Hillsborough / Reservations made that were not honored and overcharged

FrancisA on 2016-03-17
I booked a online reservation for an SUV with Dollar Rent a Car on March 14, 2016 for a business trip in Birmingham, AL. When I arrived at 9.30pm, I was told that they didn't have any available cars and offered me a small Chevy Spark. I told the agent that I had a reservation and how come...

Dollar Rental Car - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Incompetent Staff / Overseas Customer Service

Reviewer52144 on 2016-01-22
Had my confirmed rental for a 10 day car rental, booked 1 month prior for $ 199.00. Arrived at the counter, provided my confirmation paper work with my driver lic and credit card. The NASTY rep did all the computer work and then "swiped" my credit card and told me to call my bank...

Dollar Rent A Car - Texas, Dallas / Overcharged

Reviewer99868 on 2015-11-29
We showed the agent where we were staying and he said there were tools and we would need to rent a toll transponder. We never went through a single toll. He said we should bring the car back empty because they only charge $1.80 per gallon and gas was running about $2.50 in the area. We saw...

Dollar Rent A Car - Kentucky, Prospect / False Billing

Reviewer64972 on 2015-11-20
Hi Dollar Rent A Car 11/19/15 Louisville airport 2pm. Talked to well meaning agent Joe for an hour to rent a large SUV. After an hour and people getting frustrated behind me I finally achieved my goal of finishing the transaction. I over paid to the amount of $700 for two weeks. They added...

Dollar Rent A Car - Florida, Orlando / Car in terrible shape, not clean, problems trying to talk to Customer Service

Reviewer52129 on 2015-11-12
We have rented several cars and have never had the issues we did with Dollar. We rented a car on Nov 1st at Orlando airport. We picked the car and drove away. Once we arrived at our hotel, we started noticing that the car smelled like smoke (Dollar is all non-smoking cars), the car had...

Dollar Rent A Car / Overcharging

Reviewer42110 on 2015-11-07
Traveljigsaw Ltd. [GB] Booking Ref #: 348062134 Dollar Confirmation #: K0696092 Booked a car with Car Rental and received the referenced confirmation, after paying in full. Said the charges to be paid were now $0.00 The rental was from Sep 15 thru Oct 15, 2015. They charged me a fee of...

Dollar Rent A Car - Arizona, Scottsdale / Car rental

jls3Hill on 2015-10-29
Dollar, Only 4 of the 14 toll charges are EZPass tolls. Even if we were given the opportunity to have the TollPass at the time of rental, how would that change things? You would still be charging a $15 admin fee on top of tolls, right? Otherwise, why would anyone reject the TollPa...

Dollar Rent A Car / Hidden Toll Charges in Florida

DCarbone on 2015-10-02
When renting the car, they failed to tell me that the state toll system had recently changed to an all electronic system where by even if you pay the toll at the toll plaza, Dollar still charges you for the toll and then a $15 service charge for each toll plaza that you pass through, even...

Dollar Rent A Car - Texas, Harlingen / Bait and Switch

vimonspi on 2015-08-21
This august (2015) i booked a full sized rental car from dollar rent a car in denver for 6 days with. When i arrived at the airport remote lot to pick it up, i was told that the car i had rented only had 4 cylinders, and that i was going to have trouble getting over the mountains in it...

Car Rental / Sunpass

Alan Waller on 2015-08-12
We are coming from the UK and renting from Miami airport. Unless we take out Sixt's sunpass at over a hundred dollars for 3 weeks after a journey time of over 18 hrs we have to take a much slower route to the Keys. I cannot understand why I can't buy and activate a mini pass at...

Car Rental / Accused of damage we didn't do

Dessie March Jr on 2015-03-20
We had an accident in my car, so our insurance company rented us a car from enterprise. When we received the car it was still dirty with white sand & tabacco spit down the passenger side door. The person information was still in the car. They just didn't take time to clean car before...

Dollar Rental Car / Cheating Consumer

Stopping Scams on 2015-02-15
I have used the Dollar.com website to rent cars on quite a few occasions. On Feb 3 2015, I searched for a car to support a trip in early March. I was provided an option to pay now to get a great deal: $88.74. I did not receive any indication that I was interacting with another...

Car Rental / PayNow Scam

Sanjay Rajbhar on 2014-12-30
December 30, 2014 SANJAY RAJBHAR 601, Jefferson St, KT-677 Houston, Texas, 77002 Hertz Corporation Consumer Complaint Division PO Box 26120 Oklahoma City, OK 73126 Dear Madam or Sir: Re: (Service/Purchase/Rental on December 29, 2014 On December 29, 2014, I purchased the following service: I...

Dollar Rental Car - Florida, Orlando / Overcharged

kyjack on 2014-10-15
Was asked at counter if I wanted insurance option and I stated no. The agent then said ok and sign the keypad. I did not read the 1000 words they had on the screen as the agent said this has been waived please sign. I was charged 59.00 for this and called customer service who was very rude...

Dollar Rent A Car / Rip-off with hidden additional charges

Thallati on 2014-09-05
I rented a car with Dollar for 4 days. It seemed like a good deal when I got the estimated total to be $225 (including taxes) but I ended up paying $305 with all their additional fees and taxes. Which is fine if they were all legitimate charges and fees, but what ticked me off was they...

Dollar Rent A Car / Improper charge

TerryTWaker on 2014-08-11
6/25/2014 to 7/02/2014 I rented a car from Dollar Rent a Car (Rental Agreement #1J0237112) from the Providence airport (where I flew in and out of) to visit my sick mother in Groton, CT. A few weeks after the trip I receive a notice in the mail (Notice #7461434134588) from a sub-division...

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