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Dollar Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Rent A Car / Overcharged for car repairing and theft

ismailust on Nov 10, 2016
I rent a car from dubai international airport terminal 2 on 11th of october and returned on 15th. Agreement number : da2s55546 Car registration no : 15 16480 İ paid extra money for full coverage and there was small scratches around all of the car when I rent the car. I didn't hit or...

Dollar Rent A Car / Admin fee for toll road

Amalviya on Nov 4, 2016
I wanted to file a official complaints about the Admin fees they charged for using a toll road. I haven't been notified about the $15 admin fees per transaction. There was a toll charges of $1.35 and they charged me $46.35. There was no toll booth on the road otherwise I would have paid...

Dollar Rent A Car / Unethical behavior

Avi Levi on Oct 20, 2016
Complain about Dollar Rental at LAX Hello there, I have rented a car through Rentalcars.com from Dollar Rental at LAX. My Booking Reference number is 397159921. When I came to pick up the car, a lady gave me an invoice for additional 257$ that she claimed I have to pay for picking up the car...

Dollar Rent A Car / Customer service

Malend on Sep 26, 2016
After returning two cars which clearly were substandard I have entered into an escalated complaint with dollar. Our first car made awful noises once we went over 35 mph The second car was worse as the tailgate lost its hydrolic capability and my husband was hit in his head. The third car had no...

Dollar Rent A Car / I'm complaining about very poor customer service

TINA1988 on Sep 23, 2016
9/23/2016 i had a rental car reservation for 12:30am when i got to tampa int airport the rental car setion was closed which was first problem second issuse was there was sigins stating to go to the other side of airport to the 2nd level where you return the car to do renter car pick up i...

Dollar Rent A Car / Unethical Behavior

I work in Emergency Management and rely on rental cars for transportation when I am deployed (usually 100% of the time!). Recently (5/30-06/20 2016), I rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car (Albany Airport, Latham, NY). Per government regulations, I'd reserved a compact car. However, when I...

Dollar Rent A Car / Car Rental

Gary Gere on Jun 8, 2016
I rented an SUV from Dollar at Vancouver BC airport last winter to drive to Whistler BC and back (125Km each way). The vehicle suffered a flat tire near Whistler. The tow truck driver and local police both said all tires on the vehicle where bald and it had a small temporary spare. Both...

Dollar Rent A Car / Not providing correct information

Sadollar on Jun 7, 2016
I had a car rental agreement at Dollar car rental in Chicago o'hare airport. While at the counter, the lady who was helping me who was totally distracted forgot the insurance part. So I reminded her to add total coverage on the car and she claimed she did. We took the car and left. 2 day...

Dollar Rent A Car / Overcharged, not being told what he was paying for.

Philip591 on May 16, 2016
My Grandfather, who is 70 yrs old, and I (his granddaughter) worked out a plan for him to rent a car at Atlanta Airport, GA. We live in Dublin, Ireland. This was to be his first 10 day trip to the USA to visit long lost relatives, and he has never hired a car before. According to the...

Car Rental / Threatening behavior (will report my credit card to the credit bureau and suspend it for 7 years)

Ahmed Mostafa on May 10, 2016
I rented a car on January 9th 2016 and the wind damaged the drivers door and it needed alignment. The Damage Recovery Unit (DRU) mailed the costs and supporting paperwork to an old mailing address (note: the new mailing address was updated on my driving licences on September 2015), then...

Dollar Rent A Car / Dollar doubles/triples their prices with unethical hidden charges

Happy55 on May 2, 2016
My two day car Rental in FL went from 89.00 to over $250 due to ridiculous fees. They also tried to charge another $49 for gas after we filled the car. Two weeks later, I receive toll charges of $2.40 with Dollar adding on an administrative fee of $60. They tacked on insurance without my...

Dollar Rent A Car / Product & Services

Shivinder on Apr 2, 2016
This is first time I chooses dollar rent a car!! Everything was good till I reached to get my car!! I mean picking up service from airport and online computer ( or human) was great...but when I went to get my mini SUV...there were no cars...that's fine..when I went to window counter to...

Dollar Rent A Car / Reservations made that were not honored and overcharged

FrancisA on Mar 17, 2016
I booked a online reservation for an SUV with Dollar Rent a Car on March 14, 2016 for a business trip in Birmingham, AL. When I arrived at 9.30pm, I was told that they didn't have any available cars and offered me a small Chevy Spark. I told the agent that I had a reservation and how come...

Dollar Rent A Car / Car rental

Zack.F on Feb 10, 2016
On 02/07/16 i did online prepay car rental with special ranging from compact to intermediate for the same rate at Santa Barbara airport. It took 1 hour30 min to complete the rental because your system was down . I went to parking lot to pick up the car I was surprised that they gave me an...

Dollar Rent A Car / Incompetent Staff / Overseas Customer Service

Reviewer52144 on Jan 22, 2016
Had my confirmed rental for a 10 day car rental, booked 1 month prior for $ 199.00. Arrived at the counter, provided my confirmation paper work with my driver lic and credit card. The NASTY rep did all the computer work and then "swiped" my credit card and told me to call my bank...

Dollar Rent A Car / Agregious fees

Reviewer40995 on Jan 11, 2016
I rented a car form dollar. did not plan on taking toll road so did not get sunpass. they claim i went through toll but supplied no supporting documentation. also the route i took was what the agent said to take out of the airport. he knew i did not have sunpass. i believe this is a scam...

Dollar Rent A Car / Rental Car

Reviewer71779 on Dec 30, 2015
I had a serious issue with the rental vehicle from I collected from Dollar at Miami Airport. After collecting the vehicle.I drove towards Orlando on the I-95. After about an hour The road went over a bridge with the usual expansion gaps creating some vibration. There was then a noticeable...

Dollar Rent A Car / Overcharged

Reviewer99868 on Nov 29, 2015
We showed the agent where we were staying and he said there were tools and we would need to rent a toll transponder. We never went through a single toll. He said we should bring the car back empty because they only charge $1.80 per gallon and gas was running about $2.50 in the area. We saw...

Dollar Rent A Car / False Billing

Reviewer64972 on Nov 20, 2015
Hi Dollar Rent A Car 11/19/15 Louisville airport 2pm. Talked to well meaning agent Joe for an hour to rent a large SUV. After an hour and people getting frustrated behind me I finally achieved my goal of finishing the transaction. I over paid to the amount of $700 for two weeks. They added...

Dollar Rent A Car / Car in terrible shape, not clean, problems trying to talk to Customer Service

Reviewer52129 on Nov 12, 2015
We have rented several cars and have never had the issues we did with Dollar. We rented a car on Nov 1st at Orlando airport. We picked the car and drove away. Once we arrived at our hotel, we started noticing that the car smelled like smoke (Dollar is all non-smoking cars), the car had...

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