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Thrifty Car Rental, Inc.

1000 Palm Bch Intl Airport Unit 138
West Palm Beach
United States - 33406-1402

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1 800 334 1705 2 2
Customer Service
2W2, P.O. Box 33167, Tulsa, OK 74153-1167, United States

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Gary Paxton (President)
Customer Contact: Ms. Sherry Campbell (Senior Customer Advocate)

Business Category
Auto Renting & Leasing, Leasing Service, Auto - Fleet Service

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Thrifty Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Thrifty Rent A Car - Georgia, Atlanta / Omission of information and dishonesty on additional items

I rented a car in Atlanta, GA Airport from Thrifty Car Rental, and I've found that this company is not reliable!! They are really commited at pushing any additional insurance they have without any explanation on what they mean. I was offered to include a Liability Insurance Supplement...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Damage Charges that were not done by me (Contract # 057840UN)

Ron Came on 2016-04-27
This is one of the horror stories that should not happen to anyone. I am completely disappointed in the business practices of Thrifty Car rental at the Cancun International airport. I got a great deal on a compact car through Travelocity and booked it for 4/16/16 - 4/21/15. I arrived at...

Thrifty Car Rental / Dollar Rent A Car / Bad Service

imhumanru on 2016-04-04
Avoid Thrifty/Dollar at all costs. They often offer lower prices, but they will nickle and dime you to death. They try to overcharge you for fuel, toll passes, and they charge extra if you want to add a different driver. And be careful if you book in advance, as only the person making the...

Thrifty Rent A Car - Florida, Cape Canaveral / Thrifty are Thieves - Unethical Administrative Toll Charges

TinyButTuff2 on 2016-03-23
Beware of renting a car from Thrifty particularly if there are highway toll charges. They operate the biggest scam of charging a $15 administrative fee per toll in Florida without explaining it to customers in advance. Once you unknowingly sign the rental agreement there is not much one...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Excessive administrative charges

AngryGirl123 on 2016-03-10
I rented a vehicle from Thrifty at DFW and had the same problems listed by others. The lady at the desk asked me if i had an toll pass to pay for tolls. I said no and asked her how people from out of town usually pay. She said I could just have it added to the bill like I did for the ga...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Fraudulent Damage and Horrible Customer Service

Mel Bes on 2016-02-12
Upon returning a vehicle rented from Thrifty/Dollar in Reykjavik on January 21, 2016, the employees alleged that I damaged the underside of the bumper of the vehicle. Reykjavik Thrifty/Dollar employees thereafter threatened to bill me for these damages immediately, despite failing to...

Thrifty Rent A Car - North Carolina, Fayetteville / Reservation Unavailable Upon Arrival

Justme716 on 2016-02-12
On 2/3/16 I arrived at FAY airport to pick up a 12 passenger van. Due to the death of our mother, we needed a van to transport family members together to her burial 2+ hours away and was mortified to be told they gave the van to someone else prior to my arrival. They had nothing to offer...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Toll service charge

Ravik2 on 2016-01-30
I rented the car at the Jacksonville airport. I was not offered the option to buy a sunpass or informed about a sunpass or any toll surcharge or administrative fee. They know I am out of state renter. I paid toll by cash where ever I could. There are some rods where there are no toll...

Thrifty Rental Car - Arizona, Scottsdale / Toll Administrative Fees - Most ridiculous charges I have ever incurred!

Reviewer18700 on 2016-01-19
We rented a car in TX last month and yesterday I received a bill for tolls that we went through, with $90 in administrative fees from Thrifty! First of all, we had no idea how this toll thing worked. As we were going through the tolls and saw signs of tolls road, my husband and I kept...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Auto Rental reservation not honored.

Reviewer17847 on 2016-01-14
Reserved Thrifty car for Dec. 29 in Mexico. Arrived Mexico and no car available until Jan. 2...at higher price. One hour of calls to Thrifty finally got me to the right office. They told me that Thrifty in Mexico is a franchise business and US Thrifty has no responsibility for their service. I will never use Thrifty and suggest you not either.

Thrifty Car Rental - California, San Diego / Unethical Behavior / Fraudulent Information About Insurance Laws in State to Sell Products, Overcharging

Reviewer38131 on 2016-01-05
11/22/15 Booked Rental car online for San Diego location (3202 N. Harbor Drive / San Diego, CA 92101 / Manager: Matthew Gravett, matthew.gravett@dtag.com) from 11/22/15 thru 11/26/15 (Thanksgiving Day). Quote was $84.54 including fees & taxes. I declined add on insurances & services at the...

Thrifty Car Rental - Missouri, Kansas City / Car rental agreement and return

Reviewer36023 on 2015-11-30
I rented a car online giving dates and times from my flight information to secure my rental from thrifty car rental at an original rate of 214.78 for 6 days for the Thanksgiving Holiday 2015. Worst experience of my life. The rep behind the counter had said I could upgrade from economy to...

Thrifty Rent A Car - Florida, Orlando / Car rental

Reviewer73616 on 2015-11-05
On Nov. 1 I returned a car to Thrifty at Orlando Airport. My contract was for $230.89 + a tank of gas at. $38.30 for a total of $269.19. Today, I found out they charged my card for $522.78. They said I was 2 hours late dropping it off, which I was but now they claimed by being late that it...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Dispute unfair charges

RemyChong on 2015-10-31
My family and I recently rented a silver, Toyota Camry with the license plate HNM52 this year from Thrifty Car Rental in the month of June through Rental.Com website and returned it to the Wellington airport branch on the date 05/06/15. However, Thrifty Car Rental intends to claim $241.50...

Thrifty Car Rental / Out of the country [Partnership] third party bogus SCAM.

countgar on 2015-10-26
DON'T LET LOW RENTAL CHARGES FOOL YOU !!! Federal trade commission is allowing this SCAM to continue to steal money from the consumers. When booking reservations through the Thrifty car rental website you are actually renting through the CarTrawler Carhire website in which there will...

Thrifty Car Rental - Florida, Palm Beach / Shady upgrade practices

SBurnston on 2015-10-14
I fly to Florida once or twice a year, usually into the Palm Beach International Airport. I shop around for a car to rent. In August, 2015, the cheapest by far for a compact car was Thrifty Car Rental. Despite my age (72), size (6’ tall, 260 lbs) and moderately severe arthritis in my right...

Thrifty Car Rental / Customer service

Jana Nall on 2015-10-12
When we called to make a reservation for a rental car for just one day... per your customer service we are not getting the best information... I was told one thing over the phone... then when I show up for the rental car!!! Well it is a new way of doing business... you can bet I will never...

Thrifty Rent A Car / Credit Card Billing long after rental

DavidSS on 2015-10-12
Rented regularly in Thrifty Jordan, last visit in Aug 15, next rental Thrifty UAE in October, Rented with Hertz in US Sept/Oct looked at my bank statement and see an Oct 5th Jordan Thrifty charge. Emails to info@thrifty.com.jo went unanswered have now passed details of what I consider an...

Thrifty Rent A Car - Hawaii, Honolulu / Prepayment made on reservation

Reviewer47502 on 2015-09-21
On july 22nd i made reservation on line for a thrifty economy car for july 29th to aug 2nd, including insurance coverages. On same day i was charged $154 for prepayment of reservation. On day of pickup i showed thrifty rental the reservation and prepayment documents, they said full balance...

Thrifty Car Rental Company - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Bait and switch dishonest practices.

Reviewer15124 on 2015-08-19
I was shopping on-line for a car rental for our trip to Florida. I registered for the blue chip membership. While waiting for the blue chip number the prices of the car almost doubled. The prices went down alittle and I went ahead and booked the car. It was suppose to be $193. When my...

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