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CVS Pharmacy Complaints & Reviews

CVS / Pharmacy store

garystan on Jan 13, 2017
CVS Management refuses to issue receipts for items purchased. Which includes medical prescriptions and any other products in the store. They claim that they will send a receipt via e-mail. But I never receive any receipts in my e-mail. I talked to Customer Support CVS, and they stated that...

CVS Pharmacy / My son's medication

Kelly Laughlin on Jan 11, 2017
My 9 year old son's prescription was dropped off on 12/23/2016. After numerous calls I've been hung up on, lied to and continually been ignored regarding the issue. My son is bipolar and has been off his meds due to an error CVS made as was told by the woman supervisor. I was given 2...

CVS Corporation / Horrible treatment by loss prevention manager

Judy Perry on Jan 8, 2017
I'm sorry my friends but I need to vent about something that happened on Monday. Anyone who knows my sister Pam knows what a sweetheart she is and how honest she is. She has worked at CVS in Concord for the last six years and she was suspended on Monday because of a gift card which had a...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacist

Belinda Summers on Jan 4, 2017
I went to pick up my prescription the girl said I had to paid I said why this is medical she said I had my limit for this month 6prescription I said this was my first for this month I wanted to talk to the person in charge so the pharmacist said the same thing so I was asking Aaron what...

CVS Pharmacy / Cvs pharmacy racist dm

Michelle Ramos on Dec 31, 2016
My husband who was a store manage in DC, worked for 19 years at CVS, almost 20. He was a dedicated employee who worked more than 14 hours practically every day, and on more than 100 occasions stayed working overnight at the store to get things organized and work done that needed to be done...

CVS Pharmacy / cvs advanced glucose meter

William Montero on Dec 29, 2016
On 12/8/2016 purchased the cvs advance glucose meter and I was get very high readings. The last 4 days I have checked the reading from this machine at the same time with the reading from another meter freestyle Precision neo and the readings on cvs advance meter are approximately 40-45...

CVS Pharmacy / ecb

hanuke01 on Dec 29, 2016
ecb are rewards for us spending money in your store, they should not expire. my local store normally takes them anyway so never had to worry about it. tried to use one a few days ago that was 2 days expired and this time they would not take it so have lost it. is there a process where you...

CVS Pharmacy / Prescription refill

Marquita Richardson on Dec 28, 2016
The number changed and no one knew and had to call another CVS to get correct number. My mother called to get medicine filled around 12noon and she was told that it would be ready by 7pm. When I arrived to get it still wasnt ready, I was told it would be expedited and ready within 20 min...

CVS Pharmacy / Rude racist employee

Joe Bradshaw on Dec 26, 2016
12/26/2016 Store # 1533, Plainview, Texas Employee name Nekima She refused to check me out. She came up to help check. I walked up with she said I can help someone here. I had one small battery. She said I was not next and I could go to the back of the store to check out. She also looked...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS

matthew yu on Dec 23, 2016
the manager of this store is a arrogant #### ####, who talk rude to customers and when you ask him something, he snaps at you. I was in the yesterday December 22nd, 2016 trying to return something, and the ### #### bucket manager started repeating everything I was saying, and then...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Tommy Spears on Dec 22, 2016
Most of the staff in the pharmacy is not friendly and rude. Not organized at all . I have so much trouble. I have my primary insurance and I have health well . It's from the cystic fibrosis foundation. They are supposed to cover what my insurance don't. I have told the staff and they say...

CVS Corporation / Customer service

Nicole Aimee Winder on Dec 19, 2016
This concerns cvs store #623, December 19th, 2016 12:15 pm Cvs pharmacy 397 post road east Westport, ct 06880 203-227-7343 Today I was in the store, I printed out 42 photos. When it was my turn to check out and pay: the cashier cindy was horribly obnoxious, mean, rude and frightening, she...

CVS Pharmacy / Generic norco ip110

Areyou kiddingme on Dec 16, 2016
I have filed a complaint with the FDA regarding the knock off pills you claim are the same as the norco yellow ones I normally get. I've told your very rude staff at store #5482 that it takes 2 of the white ones as opposed to 1 yellow. They give me a smart ### attitude complete with...

CVS / Email advertising

Patrick Corrigan on Dec 14, 2016
CVS has misleading emails. They say things like you needs to spend your HSA money before year end and then encourage you to go online and spend it. This is false. HSA money does not expire at year end. They also have misleading promotional emails. One caught me where they promised free...

CVS in South Gate / Stolen property

Letty Jimenez on Dec 5, 2016
On Thursday, December 1st at about 4:30pm PST, I went to your CVS in South Gate given that the CVS in Bell did not have the product I needed. I have been a loyal CVS customer and frequently go about three times per week. On this particular day, I went into the store in South Gate and when...

CVS Pharmacy / Complaining about service

vee11 on Nov 26, 2016
The pharmacy on bridge street in Margaretville, NY has a problem servicing African Americans. I waited at the pickup area for 5 minutes waiting for someone to come to the register. A woman came from behind me just as a pharmacy tech came to the register and gave a persons name to ask for...

CVS Pharmacy / Customer service

KristinaKe on Nov 17, 2016
One star! If I could give no star I would. This morning cvs customer service representative was so rude to me that I still can't get over and go on with my day. He was short, talked down to me and I felt scolded for not picking up my prescription last time they filled it in for me. He also...

CVS Pharmacy / Wrong prescription

Sjsherman7 on Nov 16, 2016
I dropped off prescription for codeine 15 mg for my dog. The script clearly indicated canine. When I dropped off script I told them it was for my dog. They gave me acetaminophen-codeine #2. I thought this didn't look right and I took it to my vet. This was incorrect and contains Tylenol...

CVS Pharmacy / Unethical and discriminatory behavior

jhcrock on Nov 16, 2016
I went into the pharmacy at 8:30PM on November 15th to pick up a prescription. There were no customers in the pharmacy. Two people were working. An African American Woman and a young African American man. Neither acknowledged that I was standing at the counter. I waited and watched - a...

CVS Pharmacy / Customer service

Tonya Jones on Nov 13, 2016
I went to pick up a prescription on Nov. 13 2016 at 4:05 pm. From the CVS store 3144. I was waiting in line and stepped out of line twice due to forgetting something so I got to back of line. When I was next in line, a man I had seen before at counter went in front of me to get serviced...

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