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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Loan Modification

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a horrible company to deal with for a loan modification. They not only have been stalling me, but kept insisting to a Loan modificaton company representing me that I had requested a short sale and supposedly that was holding up my loan modification. They were working on my loan modification, short sale and foreclosure all at the same time. I received a contract in via a UPS letter in my door with five days to return it with a contribution fee. When I spoke with my rep at the loan modification company, she told me that there was no "contribution" needed and to return the contract because it was such a wonderful deal. Then, after I signed the contract, which by the way, was not a very wonderful deal, I'm still looking for some K-Y Jelly or Vaseline to ease the pain of being bent over, I get an e-mail from the loan mod rep who said that the "contribution" is required, but that that was not a part of the negotiation that was reached, but is needed for legal fees that cannot be added to to the back of the loan. Now, my 218, 000 balance is now 242, 000 owed and I have to pay their legal fees after I have had to pay out 3, 000 to fight to get a loan modification, which since I sent the contract back without the "contribution" is most likely null and void. What are we supposed to do when they do this sort of thing? Wells Fargo Bank took Federal Bail out money, my money, your money, and they are treating their customers like this. THey gave me 5 days to get that contract and "contribution" back to them, so it was not like I had a lot of time to think about anything, yet they get months to stall and require documents faxed again and again and yet again. I almost want to be out of this mess, but, I have to let the game play out because if the loan modification is not accomplished, then the loan modification company has to pay me back the money I paid them. And of course, I'll need that to move.

To everyone out there that has been fortunate enough to survive this economic mess without losing their home, consider yourself very blessed. But, don't think for one minute that if something happens to you and you have a mortgage with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage that they will live up to their promise to guide you through. The only thing they will guide you through is a web of lies and frustration until they guide you through your door for the last time.
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 27th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Unprofessional and incompetent!
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Light Street
United States

Worst customer service I have ever experienced, unprofessional, incompetent and unexperienced loan officers, no one ever answers the phone, no one returns calls, They all need more training. Office should be closed due to poor and unacceptable business practices. Will report them to any and all agencies that can be found. The entire mortgage business of Wells Fargo needs to be investigated.
 26th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
QUOTE FROM ABOVE: " Worst customer service I have ever experienced, unprofessional, incompetent and unexperienced loan officers"


I called MONTHS ahead of problems I forsaw concerning money and my payments on the house... I can't even begin to desribe the shabby, unprofessional treatment we've suffered at the clowns hands.

They are hands down the biggest liers I'veever encountered in the business world.

Their reps will say ANYTHING what so ever to make you think they are helping you when in fact they are just jerking you around with no intention wha so ever of actually doing anything to assist you.

I personally believe this is done to make it appear to the goverment agencies that they ATTEMPTED to help you... this then covers their ass for taking the bailout money the were SUPPOSED to use to help distressed homowners with but instead used to buy other assets to build their own business worth!!

We made literally DOZENS of calls to them and got nothing but one run around after another, told the previously submitted documents had been lost no less than 10 times, connected to the wrong departments over 3 dozen times when calling, even had one little asshole submitt a Loan application against us when we were only trying to contact Loss Mitigation to try to work something out??!! (Please note, due to being transfered to the wrong people SO many times before I asked the little asshole no less than 3 TIMES, POINT BLANK, ARE YOU WITH LOSS MITIGATION? AND WAS TOLD 3 TIMES POINT BLANK, "YES, YOU ARE IN HE RIGHT DEPATMENT", he then proceeded to make me give him all our financial info yet AGAIN, for the 10 time, taking over an hour to give it to him, THEN he tells me "Sorry, they have declined your loan application." I about had a seizure from the anger he caused me after realizing what he had just done.

These peole are the most poorly trained and least skilled Customer Service Reps I have EVER DEALT WITH.

We are giving tem ONE LAST SHOT to negotiate in good faith on this loan modification and if they screw it up that's that, we are filing Bankruptcy and letting a freaking Judge set them straight - I'm sick of dealing with their dishonesty and dirty dealings!
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was laid off of my job in October of 2008. As soon as the TARP passed, I filled out all of Wells Fargo paperwork for a Loan Modification, as I was entitled to. It has been months and months and every time I call Wells Fargo, they tell me to check on their website, which just tells me to call them. Why did they get TARP money? Why aren't they accountable to anybody?
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
They're not accountable? You just said you were ENTITLED to something because you can't pay your loan.
 28th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - most rediculous run around with no action since Feb 09 have been dealing withthe mitigation dept with nothing but a run around
United States

This is the most rediculous run around I have ever experienced. No one there knows what is going on. I have been in laon mitigation review since Feb.o9 andhave not got past square onewith them . Nothing but the run around and they request the same paperwork over and over, You can never speak to the same person you have to go over your situation over every time you call.
 29th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have found that Wells fargo Mortgage does not want to resolve any mortgage issues. All they do is put you into a revolving modification with no grace period what so ever so eventual if you are sending your payment in one day past the grace period you have to go through the modification process again. Each time they add costs for the modification. My mortgage payment is now $400.00 more than when I started. Let's think about this...If I had problems making my mortgage payment to begin with due to a hardship situation...then how do you think I make make an additional $400.00 per month. I have heard that most people under a Wells Fargo modification program never recover and lose their home. Shame on you Wells Fargo! Is this the new Obama plan?
 30th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with this person who is saying that Wells Fargo is not doing anything to help its customers. People come to you for help and instead what do they get, nothing but headaches and heartaches. Wells Fargo is the worst money sucking company I ever dealt with. I came to you for assistance and I'm on the verge of losing my house because of your unethical practices. You put me in a deliquent status when all I did was play by your rules. Everything I did was based on an advice given by one of your representatives. How is that fair to your customers when you ask them to do something and later hold it against them hence putting them at risk of losing their houses? How is that fair? I dare a Wells Fargo executive to answer this question.
 22nd of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Wow! I'm in good company on this website. If I didn't know better, I'd think my husband was the one writing these complaints. Our story starts back in about January/February 2009. We too reached out to Wells Fargo for mortgage relief after the HOPEful Obama-relief bucks were flooded upon the financial institutions (and we are/were? Obama supporters!!!).

Now, keep in mind we have never been late on our payments...yet! But we are in the financial struggle of our lives trying to stay afloat -- something needs to give. We are trying to do the right thing by NOT WALKING AWAY or short-selling. My husband has diligently been on the phone with WF at least twice a week to check on the status of the loan mod. And like the other poor, gullable mortgagees on this thread, we repeatedly had to re-submit our paperwork time after time, provide updated financial statements (due to WF delays), etc. We would talk to one WF agent one day and they'd tell us one thing, and the very next day we'd be told the exact opposite, or we'd be given information that was outdated. Nobody ever gave us the same story, and nobody ever knew what they were talking about. YOu can't request a supervisor, because they just won't let you speak to one.

Then it came...an opportunity for us to temporarily alleviate our burden while they process our loan mod request. The "letter of forebearance." It seemed too good to be true. For three months, they would reduce our mortgage payment while they processed our paperwork. However, there was a huge balloon payment (triple our regular mortgage payment) due at the end of the three months. Once again, we immediately called WF and asked "why on earth would we subject ourselves to that arrangement when we're struggling in the first place?!" We were assured by the agents (plural because we called to get confirmation on the forebearance offering three times) that the balloon payment would not come into play because the loan mod request would have progressed and we would be moving on to the next stage. We jumped on it! After month-after-month of dead-end run arounds, we got temporary relief and were stupidly filled with HOPE. Well the three months of forebearance passed, and when my husband once again called to check on the status of our loan, the random agent first told us that we were late on our last forebearance (due to WF's mistake, they credited our payment forward a month -- HELLO!), and then told us that our balloon payment was overdue!!! That random agent couldn't give us anymore information and told my husband to call back the next day to talk to the right people...which he did. They apologized and said the balloon payment was not necessary, but "could you please send us additional information so we can continue processing your loan mod."

That's not all...my husband decided to contact our credit union to see if there was a way we could transfer our loan to them, once they completed our credit check, we were informed our credit score was too low because of the three "past 60 days" late mortgage payments! You guessed it, the period of forebearance brings along with it DELINQUENCIES! Something the letter and WF agents failed to clearly communicate to us when we were investigating the option and trying to clarify the abiguous language. Would you be surprised to know that WF is completely non-conciliatory nor willing to help with this latest mess?

Did I mention that my husband pointed out that we are trying to do the right thing by not short-selling or walking away from the property, and they basically advised us to short sell because it will only hurt our credit for two years -- and within days we had all the paperwork for a short sell in the mail! Wow, so quickly!!!

Something is fishy...

We have given up on WF and are now seeking the advice of an attorney and possibly looking for a class action lawsuit against them. Not sure on what grounds but I'm sure there are some high-powered, slick attorneys out there that are willing to pursue.

Could somebody please tell me who is actually REGULATING these financial institutions as it relates to their windfall bailout? I can guarantee they didn't have to go through the same due diligence process for their billions that we are having to go through to get nothing but frustration. Thanks Obama!!! Lets keep the CEOs of these institutions fat and happy with big tax dollar-funded bonuses, but screw the tax payers that voted for you!!!
 3rd of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Sold House in Poor condition
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
15439 US HWY 160
United States
Phone: 417-546-5626

They sold us a house that they never looked at and had us sign papers without us looking at them and reading them. They had us sign a paper saying we were to deny home inspection when we needed to have it done due to my recent health condition and because we have 2 very young children.
 11th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Our journey with Wells Fargo started with the down turn in the economy and my four way heart bypass. In November of 2008, we started conversations with Wells Fargo, regarding modification of our home loan. We felt that having our home loan for over twelve years and never missing a payment, that we would have little problem getting something done. Over the course of nearly a year, we made countless calls, only to hear, “We are reviewing your paperwork and we will let you know what we will do, once we have completed this review”. After missing three payments, we received a notice, that they were foreclosing on our home and it would be sold on June 6th. After more phone calls, we were told that they could have an offer for us, but it could be as late as the day before our home would be sold. This was unacceptable to us and we were forced to file bankruptcy to save our home. Just three weeks before our home sale, we received a letter giving us a three payment reduction with a new review after the ninety days. Our attorney advised us, not to accept the offer. Time after time, Wells Fargo has requested copies of the same paperwork, Hardship letters, Financial Statements and Payroll stubs. We have supplied this information at least five times over the last ten months. Recently, we jumped at the opportunity to attend the “Well Fargo Home Modification Event” in September at the Phoenix Convention center. I spent four and half hours, talking to Well Fargo staff. The last two and half hours were spent with Lindsey Aekins (Direct line 803-835-8537). I was informed that Lindsey was a negotiator and had the power to approve any changes to our loan. Lindsey told me that she would get us one of two plans and both plans would reduce our $1431.00 payment to under $1000.00. She sent a number of emails and made quite a few phone calls. After two and half hours, she informed me, that she needed information from her office staff in South Caroline and they were gone home for night. This was Thursday, the last afternoon of the three day event. Seeing that, I was saddened by not having the matter resolved, Lindsey said to me “Don’t worry, Mr. Warner, we will get an answer for you no later than next Tuesday”. I asked her, what I could tell my wife and Lindsey replied “You tell her, that your payment will be less than one thousand dollars and it will start in October”. Lindsey walked me to the door and as we were standing there, a young man asked me if I would rate my visit with Wells Fargo. “Would you give us a five out of five?”, he asked. I replied “No, because nothing has been resolved at this point, ” does this kill the deal? We waited to hear from Well Fargo and Tuesday came and went. I waited until Thursday and started calling Lindsey. Over the next few days, I called ten times. Six times, I left a voice mail requesting she call me. Four times, I could not leave a message because her voice mailbox was full. A week of hearing nothing, I called Lindsey at 5:30AM on Thursday, September 24th, knowing it was 8:30AM in South Carolina. Much to my surprise, Lindsey answered the phone. I was very nice and explained to her that it was very important that we get our payment reduced. After spending sixty minutes on the phone with Lindsey, she informed me that she needed to walk over to another building and talk to another staff member about our loan. I offered to stay on hold, not wanting to hang up. She said it was a very long walk and would take quite a few minutes to get there. She assured me that she understood how important this was. She said she would be working late and promised to call me back before the end of day. She never called back and efforts to reach her went to her voice mail. On the afternoon, October 6th, I received a call from Linda Parker (515-324-2376), who said she was a Senior Loan Specialist with office of the President of WFHM. Linda stated had they were dropping my interest rate to 2.6% from 5.5% and my new payment would be $1361.70. I replied that I could not understand why my payment was only lowering seventy dollars. Ms. Parker replied she needed to look into why the payment was not lower and would call me back the next morning. I never heard from Ms. Parker and efforts to call her, only results in leaving voice mail messages.
We are asking you for any help you can provide, getting Well Fargo to understand the impact their actions, or lack thereof, has on people. To me, the way, they do business is clearly heartless and are not in the best interest of the customers.
 17th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
We are going through the same thing. We have submitted the loan modification information 4 times so far in the past 5 months. My husband has been laid off twice in the past two years. One time we were denied, then got involved with the Making Homes Affordable people. We are still getting just as much run around from Wells Fargo, my husband was told that a modification plan was finally approved and the paperwork was mailed out on October 10th. Well, it's the 17th, still no paperwork in the mail, so my husband called them, and they said they never mailed anything because they still haven't received any of the information that was sent in the last 4 packets...they don't even have a record of our being denied!!! I have all the paperwork handy w/ letters from Wells Fargo, and their own people in loss mitigation can not find paperwork THEY SENT US!!! I'm so frustrated, I'm about to find a place to rent and let them just have this place...
 4th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been trying to get loan modification help for over a year...I have sent them COUNTLESS documents...including proof of income, profit loss statements, hardship letters, tax returns and financial worksheets. All they do is stall...every 30days now they call me and ask for the SAME DOCUMENTS!!! Now they are asking for proof that I had a roomate for 3 mos!!! I have never been late on paying this mortgage...but now I am out of money and cannot...all they want to do is stall until I become deliquent. And to day I complained of the cost of all this faxing and I was told that I could goto any wells fargo bank and have them fax it for me..."didnt anyone ever tell you that??" she asked?? well NO THEY DID NOT!!! this is the worst and most unhelpful company on the planet.
And I read today in the new york times that people with mortgages with CHASE JP MORGAN have gotten trial loan modifications without all the documentation...there just are no more hours left in my day to continue to gather docs and fax them to NO AVAIL.
horrible company...
 28th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I don't have to write my complaint because it is EXACTLY like the ones that are already here!!! What should we do about Wells Fargo?????
I just receive a letter - after 7 months of paperwork and pre approved modification - that I should sell my house!!! All the while, during the modification period, they kept asking if we were going to try to stay in our home!!! Anybody have any ideas??????
 30th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
There is definitely a pattern here. My brother applied for a modification and got the same runaround. He pulled out of the modification when they told him balloon payment is due. I myself have been through this process since September 2009 after I ran out of my severance (when I lost my job in 2009) and they declined my application after saying I did not send in paperwork, despite having sent in everything they had asked. They re-applied and went through the same process again sending in documents but arriving at no resolution. I now have received a letter saying I have to pay the past dues by Jan 12 or there will be an "acceleration" on the loan. When I talked to WF they said I can ignore those letters. I had no idea my loan will be delinquent under the 3 month forebaerance, which has expired. I am still paying the forebearance amount and the past dues seem to be mounting. What is WF up to? Why is this not being regulated by the Govt. who has paid WF but they are hoarding what was meant to help people. Obama... I also voted for you.
 31st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
In the history of our country there have been many scams but to be able to include taxpayer money and get governmental backing, that truly sets these scumbags apart from the rest. I started on a loan modification process in March 2009 after the company I worked at for 20 years sold and I was offered a job with the new company for 40% less (but not told until the day of ownership change-despite repeated questions about) so I
called Wells to see about the loan modification process and after 2 mo. of sending faxes repeatedlty they said
I would start in July 2009 and told me not to pay June's payment as it would only "mess up" figures. I paid all 3 trial payments and contacted Wells before my third was due to see what new payment would be. They said keep paying trial amount until you get a final package. I lost my job at the end of November 2009 and called Wells the next day to tell them .A week later I recieved their final packet. Unemloyment was much lower than what I was making, they said there's nothing we can do except re-start from srcatch or take new payment
that was almost $ 100.00 a mo. more than trial period. I was shocked and aangry and called Wells on Dec. 10th
of 2009 and told them when reading the packet that there were discepancies in figures I wanted an explanation for-including a fully stocked escrow that was now saying it was almost $ 3, 000.00 short with a plan to add it back into my mortgage-also there was the small thing of WHERE DID MY TRIAL PAYMENTS GET APPLIED and WHY IS MY PRINCIPAL OVER $ 1, 300.00 HIGHER THAN 2 MO. BEFORE. I have spent an average
of 3hrs. per day on the phone for the last two weeks in trying to get an explanation of what happened to no avail with excuse after excuse. Finally I pulled every document I have from Wells and made a spreadsheet which I have repeatedly asked them to go over with me to get to the bottom of and correct. I actually did all the work for them and still they don't want to discuss-hey I'm only the homeowner/customer. They also will not give me a corporate phone number to complain/resolve and told me I don't have the right to that.
Have a great Holidays to everyone out there and hold on because every dog has his day and these scums will
take their place along the biggest scums in history when all facts finally boil over their protective lid.
 5th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
so what did you end up doing? did it ever get resolved? this is what we have been dealing with as well.
 8th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
 5th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
It's a shame but this is a wide spread problem. Many home buyer's are so desperately trying to get the home of there dreams. Unfortunately, without a Home Inspection some times that home becomes a house of horrors.

The home inspection is your best opportunity to evaluate a home and walk away from a money pit. TAKE IT!!

Alpha Home Inspections
 24th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
i agree with you about wells fargo.these bank should never get any govt, help any time it should go out of bussiness. only public demostrations at the bank will help or a boycott.
 24th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
i agree with all your comends a welss fargo mortgage modification program . it seems like your speaking to some person from another country. wells fargo should be investigated and or a b oycott by persons doing business with them

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