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Wells Fargo Bank Complaints & Reviews - LEGAL PROCESSING FEE RIP OFF

Wells Fargo Bank Contacts & Informations

Wells Fargo Bank

Posted: 2012-06-13 by    To Fed Up


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Contact information:
United States
Phone: 1-215-973-4005
My Son is a disable Vet and while he was in the Military he became a victim of ID fraud, the Irs garnished his bank account for Taxes not paid, when he called the IRS they set him up on a payment agreement and sent a release to Wells Fargo, they had not received any of the garnishment monies as of yet how ever Wells fargo put the money back in the account however they kept 200.00 as fees . Some one please tell me how I can get my Fees back. When I call the Legal Rip Off Department I was informed that this is a fee they have and there was nothing that could be done about the monies. These are dollars and cents for taking care of the household and since this has happened we have been in the rears .
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 17th of Jun, 2012 by   MFALLON1949 +1 Votes
On June 12, 2012 NYS imposed a tax levy on my checking account. When I called Wells Fargo I was told that my account was 93.20 overdrawn. That they were holding $136 for NYS and that they "STOLE" $100 from my account for a processing fee. The deducted their $100 first then gave NYS the balance which was $136. I had two outstanding transactions that overdrew my account by $93.20. THIS IS DISGUSTING AND MAY BE ILLEGAL. I am retired and am living on $715 per/mo social security. After speaking with Wells Fargo, my bank, I called NYS about the levy and explained my situation. They immediately released the hold on my money and faxed the released to Wells Fargo while I was on the phone with them. I was told that the bank had 24-48 hours to return the money to my account. At this time, June 17, 2012 the money is still not returned to my account and the bank has informed me that they "WILL NOT RETURN THE $100 PROCESSING FEE"!! How is it possible that NYS cannot touch my social security but Wells Fargo Bank can??I will not be able to pay my electric bill this month because of their abuse and I have spent the entire weekend without ANY money at all because of their inconsiderate attitude. I have filed a complaint with the Banking Commission here in Florida and will file hope to file charges against this bank. THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN AND FINED FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!
 18th of Jun, 2012 by   MFALLON1949 +1 Votes
Just an update for you if you are still dealing with this so called "bank"! I just filed a complaint with the National Banking Association because here in Florida Wells Fargo is listed as a national bank. They have accepted my complaint and are starting an investigation into the banks practices. I also found a very strange connection between Wells Fargo and their so called "Legal department". The phone number is connected to a company called Dominion Law Associates and they are a collection company. I think that Wells Fargo is selling their customer's social security numbers to this company so that they can collect any possible debts for a fee. There is also a second company that is part of Dominion Assoc. that is called Sun Financial Alliance, LLC that sells insurance for loans and mortgages. There is absolutely something very "FISHY" going on with these 3 companies and I think VERY ILLEGAL.. I hope this info will help anyone else who is fighting with this bank for the return of THEIR money!!
 17th of Aug, 2012 by   calif ripoffed +1 Votes
wells fargo also ripped me off for $100.00 they claim is for legal fees I paid that debt off and they provided me with no services but will not give me back this money. I am totally disgusted with them.
 17th of Oct, 2012 by   calling out the bs -1 Votes
I don't know if you have had any experiences with other banks but I just stopped by First Bank and they also charge a $100 non refundable fee for levy garnishments. It's the standard fee. If you paid what you needed to or figured it out before hand, you wouldn't be out of $100. It's easy to blame "big banks" for taking your money because it's "ALL THEIR fault" - how about you take some responsibility?
 27th of Feb, 2013 by   Banks are the Devil 0 Votes
Hey calling out the BS. Did you realize that it's called "Kicking someone when their down"? Charge someone 100.00 when they KNOW they are having financial problems. It's disgusting, especially when you had the garnishment removed.
 12th of Apr, 2013 by   idahoisgreat 0 Votes
I have a simple question, I have a $250 wage garnishment lien for taxes from the State of Idaho that was sent to Wells Fargo. This is pretty much a secondary account for me with only $20 in there at one point, and -$50 in the account on another time.. So can Wells Fargo charge me $100 even though there is no money in the account to give the State? I called the State and they said the fee is legal as long as funds are collected/paid to the lien. In this case there have been 4 separate $100 charges including to that were placed on my son's linked Teen Checking account. So there has been no funds collected because there was a negative balance at the time the garnishment was requested. Can they do this? Any advice on how to handle this (besides paying the State;) Thanks!~
 4th of Feb, 2014 by   creed37 0 Votes
Wells Fargo in New York has charged $125 on two occasion When I called to ask they said this is Legal Processing fee. I do not know what they are processing but till date I have NOT received any Notification. Would like to complain on these predatory and unethical practice of charging fees. Does any one know where to file complaint. Thank you.
 30th of Aug, 2014 by   trinhroutley 0 Votes
Back in June 2014 my whole checking and saving was garnish. A month later after some legal action towards the creditor for trying to take my money the court release my funds. WF legal dept claimed the sent a check on 7/16 and after multiple phone calls to them i was told i had to wait 30 and they can do a stop payment and reissued a new check. I called back on the exact 30 days and did a stop payment and reissued a new check. 2 weeks and 3 phone calls later im still waiting for my 1K+ in the mail. Can someone please tell me at this point who do i need to report about this???

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