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Wells Fargo, Albuquerque, New Mexico Complaints & Reviews - Illegal tactics

Wells Fargo Contacts & Informations

Wells Fargo

Posted: 2011-06-02 by    Extortion Victim

Illegal tactics

Complaint Rating:  20 % with 10 votes
Contact information:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States
WAAAY back in 2001, now it it 2011, I had a credit card through Wells Fargo, I then lost my job (this is what happens when other people are in control of your career.) I couldn't pay the credit card, I have my priorities and the credit card was not one of them, as the welfare people said. Anyway the debt was turned over to a collection agency, unfortunately I had to report them to the Attorney General for not "playing nice" with me. They decided to cooperate with me and I paid the credit card off through them. Unbeknownst to me, the collection agency sent it back to Wells Fargo as unpaid and they, Wells Fargo never removed this pay off in my profile within their bank. I only found this out when I made a mortagage payment, they tried to put my mortgage payment in the paid off credit card account...which they still had as unpaid from 2001. The statute of limitations has run out and they are still underhandedly trying to collect AGAIN (twice) for this debt that was paid off. When I went to get my federal clearance, I had to prove I paid it, appearantly I did pay it because I got my clearance. Shame on Wells Fargo for deceptive tactics to get money that was already paid. Maybe the collection agency they hired never gave them the money.
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 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   molliewollie 0 Votes
"I had my priorities and the credit card was not one of them" Seriously?? You can run up debt and then not feel responsible for it? That's stealing, plain and simple.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Extortion Victim 0 Votes
If you read the whole message...the debt was paid. Do not ASS U ME before you have read the whole thing. I'm sure your one of those people who signs before reading the whole thing.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   molliewollie 0 Votes
The debt was paid when you HAD to. Your comment about it not being a priority says it all. If I lost my job, and I had debt, I would take ANY kind of job I could get, my chosen field or not, to pay it off. Any debt you owe should be a priority, you were trusted with credit. Deadbeat.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Extortion Victim +1 Votes
I guess if I sucked a ceo's dick I could have gotten any job.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   molliewollie -1 Votes
Well, if you're as talentless there as you are at your personal finances...probably not.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Extortion Victim +1 Votes
You're right! I'll remember you the next time you order food when you go out.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Extortion Victim +1 Votes
And also, you must be a good head giver.
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Extortion Victim 0 Votes
I want to be a jerk to piss all of you off. And it's working.

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