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I purchased a new cell phone 3 months ago and have not been able to use it yet. It came with a bad battery that will not stay charged longer then a few hours. I called the company(tracfone) and they have guaranteed my on THREE different calls that I would have a new one shipped to me in 5-6 days. Well, here I am 3 months later and still no battery. I have been paying for a service and have not been able to use it yet.
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 21st of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I recently purchased my third Tracfone. Never had any problems with my previous Tracfones so I never had to deal with their terrible customer service.

Problem 1: Porting my old number took nearly a month. Customer service complained that the account number and pin I provided for my old carrier was incorrect. After several phone calls ended up having a three way connection with my old carrier and Tracfone who verified that the information I was providing was correct. I subsequently received a letter from Tracfone saying my request was delayed due to inaccurate information!!! After several weeks Tracfone finally figured out my SIM card wouldn't port and sent me another SIM card. After another phone call to activate the phone with the new SIM card, it didn't activate. After another phone call the phone was finally working.

Problem 2: I ordered minutes on the website and they were not added. When I called customer service they added the minutes and was nice enough to inform me that I didn't need to order double minutes for life as it came with the phone (after all the delays I had forgotten). They indicated however, that I couldn't change my order as they have a policy of no refunds. I couldn't get anywhere with this person and decided to call back. I called back, got the usual run around and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor also wouldn't help me but said she would forward my complaint to the resolutions department. They were suppose to get back to me within a week. They didn't. I subsequently tried emails and got the same run around, but was advised to contact the credit card billing department. I contacted them today is simply requested a refund for the double minutes for life part of my order ($40) and received the same response, that it is their policy to not offer refunds. I was bumped up to a supervisor who didn't seem a bit willing to assist me and also indicated the same thing.

At this point I will be pursuing the various other avenues of complaining as suggested on this site. It goes without saying that Tracfone has already lost me as a customer. Although Tracfone is reportedly a very profitable company, I suspect in the long run, their poor treatment of their customers will eventually impact adversely on their business.
 17th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Very long and aggravating story, please just believe me when I say TracFone SUCKS!!!
 21st of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
I purchased a Big Easy phone about a year ago I wanted to put it on my payment plan. I went to my account to put on my plan but when I put in my serial Number it changes my number and says there is not a serial #no in the system.
 1st of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
i broke my Tracfone so I went to Tracfone .com typed in my zip code. The phones available for my area came up. I picked out a new phone. My new phone arrived. I went to tracfone .com to transferr everything to my new phone. Everything pretty easy and simple this far. Everything transferred with no problem. I thought hey this was easy. Boy was I wrong! Three days later my phone still would not work. Every time I tried to use it. It said emergency use only. I called Tracfone after two hours and three different people and have to start from the begining with each one. They decided I needed to wait another day to see if everything they done worked. The next day still the same problem. I called and another two hour run around with the same results. I waited till the next day. My phone still did not work. I called back this time only on the phone for an hour. The girl told me that I had the wrong sim card. She sent me a new sim card and told me to call the number she gave me. Three days later my new sim card arrives. I call the number and the girl took all the info. and my phone still would not work. After another two hours and three different people on the phone we discovered that the girl gave me a new number instead of my old number. They told me that they would send me a new sim card so I could keep my old number. Three days go by and no new sim card. I called to check on why I haven't received the new sim card. After another two hours and three people I find out that once she gave me the new number that my old number was no longer able to be gotten. By now I am so hot under the collar over this whole deal. They told me for all the hassle and everything that they would give me 30 free minutes and 30 extra days. To this day I still have not received my 30 minutes or the 30 days. I've had Trackfone since I got my first cell phone 15 years ago. I have never had the problem that I had this time with customer service. Needless to say this will be my last Tracfone.
 28th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
i was sent a defective replacement phone (first one ever) and tracfone refuses to do anything about it, they claim phone is fine.
along the way i have one person give me a fake tracking number for alledged replacement phone, story changes from person to person if or when i will get a replacement phone, depends on wind direction i suppose.
as they dont really seem to know anything other than there scripts they read.
twice now they have deactivated my phone, first time i guess someone was bored and did it claimed my phone was stolen as her excuse, made complaint to corp office they could careless. 2 weeks later i get my number permanlty disabled becuse according to there loss prevention dept. i know longer have phone, alledgedly they claim i said that to somebody (never happened) and again they can careless.
not our fault leave us alone, buy a new phone is basically all i get from them if they even say anything.
that is just recent events, there customer service is beyond absurd mostly in south america or phillipines there call centers, sometimes they cant understand you or vice versa, there corp. office isnt much better unless you can find the few who actually do care and do there job otherwise might as well be talking to a wall as they could careless about anything except getting there paychecks.
 15th of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
Used Tracfone for about 10 years. Liked not having a monthly
bill…budgeted out my minutes to fit my needs and use a TRIPLE MINUTES plan. I
use home phone (Free with internet and MagicJack!) for just chatting. Only need
cell when out and about. Tried other phones and services here and there, but
always went back to Tracfone. Obviously Customer Service has now moved to
Philippines and it’s been DOWN HILL EVER
SINCE! Been without service for one whole month, because they can’t get it
right. Sent 3 SIMS cards, still not working. Sent new phone, still not working.
Keep losing my ticket numbers. I have 2 pages in a notebook of everyone I spoke
to, dates, promises, etc. to no avail.
 8th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
What is taking this company to activate this phone?It has been almost a week.
 9th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
The customer service reps are pleasant enough but they are not very good about helping their customers. I have an issue with the auto refill. I ordered the wrong plan but nothing said you would be purchasing minutes when you enroll. It only says, "credit card and account required". I ordered the wrong plan, cancelled it immediately afterwards and enrolled in the correct one. My payment history shows 2 transactions. I called to see if 1 could be cancelled and i sat on hold for the supervisor for 30 minutes - no supervisor ever picked up.
There are a number of other stories I could tell but they would all come back to the fact that TRACFONE is really not a customer friendly company.

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