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Stc / Internet Jood Unethical Behaviour, Cheating customers

Subinsubair001 on 2016-04-03
Dear STC, My complaint is regarding STC internet Jood package. My account number is 2028164972. Landline 0138955023. I subscribed for 149 SR/month package (10mbps) on October and was happily using it untill one of your customer care service representative called on 15 March 2016 and informed me...

Stc / internet billing

jebreelmendoza on 2016-02-06
sir i am complaining about stc billing dept for unfair billing.they cancel my internet service last sept 2015 but till now they still continue my bill.how come like that since that is one way of stealing money to consumers.plz be fair of collecting bills.you are stc, you are representing a...

Stc / Home Internet

Reviewer38814 on 2016-01-24
Hi I applied for STC DSL 20 MB in 2014 and I also provided my building STC box number to customer care executive over phone. A STC technician came to my home to install the line and to my surprise he told me that my building STC box doesn't support 20 MB but 4MB max. Then I asked him to...

Stc / Internet & billing of stc

Reviewer92212 on 2015-12-27
The WORST SERVICE & CUSTOMER Support COMPANY in my OPINION...eating PEOPLES money without getting there agreement. JUST LAST 3 months THEY double my BILLING & when I visit there SUPPORT center. THOSE non-serious GUYS says they cannot FIX ...plz call 900...WHEN I call 900 more than 20 time...

Stc / Deactivate Sim Card

Mithu7868 on 2015-12-12
Dear, I'm use in a stc number, , but I can see another sim registration with my Iqama... Now I want to deactivate all stc number...and keep only this Number : 0552339433...So now this number keep register my iqama and others stc number deactivate... My iqama : 2347019149

Stc / Unethical Bisiness policy

Rezashahnewaz on 2015-11-17
I had been using a monthly package of SR 149 per month. Which was included 2 MBPS unlimited internet and land line calls free inside Saudi Arabian territory. Suddenly I received a bill of amount SR 536.00 and at the same time my lice cut off. I immediately visited STC office where they...

Stc / Customer service

Reviewer76144 on 2015-10-13
HI I applied for STC internet 20mb plan to my home in 2014. When STC technician visited my building to provide connection, he told me that 20 mb speed is not possible as your building supports max 4mb. I told him to change my plan to 4mb. I even called customer care executive to make sure...

Stc / Bad Customer Service

Abduljawad Raslan on 2015-08-02
Dears, I have no idea if this complaint will be submitted to the correct person, I visited STC tahleya branch and asked of the customer service for some very basic services tha are done for telecommunications, ofcourse I went out without having any service, the guy target was only to push...

Stc / delay

Amruthkj on 2015-06-27
Our Internet line is not working since 2 Weeks. I already complaint to STC and they send technician. But he couldn't found the solution. Then we complained again and out complain Number is stop open. Unfortunately they didn't fix this issue. Losing our amount monthly charges.

Stc / Representative Behavior and Attitude

Asif Zaman on 2015-06-15
On 15th of June 2015, I called 907 regarding Internet DSL, New Connection. The representative was like a Boss and was behaving like a manner less Brute. I asked him about the Internet Connection Installation Process, he said " BOX INFORMATION." Being a new Customer, I DONT KNOW what A BOX...

Stc / Disgraceful behaviour of staff

Shahidpj on 2015-04-27
I have never had the worse feeling than visiting one of the STC offices near Haram in Madinah. I visited the office at 9:40pm (20mins) before the closing times mentioned in entrace. The tokken number machines was broken and no one was present at the entrance for guidance so i went up to...

Stc / paid final bill in feb 14 still getting bill

Arun Thareja on 2015-02-16
I had my STC Land line 4092942 and wanted to cancel my land line, I went on 18th Feb 2014 STC king fahad office and paid last bill due at that time, but still I am getting sms message to pay bill, fist three four months there was no message, now frequently message is coming, I am really fed up with STC. Please help. Thanks Arun Thareja

Stc / they cut to many balance on stc to stc call

shoaib909 on 2014-11-19
Salam hi i have a big problem when ever i call my dad and he have a stc no too means if i call stc to stc so there is a disscount and i already put my dad number in faimly service in family service they give us 25%off and when u call stc to stc there is 20% disscount but the stc company...

Stc / Delay in deactivation of the services

Sunil Chopra on 2014-10-20
Dear Sir, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I Sunil Kumar Chopra (Iqama ID Number 2307735197) is your customer and enjoying “Hatif Package” . I have visited STC office on king Fahd road 5 times in last 2 months’ time for...

Stc / Excess Billing

kdraju on 2014-09-16
From long time STC is cheating me with excess bills, every month my call will never exceed more than 10 to 15 SR, but STC is charging me huge bills, my Bills from the last 1 Year, Bi Monthly 20/10/2013=175.92, 18/12/2013=188.66, 15/2/2014=156.31, 15/4/2014=146.16 now bills are monthly, in...

Stc / Worst Customer Service

alamctc on 2014-09-06
Using STC APPS, I subscribed to 7 day Jawalnet Internet Package on 29/08/2014 and promptly STC deducted SAR 99 from my Sawa balance and sent a message to my iPhone saying the package is active. However, when I started using Internet, this was not so and instead STC started deducting...

Stc / lucky draw

hassankunju on 2014-06-09
today i receive a call from0507534741 and 0552938959 telling all my details and asking i have won lottery by a lucky draw by stc.i recieve a message also same with a number code and they tell me togive them recharge 900 riyals card .i told i will discuss this with my husband, but they tell...

Stc / No incoming calls

Tenny Joseph on 2014-05-24
Since May 10, 2014, I am not able to receive calls on my land phone. Even after repeated complaints no action has been taken in this regard. STC is eager to upgrade your services, so that they can get more money from you, but negligent on complaints, as they raise invoice as per the...

Stc / Facebook SMS Alert Service

Sandy Nilam on 2013-10-31
I am subscribed to STC's Facebook SMS Alert Service through the short code 86677 and it is getting charged every day 0.40 SR. STC is the only operator that is charging for Facebook SMS Service and all the other telcos in the world are offering this service free. Even your competition...

Stc / Stealing Money

Helpless Victims on 2013-10-17
I want to report a problem with STC( Saudi telecom) you should enquire into and publish as a headline. STC is stealing customer's money by upgrading the contracts of customers without their knowledge and sending them very high bills which have to be paid, otherwise they will cancel you...

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