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Sears Complaints & Reviews - Bad mattress and return policy

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Posted:    Jim J

Bad mattress and return policy

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 17 votes
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United States
I bought a Sealy mattress from Sears in November. The mattress they delivered was much harder than the one in the store. I went to the store to exchange it and the sales person indicated that the one on the floor was eight months old so that is why it probably felt softer. I picked out another mattress that was softer and according to the sales person $75 cheaper. I was told I would receive a refund. When I called to arrange delivery I was told that the new mattress was the same price. The second mattress was delivered and again it felt different than the one in the store. The padding seemed thinner and less dense and there was an indention in the middle. When lying down on the mattress I sink down to the springs which are unyielding. I went back to Sears and tried to explain the problem to a basically mute sales person and she said go ahead and pick out a different mattress. I picked out a higher priced mattress from Simmons. When I called the delivery department they said they would call back. When they did they indicated there was only one exchange allowed, not one per 30 days.

I am now stuck with an uncomfortable mattress which I paid too much for.
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 29th of Dec, 2010 by   pobarjenkins 0 Votes
They probably offer comfort exchanges. You are usually allowed only one and they sometimes re-assess a delivery fee (which may have accounted for your $75).
 24th of Aug, 2011 by   Cathere Hoeg 0 Votes
I purchased a Sterrn Foster at Sears at Sears. They said I was entitled to a months trial. The mattress seemed like one side was plush and one side was firm. Going from the soft side to the hard side felt like I was dealing with a hump every time. I tried in a month to deal with this, but the siuation never improved. At the end of the month I called Sears and told them I was not satisfied; they came and picked up the mattress at my expense. I hadn't heard from them in two weeks. I called them and all they could say was they didn't receive any information and cited how much I owed them. The representative transferred me to the dispute department in Idaho. They said they would get back to me in a month or so once the investigation was finished. Sears salespersons never told me that the return policy included investigations, obscurity and downright negligence. So what do I do now. I sleep on a couch, no mattress and at this point I don't know if I can get my money back.
Terribly Distressed
 10th of Dec, 2011 by   Wilma Burbank 0 Votes
I am having the same problem with my mattress being so hard it actually hurts my back. The mattress was $1700.00+ Beautyrest and I specified a plush but this one is so hard and when we get out of bed it looks all lumpy and the pillowtop does not come back up. I to picked the plush one on the floor at Sears but the one I received is not plush. I think the biggest problem is that the sample beds have a cloth laid across the beds that say plush, ultra plush, firm, etc. and they are not on the correct bed and you go to the type you are looking for rather than what is on the sign. I think I'm going to have to return mine and go to Big Lots, at least I will have a softer mattress.
 23rd of Dec, 2011 by   NVRbuySEARSmattress 0 Votes
We brought a sealy a year ago.. it started to sag 6 months into it.. we called sears and they sent someone out to inspect it and they issued a direct exchange and apologized we received a bad apple. now 6 months from the 2nd one, its starting to sag again.. they sent someone out to inspect it.. and they did note the mattress is sagging... BUT! it is not sagging enough to classify as a manufacture deflect so we can not exchange it now. the mattress is sagging after just 6 months with a warrant of 10 years. why is this not a manufacture deflect beats me. great warranty and service. NEVER BUY FROM SEARS
 4th of Apr, 2012 by   CDew 0 Votes
Bought a new mattress in Nov 2011. We shopped around & Sears was comparable in price, but the deciding factor was the salesperson saying that we had SIX MONTHS to change our minds. (we didn't want to get stuck with an expensive, uncomfortable mattress!) It was delivered and we began trying to "adjust". We thought it was just us. We have had it for five months (and hated it the whole time). We just returned from a 10 day trip where we slept GREAT in 3 different hotel beds! We decided "it's not us!" So, I called the local SEARS to explain the problem. "No problem"...just come in and pick out what you want to exchange for, then call the "Sears Solution" number to give them the information. Went in last night, picked an upgrade (about $300 more - but worth it!) and was encouraged by the response of the salespeople. Ah, but it IS a problem! I called the "Solution" people & it seems the six months period was really only 30 days!!! Hmmm...I have JUST begun!
 29th of May, 2012 by   ostos 0 Votes
We purchased a Sears mattress and the mattress was to be delivered today, May 29, 2012 Tuesday evening, the driver calls if we would accept the mattress which is stained the plastic was torn therefore the mattress did have an obvious stain. We told them we do not want a stained mattress and i am looking forward to the replacement mattress and the experience of how our mattress is before we can exchange we will wait and see. Considering Sears should remain a top quality store to satisfy customers and not a very satisfied customer at this point since we have to wait two weeks and see if this is a "new" mattress that will satisfy!
 22nd of Jan, 2013 by   SearsCustomerNoMore 0 Votes
In the same boat. Bought a Sealy mattress from Sears. Terrible product and because the "comfort exchange" period had expired they will do nothing. It has sunk almost an inch in 90 days. When I lay on the mattress I sink 6 to 8 inches. It feels like I'm sleeping in a pit. My back hurts, my shoulder hurts. I spend 1 night in another bed and I'm fine. So now I am out $800. I am so ticked off at Sears I don't every think I will buy another thing from them. Over the last 7 years I have bought 3 fridges, 2 microhoods, range, dishwasher, lawn mower and countless other household items. No more. If they can't see that I have been a steady and loyal customer for a decade and make this right then I need to take my business elsewhere. Don't do it! Stay away! Go buy your mattress somewhere else or you will be sorry!
 15th of Aug, 2013 by   Don J Lorencz 0 Votes
Approximately a year ago we purchased what we considered an expensive bed from Sears home store in Kelowna BC Canada. When they delivery people delivered our new bed and took our 10 year old bed away, we told them that bed was a great bed for 10 years and they said “These new beds will never last 10 years!”

It didn’t, the first bed we purchase from Sears for $1551.00 lasted 3 months and it started sagging in the middle even though we are not huge people. Sears sent out a furniture medic and he agreed it was c*** and sears replaced it with one for $2237.00 which we had to pay the difference on. This one lasted LESS THAN ONE MONTH and the sides on both sides started to collapse. Sears replaced that one for $1411.00 which we got money back from the other one. The bed lasted less than 6 months and the sides were already collapsing and the middle and both sides were starting to sag and for this kind of money there is no way we were putting up with that.

On June 9 of this year Sears delivered what they call their Eleoquence bed for $1583.00, which we had to pay more for and it is a TOTAL PIECE OF C*** as it feels like you are sleeping on a bed that is 20 years old instead of an expensive bed 4 months old. It has gone really soft and it just feels cheap, cheap, cheap and is worst than our 10 year old bed that started all of this.

The new manager that they have at the Home Store in Kelowna is as useless as these beds are as even though after talking to customer service and listening to all of their lies they told us, this manager won’t do anything as he is afraid for his new job he just got and doesn’t want to rock the boat. So we are just being totally ignored.

We now want all of our money back and Sears can come and get this c***** bed out of here and we will purchase one from Sleep Country, which we should have done to start with. Any one that purchases a bed off of Sears is nuts!
 15th of Aug, 2013 by   SearsCustomerNoMore 0 Votes
An update... After posting complaints on this and various other sites, I was surprised to receive an email from the Sears Executive Office. After several weeks of communication and explanation and pleading they agreed to make it right. I was able to go over to Sears, pick out a new mattress, get the product number, send it the to executive office and they arranged for delivery of the replacement. The replacement didn't include the boxspring and with a mismatch set, the warranty would be void. After my experience with the warranty I decided this was irrelevant. I paid for the delivery and price differential. I went with a Beautyrest Classic, Glover Park, Extra Firm. The original mattress was a Sealy. I noticed when I received the Beautyrest it was already sagging a bit in the middle. I guess these are all made in China with no better quality control than the McDonald's toys, flip flops from the Dollar Tree and all the rest of the cheap, Chinese c*** that has become the American way of life. But I am sleeping better and after 6 months, the mattress has not sagged any further. With my faith in Sears restored, I continue to be a loyal customer. Next time, I will investigate "hotel beds" from the upscale stores like Pottery Barn. Perhaps it's like good quality beef, only sold to the best restaurants.
 8th of Mar, 2014 by   AuntyM 0 Votes
In November 2013, my parents purchased a bed from Sears at Burnaby's Brentwood Mall. They had bought the bed, which was found to have defects, plus it turned out it was not the actual bed they had paid for! They were told an exchange could be made.
Until now, March 8 2014, they still do not have their new, fully paid-for bed. It has been one thing after another, with many promises of phone calls that never happened and failed deliveries, that my mom has come to the point of tears, and my father, utter frustration. The details of what they have had to deal with would take several pages.
At this moment, they are waiting for yet another phone call, to have their bed delivered by what Sears is calling a " third party " delivery company.
It's so ridiculous. It's a mattress set. It should not be a traumatizing event!
 14th of May, 2014 by   S DeVine 0 Votes
I am starting to see a trend here SEARS seems to say oh these models are 8 month old so that's why your bed does not feel the same. I purchased a castlemoor super pillow top plush comfort level is PLUSH and received a castlemoor 2 gel pillow top plush comfort level FIRM . Now We Told The Sales Person I suffer from chronic back pain I went in one week after delivery telling them it didn't feel anything like the model I tested and was told it has to break in and the models are 8 month old. Called customer care and was told to get a dr. note or wait the 30 days after speaking with customer care they told me to go to the store and speak with a manager I went to the store requested a manager the sales staff tried to say the only difference is the cover it the same as the one here I told them I was not arguing with them ant to get the manager again they told the manager that the only difference was the cover they tried to charge a restocking fee 15% I insisted on waving the fee because it not the same and lay on the bed in the store and come to my house and then tell me they are the same she waived the fee. I will not be buying anything else from Sears cause when I went to another store purchased the same mattress it was rung up the same way as the first one so it was not a mistake and they made me suffer for over a month I know not to buy a mattress from Sears, or the french door refrigerator, gas range or the over oven microwave we will be replacing our old appliances but Sears will not see a dime dishonest business practices are evil shame on you
 10th of Jul, 2014 by   rrichmond 0 Votes
We bought a mattress almost 30 days ago from Sears. We know that mattresses tend to sag after a time so we got an expensive Sterns and Foster Walnut Grove Firm Pillow Top model with Double Titanium Coil Springs, after tiring it out in the store. We called the return line about one week after it was delivered to try to return it for a refund. We were told we need to wait 30 days for the mattress to settle in. Now there are two dips in the mattress and a hump in the middle. It is not noticeable to the naked eye, but a definite difference when you lay in the center verses laying where we sleep. So tomorrow it will be 30 days since the delivery. So I plan to take my lunch hour and go back to the store to arrange for an out right return and full refund minus the delivery fee and the restocking fee.
We had a sleep number I8 since 2010 and it has been great. But I have a birth defect and a very bad back so it became to painful to keep sleeping on it every night. We put it in the spare bedroom. After sleeping on the Sears mattress for a few unpleasant weeks we moved to the spare bedroom and the sleep number seemed like heaven.
We plan to speak with the store manager tomorrow and if that doesn't work we will call the 1-800 number that they gave us when they delivered the bed. I hope we don't have a problem accepting the return. We have a mattress pad on the bed but I sweat in my sleep even with the ceiling fan on medium. So I am hoping there is no water stain on the mattress or I am afraid we will not get our refund.
The sleep number sale is over on 7/13 and our return qualification date is 7/11, so I need to buy my new sleep number before I find out if I get my refund. Wish us luck or we will be out $2500.00 USD for the Sears and $3800.00 for the sleep number.

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