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Sears Complaints & Reviews

Sears - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / Completely unprofessional service!

M.J. on 2016-05-03
I have ordered a mattress from www.sears.com and there was supposed to be a free delivery. When I ordered a I had no idea that I was supposed to request a free shipping! I contacted Sears customer service and they said that it was my problem and that it was only my fault that I did not ask...

Sears Brands, LLC - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

sljep50 on 2016-05-02
At best some of the things I recall may be out of order, but the overall occurrences are true. I purchase a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in March of 2015. From day one this refrigerator has been a nightmare, upon initial hook-up neither side would cool, so we had to schedule a repair...

Sears - New York, Staten Island / Washer dryer combo Kenmore

lorraine defazio on 2016-05-01
I had delivery before on the same type of unit before and had no problem. Sears delivery guy walked in my house and right away said it was not going to fit . The washer dryer unit is 27 inches wide my stairs measure 33 wide with banister on so I remove banister so they would have more room...

Sears - California, Hopland / Appliances

Rena Trimble on 2016-04-29
Order fridge and stove 3/31/16 they charged us for 2 orders. Order #975925986 and #975924818 I called and cancelled a order 4/14/16 called 4/29/16 still not cancelled no credit to account. Now only saw cancellation to fridge not stove yet. Really not happy with customer service. Please email to randrtrimble@yahoo.com

Sears - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / An absolutely a disaster!

Erica on 2016-04-28
Ordered some lingerie from www.sears.com and my order was lost during the shipment. I found out about that only after I contacted them myself. It seems like they really did not care and never bothered to tell me about that. Anyways I demanded my money back and it took them over two month...

Sears / South Shore Somea Basic 8'' Twin Mattress (39'')

Rakesh Zala on 2016-04-26
I order this 39'' mattress from sears.com on APR 2 2016 online from sears.com I receive a delivery on 11 APR 2016 after opening mattress we found mattress is 1 and 1/2 inch short I call sears.com customer service and inform about wrong size mattress they told me to go to near by store to...

Sears / garage door opener

Bill Farrar on 2016-04-26
On 3/2 we had the first visit for a garage door opener repair call. Tech said he would order parts and return in two weeks. We waited until about 3/18 and when we called, they said that the job was completed and cleared from their tickets. I told them that they had not done the job so a...

Sears / Extended Warranty for Microwave Oven

HRCraig on 2016-04-22
Bought a microwave oven for my rental house and gave the Sears sales associate my home address, phone number, etc. Also gave the Sears sales associate the address of the rental house (to which the microwave should be delivered and installed) and the name and phone number of my tenant so...

Sears / Water heater installation company

ha, bone on 2016-04-21
I purchased a water heater at Sears on my new Sears charge card which included installation. I took an afternoon off of work to wait for the installer and when he did arrive he informed me that he would need to bring the installation up to current code and he would return with the required...

Sears - New York, East Northport / False advertising

campi1 on 2016-04-21
So on Sunday sears runs a special preview sale. We get there as the sale is starting and the item is already sold out. Its not like there was a line there or anything it stated 2 minimum in each store but 2 minutes after the preview sale its sold out. So we are told to try again this week...

Sears / Delivery service

Bill Keen on 2016-04-18
The following is a list of the emails documenting the original problem, phone calls made and no results from Sears. I have deleted my name and address from the emails. Hi, Our phone number is 608 xxx-xxxx. Here is the list of emails Hi, I called the delivery specialist and David...

Sears Brands, LLC / Craftsman Weed eater repair under Warranty

dues on 2016-04-18
Called the National number for repair of Craftsman weed eater 4 cycle under warranty. Given address for a Federal way location- 25 Minutes approx. from where I live. Blocked out time during busy tax season to take up there on Saturday. .. waited for doors to open. I was told that they no...

Sears / Washer repair

Diane Merritt on 2016-04-13
Experience: Washer repair Week 1 - repair man comes in and says it needs a part, okay so have to wait a week for it to come in. Week 2 - repair man comes over to install part and says he is missing another part, okay have to wait now at least 4 days for it to come in Week 3 - repair man...

Sears Home Services - Florida, Winter Park / General Inquiry

Marilyn McKenzie on 2016-04-12
I have been a customer of My Home Service for many years. I have a washer and dryer. Being on a fix income and really not able to use my credits. Why can't there be a monthly payment plan. I would really would like to get the 3 year contract instead of 1 year. It would really help a person on a fix income.

Sears Auto Center / auto service

linosvt on 2016-04-02
I went to Sears in jersey city on Thursday the 31st of March to install a new set of tires on my 2004 Z4.I went to counter and ask to install new non run flat tires that I purchase some on discount tire. Lady at counter told me there will be no problem installing, balance and align the...

Sears / Customer Service and Dryer issue

Sam Rudek on 2016-03-28
I purchased a “new in box” refrigerator, washer and dryer from the North Phoenix Store on Greenway on 3/6/2016. I was shopping for new appliances and went into the store where a sales guy named Jason helped me pick out the models I liked. I left without purchasing because I wanted to shop...

Sears - Maryland, Silver Spring / Tune up and front end work on my 2008 Chysler

Carolyn Ayers on 2016-03-28
I brought my car in to get it check and the Sear Auto Center in White Oak, Silver Spring, Maryland told me that I needed my tire rod arm, ball joint, spark plugs, oil gasket and pan needed to be changed. I may not have named all of the things but I have the paperwork for the repairs that I...

Sears - Maryland, Clinton / repair service and customer service

Gabriel Duran Vera on 2016-03-25
Repair service for my washer They show up the 24 in the morning then they said they order a part The part was going to be at my home same day in the afternoon They were going to be back in the afternoon to install the part arrived on time but not the technician no call no nothing and me...

Sears Home Services - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / Repair no shows

jws61 on 2016-03-25
I scheduled a repair for fridge and range. The day of the repair (waited several weeks), no one showed up. We spent several hours trying to find out what happened and speaking with offshore people. A supervisor finally told me that the technician said we were not home - a bold lie. I had...

Sears / Everything They Do

griddly on 2016-03-24
Seems to me that Sears as a retail company is finished. It is difficult if not impossible to shop online at Sears...so many website problems. But then, who'd want to. Check their prices. On just about everything they are higher than the rest, and frequently ridiculously high. My most recent...

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