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Sallie Mae, Delaware Complaints & Reviews - SallieMae Forbearance Scam

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Sallie Mae

Posted:    davidMe

SallieMae Forbearance Scam

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United States
Becareful, I think SallieMae employees are running a SCAM to bar people from filing for a forbearance. You are entitled to a forbearance by LAW. If they don't give it to you file a complaint with the proper agency. In my case, I was going to sue SallieMae Pro Se. Being a law student helps.

SallieMae employees informed me that they could NOT give me a forbearance into the furure only for the past debt to today. And that I would still have to make payment on the loan from today. They wanted to charge me $50 + loan payment.

SallieMae employees informed me that they have (1) government loans and (2) private laons. And a forbearance on a private loan cannot go into the future. Their website doesn't say that. I didn't see any law that defines a forbearance different for a private loan and government loan.

Today, after days of arguing with them, they gave me a forbearance into the future.

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 12th of Nov, 2009 by   ghigby 0 Votes
How did you actually speak to someone who could help you? My wife has more than 260k in student loan debt. We asked for a Forbearance last year and were told that a month in advance was not enough time. This year, we filled out the app. well in advance to ensure that we would not have the same accidental huge payment deducted from our account. Now just a few weeks away from the cutoff, they say that our application is more than 30 days old and we have to fill out a new app. So now, you cannot file early nor late. You can't talk to anyone that is helpful. They dance around questions like: Why wasn't our 6 week old application processed yet? Now we have to fill out a new app. and get slammed with another mortgage sized payment this month. They did manage to bump our payment back a month so that they could collect more interest however. This is so frustrating. There must be some place to call that regulates this terrible loan giant?
 16th of Nov, 2009 by   nikkinosocks 0 Votes
Guess what people? You are allowed a limit on that forbearance time! SOO if you use all but 6 months of it and it will only bring you current for a certain amount of time, that's all you have. Use it wisely
 5th of Dec, 2009 by   KLP3324 0 Votes
You are terribly mistaken...FORBEARANCE is not your right...DEFERMENT is your right on FFELP loans but not private loans. FORBEARANCE is lender discretionary.
 1st of Mar, 2010 by   saranic0le 0 Votes
It IS your right if you QUALIFY for a forbearance and they make it a living hell. I have 1 private and 1 fed loan with sallie mae. They expect me to pay 3 days after finishing my undergrad. I don't get a grace period because a few years ago Sallie Mae told me they're no longer giving loans to students under 21 w/out a co-signer so I had to drop out of school and transfer. They then used my grace period then...instead of forbearancing it. NOW I'M SCREWED. Also, their reps are extremely rude and need attitude adjustments.
 28th of Dec, 2010 by   MarshaA77 0 Votes
I had a forbearance on a private tech school loan (Career Training Loan) 2 years ago without any fee. Today, though, they tried to charge me that $50 fee DavidMe referenced. As far as I can tell, this is unfortunately legal. Nikkinosocks mentions limited forbearance time, which is true, but in my case I ran out of forbearance time through Sallie Mae error. They had screwed up the date I quit school and had me leaving a year earlier than I was. Instead of correcting the leave date on the computer, they processed a forbearance without paperwork and without my request, leaving me now with no months left. So all in all, I believe DavidMe who says he thinks it's a scam, because some funny business is going on with Sallie Mae and forbearances. Sadly, I think it's all legal, and there's nothing we can do to correct it short of hiring an attorney.
 6th of Jan, 2011 by   Criminals 0 Votes
Our daughter had loans from Sallie Mae. When she became delinqent, a letter was sent to me, saying that I had co-signed. My daugter was a senior, with months to go before graduation. She had not asked us to co-sign for her. We asked for proof showing me as a co-signer. They sent forms with e-signatures, one form had an amount of over $8, 000/00. The second form, did not have a dollar amount. Our daughter told me and wrote a letter to Sallie Mae, telling them that she did not have a co-signer. The information on the forms were incorrect. Our daughter suddenly, died in May of this year. I have a lawter handling this. We can't do anything until they take me to court.
Salle Mae had me file a Theft Idenity report. The police said there was no theft Idenity. Today, they sent a bill addressed to me, not as a co-signor for an amount over $24, 500.00. -

I have written letters, my daughter wrote letters, our Attorney stopped the phone calls. I am going to send the correspondence to Washington, until, I find someone to make this go away. I don't want to look at my credit report.

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