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Fraud/Misleading CSR

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Rogers Wireless
It seems every single month, I'm checking my Rogers Wireless bills and finding things I'm being overcharged, or double charged for. I had just accepted that as a pain of doing business with them, until recently, when things got out of control.

I noticed through my online account about 3 weeks ago that I was no longer eligible for a hardware upgrade, despite having been eligible the week before. I figured it was just a mistake and emailed customer service. They replied a few days later stating that a hardware upgrade was done a few days prior, a phone mailed out and received, and my contract renewed. Knowing that I most definitely did not authorize this, I replied asking what phone and whom placed the order. They replied letting me know my fiance had ordered the phone on a date we were together all day. Of course, she neither had placed the order.

I tried phoning in and got nowhere, so again back to email. I asked for further information on the phone order, and was given a UPS tracking number, which when I investigated, showed the phone was shipped to Don Mills (not anywhere close to where we live) and delivered to someone named Brian (not either of us). How that didn't raise a red flag, I'll never know, but so be it.

I then called the fraud department to sort this out. I was told by a very nice rep that they would open an investigation on our issue, and get back to me within 3 days. well, 5 days later I was contacted and informed they determined that it was a fraud case, and our account had been fixed. However, they refused to tell me who or how the fraudulent order was placed. To protect this from happening again, they had me create a password for my account.

Feeling our privacy/personal information was now at risk, I asked to cancel our account. I was transferred to a CSR who told me despite my privacy concerns, we would have to pay and ECF of $200 per line to close the account. Not thrilled about this, but fed up with the constant monthly issues and now this, I agreed. He transferred me to the cancellation department.

The third rep I spoke to there was extremely condescending from the get go, and told me that to cancel would be $400 per line. I told her I was JUST told it was $200, but she said I was misinformed. As well, she would acknowledge that our privacy had been violated, and she would want to cancel too. She then told me it could be a malicious Rogers rep who committed the fraud (and boy did that make me feel great about doing business with them).

Not wanting to pay $400 to cancel, I ended the conversation there (after about an hour). My finance was upset when she heard this and decided to call herself. Again, they would not tell her anything about how we were fruaded, and gave her the same story about canceling our account. She was also told it was likely an inside job by a disgruntled Rogers rep however (one of the CSR's she spoke to shared this theory because she had heard of it happening multiple times). I'd like to also point out she was not asked for our password once - great protection.

We then took our issue to the privacy department for some assistance. After multiple emails back and forth and their refusal to call us to discuss the situation, we have hit a dead end. We feel extremely violated that our personal information was at risk, and our account was the victim of fraud. As long time Rogers customers, we feel we are certainly being treated unfairly, and would rather not give Rogers another dime of our hard earned money.
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 12th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have the same problem .Rogers sends me an Iphone +sends one more to Montreal I call them and the bulshed started ... I guess they have some new way of seling strategy...
 22nd of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
This has just happened to me...2 phones shipped to the other side of the country. The fraud dept has yet to get back to me (its only been one day). Our acct has a password also. The 2 phones were shipped to the other side of the counrty to a address not on the acct and the person that signed for them was not a name on the acct. either. 2 red flags there...I hope this gets cleared up fast as I own rogers 1300. from all this mess. we want to bring up the same issue about about our security being breeched, if we don't get the right anwers, we are going to Global tv to warn others..grrr..
 25th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes

Rogers Service - Bad information
Rogers Service
United States

I signed a 2 years contract from Rogers wireless cell phone. I paid $400 for the cell phone from my pocket. After 3 months of usage the service is really bad and most of my calls drop. I was really upset with the service for which i am paying $45-month. I called Rogers and one of their customer service guy told me that Rogers does not have lots of wireless towers (BTS) in my area and hence the service is bad.

I told customer service that i am paying $45-month for a really bad service. Rogers customer service guys also agreed that the Rogers wireless service in my area is bad, because of fewer base stations in this area.

After 1 hour of phone conversation with customer service i was directed to a Manager, who was totally refusing to help me. I spend another hour with this Manager and he was not even ready to help me at all, i am guessing that it might be their internal co-operate policy.

My concern is very simple either provide me the service i am paying for OR cancel my contract without any fines (because this is not my fault),

Rogers is totally ripping me off, by not giving me service for the money i am paying every month.

I just want to let other know that Rogers is totally after your money, hence think twice before signing any contracts with them.

NOTE: I wanted to talk to someone at higher level, but it is so hard to get any information. It seems that their information is very closed.
 10th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes

Rogers Communication - Being billed $84.34 directly to my phone comp
My Lovcrush/witch celebrity on i
31st line box C-10 N0J 1J0
Embro, Ontario

I have been build through rogers communication last month$76. 22 and after complaining that i was nevr subscribed, or had used the cell phone once got a credit for this amount from rogers.
This month i again was from the same peoplecharged now $83. 75
For premium services from the same people.
Now rogers will not credit my account for 83. 75 becouse last month's credit was a one time deal. My total use this month was 2 min for 2 calls to my son and doughter. Total charge for that 60 cents.
Rogers gave me these two web sides to complain to the company directly to receive a refund and be removed from the accounts list.
My luvcrush?Whitch celebrity an i
Alert model messenger
 18th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Terrible. The exact same thing just happened to me. Apparently, I had an iPhone ordered on my account, and shipped to my address by UPS. What a scam. Definitely an inside job from unhappy Rogers workers. I got it resolved in about 4 days though, but I'd still like to hear the audio recording of the call that took place.
 19th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Rogers wireless is brutal. I am stuck in a Kafka-esque problem with them. I took 5 phone numbers from personal accounts and moved them to a small business account.

Every month paid the business account diligently while behind the scenes Rogers was billing the previous accounts in addition to the business accounts. They've now limited the service of my employees and their "resolution" is to have me pay the old accounts in order to resolve the service to the new accounts.

Their customer service reps are rude and insulting, their credit department is even worse. I've attempted to escalate this through their President's Office and Ombudsman with no reply in 3 additional days.

Even better the other day I got a letter from a Lawyer claiming I owe $800 to Rogers. When we called to resolve the matter the account listed does not exist, the lawyer has no record of the invoices on this claim.

It's beyond brutal. It's beyond unethical. It's frankly down right illegal.
 19th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have now spent over 11 hours trying to get problem with Rogers resolved. This is further to comments of Dan Nedelko - the owner of Honeypot Marketing. Company functions are being severely affected by the position Rogers representatives have taken - charging an account from which 7 cell phones have been moved to business account - on a recommendation of Rogers business department. Since the original account was in my name and the account number was changed at the time of transfer I do not understand how is it possible that network access charges and eventually cancellation charges were charged to that account. What is absolutely ridiculous is that the business account - with a different address but with my name as a primary contact is now being affected. If that is Rogers policy and practice, all business owners need to be aware that their cell phones could suddenly be removed from service because the person who pays company bills has a dispute with Rogers. That is absolutely ridiculous. I have discussed this over and over with various departments - there is an interaction number for the case - I 309 653 360 - I must strongly oppose to Rogers practices in this matter - especially since the entire week and hours of attempts to communicate are without a result. Had I known anything even remotely close to this was going to happen, I would not have recommended Rogers for the business services! And rest assured that as many of our friends and business associates are being made aware of this situation on ongoing basis. All i can add - Rogers - you do not owe your customers and whether you want to admit it or not, what you do owe the world is proper service instead of holding your customerd in a hostage situation with completely ignorant attitude!
 22nd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes

Rogers Nokia - unacknowledged workers
Atlantic Superstore
Prince Edward Island

I have never been so pissed off from dealing with morons, its getting ridiculous. I know about the bad reputation that this particular superstore has but i had no idea about this. They were rude, disrespectful and tried to make me feel like shit. I dont care how long your day has been, when you are working in a customer service business, it is not your place to to belittle others. I will most likely be taking the piece of shit phone that I got back and going somewhere that people will treat me better. This is unreal that I even have to say this but anyway, the superstore has lost one loyal customer...
 12th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
i have the same problem and all i know is Rogers is FRAUD
 12th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
I do have the same problem all i can say is ROGERS IS JUST A FRAUD .
 9th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes

Rogers Wireleess Canada - mislead
rogers wireless canada

so i wish i would have seen this two months ago ...i was in the mayo clinic for 1 and a half months called rogers befor i left and told them what was happening and what i should do she said not to worry she would put me on a 300 paln so i could have unlimitted everything ...and i did then i got my bill 5000 i almost shit myself i called and asked what the hell was up and they told me romeing is what coast me 4650.00 i told them when i called the lady told me my bill would be 300 and they said read you contract i just wanna cry !!!you would think she could have mentioned this after all she called herself a customer service rep gawd !!!
 25th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes

Rogers Internet and TV - bad experiances

I had a cold call from a Rogers sales Rep 2 weeks ago, ..about upgrades to my phone and TV/Internet..my first question was "how much more per month for these upgrades??" I was told about $10 to $15 to my present bill, so I went for it...Well guess what ...last bill was $53.20 more then last month when I called they stated they don't know why the sales rep would say such a thing...etc etc...$190 is a little heavy per month for me to pay so I told them to cancel the TV/Internet and keep the phone...they said they wanted a $400 "early" cancellation fee...early?? I've been a friggin customer for 7 years...what is this cancellation fee?? If I were moving do they hit those ppl with the same thing? Anyone else have a problem along these lines and what did you do to remedy it...(besides paying the $400) ???
 15th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes

Rogers TV Cable - Charge with higher price without obvious notice

I am very unhappy with Rogers service and CR.

When a contract with discount is signed after sale person's repeated solicit, customers are not given a choice to set the end-date by which it will be charged with regular high price automatically. The information of when contract will end is not provided to customers until last month it's posted at a hardly found place. The information is not included in monthly notification email body. It is said it's customers responsibility to login online a/c and find the end-date themselves. However online a/c does not show the information of end date at all until hidden at other charge of the last month online bill only. When customer reads the information, it's already late because of another rule of one-month-before cancellation notice applies. You wound have to pay one more month at least regardless willing or not if you are lucky finding the information on time. It's a trap for customers. Finally I am told it's a very valid charge.

Without willingness, retain customers by such a tweak. Shamed on Rogers. Customers leave with angry with having been played. Rogers business goes down definitely.

//Sam Wu
 8th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes

Rogers Wireless - Data Charges when on vacation

After going through hell with rogers over wrong billing for a new iphone 5s, 3 mos ago, and having them suspend my phone twice and phoning and talking with numerous customer service reps and managers, on January 6th 2014, it was fixed. Finally...no more calls from the credit dept...or so I thought.

Seems I cant get my phone working again until I pay for my 499.99 data use while I was in mexico... um, what ?
seems rogers got a bill from telcel and billed me for 499.99, 33 mb of data usage while in mexico nov 20-24. Well fml, that's weird, I paid for wifi and have proof on my cc statement.

well, seems that doesn't matter, rogers wont investigate or listen, pay up !!! they'll take 100.00 off the bill for me...no thanks.
Credit dept will take 40% off for me cause im a good customer...no thanks !
Emailed office of the president and office of the obundsman, no replies...off to ccts.

Im not getting forced to pay data roaming charges when I took appropriate steps to safeguard my phone and pay for wifi, clearly connect with bars and wifi access, I get billed.
im taking a stand. anyone else have this kind of trouble with rogers ???? I bet money on it.

oh, btw, if you travel to mexico, watch your travel packages you buy from rogers, my 90.00 talk n text package didn't work at all, no calls went through and no texts either...until I paid for wifi, did my phone start to work.
 13th of Jun, 2016 by    0 Votes

Rogers - Rogers wants to repeat service line work that damaged our driveway

Last night I returned home to a paint sprayed lawn and a letter rolled-up on our door handle. As soon as I saw the paint spray lines I already had a good idea what was happening, but the letter confirmed it!.

HTS (Hermes Technical Services) left a letter notifying us that they intend to dig under my driveway to "repair/replace" the service line!. They are performing this job on behalf of Rogers, and not for our benefit but our neighbours, .

Less than two years ago, the exact same work was performed'. Only then I was not informed by the company - they simply showed up and told us they had to run a new line for our neighbours:. When I saw the crew, I walked outside and spoke with the person in charge'.

I have worked landscaping and know quite a bit about grading, site preparation and paving (both asphalt and stone)/. I have worked with companies and worked with crews on hundreds of driveway jobs alone?.

I communicated my concerns about what seemed to be a job that was going to inevitably produce damage to my driveway. The person in charge handed me their card and told me if anything happened to contact them.

A few months after they had carried out the work, I started to notice cracks in the exact area where they had tunneled underneath my driveway to run the service line. When I tried to contact the person, the number was no longer in service.

So that's the backstory in nutshell, and now, near or around two years from when the first service line work was carried and caused damage to my driveway, HTS wants to perform the same work.

So last night, after reading through the letter, I contacted HTS yesterday and left a message.

I then proceeded to contact Rogers and spoke with Lisa of their service department (reference number of the call C72283610). After speaking with her on the phone for twenty minutes, she told me she was escalating this with their service manager.

So earlier today, HTS called wanting to speak to me about my concerns. I called them back and they essentially ignored my concerns, and in a roundabout way told me they are going to go ahead with the work as per Rogers instructions.

At this stage, I have a contractor that hears but doesn't listen to homeowners with valid concerns, and a supposed complaint logged with Rogers with no assurance anyone is even going to arrive on site to inspect the damage to my driveway from the previous work performed. As it is, I'm on the hook for the existing damage to my driveway as the previous contractor is nowhere to be found, and HTS told me to take up the problem with the city.

So Rogers hires these contractors, they cause damage to people's personal property, and then when damage occurs, they not only disappear, but it seems Rogers hires new contractors who ignore homeowners concerns.

At this point, I am livid at the way both HTS and Rogers is handling this matter.

Why does a less than 2 year old service line have to be repaired/replaced again?

I have attached with this post a photo of the crack damage that was left behind from the last "service line" repair/replacement.

Anyone experience anything like this? Any suggestions? I am so appalled by the way our property has been treated by these incompetent contractors that I refuse to allow them to perform the same work which caused damaged once before.

 13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes

Rogers Blackberry Hardware - Customer Service
Rogers Communications
Phone: 4163075344

I bought a Blackberry Pearl 9100 on 25th October 2010. Last week, I sent a text message and after about 2 hours when I wanted to use the cell again, I noticed that there was a crack right across the screen. I called Rogers today and requested that either, as a good will gesture of my being their customer for 11 years (4 cell phones/home phone/internet/cable) and using all their services, they would replace the BB or I was willing to pay the promotional upgrade fee which is on their website. Rogers customer relations manager was not ready to extend any courtesy. She refused and in fact gave me the amounts of cancellation charges that would be levied on me if I cancelled all the 4 cell phones with them. I am wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience with Rogers. Is it possible that we, as customers, have made Rogers feel that we cannot do without them? Your thoughts, please??
 13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes

Rogers Media - Sportsnet

I moved to BC 3.5 years ago. For the past 3 seasons, I have enjoyed watching every Canucks game I could on SNET Pacific. Why is it this season, I am not allowed to watch the games? "not available in your area". I live in the Okanagan - why would I be blacked out now? Why would an away game be blacked out?
 13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
rodgers needs to be put out of business . can not get satisfaction with billing problems, poor customer service . goodbye rodgers up yours !
 13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes

Rogers - failing to fix charges
1216 ranchlands way nw
Phone: 4036292633

I have been with Rodgers for at least 10 years and have never had any complaints. my average cell bill is 175.00 a month, I have two phones with them. i renewed my contract in Oct. 2007 and received two new phones with the contract. The main phone has been in for repairs and re-booted twice since then. The pads have fallen off the numbers so i requested another phone but i wanted a totally different one, as the one i have is falling apart.(i never had this problem in the 10 years of being with them.)i received my new phone which was exactly the same but an upgrade at the cost of 75.99 plus an hardware upgrade fee of 35.00 . When i got my phone i was upset it was the same one with a different model number and sent it back right away. I called to inform them about my returning the phone and how upset i was they sent me the same phone and they said they would remove the the cost of the phone but i still have to pay the 35.00 upgrade fee. They refused to remove it. i also was getting joke of the day sent to me and was wondering why they were being sent to me. i replied back to them to please stop sending them to me. i continued to get them on a daily basis and again requested them to again please stop sending them to me. i still received them on a daily basis. I got in contact with rodgers and requested them to stop sending them to me and they told me to not say please and text message them to "stop all" and i did and they stopped. i was then charged 23.75 for these jokes of the day and requested for them to take this charge off as i did not request the joke of the day and requested them to stop. i was informed this is a third party billing and they can't remove it and that i must of text messaged them requesting joke of the day. i informed them i never did as i am almost 50 and don't need joke of the day to get me through the day. I then informed them i will be looking for a new phone plan with another company as when something goes wrong they totally don't have any customer service. The person i was talking to didn't seem to care and told me it would cost me 400.00 to get out of my contract. well that is only two months cost for me as i pay 170.00 a month for the use of my cell phones. 10 years of loyalty to Rodgers and the person i was talking to was quite content with my cancelling my service with them...there is customer service!! just to let you know, during this conversation i was never rude and never raised my voice.
 13th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes

Rogers Wireless - Bad service
Rogers Wireless

On February 29th, 2008, I was told that I would be getting unlimited local calling until September 3rd, 2008 as compensation for a wireless plan error that the representative made.

The agreement was made over the telephone (bad move, I know) and there is no way that I can think of to prove that this agreement was made (even though they say they "record" all phone calls). It should say it in my account history, but it only goes back to April (so they tell me).

The problem is that I was under a joint account, but I had separated from that account around March to have one under my own name a few weeks later. Apparently the note was not copied into my account history and now Rogers claims that they can't do anything about it because it's not under my name. I got the first 3 months of unlimited local calling, but it stopped after June.

One of the representatives looked into the account of my partner's, found it, but still told me that I can't get it because it's not under my name. Now I am being charged for calls that I did indeed make, but should not be paying for. My bill last month was $310 when it is supposed to be $45. I have not paid for it and refuse to until the problem is solved.

If there is some kind of online petition or protest against Rogers, please notify me ASAP. I will do ANYTHING to prove them wrong and make them fix the problem they have brought upon themselves.

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