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Employee Mistreatment/Slander

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Rite Aid Pharmacy
5700 100th St Sw ste 100
Lakewood, Washington
United States
Phone: 2535883666
So My Wife Was Working For This Rite Aid For About 5 Years. She Started As A Cashier And After 3 Years Worked Her Way Up To A Shift Manager. Midway through Her Employment They Changed Management, New Store Manager, And Assistant Manager. Everything Was Fine Until My Wife Got Pregnant. One Instance She Was Working And Was Feeling Weak And Dizzy, She Went To The Multi-care Clinic In The Store And The Nurse Sent Her To The Hospital. Her Mom Pretty Much Had To Carry Her Out The Door. She Went To The Emergency Room And As She Was Being Seen The Assistant Manager Called Her And Yelled At Her For Leaving And Not Telling Anyone, Even Though She Told Another Manager On Duty She Was Going. She Then Demanded That My 6 Month Pregnant Wife That's Having Complications With Her Pregnancy Return To Work And Finish Her Shift. Yeah No. There Were Several Occasions Where They Would Make Her Work A 9-10 Hour Shift Without Any Breaks. They Made Her Work Night Shifts As The Only Manager On Duty Thus Making It Impossible To Use The Restroom, Which Was Located At The Opposite End Of The Store. The Assistant Manager Has Called Me At My Work Yelling At Me And Accusing Me Of Lying About My Wife's Whereabouts, Which Almost Got Me Fired. They Called Her Lazy At Work And Gave Her The Most Difficult Mundane Jobs That They Could Possibly Find For Her To Do. When She Did Use The Restroom, She Would Give Her Only Employee On The Night Shift Her Manager Code For Return Approvals And Such Because You Cant Hear The Intercom From The Restroom. She Changed The Code As Soon As She Was Finished. They Were Doing A Big Investigation On The Store For Theft, So They Interrogated All The Employees Like They Were Criminals. They Made Her Confess To Giving Out Her Code, which Has Nothing To Do With Stealing. So They Fired Her, Conveniently 3 Days Before Her Due Date And Delivery. So There Was No Maternity Leave For Her. So She Filed For Unemployment. She Was Denied For Breaking Company Policy. She Didn't Know She Wasn't Allowed To Give Out Her Code Because All The Other Managers And The Assistant Manager herself Was Doing It. Funny How The Ready To Pop Mom To Be Is The Only One That Got Canned. Nevertheless We Fought Unemployment. In Washington, The Employer Pays Your Unemployment Benefits, So They Aren't Trying To Pay. So After 6 Months Of Appeals And Tons Of Phone Calls Later, We Got To Talk To A Judge And Have A Hearing. We Gave Our Case, The Corporation Gave Theirs, And That A Hole That Interrogated Her Like A POW Was On The Line As Well. Well Sorry Rite Aid, (Not Really!) We Won. Thanks For The 3, 200 Bucks. Now Shes Been Trying To Find Work For About 6 Months And No One Will Hire Her. When I Say Nobody I Mean Nobody. She Worked At Rite Aid For 5 Years. Great Work History, 1 Job For So Long. That's Good. But Not Good Enough. Some Places She Sends Her resume To E Mail Her Back 5 Minutes Later Telling Her She Didn't Get The Job. But The Add Stays. We're Beginning To Think That Rite Aid May Be Slandering Her Name When They Call Her Only Work Reference. What Can We Do?
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 3rd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
My Mom unfortunately works for Wrong Aid, that place hires the most insignificant wastes of human life. Her manager is nothing short of lazy with all capital letters. Whenever my Mom is working and she completes her shift, the next day if he's working he tells her she has done everything wrong. He sits on his hind end and barks commands, then he also admits to my mom the people he has work off the clock. When he's on his day off and there's a problem he'll ignore his phone, he's a manager which means he should be on call even on his days off. He'll make things up like he's been drinking and he can't come in and handle whatever the problem is and that they will have to figure something out. Recently my Mom is trying to go on part time and be semi retired, she told this idiot she wanted to go part-time 6 months in advance, did he do anything in that 6 months to make that happen? Of course he didn't he's an incompetent little you know what. As far as I'm concerned he's probably the most worthless waste of human life I've ever had the misfortune of knowing, he's lazy, he wants everyone to do his job for him, he's controlling, he manipulates everyone he can, in short, that's the kind of people Rite Aid wants as their managers, and they wonder why they aren't profitable. I hope some day the guy just doesen't wake up, he just quits breathing, he deserves nothing better than the worst life has to offer. How in the world any company can keep someone as lazy and irresponsible as this guy is what makes me question management. Reading some of the other remarks I see here, it seems as though Rite Aid hires some real winners.
 20th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
The Irvine, KY store has the rudest mgr. of any company! They could care less about their employee's! i refuse to do business with RITE-AID!!
 20th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I know a poor lady with two kids that worked at rite-aid in irvine, ky for two & one half yrs., started as cashier worked up to shift supervisor, they terminated her one week before christmas !!! they said she broke company policy!!! what a company to work for ! they are denying unemployment benefits to her! i hope that company goes broke!!!
 20th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Stealth, i worked for them for 11 yrs, i got tired of the way they treated employee's, the lady in question took in a 1.48 dollar coupon from an eldery customer that was a valid coupon by the way! why don't you get a job there and see for yourself!!! yes i wish they would go belly up! chek and see where most of their product comes from, work for them for a while and see what happens!!
 29th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Trust me every bad thing they are saying about rite aid is 100% true... i worked there for two years and they treat the employees like crap. They constantly interrogate their employees and think they are stealing, and I have known several wonderful managers 1 who was with the company 22 years get fired for things that are completley ridiculous. And you want to know why they got fired for real because rite aid is was or still is going broke and did not want to pay their managers a salary worth any thing so instead of having hardworking dedicated managers they fired them, gave shift supervisor less money promoted them to manager and completely got rid of the assistant managers position, then hired new employees making less pay as a chift supervisor(which by the way makes all most the exact amount as a cashier at rite aid.) This company is one of the worst i have eve worked for. I know all this to be true because a friend of mine still works for the company has for about 6 years and is good friends with a loss prevention manager who is works along side the district manage and he gets all the information from a reliable source. and really there are still so many things that i didnt mention that they do to their employees that is just wrong, if you have never worked for this company you can get mad about all the things being said about it but you dont know how it is ...it really is a terrible compnay to work for and these people are probably completely right in everything they said
 5th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ken Gass grabbed my hair and tried to cut my ponytail off with a pair of office scissors and told me that it is his job to initiate the new girls back on August 6, 2010 and about August 19th, I filed a police report and complained to Mr. Palko, Mr. Ortley and Ms. Breed. My hours were cut to just 15 a week. I am in the middle of a sexual harassment complaint via the commission on human relations and have told Mr. Palko and Debbie breed several times to stop calling me at home and showing up on my job, if you want information about my situation have Ken's lawyer contact the commision. Kens lawyer offered me $500.00 to quit then $1, 000.00 then $2, 000.00. I should not have to quit my job because the manager is abusive towards women. Mr. Hanson called my home about two weeks ago knowing that he is not supposed to talk to me. Heres what gets to me, my sexual harassment case has been lingering for seven months and not one corporate manager has given me a grievance form to fill out but my hours and dutuies have been cut. Ken told me in August that he does not hire men, well wouldn't you know he just hired a man a few weeks ago to cover his tracks. I show up for work on time and ready to work and the only complaints I get is why are you dressed like the manager who do you think you are, what's up with the make-up? We don't dress like that we don't look like that. Heres my argument if I had more hours maybe I could afford to dress down. It's ok for the employees to talk, tweet or eat all day. Curse out their boyfriends on the cell phone. leave the cash office door cracked because they don't want to use their key, let the family use the employee only bathroom or sit in the cash office, shop on the clock, make strange transactions on each others register. But when I tell ken to stop trying to cut my hair off it is offensive to him and the other girls. A woman should not have to put up with sexual abuse of any kind just to work at Rit Aid. just my opinion.
 5th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Joename I just read your story and it's not what you know it's who likes you at Rite Aid. I witnessed a shift manager take a customers credit card # over the phone to purchase a can of cat food because they were out of town and the sitter was on her way up to the store. We are not supposed to work on each others register but I have seen employee's working on mine that's why I haven't taken a 15 minute break since October 2010. A shift manager didn't feel like counting down Robins drawer and told Yuri to jump on and wait on customers. Allison told me one night to clean the outside windows of the Shadyside store and not three minutes into it I see Jennifer working on my register, I flung the door open and asked what was going on and Aliison said she was doing something on Jens register and it is ok. I said it is not ok. When I finished the windows Allison told me to work Jennifers register for a moment because we had a line, I said are you kidding me? She told me to do something else and I looked up and she did a transaction on my drawer and threw the receipt away and then did another transaction and stuffed it with the rest of the money. I said woe did you just do a pick up? she blew me off and replied Yes. I said can I count it? She played games talked to a customer for a long time and started toward the office which is what I did not want. I said excuse me Allison I need to count that. She ignored me went into the office for a few minutes, came back out and said now you can count it. I said it's too late, but I counted it anyway. That was the same night she let her sister (non employee) use the bathroom and stay in the cash office with her. I told Denny Palko about it he said it is ok because it's her sister. Are you kidding me? It's not what you know Joename it's who likes you at Rite Aid. I hope you and your wife get reimbursed for your trouble. just my opinion.
 14th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I can tell you that Rite Aid is extremely bias and unfair to certain employees. I myself am employed by rite aid and have been with the company for about three years. At least I was. I don't know about anymore...here is my story. I have worked at my Rite Aid for going on 3 years. In that time I have had nothing but a great repor with my fellow associates, my customers, and managers. All of my reviews came back as outstanding and though I had been promised a shift management position over two years ago, however after each review I was given a measly 16cents raise and a thankyou for my outstanding service. A few months ago I got an offer from a competing pharmacy. I did not immediately accept the offer. Instead I gave Rite Aid the chance to show that the company truly valued me. I let my managers know about my other job offer and they said they hoped Rite Aid would do the right thing by me. Months later I have accepted the offer from the other pharmacy and I gave my notice. I explained that as I have 4 children, I needed to think about whats right for my family. Seeing as I was being offered over 30% more than what Rite Aid paid me with a title position and full benefits and guaranteed hours, this was the best decision. Now, I work with awesome people at my store...all of them, great people. The company itself? Fickle and ungrateful and more importantly manipulative and devious. A week to the day after giving my notice, the LP manager comes to the store and suspends me for an offense that he never actually said and would not explain, or show me evidence. I have never taken anything or given anything nor anything else that would require LP talk to me. I have never done anything wrong period. Whats more suspicious to me is that the LP used to work for the pharmacy I am supposed to start working at next week. I have contacted human resources and I have contacted an attorney. I am not going to back down. Again, this man NEVER even told me WHAT I was being accused of. He refused an explanation and evidence. It is totally bizarre. I still feel dumbfounded and discombobulated. I feel so stabbed in the back by a company that I darn near killed myself for even though grossly underpaid because after an economy crash and a divorce, its all I had to support my children. I finally have a chance to earn more for my family and I feel completely set up for sabatage. Joesname and his wifes story, and actually all that I have read seems to coincide completely with my experience. I am so sorry to all that this company has treated wrongly and I hope you all have justice to the same degree I hope for myself. Be blessed
 13th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
The worst place to work. poor managers, My manager very lazy and when the big man come down on him . he point fingers at every body but him self. They told me when i was hired. The company do not believe in over time. Since i been with the comapny i been working 12- 14 hours Six days a week. On Truck day they only have one person unloading those heavy tots. They do not Provide enough hours for all the work they wont you to do. We short staff. And the company have such a large turn over.
 30th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am sorry I wasted 11 years of my life at that company. I got treated like crap when I told them I was pregnant and it only got worse as my pregnancy progressed and I wasn't able to work as hard as I normally did. I was a supervisor that worked full time and when I came back from maternity leave they demoted me back to a cashier and put me at 15 hours or less a week. What a lovely bunch of people! They hire managers that don't know how to run stores, yet they don't give anyone that's already been there a while a chance to advance. They are ALWAYS looking for reasons to fire people and they will for any little thing.
 23rd of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
I recently today had a girl named alic to call the cops or another employee who was not on the clock called the police on me. I had my 2 and 3 year old with me, boys, went in to get the boys toys, juice, and candy as I promised them. But first with my heart condition I needed to accurately ck my blood pressure. Ends up I fussed at my youngest and put my hand over his mouth"not so he couldn't breathe" and said Benjamin mommy needs to finish this... So ahhhhhh he just kept crying! William was opening things and running all over the store. Finally I got an okay reading and proceeded to get their things and then the next thing I knew three police walked in. Asked me for my I'd, at the time they walked in my oldest son was having a tantrum throwing his shoes at me and I was just trying to talk him down nice "he has some behavioral issues because I don't like spanking. At any rate the cops were very nice even though it freaked me out completely! I went and asked the dark headed girl if she reported me or called the police because I didn't do anything. Ends up she freaked out and kept yelling that her son almost died last year!!! She was a basket case very young girl, then this jerk man walks up behind her and lies his butt off or confuses me with another person and says he saw me last week "knee one of my sons in my car!" He was horrible to me! Then the girl yelled at me. Telling me I couldn't talk to my children that way, my oldest asked my to hold him my hands were full and I wasn't feeling well she said "YOUR SON WANTS HELD WHY CAN'T YOU HOLD HIM??" She lost it I told her very nicely she needed to calm herself! That she was acting strange. At any rate I felt like it was defamation of character so I called the officer back "one of them" he said I did nothing wrong and advised me to stay away from that rite aid since the are acting that way and that the call was nothing as he thought it would be when he got there, that social services wouldn't be called and I have nothing to worry about. He apologized and really urged me to stay away from there. Funny thing about the kneeing my don in the car is I was nursing my poor dog of over a decade to her death and had not been there with my son since valentines day so he was wrong and delay accusing me . It was so screwed up I cried and felt like I was a horrible mom and all I was doing was treating them. They were tired and a nervous wreck they just wanted to go home now that I look back at it. The police made my oldest don upset just bc he took my into run my license. My husband and I got into it, I put the boys to bed bc I felt like a complete failure and awful about myself! Then the police after I left when my husband got home told me I did nothing wrong and not to worry. He also said she couldn't cell social services bc there wasn't anything to go off on. I guess she made me sound like a monster! I live my boys and would do anything for them. She even went as far as to talk to me over the intercom saying don't touch him! I'm watching you!! The whole time blind sided I thought she was speaking to a shoplifter! I was just sitting by the pharmacy checking my blood pressure. Talk about a framing basket case and screwing with my family life omg!!! I will never go thee again and am moving all my scripts! Rite aid you can thank you idiot employee for losing such a valuable customer! Also I was getting tired of the expired good and candy. Oh and lip gloss! So screw you little dark haired girl. I'm really close to beings my charges against the company, you, and you older guy friend who backed you up! Will be making calls Monday! Boston road Dylan place rite aid Lexington ky never go there!!!

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