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Kroger, Goshen Complaints & Reviews - Slow cashiers & annoying baggers

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Posted:    Mrniceguy

Slow cashiers & annoying baggers

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Goshen, United States
Since I have moved to goshen, I have always hated going to the local kroger. I work third shift at one of the warehouses down in milford, and I stop in this kroger generally 3-5 times a week. I used to like it, but now I can't stand it due to a few cashiers and baggers.

First off, there is this very short woman, probably in her mid sixties. I believe her name is pat or patty or something. She is slooooooow. Once I went through her line with my wife, and it literally took us 15 minutes for a $150 order, because she thouroughly reads all of the coupons. And I have noticed that she only uses one hand to scan groceries, which just seems very odd to me. Also, at one point I bought a pack of cigarrettes and she ID'd me (even though I'm in my thirties and definitely look like it), which made me mad for the rest of the day. I would avoid her line if at all possible.

Second, there is a taller woman with dark hair, I believe her name is Ruth. Every time I come through her line with an order, she will stop scanning and start talking, and I'm guessing she forgot that she is at work. I don't know how, she just does. She is loud, rude, obnoxious, and honestly does not come off as being very intelligent. I would also avoid her line.

Now for some of Kroger's famous baggers, since they're the last grocery store that has them.

First, there is a middle-aged woman who I can guess is slightly mentally retarded. She is basically a zealot, and if you talk to her, she will preach to you. And by preach, I mean tell you that you are going to hell. I have seen the look on some of the cashier's faces when this happens, and they just look extremely annoyed. I don't blame them, since this woman scared the living hell out of my oldest son (who is four) by telling him in great detail of what happens to people when they go to hell. I do not see why kroger will not just fire her, because I have heard from people that she has tons of customer complaints against her, and that she is generally a worthless employee.

Second, there is an older gentleman, who looks to be in his forties, and he is just generally weird. I was walking in the parking lot with my youngest son (who is two), and he started BARKING AT US. Honestly, who hires someone that barks at people? Also, I have heard him cursing, and at one point he did so in front of my older son which angered me. Kroger, once again, why do you keep these people?

Although I generally dislike this store, there are a few cashiers and baggers who work there that are actually nice and that I always see doing their job:
-A short middle aged woman with brown hair
-A short girl cashier with curly hair
-A short male cashier with black hair
-A tall female cashier with auburn hair
-A short girl cashier with black hair & piercings
-A tall male cashier with blonde hair
-A tall male bagger with a dirty blonde mohawk
-A tall male bagger with curly brown hair
-A tall male bagger with red hair

So kroger, if you were to read this, I would fire the people that I have given long descriptions of. I am pretty sure that it would make everyones shopping experience more enjoyable. As for the people that I gave short descriptions of, they deserve a medal for putting up with the crap from your more annoying employees. Honestly if I didnt live so close I would probably go shop at wal mart or meijer.
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 4th of Nov, 2009 by   angry cashier 0 Votes
first off this rant is a piece of garbage. i work as a cashier and i just started out and i always get those pissy customers that are in a rush to go places and get all mad if your not breaking ur neck to pack thier groceries. and always complaining about something. we may act polite to you guys for the sake of our job but at the same time we really wanna hop over the counter and knock ur fucking teeth out
 4th of Nov, 2009 by   angry cashier 0 Votes
also we are also always being looked down upon because of our job so u guys feel like u are better than us and u cant deny this. do realize that we are people too and we have lives just like u do. we wanna go home just like u. some cashier are probably slow because take into consideration that we stand at the register for hours constantly using our arms and bending so if someone is slow its not because we dont care its probably because they are trying to take it easy on themselves. just tell the cashier that your in a hurry and we will move faster dont just stand there with a attidude or than will make us not wanna help u.
 4th of Nov, 2009 by   angry cashier 0 Votes
you stupid fuck! dont u have anything else better to do than put those poor cashiers that work at kroger's job's at stake? on ur way home were u thinking "oh i cant wait to get gome and post a thread complaining about these slow cashiers"...get a life ass wipe
 5th of Jun, 2010 by   idiotsabound 0 Votes
with what kroger employees get paid and the amount of horse shit they put p with in any given day, you're lucky they don't follow you home and burn your house down you stupud fucking self righteous fucktard
 5th of Jun, 2010 by   idiotsabound 0 Votes
i work at kroger and i say, if you don't like kroger then go fucking shop at walmart. the union doesnt give me decent pay or any other benefit but at least i know i can still work if everyone fucks off to walmart but it doesn't matter cause foodstamp rats will always go to the closest place to buy fuel for their irresponsible fucking
 11th of Dec, 2010 by   gesserfan +1 Votes
Stealth pilot is right on. you get mad over pretty much people doing their jobs. the barking is WEIRD... but hey, you cant say its hurting anyone. Secondly, they have baggers (Courtesy clerks) in all stores, and that woman sounds like she has a few scres loose.
 8th of Sep, 2012 by   RarelyComplain 0 Votes
Well those Indiana Kroger employees are DEFINITELY union. No doubt about it.
(only a junkyard dog could outdo these guys...)

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