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Kfc - South Africa Complaints & Reviews - Service was so terrible!

Kfc - South Africa Contacts & Informations

Kfc - South Africa

Posted:    Tamsyn raven

Service was so terrible!

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 49 votes
I was visiting south Africa from Ireland and we had kfc in east London, Vincent. Their service was so terrible, after phoning and laying a full complaint to the customer service i received a letter saying sorry and that was about it! Never mind all the crap i went threw in their shop just to get a meal. What happened to vouchers as good gesture!
Comments South Africa Fast Food Restaurants
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Kfc - South Africa - bad food


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 13th of Sep, 2007 by   Christiene Malherbe 0 Votes
If this person is under the impression that she got bad service - she must never go to KFC in Elarduspark. Firstly, the cashier taking our oderder thought it was fine if she scratched her nose while taking our order, secondly we got to the wrong order, which we discovered in the car, on returning to the KFC the manager helped us and promissed us that everthing was in order. Surprise, surprise, the order was not in order, that we unfortunately only found out when we reached hom (about 20 minutes from KFC). Previously they forgot to pack 4 powerades and a twister, which we also only found out at the house. This is really NOT GOOD for KFC"s reputation and needless to say, we shall NEVER shop there again.
 16th of Sep, 2007 by   Waseem Ahmed 0 Votes
My name is Waseem Ahmed. I m living in PietermarizBurg. I dont have any complain about KFC.
I want a fever from you. Could you please tell me KFC head office Tele Phone or Fax number. I am Interest to take KFC frenchise. or could you please tell me how to get KFC frenchise?

Tnx n B/R!
(0027-33-3426640) Fax
 28th of Sep, 2007 by   Darren Schafer 0 Votes
I Had such bad KFC... the batter was under cooked and it tasted like chicken with baby powder on it! Benoni,
 5th of Nov, 2007 by   Tasneem khan 0 Votes
On the 3rd of November at 9:00pm after leaving a hospital my family decided on kfc for dinner.It was the Verulam kfc that we all went to.On arriving there was already a queue and quite a few cars at the drive-thru.But knowing that KFC is a quick dinner we waited, we waited about half an hour in the queue.when we eventually got to the front of the queue we were told that there was no chicken ready.We asked how long it would take, but got no answer. The staff were very unprofessional, they were literally grabbing the fried chickens as they were put on the trays.While the manager just sat in her office watching all this unfold.When asked why they did it, the reply was drive thru is more important. I really believe that something be done about this branch because i am not the only person who is unhappy.
 18th of Nov, 2007 by   Bernice Graham 0 Votes
On 11 November 2007 we went to KFC RUSTENBURG (Nelson Mandela Drive) to buy the new Chocolate Brownie Ice cream but was informed that they had no ice cream, so we left. On 18 November 2007 (7 DAYS LATER) we went to KFC RSUTENBURG (Nelson Mandela Drive) again to get a Chocolate Brownie ice cream and again got told that they had no ice cream so I said how is it possible as we were there last Sunday also and was told they had no ice cream. The assistant then told us the ice cream machine is broken. Now I ask, how could they not fix the problem in 7 days time??? We think it is pathetic to do nothing about the ice cream machine in 7 days!!! There is not poor service at KFC RUSTENBURG (Nelson Mandela Drive), there is in fact NO SERVICE!!!
 30th of Nov, 2007 by   Cristina and Edna 0 Votes
We visited the MALELANE KFC yesterday for a meal the store was out of paper towels, saurces, packaging, bread rolls, utensils. Talking to the Manager we had no luck he was clueless and said he was new. KFC take your sign off the front of that franchise door it does not belong there. We looked around and found that most of the clients were black south africans, this is another form of service discrimination just because they are catering for black people mostly does not mean they have the right to give inferior service. I placed my complaint on the customer care on their website and this is the answer : This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


NICE ONE KFC what a disgrace!
 11th of Dec, 2007 by   lindsie stainbank 0 Votes
The service that we recieve from the kfc branch in Meredale is extremely appalling. fristly the staff is unfriendly, they approch each customer as if they are doing us a favour by doing their jobs,the chicken is always very small ,seems like the branch in Meredale gets chicks only. Another thing that gets to me is the fact that the oil they use to fry the chicken in alway burnt,so the chicken tastes burnt ,I know this because i worked in a fast food place before.there is no use complaining to management because they as useless as the staff.Something need to be done .
 20th of Jan, 2008 by   janine dunnett 0 Votes
Well, On Saturday 19 Jan 2007, after 1pm... we went to KFC Rosemead avenue, Kenilworth, Cape town. Firstly, they charged me for 3 kiddies meal, and I ordered 1. Then they gave my son, one of the raelly old toy. The new ones.. the smart kids- toys are out. They guy at the window, said that's all we've got. He had a take it or leave it attitude. Firstly, those toys are not free, we pay for them. A result, we have to get out of the drive through, get parking and then I had to go and chat to the manager. Who then went to the back and got a selection of the new toys out, and we could choose the one we wanted.

It doesn't stop there. Didn't have a look at te kiddies meal nor the zingers we purchased.

The kiddies meal, was the one with the strip.. well, the size of the strip, was literally 7cm in length and 2 cm in width. And there were literally 8 chips in the packet. I counted them as it looked like the last of the chips had been put into the packet. And what kid doesn't have tomato sauce. NO Tomato sauce in the box either.

The zingers, were sweet chilli with chees and when we opend the boxes, the sweewt chilli sauce was all over the boxes... and the the chicken on 2 of them was really hardlike it had been refried.
KFC just ain't what it used to be..
 19th of Mar, 2008 by   lloyd ramuki 0 Votes
Pls help I'm interested in your frenchise pls help thaks. Lloyd.
 24th of Mar, 2008 by   daniel biko 0 Votes
I was at KFC IN CARLTON CENTRE CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT THEY TOOK my fries from the floor and put in my take away with hairs and stones in it.
 7th of Apr, 2008 by   pietro jeffrey guerrini 0 Votes
Looking through the complaints because interested in owning a franchise. Disgusting really. It will be hard for me to eat KFC again, let alone own a store!! Bunch of ignoramuses
 8th of Apr, 2008 by   Mustaf 0 Votes
no complient so forth. I need kfc's main office telephone numbers. I'm interested in taking it in my township... pls help.
 22nd of Apr, 2008 by   Freud 0 Votes
Hi every body. Beg your pardon if my english could have some mystakes. I'm a french speaker and I'm trying to find any mail adress of KFC's direction in South-Africa.
 6th of Jun, 2008 by   Melissa 0 Votes
About two weeks ago my sister ordered KFC in Ladysmith South Africa..the KFC in Lyell street..She ended up in hospital with severe food poisining..please pay that KFC branch a visit and do some serious inspections..because I know of a few people that fell ill after ordering food from there.

Thanks Melissa
 17th of Jun, 2008 by   Vasu Chetty 0 Votes
The KFC in Durban, 45th cutting has recently been taken over by new management. On several occasions while buying @ the drive thru, we given incomplete orders. We usually order Rounder’s, with cheese & extra sauce & extra lettuce. On most of these occasions we are not given the cheese & extra sauce. After this happened during the first 2 times I regularly check my order to make sure that they have complied, & on every occasion, they ‘forget’ to put in the cheese & extra sauce. I am starting to believe that they have instructions from management or the owner to conveniently forget about these extras. Also, I would like a customer care contact number. Why does FKC not have a customer care number?
 3rd of Jul, 2008 by   Gugu Njoko 0 Votes
Hi, my name is Gugu and I'm interested in owning a KFC franchise, how can I go about doing that?
 11th of Jul, 2008 by   NL Couvaras 0 Votes
I am so tired of poor service at KFC in Lydenburg Mpumalanga. The service and attitude of the staff is awful .I will spend my R255 somewhere else in future. I went in just before 1600 toborder food. i can tell you that this will be the last time i visit this store. i am also postinga com, plaint on hellopeter.com
 31st of Jul, 2008 by   Melody Magor 0 Votes
3 Weeks ago a bought 12 Avalances at you Shelly Beach branch i was very dissipointed with the service they took about 20 minutes to get the order ready and when they were all done half of them were melted. When i requested to speak to the manager she said if i had any probleme i should phone the complaint line they even offer me the number not very polite. I phoned the complaint line and they took down my complaint. About a week later a lady phoned me to find out if i have received a curtacy call from the branch i replayed no and she hang up the phone on me. I even took her number 084 623 7216. She never called back and i never heard from you again. Your service is terrible. What a shame the food is so good ! ! !
 31st of Jul, 2008 by   Jodene 0 Votes
Kfc in Cape Town Stellenbosch has the worse service. We bought some Kfc a few weeks ago and my husband just love their salads. When we got home I couldn't dish up the salad for it was frozen. I mean really what's the use of salad if you can't enjoy it. I had to dispose it. Money down the drain. And the chicken is always not cleaned like it supposed to be. It's really disgusting, when you look at the thighs there's still blood in it. The rounders literally n drop of mayonaise. Chicky meals, they never have the toys in stock. So KFC Stellenbosch you deffnitely need to better your service.
 18th of Aug, 2008 by   shavell 0 Votes
hi i am infact not here to complain but i do infact need some assistance. i am a marketing student in the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and would like to do a marketing project on the kfc brand so could i please get some assistance by helping me get into contact with the marketing personnel of kfc south africa.
thank you

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