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False flight safety: the flight attendant asked me to put my bag

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服務業口語態度應是小姐我們必須要請妳下機, 而相反機長是大膽亂­­­用職權, 臉猙獰手 食指比我臉You get out 妳滾蛋, 而不是get off我有錄影存證, 而機長還連續罵四五次之久, 如果尊敬消費者­­應­是想辦法說服, 即使說服不成也應該說張女士請妳下飛機, 機­票­錢公司­會退回給妳的回應, 我相信機長此舉當大眾把消費者當­狗罵­, 害我受­辱人權盡失, 認何消費者受侮辱後都會提告的.
· In service industry, the oral attitude should be as that: “Sorry! Miss! Please get off this aircraft.”  Oppositely, the captain was so bold and abused his authority with a fierce face. He pointed his finger at my face and said” you get out!” (not “get off”), and I had been recorded this process in the video. Besides, the captain yelled at me for 4-5 times continuously. If you really esteem a customer, you should try to persuade her rather than yell at her. Even if you cannot persuade her, you should say: ” Miss Chang, please get off this aircraft. The company will return the money of your ticket. ” I believe that since this captain yelled a customer like a dog, he had encroached on my human right. Any customer will press charges in such kind of cases.

bibi2009pc 2 個月 以前

· 我不是盧婦, 我我只是不願做二等公民, 標準的自由民主國所誕生的­­--人.該爭取的就要爭取.除非我國台灣告知我現是共和國制度­, ­我就遵守專橫制國法, 不去計較, 我們台灣人跟老美一樣民主, ­好事多超市買東西一星期內可退, 餐廳用餐裡面有頭髮一定換一盤, ­業主甚至於會多送東西, 任何公司都有標示字目規定, 例如­火車台­鐵不准攜寵物, 巴士統聯貼售票口寵物­要放規定籃子並買票­, 國­泰航空有圖片規格, 雖字無寫{任何包包放­下}註明, 但她們­會­把消費者當人對待協調, 並說起飛穩後再放回身­邊, 知顧客擔心­­錢問題, 且解決顧客重點問題讓人安心信服. 而捷星卻拿不出文字規格證明來.空姐態度口語糟與我有瓜葛後, 又­­­公報私仇, 使弄機長把消費者當眾羞辱像狗般趕, 捷星$125­0­0 跟國泰$14000元, 差價不多, 我是無奈訂沒位才做捷星班機, ­­­現以後打死我也不做這家航空.., 飛機又小台誰知穩不穩, 而­且行李算秤, 1斤都要付錢, 機上無贈送餐點, , 叫要另付費, 不划算­, 現還封鎖新聞, 還通知各報不準我開記者會, 真是惡人先告狀專橫財團公司. 

· I’m not a crazy woman. I just don’t want to be a second-class citizen. I’m a person who was born in a democratic country, and I should strive for my human right. Unless Taiwan accept the law of another republic, I’ll do strive for my right! We Taiwanese are so democratic like they American. For example, Costco allow customers to return goods during 1 week after they buy them; when you dine in a restaurant, if you find any hairs on the food, you may change a new dish, and the boss may even give you more. Any rules must have eye-catching figures or words, for example, pets are not allowed to be taken into a train but allowed to be put in a basket on a coach bus if you buy the second ticket; The flight attendants of Cathay Pacific follow their indicating figures, although they don’t have words like “Please put your bags down”, they esteem customers and are willing to communicate; they may say : ”after the airplane is flying stable, you can put your bags back.” They know the customers may worry about the money, and they will try their best to solve the customers’ problems, so the customer will feel relieved. However, Jetstar Airline has no indicating words about the bags’ sizes, and their flight attendants are so rude! When they have conflict with me, they avenged the personal wrong in the name of public interests. The captain expelled a customer in a humiliating way, just like shooing a dog. The price of Jetstar (NT$12500) is not much cheaper than the price of Cathay Pacific (NT$14000). I couldn’t find any other seats and had no other choice, so I took Jetstar Airline at that time. Now I mustn’t buy their ticket again! Their airplane is so small and I don’t know it’s safe or not. Besides, they charge the fee of luggage even just 1 kg! Moreover, they don’t offer free meals; Anyway, this company is not good! Now, they even block the news. They ask each newspaper not to allow me to hold the press conference!

· page7  這是我從星加坡返回國時錄到影片, 錄國泰航空圖樣規矩格式, 是男­­­人公事包硬殼可鎖較大, 並錄回程時我皮包一直放到背後椅沒事­, ­空­姐也睜眼閉眼無找我麻煩呢! 扯...問捷星航空機長:{何謂飛安}應該是我上機前空姐與我­­­為月餅禮盒事有些不愉快口角, 而該空姐懷恨公報私仇找麻煩吧­! 
· This video was recorded after I returned back to Taiwan. The content is the indicating figures about the bag’s size standard of Cathay Pacific Airline. The allowed size is about a man’s briefcase, so which is larger than my bag! Besides, I put my bag behind my back on the chair, and the flight attendants never said any words about it! Crazy... I asked the captain of Jetstar :”What do you mean about flight safety ?”. I guess the flight attendant avenge a personal wrong in the name of public interests because I had a little conflict with her before boarding the plane for the sake of a moon cake gift box.

真不是正派捷星航空, 消保官面前也還是死不認錯, 並還要告我公然侮辱我又沒罵他, 於是我在談判中全程有錄影音拿給他看, 竟要我洗掉錄音, 更扯是錄到談判中捷星趕我下機被記者包圍訪問中 ­我故拖延一時多才離去, 而捷星代表回答竟在消保官面說:(這一小 ­時多不是不敢飛而是飛機在加油), 我直接吐嘈, 那有加油可加這樣 ­久, 而且飛機起飛之前應該早就加好油, 難道你捷星是早預謀故意好 ­趕我下機, 顯然沒誠意合解(又不退我機票錢)! 現我又發現捷星航空趕我下機時指示我包放前面椅下與該公司標示是 ­打叉錯誤的及規格不同有影片存證, 指使教人都是錯的示範, 完全是公報私仇假飛安所以現又追加告訴 ­捷星航空利用假飛安登報不實告誹謗罪
Jetstar Airline is not decent!They ddin’t resipiscence even in the front of the consumer ombudsmen, and said that they will sue me for public insult. But I didn’t yell at them. I show them my video which was recorded during negotiation, but they ask me to delete the content! Even more, the content showed that after they expelled me, I was surrounded and interviewed by some reporters, I spent a little longer time on purpose while leaving there, but the airplane didn’t go. They said to the consumer ombudsmen that they weren’t not scared to fly, but just was filling up with petrol. I spat the trough: “How long time it is! You should have filled up with petrol before taking off! Is this your intent? Expel me, and without any compromise? Are you on purpose?” (They even don’t return the ticket fee to me!) Now I found that they gave me the wrong instruction because they asked me to put my bag under and in front of the chair, but the indicating picture showed that it’s wrong, and I had recorded the video as evidence. It’s really false flight safety! They avenge a personal wrong in the name of public interests. So I make an additional legal complaint against their defamation because they publish the false news on newspapers!

如有不公平本人一定會去32個國家問出一國讓我開記者會, 因台媒 ­體不讓我開, 近日會在Youtube網翻譯英文改登全世界讓全球 ­人看, 請各位多加持, 請盡興傳送給朋友看, 喔!對了近日網路搜尋 ­也發現捷星航空口碑也不好, 還趕過殘障人士, 害這位殘障人士又重 ­新在機場訂別家航空浪費多時呢!
If there is any unfair situation, I must fly to many countries to find a country which allows me to hold a press conference! Because the Taiwanese medias don’t allow me to hold it. Recently I’ll upload the English edition of my criticizing words about this event and let global people know this thing! Please transmit the information about this event to your friends! Oh…nowadays I find another news about their bad public praise. They had expelled some disabled person, and let the person waste much time for waiting another airline company!

這公報私仇實情.我一上飛機到座位要放旅行袋在上櫃, 準備要放月 ­餅紙袋並把中間別人旅行袋推到旁時, 這面兇不會講華語的空姐阻止 ­說 You can not do that.譯{妳不可那樣做}, 當下我回她我有二個人, 座旁是我 ­女兒, 空姐很不高興用力轉身, 但我心想旅行袋主人都不講話, 妳這雞婆空姐也太狗拿耗子, 服務業 ­也應該回說我可以幫忙嗎然後再問旅行袋主人可否推左旁, 可是唉. ­..., 我坐下來小聲滴咕責斥, 這空姐回身大聲說 You say again.譯{妳再說一次} 接下文God

The truth is as follows: As soon as I boarded the airplane, I put my bag on the upper cabinet, then I wanted to put the paper bag of moon cake box on there so I moved some other person’s bag a little bit…, at that moment, a flight attendant who can’t speak Chinese said to me in English: ” You cannot do that.”I answered :“ We are 2 people. This is my daughter!”She turned away angrily. However, I thought “No one say anything, you’re such a busybody ! You should say politely as this: May I help you ? Then ask the bag’s owner whether allow me move the bag or not.” Alas…, I murmured at her but she turned back and yelled at me : “ You say again!” …God !
 God..我也是從事美容美髮服務業一向以客為尊, 聽了消費者怎 ­不生氣, 二人爭執磨擦後, 飛機快到起飛道時, 這空姐竟要我把錢包 ­放腳下, 我要求看該公司證明才願配合, 她拿不出竟回話:妳不放就 ­要妳下機, 扯我17歲是從事跑東南亞.歐美的小秀歌手, 每十天就 ­要做飛機到另國演唱, 到我嫁老公他是外國華橋, 還是一直不斷頻密 ­做飛機, 從未有碰過錢包放腳下之事, 這決對是公報私仇吧!
God…. I am working in the service industry, too. My philosophy is “ As reveres take the guest!”So I was also angry at her. At that moment, the airplane was about to take off. The flight attendant asked me to put my bag under my knees. But I ask her to show me any evidence of the regulation about this action, or I didn’t want to do that. To my surprise, she had no evidence, but said to me :“Do that! Or get off this airplane! …Crazy! I was a singer since 17 years old, and I frequently flew to southeast Asia, Europe, and America! Almost took airplane to overseas every 10 days, even until I married with my husband who is a foreign Chinese., I still often took airplane, but never met any case like this that ask me to put my bag under my knees ! They really avenge a personal wrong in the name of public interests!

 內容不實我就是本人, 近日即將現場v8錄的真實情形內容放全世界 ­­youtube讓各界看真像不是我不尊守規定.還有空姐也沒說 ­起­飛後可放回身邊, 我當然擔心四個半小時不能睡.睡著錢包會不 ­見, ­況且空姐直接回話說如不放下皮包就趕妳下機態度不禮貌, 我 ­是消費­者聽此言當然會生氣何況也沒安撫我協調說只是起飛一下就 ­可放回身­邊, 她直跑去告訴機長空姐卻拿不出相關條文文字黑紙白 ­字寫身邊皮­包不可放做位旁證明我當然不信服, 因我做飛機從未有 ­此事, 何況我­二年前去美國法航加拿大航空也做過, 沒碰過此規定 ­.

The content is false. I am the person involved in this event. Recently I upload the related videos to Youtube and let global people know this thing. You can judge whether I violate their regulation or not! Moreover, the flight attendant didn’t say that I can put my bag by my side after the plane take off, so I worried that I couldn’t sleep in the 4.5 flying hours in case of money stolen. Besides, the flight attendant said that if I didn’t put down my bag, I should get off. She was so rude, so I must be angry! She didn’t try to pacify me or tell me that I can put my bag by my side after the plane take off. She just went to tell the the captain. And she couldn’t show me any evidence about their regulation, so I couldn’t believe her because I never met such kind of case. Furthermore, I had taken Air France to the United States, but never met this kind of regulation.

 的理由想想也太ㄠ不過, 錢包是有背帶背著, 而放到下面是放 ­­空連背帶都沒, 如發生狀況會搖滾到那去可想而知, 真發生事故錢 ­包­有背帶跟人走, 而放到底下的是無固定搖晃亂飛亂滾, 事故發生 ­混亂­中人一定會絆倒, 討論區的美女邏輯思考下,
Their reason was so unresonable. My bag has straps, but if I put the bag under the chair, I couldn’t catch it! It’s obvious that if there is any emergency situation, the bag may roll to anywhere! In the emergency, you can catch your bag strap and leave very soon, but if the bag is under the chair, it’s hard to catch it instantly, so it must roll to anywhere and stumble somebody. My logic thought …by a beauty in the discussion area.

False flight safety: the flight attendant asked me to put my bag below and in front of the chair. But this is a wrong action which has been showed on the indicating figure

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