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Spirit Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / Poor customer service and incorrect info provided

Mare12 on 2016-05-14
Scheduled on flight 713, (4/14/16) scheduled to depart IAH @5:45pm. I received 18 emails telling me the flight was delayed at various times. The last email stated flight was delayed till 10:58 pm. Arrived at the gate at 10:10. There was issue and the TSA was there to remove someone from...

Spirit Airlines / Airlines

Reviewer56483 on 2016-02-02
I had a flight out of Tampa on January 24, 2016. I received an email on January 23rd with an advisory to call the airlines due to weather. This call was made at 11:00 p.m. on January 23rd. I was informed the flight was CANCELLED. They were not able to put me on another flight until...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / The whole thing

Reviewer53893 on 2016-01-31
After my current experience with Spirit Airlines, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. The seem to make their money by ripping off the flying public. After I made the reservation, I discovered to charges on the final bill that I did not owe. They tried to bill me 35 dollars for a carry on...

Spirit Airlines / Flight Cancellation/ Poor Customer Service

schimeck on 2016-01-22
If anyone flies Spirit Airlines, be warned that if your flight is cancelled they do not care nor is it their problem. I had a flight cancel 12/14/2015 due to weather. I do not know what weather they were referring to. I saw no bad weather conditions in the country that date. The weather...

Spirit Airlines / Flight Cancellation

Reviewer57260 on 2016-01-16
My wife had a scheduled departure flight from Santo Domingo on January 15th, and the flight was cancelled due to bad weather in South Florida. If that wasn't bad enough, Spirit had a plane full of customers that now didn't have a flight or way out of the Dominican Republic, and Spirit...

Spirit Airlines / Lost baggage on the plane!

Daniel Teah on 2016-01-01
Hey, my name is Daniel DTeah!! I'm filing a complaint about my lost luggage that got missing doing my fighting on the 12-29-2015. I do have some important documents, shoes, cloths, money about 5.000 phone etc... It been the forth day since this accident ocurried ! I do really need my...

Spirit Airlines / Airline Tickets

Tonya Lynn Bush on 2015-12-21
In July 2015 I booked a vacation on cheap carribean.com for a 7 night stay in cancun at an all inclusive resort and unfortunately picked spirit airlines as the air carrier. In october 2015 my family found out that my mother has terminal cancer and I am a primary care giver. I won't be able...

Spirit Airlines / Non delivery of my baggage

BAYO Olugbemi on 2015-12-03
I flew from bwi to atlanta enroute nigeria on thursday nov. 26th. One(1) of luggage(black containing clothing materials etc) was not carried to atlanta. I filled a luggage service report no l/04-5306636, claim check # 0487771108. I even asked someone in atlanta to follow up. Till now, the luggage has not been delivered.

Spirit Airlines / Unauthorized Credit Card Charge

Reviewer74524 on 2015-11-22
To Whom It May Concern,     I just received my credit card bill and it has a charge from Spirit Airlines which should not be on there.     It is listed as: Transaction date- 10/17, Posting date- 10/17, Purchases & Adjustment- Spirit Airlines Onboar Irving TX, Reference #- 0597 and Account #-...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / Lost luggage

Reviewer32892 on 2015-11-14
So i flew from Atlanta back home to Ft. Lauderdale on Oct. 12th, 2015. My luggage never came back. I immediately filed a claim with Spirit in their office in the airport. The guy working there thought that it could be delayed and possibly be on the next flight which came in a few hour...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / Damaged luggage and poor service

Pam75 on 2015-11-11
We arrived in Detroit, MI from Las Vegas, NV on Sunday, November 7, 2015 and had to wait almost an hour and a half for our luggage because they didn't have enough people working to unload the planes! We had spent almost all day in airports and on the plane, so when we got our luggage...

Spirit Airlines / Travel - Terrible!

Reviewer91336 on 2015-09-21
Never fly this airline! Horrible! They lure you with cheap fares and then charge a fee for EVERYTHING! Even to just have a decent seat an adult can reasonably sit in! So its no deal and you end up paying the same amount as another airline. Horrible customer service. Rude staff. And...

Spirit Airlines / Had to pay luggage fee twice

Vera37 on 2015-08-19
I booked the following one-way flights with Spirit for 2 persons via Bravofly: 08-05-2015 ~ €220.82 ~ 20:45-21:55 ~ NK369 Baltimore – Chicago 08-06-2015 ~ €275.66 ~ 18:10-22:11 ~ NK426 Chicago – Lauderdale 08-07-2015 ~ €168.28 ~ 20:18-21:19 ~ NK676 Lauderdale – Orlando For reason...

Spirit Airlines / Overbooking scam

Cliff Barnes on 2015-08-16
Early on 8/10/15 I got an email informing me that 756 from SJO (Costa Rica)to FLL was delayed from 12:30 to 2:52. So, I arrived at SJO at 12:50 and found an angry group of about 20 customers, all who had been bumped bc we weren't there two hours before the ORIGINAL flight time. Agent...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / the cost of a delayed departure

Leslie Gomez on 2015-08-05
Flight #756 from SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) to Ft. Lauderdale was 24 minutes late departing. It was supposed to leave at 12.30 pm, instead it took off at 12.54 p.m. Enough time for my daughter to miss her connecting flight 619 to Houston. When the reservation was made, we did not choose...

Spirit Airlines - Kansas, Kansas City / Flight Canceled

Congratulations for my worst experience ever Spirit Airlines.I bought a flight ticket 2 months ago to Las Vegas. My brother and I were supposed to meet there. He is coming from Brazil today to visit me here, but because you canceled my flight and just gave the option for tomorrow after 24h of...

Spirit Airlines / Cancellation

Tim Wain on 2015-05-30
Booked a trip by mistake thru Travelocity. I called and explained what happened and Travelocity promptly cancelled trip for me. Told me to call Spirit about the one way portion of the trip. Called the very next day and talked to a rude agent. Was told there would be no refund or credit...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Miramar / Refund for Flight Change

Gorga on 2015-01-21
LETTER I WROTE TO SPIRIT AIRLINES FOR MY SON. THEIR RESPONSE WAS NO REFUND. I FIND THIS APPALLING. y daughter-in-law has had to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota since March 2014 for a clinical trial. She and my son travelled on Spirit on Saturday and were to return on...

Spirit Airlines - Florida, Tampa / Worst Trip Ever

sweetcandy93 on 2015-01-11
Prior to buying our ticket through Spirit airlines we read all the reviews and had prepared ourselves for what to expect when booking with Spirit. No leg room, no snacks pretty much nothing extra except a flight to your destination. Boy were we wrong. The day before our flight Spirit had...

Spirit Airlines / False Advertising

Neols on 2014-12-26
During a flight from Chicago to NYC, the flight attendant offered a credit card offer for 15, 000 bonus miles (3 round trip flights). In addition, you were offered an additional 2, 500 bonus miles for signing up inflight. I received my 2, 500 bonus miles. But after my first purchase, I...

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