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Dollar General Complaints & Reviews - Horrible Fathers Day Card Shopping Expierence

Dollar General Contacts & Informations

Dollar General

Posted: 2011-06-26 by    freedom-fighter

Horrible Fathers Day Card Shopping Expierence

Complaint Rating:  20 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
Dollar General
United States
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBAoANd3K_w AND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeaKNkfQPBs



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 11th of Oct, 2008 by   3rd Key Kathy 0 Votes
 11th of Oct, 2008 by   3rd Key Kathy 0 Votes
I've had the same experiences with DG.
 3rd of Nov, 2008 by   ron swanson 0 Votes
store is always dirty very dirty
 29th of Nov, 2008 by   aj sweney +2 Votes
i will join anyone for a class action lawsuit! i was a merchandiser for dollar general. after an accident while driving for dollar general on july 1st 2005, i kept working so as not to lose my job. i have had surgery on my neck left shoulder 2x, getting ready to have surgery on my right shoulder which by the way was inadvertantly left off the courts approval and i have to pay for it. itwill cost me approx $2000.00 because i have a choice. either i have it done by medicare and pay the co pay or i go to court and have my checks stopped by dollar general untill they finish contesting it which as we all know with dollar general, could be dragged out for years and they will do that just to give people a hard time and try to make them say " the hell with it" and quit. i for one will not quit. i am 100% disabled because of the stupidity of a driver but all this happened while on the job for a company that doesnt care about it's people. i agreed to 70% disability as to have my medical taken care of easier by them. this has not been the case. for me to have medical coverage all it was suppossed to be was to call frank gates ins company, who by the way has joined with adzvest probably because of frank gates ins. companies incompetence, and my surgeries were suppossed to be approved immediately . after 2 to 3 calls a day to franks gates company for 2 to 3 months at a time from my doctors, with no reply or answering of their phone, i would finally get approval. because of the poor medical approval that i have recieved from dollar general and frank gates company my condition has been progressively worsened. just to let you all know, i was fired from dollar general after working until november 05. i kept asking for help with my medical problems. i couldnt see a doctor as i was only in a town for 9 days and no doctor would see me. they told me that they would have a doctors appointment ready for me when i pulled into town. what a joke. that never happened. i was a store manager before i became a merchandiser. my record with the company was great. i was fired for a very good reason according to them. they said i paid my staff in lottery tickets so i wouldnt go overtime on my hours for the store . this was told to them by 2 staff members both who i told my district manager, bill guszlak, that i know they were stealing but had a hard time catching them and it was said that i paid my staff in lottery tickets and dinners. my district manager, bill guszlak, also told dollar general that he spoke with the 2 and i was paying them in lottery tickets. the 2 staff members and my district manager were both caught stealing! what a surprise. even though they would not go back and check the records, dollar general would not accept my reasoning and proof in the form of letters from other store managers. i was fired THE NEXT DAY AFTER TELLING DOLLAR GENERAL THAT I NEEDED MEDICAL HELP AND I NEEDED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF TO CARE FOR MYSELF. the day after i was given a phsychiotrists appointment, because i didnt know it at the time, i ended up with PTSD, screwed up back, shoulders, knees, neck cracked teeth, which btw was never paid for by dollar general and never finished being taken care of medically and overall messed up body. fyi: i was hit by a truck, crushed in the car, had to be cut outof the car and the truck driver was doing in excess of 100 mph. yes contact me. my email is ajs6780@yahoo.com. yes i will join anything against dollar general. we deserve to be treated with more respect and compassion than we are with this company. and might as well drop this too. DOLLAR GENERAL WHERE IS MY MONEY!? YOUR LATE WITH THAT TOO!
 25th of Jan, 2009 by   Sophia +1 Votes
I will like to be apart of the Class action law suit. I was employed with dollar general for just a few months in the Smyrna Delaware Store. I have experience harassment, bulling, demeaning talk and job threat. This manager is very prejudice. When money is missing from the safe and she and the other key holders have access, she always look to blame the African American employees. It all points to her stealing. When she started harrassing me simular to the past empoyees that have resigned because of her hate, I began to unify the employees to stand up against her hate and to document how she treats every one. The Causcasions employees agreed with me. She was very prejudice. I placed a complaint with the main office and they ignored me. So I brought a tape recoder to work. I recoded how she spoke to me and even recorded her threatning me. She cut my hours, Denied giving me days off and even not giving me lunch breakes, my benifits were lost because I did not earn enough money to cover the deductions and I did not earn enough money to cover daycare to go to work. So then I was forced to quit. This is What the Manager (Carol) does to the minoritys who come to work at this store. We do not stay long. The DM would not even respond to my complaint. I watched her comment and plot proir employees demise. She does not deserve to be employeed carring out this type of destruction. If there is a class action I want to be apart of it, I have evidence and have witness this approval of this company not responding to correct this torture.
 5th of Feb, 2009 by   Lupe 0 Votes
I mistakenly put my info on the first complaint. This is the store's info.
 14th of Apr, 2009 by   lynne forrest 0 Votes
Fordyce, Arkansas Dollar General Store is always dirty and the shelves are poorly stocked lately.Workers have a bad attitude very rude!
 14th of Apr, 2009 by   lynne forrest -1 Votes
yes i agee 100 percent with ms forrest.the store was ran very nicely when mrs taylor was manager
 22nd of May, 2009 by   Bonnie 0 Votes
My partner would love to be apart of that and I'll be there right with you all.
 22nd of May, 2009 by   kelly 0 Votes
i am game for this lawsuit i busted my tail for this company almost four years spent time three in one store never had a problem transferred to another store and they found a way to push me out after two suspensions and then termination over things that wasn't even true apparantly i was the fourth or fifth in a matter of a year or two something has to give they cant keep doing this to people you can contact me at parrishredlady@yahoo.com
 23rd of May, 2009 by   Bonnie 0 Votes
Well I agree with kathy in Illinois I believe everyone should get together and have a class action lawsuit. From everything I've read on this page almost everyone is getting fired for the same things and it's all a crock. So I say lets do it. Let's all give Kathy our emails and get this started. You all ready have Kelly's email so please contact us Kathy. Thank you
 31st of May, 2009 by   Melanie 0 Votes
We have a Dollar General in our neighborhood, Vestavia Hills, Alabama. I have never had any complaints about our store or the employees. They are very friendly and know me by my name. If other stores are doing less that what our neighborhood store is doing, they should be trained by our employees. Keep up the good work Vestavia Hills store.
 26th of Oct, 2009 by   lsneon 0 Votes
I'm in I was fired after the district manager made rude comments to me. I then went above his authority but was oddly terminated a few days after...lsneon@hotmail.com
 1st of Nov, 2009 by   Bonnie +1 Votes
well my partner got her unemployeement fron DG as her being fired was unfounded. we have since moved on and no longer shop at Dg and alot of our friends dont shop there anymore either. It's really sad that dg treats their employees and customers like this as if it werent for the employees and customers there wouldnt be any DG's. I just hope DG GOES BELLY UP AND THEN THEY'LL SEE WHAT IT'S LIKE.
 12th of Dec, 2009 by   John Baxtred 0 Votes
Here is a law office that would love to help with such a case: www.scalaw.com
 12th of Dec, 2009 by   ladybird26 +2 Votes
I know how you all feel. I ran a high volume store with only 4 employees on staff. If my employees couldn’t get the work load done, guess who had to step in and finish it. Yes, me. The STORE MANAGER. It infuriates me to think of how much this company really doesn’t care about its employees. I see all the time how they’re getting sued left and right. Gee, I wonder why. I had other store managers come and help me at my store every other week it seemed because I didn’t have the time to even look for new employees let alone hire new ones. Once those other store managers glanced at my schedule and saw that I was working about 80 hours a week, they looked at me and said “Is this your REAL schedule?!” Well, yes I replied. I didn’t have a choice. I had to be at the store due to staffing issues that my District Manager wouldn’t help with, basically, I was doing everything myself. That store wouldn’t run without me being there….period. Working for this company took a hard downfall with my life. My personal life. I was never at home anymore to be there for my kids, I honestly didn’t even have a life. My own doctor warned me even that I should look for another career to pursue cause this job was about to kill me, that’s how hard I was working. My kids eventually had to go live with their dad because they hated me that much more for having spent so much time at this place. That’s how much overtime I worked. Some weeks, 80 hours, some weeks even more if there was a corporate visit. Working late nights until 4 or 5 am, or even overnight since being there since 6 am to open the store that same day. It was close the store for the night, then wake up and go open first thing in the morning. All the time, never failed. Sure I could have my employees do this, but they always called in or always had an excuse not to show up. When I brought these matters to my District Managers attention, she said it was up to me to hire new employees. Well ok, no problem, but if I’m having to do everything else in the store at the same time as being a manager, how am I suppose to run this store efficiently? I can’t even be a “manager” if I can’t even get off of the register long enough to even LOOK at applications. I even worked at OTHER stores to get them prepared for corporate visits because we knew they were going to get visited, and we must have stayed at that store scrubbing wax and other debris off of the floor, laying cement in the front foyer, painting posts, ect. We did it all. And I’m sorry, but this was NOT in my job description. If they’re looking for a cheap way out, they’ll do it. And they’ll use anybody that knows how to do whatever it is they want done. I thought in my own mind that being a manager was to manage your people, your schedule, your store and inventory. Being a manager at this company means going above and beyond every day until the point where they almost kill you. And trust me, that is NOT AN UNDERSTATEMENT!! I truly regret ever working for this company and really putting my blood, sweat and tears into this so called management career due to the lack of ethics this company stands behind. Worse off than that, they turn a blind eye to their own managers including me when it’s profiting them not to have to pay for someone’s hard earned paycheck for all the crap they put people through. I hope this letter gives you somewhat of an insight on what a lot of “managers” go through working with this company. I too have once before talked with lawyers on going after them for all of the overtime I have put in to try and get some kind of compensation on this. It’s against strict labor laws in the US no matter which county, or state you live in to work people like this and NOT pay them. They’re excuse is that they “classify” our store manager position to be EXEMPT from hourly salary so that we can be there to run the store all hours of the day/night. Which I’m sorry, but when I was hired, no one told ME that I was going to be doing. Seems like this particular company comes up with all sorts of ways around the truth, other than the truth to appreciate how hard their employees really do work for them. To me, that’s just sad.
 30th of Dec, 2009 by   helme +1 Votes
i also like for a lawer or join a class suit to help to me fright for my rights. this is what happen. i was told by my former manager that if i did not come to work the day after gustav i was to be fired, so i work a week in a store with out light, air, water in the store.this was told to her by the dm at the time. she later quit. at the time i was working 40 hour or more. in 2009 my hours cut to 16 hours a week forces me to live my truck .i ask the same dm for a raise or promotion, he said i would get. i also was told our hour would come back and did not. i am still working at same store because need all the hours they give me. i am 57 years old watch 7 to 8 people pass me by. help me if you can.thank you . email melsonkenneth@yahoo.com
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   mother2120 +1 Votes
I agre 100 % with the DG post. I too worked there 5 long years I UNDERSTAND!!! please post how to join lawsuit!!! HELP!!!
 11th of Mar, 2010 by   A. Carpenter 0 Votes
I applaud every ex-DG employee that has stood up and said THIS IS WRONG!!! I was a DG SM in NC and had similar treatment by my DM and thought I was on the road to justice when HR became involved, only it blew up in my face cause all DG HR's did was cover up the DM's bulling/harassment and retaliation and fired me. I think we should all stand together and fight this unfair treatment...my DM put me out of my store in 19 degree weather in a snow and ice storm and told me she didn't give a $#@% if I had to walk, which I did and ended up sick...that was just the final straw in all this bull...
 18th of Jun, 2010 by   Curt Conroy 0 Votes
I am a former Dollar General store manager. My attorney here in Nashville has just filed an age discrimination law suit against Dollar General. Please contact me if you know of anyone who might like to participatein or help with this law suit. Thanks!

Curt Conroy

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