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Disney Movie Club, New York Complaints & Reviews - cancel membership

Disney Movie Club Contacts & Informations

Disney Movie Club

Posted:    Sallie Jameson

cancel membership

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 32 votes
Contact information:
Disney Corp
New York
United States
All i want to do is cancel my membership!!!
Comments United States Entertainment
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 6th of Oct, 2008 by   zx +1 Votes
I found out that you have to pay for about two years of membership before you can cancel. And they also bumped me up to some platinum or gold membership which was over $100 per month. we were getting 5 new movies every week!!!

I had to pay a lawyer about $5000 to get out of the membership plus pay over $2000 to ship the crates of movies back...
 29th of Oct, 2008 by   Jane +1 Votes
Add me to the list of people who want to cancel but can't. I've met all my 0bligations, written them three times to cancel, but they don't resp0nd and keep sending stuff.

I feel like I'm swimming up hill against warm jello. And by the way, overall I could have got the DVDs more cheaply just about anywhere, without the hassle.
 21st of Jan, 2009 by   Lacey +2 Votes
I have been trying to cancel for almost a year now... there is NO customer phone number except an automated response line for the monthly featured film. The website intentionally (in my opinion) has no information on how to cancel an account. I fulfilled my obligation a year ago and am still recieving and sending back movies, and there is no way to remove credit card information.
 31st of Jan, 2009 by   JENNA +2 Votes
I am also trying to cancel membership with them and I agree with you Lacey - I think they intentionally do not include a "cancel my membership" link anywhere on their website (and believe me I have looked!). I have called and can never speak to a live person, I have emailed, no response. My next call will be to my local news station's "consumer complaint" hotline, and then to the Better Business Bureau. I didn't expect this from a company like "Disney". That's why I chose to join DMC because it was Disney, whom I assumed I could trust. Guess not! DO NOT JOIN THE DMC UNLESS YOU PLAN TO REMAIN A MEMBER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!
 18th of Feb, 2009 by   Amm -2 Votes
It's not that hard... I just called and canceled mine. It took less than 5 minutes. If you know your account number you can call 1-800-362-4587, or if you don't know your account number you can call 920-521-4015.
 4th of Mar, 2009 by   1808864 -3 Votes
I don't see how you people can make something so simple so complicated.
 23rd of Apr, 2009 by   mellynpar 0 Votes
Thank you Amm for providing the non-800 number. For those cancelling, they try to sell you more. I was also told I could receive up to 3 more mailings until this went into effect. Supposedly I don't have to respond to those, we will see...
 25th of Apr, 2009 by   akaMEGO +1 Votes
GEEZALOO! I just spent over an hour combing through every FAQ. There is no link on the website. I called the 800 number with no luck because it's Saturday. I'll call back Monday and they aren't going to know what hit them!
 6th of May, 2009 by   Disney_sucks +1 Votes
This is such an awful company... which is really weird since it's Disney! They try to pretend they are all about making people happy. Don't go anywhere near them if you can help it, not worth it at all.

For those of you who say that "we are making something simple complicated, " There is absolutely no contact info on their website and no way to cancel the membership.

This company seems illegal to me, a consumer, but i'm sure somehow they barely crossed the fine line into legality.
 6th of May, 2009 by   Suzann +1 Votes
For two months Disney has charged my account even though I declined the featured selection well before the deadline then had the gaul to keep the cost of shipping.

There is no contact info on their website and the whole deal is stinking of fraud! I can't wait till I complete the deal and get rid of them.

Do not join this crooked company!
 12th of Jul, 2009 by   shygal66 +1 Votes
I fullfilled my agreement four months...yes 4 months ago and they will not cancel me.
I have called them several times a week for 4 months and canceled yet again...funny how I only signed up once and have caneled now...hummm I have lost count.
I have turned in my phone records with the BBB, see I also told them that I was recording our conversations for quality and training purposes..and am seeking legal advice on how to stop dmc from continuing these fraudulant practices.
Good luck wiht all of your troubles with dmc.
 17th of Aug, 2009 by   this display name is taken -1 Votes
the 800 number AMM provided is definately the one to call! and too Lacey... PUSH ZERO! if you will be patient enough to listen to all prompts, at the very end it instructs you to push zero if you want to speak to a cast member.
 21st of Sep, 2009 by   upsetjazmin +1 Votes
i called the 800 number provided by Amm and had to go around the automated system for about 5 mins before getting a live person. once i did get thru she tried to sell me a "dissapearing feature" which i was willing to buy at the advertised sale price of 14.95 but of course i was told i didnt qualify and would need to pay the original price of 21.95. she didnt even try to work with me to keep me as a customer. for a disney company, i have to say i am appalled at the lack of quality customer service. i have had numerous problems with this company as far as the monthly items they send. after i cancelled i advised them that i had one dvd i wanted to return and was told that if i tried to return it, my account would be reopened and i would continue as a member. i guess ill have to eat the forty bucks they charged me for it bc it is just a big hassle.

DO NOT JOIN THIS MEMBERSHIP- you would think disney would be trustworthy but nope just another scam.
 19th of Dec, 2009 by   The siren +1 Votes
i am having the same problem with getting out. i bought the high end expencive movies like they told me to and i am only on 2 movies this is crap.
 21st of Dec, 2009 by   DMC Member Advoce -1 Votes
I'm sorry you are having an issue with the Disney Movie Club, we definitely want to assist you in any way we can. Please call 1-800-459-7002. For fastest service please have your member number when you call. Your membership number can be found in the upper right hand corner of your Featured Title card in the membership information box or if you recently received an order, your membership number can be found at the top of the enclosed invoice. If you do not have your member number, please call 1-920-521-4015.

Also, the Disney Movie Club website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.disneymovieclub.com where you can send emails to our customer service cast members, place an order, or learn more about the club.

Thank you,

Disney Movie Club Member Advocate
 12th of Jan, 2010 by   KCTX +1 Votes
WOW... what a scam... thank you for all of your comments above. It helped me get to a live person faster. I never signed up, never got movies, yet did receive a bill via the mail! Ran in circles to get to someone live and when I did, she told me there was a visa (which was not mine) AND an email address (which was not mine) used. Seemed to question me (many times) if I did, indeed, get the movies and maybe I DID order them and just forgot! I am still on the phone with them after 15 mins. She has been very nice thus far, but just no help. I told them I wanted written verification that I am removed from this list. She said they would send it... I am truly shocked that Disney is a part of this. VERY disappointing. If they ARE legit, then MUCH better job is needed in their communications, written notices, phone numbers, accessibility, and protocol.
 11th of Aug, 2010 by   JCarr +1 Votes
The Disney Movie Club website does not list any way of contacting customer service. Nor do they list any way to cancel. Once I started to search other sources for the steps to cancel, it was simple and without hassle. But I have issue with a company that doesn't want to tell its customers how to contact them.

I have also had issues with receiving movies that I declined. However, because it didn't matter if I declined or not (they sent them anyway), I was able to fulfill my membership obligations in record time.
 11th of Aug, 2010 by   DMC Member Advoce -1 Votes
I regret you had difficulty finding our phone number on our Disney Movie Club site but I am relieved you have your situation resolved!

If anyone else is looking for this information, please check the Help/FAQ section. Just type in your question and everything you need should be there. If not, please let me know.

Thank you,
Member Advocate
Disney Movie Club
 12th of Aug, 2010 by   BigJason +1 Votes
The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is committing a serious scam!!!
They intentionally lure you to join their membership for FREE, and get the first 4 movies at discount. But what they hide from you is that you have to buy their other movies at REGULAR price (over priced, of course) before you can get rid if it.
This is a generous business idea to reach into people’s wallets!!! I can not believe that Disney, with its reputation, would base its revenue on such a lame business.
Technically, yeah, DMC is doing nothing wrong. It makes up its own rules, and reach out for you. All you need to do is to fall into their trap. However, as many people have been complaining, this is a serious scam that can catch people out of their guard. Who would think that Disney would set up a trap like this?
I have cancelled the credit card I used to join the club. DMC didn’t spell out that they would store my credit card information. If everything about the membership itself stays on the edge of a crime, this definitely falls to the other side. All merchandise would ask for your permission to store your credit card information explicitly. But DMC does NOT!
Well, I think they have great lawyers so they can spell anything legal.
Anyway, this is the DMC. Shame On You!!!
 12th of Aug, 2010 by   DMC Member Advoce 0 Votes
We would like to help you with your concerns. Please call me directly at 800-459-7002 for assistance with the Disney Movie Club. I look forward to your call.
Thank you,
Member Advocate
Disney Movie Club

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