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Bank Of America Wire Transfer, Orlando, Florida Complaints & Reviews - International Wire Transfer scam!

Bank Of America Wire Transfer Contacts & Informations

Bank Of America Wire Transfer

Posted:    Rachael Rivera

International Wire Transfer scam!

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 36 votes
Contact information:
Bank OF America
11800 Research Pkwy, 32826
Orlando, Florida
United States
Phone: 407-384-2495
I sent a wire transfer from Bank OF America Research Parkway Branch, Orlando, Florida 32826 on 10/10/2007 to Trinidad, and to this date the recipient has not received it neither has their bank any information about the transfer, I faxed my wire transfer receipt to the bank & the recipient, & confirmed all the information I gave to Bank Of America was correct, but still they have not been able to transfer the money, & the money is not in my account - this is all my savings. I have been to the branch several times, I called their wire transfer department but they are pointing fingers at each other - the wire transfer department which I called on 1-800-729-9473 said I should speak with the branch I sent the transfer from, the manager Mr Evans & the assistant manager Ms Patel is saying it is in the hands of the wire transfer department. This is very very very bad business, my relatives needed this money for medical costs, I have to keep chasing these people, and all I get is bad customer service & serious runaround for my own money. This transfer should have only taken approximately 3 days, it is almost a month now & nothing!
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 19th of Jan, 2008 by   Craig Bullim 0 Votes
Why are you wiring money to Trinidad??

 20th of May, 2008 by   alicia flores 0 Votes
wow, I do wire internationally too. It is scary. Get an ATTORNEY RIGHT AWAY AND SUE THEM>>>>
 11th of Jun, 2008 by   uche manu 0 Votes
What you need to do is take it up with the receiving bank, most likely your money is sitting at that bank and might have been deposited into someone else's account. Unfortunately once a wire is confirmed sent out of the U.S its close to impossible to bring it back.
The only way you can get it back is if the receiving back has mismatched information and are honest enough to reject the wire as a mismatched otherwise ?????????????
 11th of Jun, 2008 by   uche manu 0 Votes
 17th of Sep, 2008 by   uttam 0 Votes
i have filed a wire transfer from boa to wellsfargo but due to limited information wellsfargo rejected my wire transfer and bank of america didn.t let me know about my status of wire transfer. later on when my beneficiary told me he hadn't received money i found that my transfer was cancelled.
bank of america didn't informed me about my wired transfer and they charged me 35$ for wire transfer that's really great what a good service and just charging 35$ really very cheap and excellent service. i tried to know the reason and it took me almost 4 hours to reach the person with the information and i lost 4 hrs a day talking with BOA machines . that was another good aspect of their customer relationship. well thank you BOA for taking good care of your customer.
 20th of Oct, 2008 by   Bin Huang 0 Votes
Bank of America is like Bank of Ass. Since last week (Oct14th 2008) I have spent several hours each day to call the Bank of America track my wire transfer from China. Every BOA representative told different story about my incoming transfer, I don't know which story I should listen to. I am really sicking tired of calling them, they don't get the problem solved right away. They always told you which way you need to check and wait. And now I am still no idea where my money is because the bank in China hasn't received any returning money from BOA.
 9th of Dec, 2008 by   fuckbofa 0 Votes
WOW i need money emergency... my parents have sent me money for thxgving but until now my money is not here.. i called them every day they told me to check for the sander bank... so i did check with them and they say the money has been sent and everything is okay... any idea guys on wat to do ?? i called the boa guys and they keep passing me here and there... im sick of it like fuck man... can someone help me please...
 24th of Mar, 2009 by   eilan 0 Votes
I discovered now, after 4 hours being bounced from hotline to hotline, that they set international exchange rates some 4 to 5% different from normal exchange rates. After 4 hours, they tell me that there is no commission but my international transfer costed me 600 dollars (over less than 16, 000). On top of it, there is no way to verify if that is really the exchange rate they quoted on that day as they only give you the one for the day, which of course looks great.
Not sure if this is legal, but somehow I have my doubts. I am furious.
 8th of Apr, 2009 by   Gene Kelly +1 Votes
With the technology we have these days, it is absurd for anything like this to happen. And then for the sending institution to take such a cavalier attitude and even charge the person they have fouled things up for. Absurd and appauling

Gene Kelly
 9th of Jul, 2009 by   BOA customer 0 Votes
I have been using BOA for a long time (actually the only bank I used so far) but recently found that they are vary bad when it comes to wire transfer. I had to spend several days on the phone talking to a bunch of customer service representatives without getting nothing done. I am on the verge of losing my deposit on mortgage down payment for the house I bought here in Canada thanks to amazing BOA wire transfer system.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   Katerina 0 Votes
I wanted to wire tranfer money to a bank in Poland, went to a branch of BOA, filled out a form - provided all the information - Bank name, account #, SWIFT #. Supposedly, BOA cannot wire my money to the bank in Poland. They are requesting that I provide them with the name of the intermediary bank in NY. My bank in Poland has never heard of such request. By the way, it is a reputable European bank, and they said they NEVER had any problems - people witred moeny from banks all over the world, without any problems. Bank of America - you are one of the biggest banks in this country - why is such a simple transaction such a BIG problem?? I will have to take my money from my account, and wire it from some place else. And I am serously considering of switching to a different bank.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   hi158 +1 Votes
i am a boa customer, closing out my account at the end of this week. i am so disgusted with their banking practices and their lack of concern for their customers...I was previously employed by BOA and I know how little their customers mean to them from the inside, however, since the recession, things have gotten worse, and their only concern is generating revenue off the backs of their customers at whatever cost..it is frustrating and disgusting...so i am not surprised at the wire transfer problems or any others...your best bet is to move your money elsewhere...
 25th of Sep, 2009 by   livead +1 Votes
I htink its more absurd that there are Bank of America ads on this page!
 4th of Nov, 2010 by   Grampaw 0 Votes
Check this one out: i am a small design company located in LA. My client out of NYC wired me a deposit of $12, 000 for a Don Julio Tequila job. Bank of America will not release the money to my company because they want Don Julio's birthdate and citizenship info! He's a bottle of tequila! It's been 4 days and hours, upon hours on the phone trying to explain to them that the information they are requesting is absolutely irrelevent. They will not release the money, but instead keep requesting this same info from my clients bank... day, after day. All the while, my client's bank doesn't even have the money anymore! It has left their account already. Which means BOA has it and simply will not give me, my company, MY MONEY.
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING! I am absolutely leaving this piece of sh*t bank as soon as this job is delivered.
 30th of Nov, 2010 by   Bolivar Burga 0 Votes
Money wire is a scam same history here with the bank name : richfield bloomington credit union from, MN
 4th of Jan, 2011 by   Kanwal Singh 0 Votes
We in America have to live with these unscrupulous Corporations. Is the Congress - both Democrats and republicans looking. No -- I don, t think so. These politicians call other Governments corrupt - politicians here are the worst and majority of people ignorant of their schemes.
 23rd of Jan, 2011 by   Vivian Zhou 0 Votes
Bank of Ass! Haha, that's a really appropriate metaphor.
I have been struggled with Bank of Ass for a week already, and without a right answer yet. I received a wire at Bank of Ass from China, and of course, the other party had already paid the wire transfer fee. But amount I received is $20 less, and a day later, Bank of A. Charge another $12. But, last year when I received two wires at Bank of A., and they charged $20 for the first wire, but charged nothing for the second wire. I just cannot find any regularity for charging fees at receiving international funds.
I called Bank of A., but I spent about 2 hours dealing with the machine, and the representatives who are like machine. Those machine like people told different stories, and give no solution. They just know to say "it depends on which bank from which the money comes" or "the fee varies depends on different bank'. But my case is that the money all from the same bank, why Bank of A. charges defferently each time. Even I drove to Bank of A. and ask the representative in person, the person didn't know the answer and ask the second person to cope, and the second person still didn't know how to answer, and then gave me a number asking me to call by myself. She even dare to say, " we don't know either."
My God, this is Bank of Ass.
 9th of Mar, 2011 by   Dan dd 0 Votes
Bank of America is purposely delaying the wire transfer of funds into the account that you sent to...they keep the money as long as they can...with thousands of overseas transactions, you can imagine the amont of money they make off of your money??? Corrupt to the core.
 9th of May, 2011 by   Alexandara 0 Votes
I sent an international wire transfer from my Bank of America account and paid $45 fee. I sent it on line to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Money got there on time but additional $36 was missing. So the total cost was $81, which is a lot to me. Called the BOA, nobody could help. They are blaming on the receiving bank. Call the receiving bank, which is HSBC, they are saying it’s bank of America’s issue and they don’t take the fees for incoming transfers. I spent hours on the phone trying to get to the end of this but without success. Did anybody had the same problem?
 1st of Jun, 2011 by   catsooey 0 Votes
Yes, I sent two separate wire transfers to england and both had large amounts missing. I sent close to 1900 dollars and ended up with 1050 pounds. On top of that, I payed 70 american for the wiring fees. So I couldn't figure out what happened - went back once and a clerk checked it out - their math was right, but something was strange about the exchange rates. I kept getting such vastly different sums than the amount that ultimately got sent, and then I researched the exchange rates. The bank uses essentially it's own exchange rates that are much much higher than the official rates. I researched the daily rates on the the days of the transfers, both the lows, average and highs, taking into account the fluctuations. And the rates given to me by BofA were much much higher compared to the high number of that days exchange rate. I went back again and finally another clerk explained they give their own rate. I asked how the bank gets this number and she says she never gets a straight answer out of the Bank company offices. She said people come in constantly asking about the same problem - grossly inflated exchange rates and problems with money "disappearing". She said, which I think was a canned response, that the normal international rates are only for people exchanging large sums of money. So I asked if the bank's inflated rates get lower if you send more money - she said no. I also asked, since the rates are supposedly high for normal "small" wire amounts, if western union uses the same inflated rates and she said no. So I said that the rate I should get is whatever the standard public rate is at the time the wire goes out, not some number the bank makes up. I'm furious, I'm trying to finalize a payment to someone in england and every time I go back I pay more, and then money disappears, and then owe more money. This feels completely illegal - to answer people's question, yes, you're not alone, this is happening everywhere at this bank and I think a lawsuit is in order. email me at catsooey@yahoo.com if anyone has any advice or wants to talk further.

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