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Audi SA Complaints & Reviews - Poor Service Delivery/Customer Satisfactory

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Audi SA

Posted:    Ntshengedzeni

Poor Service Delivery/Customer Satisfactory

Complaint Rating:  70 % with 10 votes
Contact information:
Audi SA
South Africa
I bought an Audi A4 (B8 New Shape) on the 19 June 2008, and after two months I discovered that the car didn't come with safety belt guide, left boot lid guide need to be Replaced, and the front passenger door panel was damaged or rather the silver trim was coming out and the panel itself was defective. Then I went there and show the sales person I bought the car from, and the guy was willingly to assist and we agreed it will be fixed together with the service of 15 000Kms.
I took my car to a 15 000kms service and not all the things were replaced and I was told Audi Centurion is still waiting for parts that were ordered. Parts were delivered and I was called so that we book the car, of which we did, they fix the safety belt, boot lid guide and the panel.
After two days I noticed again that the right boot lid guide also need to be replaced and the B-Pillar was coming off, and the driver's door rubber band was peeling off and also needed to be replaced. I took my car to Audi Centurion where I bought it from, and they told me they are going to order the parts (that was on the 27 Oct 2008), and that’s were problem started.
I then told Audi Centurion together with Audi SA that I no longer need this car that came with defects/factory faults, since I was also engaging Audi SA, and they told me that there is no way I am going to get a new car since I have a 5year/100 000Kms maintenance plan. When I asked them what's going to happen after the lapsing of the maintenance plan if these problems persist, a lady called Elvah (from Audi SA) said to me: "You will have to pay from your own pocket".
Then Audi Centurion came back to me telling me that a representative from Audi SA will be coming to Centurion to assess my car, and ask me to drop in Friday morning (14 Nov 2008). I dropped it in the 13th Nov and collected a courtesy car. The following week Audi promised they will come back to me and let me know what's happening on Monday, of which they didn't, I called them on Tuesday demanding an answer, and they sent me an email, saying they are committed to assisting me but there is no way I am going to get a new car since what I am complaining about are just the trims.
And remember I am paying for those trims. They even said my panel was damaged by the company that installed Anti-smash-and-grab on the car. I went to Audi Centurion after reading that email, I asked Alan Traut (New Sales Manager) whether Audi SA saw the panel that was removed from my car, and the answer was no, they didn't see it, I ask him (Alan) whether he saw it himself and he said no, then I went to check my car and only to find Somebody was working on my car (not sure was before Audi SA came to assess it or not)
Then I demanded a meeting with Audi Representatives, Anti- Smash and Grab Representative, Audi Centurion Representative, also the person who worked on my car without my permission and the panel that was removed out of my car, the meeting was on Monday the 1st Dec 2008. When I got there, it was only Audi Representatives, when I ask them about smash and grab, Alan Traut said to me/us "we no longer work with those guys" and I asked where was the person who tried working on my car, they didn't even bother, at least the panel was there. We started the meeting and I was asked what are my expectations, I told them I need a new car since their defective car was only five months old, and I was told "there is no way Audi SA will give you a new car, we will try and fix your car, you have a maintenance plan". and i also said i need an explanation as to how did Audi SA came to a decision that Anti-Smash And Grab damaged my panel without even seeing the panel and there was no answer, then I said to them let’s check the panel so that you guys can tell me how you reached the conclusion that it is Anti- smash and grab that damaged it, we inspected it thoroughly and they were all quite after that, then we went straight to the my car so that we can check it all of us, with the boot lid guide and driver's door rubber band, they didn't comment i suspected it’s because they didn’t have anyone to blame, all they said was " let’s fix the car now so that we can get our courtesy car back", cause I told them they were not going to get it if I am not happy.
Then they saw the B-Pillar and they shifted the blame to the company that installed the tracking device on my car. I am not sure how this is my problem cause they are the once who took my car to Anti-smash and grab and also tracking device companies, meaning they have been working with them and they know their services, and I honestly
think Audi is not expecting me to keep this car in this condition, cause I am even afraid to drive the car again, what if the roof falls while I am driving and kills me, are they going to come fetch the car and put a new roof, and where will I be.
And During the meeting Alan Said to us, that he has been telling me that even after maintenance plan he will continue to assist, and i asked that in black and white and it must be recognized throughout South Africa and this is what he sent me via e-mail "I hereby confirm that the new parts fitted to your vehicle will carry a 1 year factory warranty from day of replacement (3 December 2008 till 3 December 2009)" will this be recognized under new management(if he resigns) or if i relocate to another province?
Comments South Africa Cars, Parts & Vehicles
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Audi SA - Appaling service!!


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 26th of Jan, 2009 by   ismary M. Gonzalez 0 Votes
I have been trying to comunicate with the office in San Juan, they have been tranfering me from one phone to another, no one answer the phone. I have been leaving messages, but no one answer. I bought my car on 12/18/2008, yesterday after using it, the car didn't start. My name is Ismary Gonzalez and my phone number is (787) 646-7769
 13th of Mar, 2011 by   V NAIDOO 0 Votes
Don't worry even the complaints board does nothing.
I wish i knew where to go next as i have been complaining for one year and still no results.
 24th of May, 2011 by   Micaxa 0 Votes
Audi South Africa - don’t know what they are there for. They surely not there assist customers!! We have had a major problem with our TT at the Cresta dealership. Now we have to fork out R26 800.00 for a new turbo - when the car actual when in for erratic idling?? We feel it is not fair for us to carry the cost when the technician told us it is ok to drive the vehicle in this condition until they can book us in to see what the problem is. We have contacted the ombudsman on several occasions. The rude receptionist advises us that they only assist people from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. But when you call, no one answers the phone. OH did you know that Audi Cresta's general/regional manager refuses to talk to any customer. I wonder why?? I just want to know which Audi dealership is reliable enough to take my vehicle in for a service or repairs, because WARNING AUDI CRESTA - STAY AWAY!!
 19th of Jul, 2012 by   Danie Nel 0 Votes
My Audi TT was imported with a fixed rear wing from Germany to South Africa. Computer box programmed for a extraditable rear spoiler. Audi SA say Germany cant support as the car wasn't suppose to be delivered like that, not their problem!! All I ask is to disable the spoiler function or increase the auto spoiler speed as buzzer start screaming on 120 km/h and again on 80 km/h. What bad support from Germany!!! Will place in every car magazine in S.A. Planning to make banner and advertise on vehicle in front of Audi S.A .
 4th of May, 2014 by   mondli 0 Votes
I bought an 2008 audi A4 2litre turbo. its uses oil excessively. for every 300 kilometres I have to refill oil. I am aware that this is audi probkem but I dont know what to do. please help. contact details. mvshobete@gmail.com +27835154568
 6th of Nov, 2014 by   Vijen 0 Votes
Good Day I have the same attitude about AUDI SA and AUDI NEWCASTLE KZN I am having issues with my AUDI A5 Turbo and steering shudder, I have spoken to AUDI SA and AUDI NEWCASTLE only to be given the run around where by they are assessing and assessing the vehicle but with no joy, AS FOR AUDI SA when we loyal AUDI owners complain to them it is merely the blind leading the blind, you waste your time, it seems to me when you complain to an AUDI TECHNICIAN he is trained not to agree with you it looks like they all go on special training not to listen to customers. BUY BMW rather ...Vijen
 12th of Feb, 2015 by   Mark1979 0 Votes
I have come to learn that Audi cars are heaps of shit, Customer service is virtually non existent. They don't recall cars for bad engineering and mistakes made by the factory. I had to buy a rubber hose for the turbo on my A4 which cost 225 Euro, Audi should be ashamed of themselves for charging disscusting rates like that. " IT'S A RUBBER HOSE YOU THIEVES". German engineering my ass, Complete morons, I will never go near an Audi car again and I will be advising others not to buy them either.

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