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Canceled card with no notice

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American Express
United States
I have had my gold card for 9 years. I have always paid my balances, even through a bad period, 6 years ago, when I let other cards balances be delinquent due to medical bills.

The one thing I always appreciated with AMEX was their awesome customer service. The about 3 years ago, I noticed they had begun outsourcing customer service and billing questions to a call center in India. There were more instances of what I would term poor communication: speaking with a rep in India, being assured that a payment would post... and then finding out it had not.

I never had a pre-set credit limit, and always paid off my card every month. However, about a year ago I had a family emergency and was unable to pay off the entire $2500.00 balance in one month. I called customer service, and they helped me set up a three-month pay off plan. I followed through, and did not miss a payment.

It wasn't until the last four months, that I ever again carried over a balance, but they never complained.

Then last week I paid off the entire balance to zero. I was thrilled that I was finally caught up.

Yesterday, a small charge with Amazon.com was denied. Curious, I called AMEX. The rep told me that my card had been canceled. I asked why in the world would they cancel my card when I had just paid them in full last week. I even talked to them on the phone last Friday to make sure my online payment went through.

The rep told me he didn't know, but that if I wanted my card "re-instated" I would have to pay $45.00.

I told him that was perfectly ridiculous and asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep cut me off.

I called back again, and then, after telling the same story to another rep, she said she would transfer me to a supervisor.

I waited for 30 minutes (timed it on my cell) until a person reading from a script (obviously not in the US), with a very heavy accent, told me that because I had something unfavorable in my credit report from the past, which was noted by a credit reporting agency, my card had been canceled.

She then offered to reinstate the card for a charge of $25.00.

When I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was told that he would not be able to do anything else for me. I told her to go ahead and transfer me anyway. She then cut me off.

At first I was mad. Then I felt hurt. I have used this card ethically for 9 years, and always paid my bills. My credit score is not perfect, it is 658.

But I have been striving to make it better every year.

My sense is that AMEX will be doing this to hundreds of us Americans over the coming months, and as they lay-off thousands of employees, those trying to communicate with them will be waiting for hours on the phone, and never be able to resolve problems.

I, like many Americans, needed my credit card for making reservations for business travel, shopping at Costco, and purchasing business supplies.

We are going to see greater repercussions; other businesses rely on us using our credit cards online, and during holidays. It will be interesting to see what happens to this "house of interconnected cards" as the months roll on.

We taxpayers may have bailed out the banks, but the banks are holding us up with threats of cancellations, higher fees, and trumped up charges.

Beware of American Express. With my husband's advice, I took the scissors to the gold card last night, and I look forward to a class action suit against them!
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 16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

American Express - Unauthorized charge
24 Hour Corp 24Hour Carmichael CA
United States

Unauthorized charge on my American Express of $24.39. American Express reversed the charges. They have charged me 3 times by now. American Express is unable to prevent them from making more charges to my account without invalidating my card.
 13th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
The same thing just happened to us after 20 years of having a gold card and 9 years a business card.
We had a payment scheduled over the phone come out of the wrong bank account, so it was returned. We have 3 bank accounts registered for payment and the online overseas rep used the default one. Anyways they cancelled all cards.
 14th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
The same thing just happen to my account. Today I open the mail to find my Amex Card with a 0 balance is canceled. This is a bunch of crap! I guess I should of never canceled my capital one and switched to American express.
 27th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Same thing with me.

They cancelled my account exactly after 7 days i received my card and by that time i started using the card . There is no notice or information provided to me till i call them.

I found FTC number ( federal trade comms) from other web blog, 1800-842-6929 any thought complaining here will work ?
 1st of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
Amex Investor relations Dept; http://ir.americanexpress.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=64467&p=irol-contact
 4th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
My wife had her American Express Card for 7yrs years with no issues and I was added to her account for a while, The same thing happened to us. We were never late and paid the card off all the time. When we just paid it off recently and they cancelled our account on line with on notice or warning? We also could not understand the Indian guy AKA (Customer Support) on the phone to help us. When we finally got through and they said we had a dip in our credit score. They waited until got their all their money and cancelled our card for this reason. The funny thing is they gave us a credit spending limit increase a couple of months prior with no problems? I Will never or any of my family ever carry this crapy card. The bad economy is coming for them and I know they will come calling, we will be ready to apply elsewhere. My advice if you can live with out them Dump them fast, before they dump you. They will screw up your credit even if you are paying them as scheduled, its only a matter of time! There are a lot of good credit card companies out their willing to serve you.
 8th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I agree 200%!! I will never use American Express again. I have a Blue card and a Gold card (which has almost 40, 000 points) and have experienced such trauma from this company I will gladly participate in any class action suit against them. They revoked my flex pay on the Gold Card and reduced my credit limit on the Blue Card from $15, 000 to $500!! In August of this year I had my purse stolen with all my identity in it including all my credit cards. I called all three of the credit card companies to report the theft immediately after the theft. I spoke with people at AMEX 3 times over the next 3 days trying to make sure that an online pending payment for the Gold Card was not going to be adversely impacted by my closing the checking account that was also stolen. They assured me that as long as I made the payment from the new checking account on time, there would be no problem. Well here we are 3 months later and all of the above happens. When I finally get through the original phone rep to a supervisor, I find out that they did all these things to me based on two things: first, I had an NSF on the August payment (the one I had to reschedule due to closing the stolen account) and second, on November 24th, I asked to have the flex pay removed from the Gold card and made a phone payment of $200 at the same time. The balance due at that time was $251.16. The representative at this time did not tell me I needed to make the entire payment or it would be considered late. Therefore, I showed a "Past Due Balance" of $51.16!!! I have had the Gold Card since 2001 and have never, EVER been late, always paying well above the "minimum due" each month. I finally asked to contact a person of authority at American Express and was given the name and address of the VP of Customer Relations, MICHELLE GETHERS-CLARK in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I don't have much hope of getting anything resolved but I do know that I will NEVER do business with AMEX again and will strongly advise any business associates and/or friends to likewise, avoid this truly unethical and poor run company. Joy
 25th of Jan, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I will never again do business with AMEX. I applied for their card through Costco 3 years ago when their reps came to my employer to promote AMEX/Costco credit card.
AMEX Corporation has an arrogant attiude and have unethical business practice. I tried to use my AMEX card yesterday at Costco's gas station and the transaction was declined. Thank goodness I had my bank debit card. Since I pay all my bills on time and have excellent credit history, I was shocked, humiliated and angry since this is going to blemish my credit history. I immediately called AMEX to inquire as to why the transaction was declined and the rep stated it was because they have cancelled my account. I asked her for a reason and why I was not given a prior notice but she was unable to give answer. She was, however, able to confirmed that my credit limit with them is $6, 000, with an outstanding balance of $200 and that the account is current and no delinquencies. I was only using the AMEX card to purhase gas, nothing else.
I called again and spoke with another rep and was told that even though my account with AMEX is current they cancelled my account due to a negative credit report from another creditor which he declined to give the name. Told him I just checked my credit report in November, 2008 which showed no delinqencies with any creditors and have an above average credit score and there may be a mistake. He told me check my credit report again. I immediately pulled my credit report from 3 credit bureaus and found an error made recently by a creditor I will deal with and have them correct the erroneous error. Even after the error is corrected on my credit report, I will not request AMEX to reinstate my account. Our relationship is permanently damaged and I will join with any Class Action Lawsuits. I will report this to Costco and will advise my colleagues and friends not do business with AMEX.
 2nd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I wish I can tell the whole wide world about this~!!

AMEX Sucks

I have been Faithful Customer of AMEX Jet Blue for 3 years
Never had a late payment, paid most of them in full.
I had over $100 worth of reward point ready to claim
but they are no longer available because AMEX closed my account
without any notice. I called the customer service, and they didn't give me any reasonable explanation and said they could do nothing about it. I asked for supervisor, same thing. Never ever rely on AMEX...
 3rd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Amex also cancelled my credit card with out calling or mailing me anything. They said it had to do with my credit report. I had over $400 worth of reward dollars at costco ready to claim on the next statement. I'm in on any class action suit that is being filed.
 13th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Looks like they struck again . I just wish they had the balls to admit their company is falling apart, instead of insulting people by trying to say they had bad credit. This is total BS. I think they are just getting rid of people with rewards due...
 16th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I'm so pissed right now!

I have never been late and have paid my balance in full! They canceled my card due to review of my credit report and the fact that I paid the min payment for the last few months. Now it's going to take 7 yrs for this cancellation to leave my credit report! Even though I paid on time. I spoke with a supervisor and basically nothing was done. This is sooooooo unfair. Who can we complain to? I want a class action suit now!!!
 17th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Newest member to the club here! 10 years, no late payments, no overlimit, usually double minimum payment. Wife used it this morning, I tried at lunch and declined. Just made a payment of about 85% of balance and was trying to charge $3.52 at the gas station. Called to find out what was going on. Told I was in collections (even after receiving that large payment 2 days ago?). Asked why and was told many factors. Only one they gave was high average balance. I asked if they get their money and they get it on time? Yes but...many factors. I was told it was cancelled because I used it. But like others here, it happened after they got all or a huge chunk of what was owed.

Do what I did...call them back and tell them that since the customer / business relationship is over, they are no longer authorized to use your email, phone, and snail mail information. I informed them that if I see anything from them in my email or snailmail box after the balance is paid off, my lawyer will be in contact.
 5th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
AMEX is borderline fraud in their practices period! It is stereotyping and it is wrong!
I received correspondence from them today informing me that my account was canceled. I contacted them to see what the heck and they responded that it was due to inactivity and some nonsense about my credit score. I already pulled my credit report before calling them so I would have my ducks in a row and informed the representative that there was NOTHING negative on my credit report, that I was staring at it while on the phone with her! She transferred me to some "supervisor" who informed me that it had nothing to do with my credit score, it was due to inactivity. I told her I wanted the account reinstated immediately and that I would close it personally as to not affect my fico. Than I was transferred to another "supervisor" that said she would reinstate my account for 25.00!!! I declined the offer. And do you know those people had the nerve to ask me to apply and open a new AMEX account with them?????
I have the right to NOT rack up my credit cards and be financially responsible as I have been my entire life! My fico mirrors my financial management and to be penalized by AMEX or any other company for having zero balances is NOT cool! I will watch my fico for the next couple of months, and I do hope AMEX's fraudulent business practice doesn't affect it. No wait, maybe I do...
 14th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just paid my balance off in full about five days ago. I went online to check my balance and available credit only to find I had a message in the message center for my account. The message said "account has been cancelled". I called to find out about this message and was told that it was due to a periodic review of my credit history. I am not so angry that I no longer have credit with AMEX because they are pretty much scum, but I am pissed about it negatively effecting my FICO score. I've been trying to repair my score since I almost went bankrupt in 2002. I had never been late with a payment to AMEX once. Not one time. In fact, I'd been diligent to pay my other three credit cards on time as well. So this is the repayment. My question is how much will this effect my FICO score? Would it be better if I closed the account myself or does it make a difference. It will be reported as closed and with a zero balance.
 16th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I received an American Express Business Blue card in October with a $28000 Credit Limit. I used it to start my new business. One of my charges which was approved and I have receipts and approval codes was the sign for my business for $4300 which was made in September. In November American Express lowered my credit limit to what my balance was at the time stating that I wasn't paying them enough. My payments were always more than the minimum and on time. In Feb. they called the sign company and told them that none of their clients charges were paid to them all the way back to last June and they were to call their clients to have them recharge. They had already lowered our limit to the balance and would not redo the previous approved charge and also stating that they had no copy of the original approved charge nor a record of the phone call to the merchant. Everyone knows that American Express records their calls. They have put me in a credit situation where now the merchant wants their money. I was told by an attorney that the charge was an agreement with American Express and the merchant and that the merchant had to honor us with a payment arrangement that I would have been paying to American Express. Does anyone know what can be done here?

Not only that, my husband and I had American Express about 20 years ago (3 cards) and because they rechecked our credit report and said that we were behind one payment with another card company, they canceled our accounts with them. What made this so bad, the report they received was incorrect and had been corrected. I'd like to know if there is a class action suit out there against them because American Express is now defaming Americans.
 17th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
After my situation, (which is posted above) with the cancellation from AMEX I contacted a local credit counseling agency to see how much it would affect my fico score. The agency rep that I spoke with stated that it would affect my fico, probably not as much as in previous years economy though. He also stated that fico realizes the practices that the bigger banks are implementing currently and are factoring that in. He also stated to me that AMEX is not the only bank that is cutting credit limits right now on consumers credit cards that it is becoming common practice among them. And it is all factions of the credit consumer, not just the lower fico scorers. I personally can attest to that!!!
For myself, after AMEX's behavior and what the credit guy told me and everything else that is going on, I am done with credit for the next 3-4 years. I have closed out several credit accounts in the last couple of weeks, all good standing and with zero balances upon closing. A couple of them I have had for 20 years. Ha, it's called my "stick it to corporate America plan!" I think everyone should do it at this point. It's going to get worse folks, this is only the beginning!
 18th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Same here. Five years of impeccable credit with AMEX with numerous offers for the Platinum Card. Have held the Gold card for about 3 years. Received in the mail a notice of cancellation indicating that not only was my card cancelled but that the cancellation of the card may be reported to credit agencies negatively. So their self imposed cancellation (their doing) could potentially affect my credit negatively. Upon calling I learned that they would credit back my automatic renewal issued last month of $125 but cancellation results in points being lost. Complete discrimination...all credit cards are in good standing. However my mortgage is currently in modification mode due to my husbands loss of a job. AMEX cares only about retrieving the minimal balance due..no loyalty, discriminatory and without merit considering the outstanding credit history with them.
 21st of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
i agree totally.

i just had my card canceled without notice. i found out by having it denied when buying gas.

so i called amex. like everyone else here, i ran into a brick wall. in my case, they said it was because i was behind on "a few payments" and that this was reflected in my credit report.

so i got my credit report and noticed that i had a single instance of "delinquency." this delinquency occurred while transferring my phone bill to my employer, no doubt. the last time i spoke with my cell phone company, they said i owed $0. now i found out that apparently i owe them $80 (which i did not know about before this). i will be straightening this out with my cell company. but in the meantime, i have amex affecting my score negatively because of basically an $80 misunderstanding.

so of course i was transferred to an agent in the responsible lender actions dept. she proceeded to tell me that i wasn't responsible because i didn't pay my bills. i told her that i resented the statement because aside from the alleged $80, i was not late with anyone in years, and never late with amex. she insisted i had "a number" of delinquencies, to which i agreed that "one" is indeed "a number." she talked over me a few times and i advised her that i didn't appreciate it. but i ended the call, as i could tell that i was getting nowhere with her.

of course, she did tell me to fix the situation and apply for a card again.

odd that i keep receiving invitations to join their gold card membership. i also received an increase of my overdraft protection because of my "excellent credit."

thanks amex. thanks for not listening. thanks for canceling me based on a single incident of alleged delinquency for $80. you must be really worried about me not paying back the less than $500 i owe you.
 23rd of Mar, 2009 by    +2 Votes
On Saturday I recieved a letter saying that my card was cancelled and called them this morning. They almost hang on me, so unrespectfull. Now I am so worry because after reading all this comments I know that I don't have hope. AMEX has damage my credit score after all this time I had tried so hard to pay all my credit cards. I think they cancel once the credit card is paid in full.

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