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Choice Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Choice Home Warranty / Unethical behavior / false and misleading advertising

Gregory Castronover on Nov 30, 2016
During the month of November, I had two different contractors come out to fix my ice maker through Choice Home Warranty. My issue is with Choice Home Warranty not the contractors. CHW denied my repair claiming it was due to normal wear and tear and therefore not covered. Confused, I asked...

Choice Home Warranty / Poor service

samarama on Nov 26, 2016
We purchased a home warranty plan with Choice Home Warranty. When we signed up they were very friendly on the phone. They stated they would send us an email copy and mailed copy describing in detail the policy conditions that would be to use within 10 business days. 7 weeks later after 4...

Choice Home Warranty / I'm complaining about my heater!!!

Ms. Sarah Moton on Nov 19, 2016
I spoke too Patty, Brie, Yawn, and now Centrell! to know avail! Everybody keeps passing the buck! The young incompetent contractor, you sent out who was wet behind the ears! Stated, " that he never seen a heater like mines, and that it was too old! It was older than him!" He just pre...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty

coolblumr2 on Nov 3, 2016
Choice Home Warranty (CHW) has a long history of denying large claims using shady and unethical means. Despite losing a lawsuit in New Jersey, Choice Home Warranty continues to use deceptive practices in other states. My air handler failed after CHW refused to fix a leak. When the system...

Choice Home Warranty / CHW did not provide any service, claim not paid - did not honor contract

I contacted CHW customer service for a toilet repair on Friday. I reported the toilet at one of our rental properties was broken and verified with CSR that the toilet tank was covered. After 3 phone calls and 2 emails (directed on claims reporting line to put "emergency" in the email...

Choice Home Warranty / AC

Sadia Sheikh on Oct 22, 2016
Definately a company NOT worthy of my choice. BIGGEST mistake we made. 99% of claims are "secondary". Especially if it's due to rust. Not sure how company expects a 10 yr old home to not have 'rust' as a part of wear and tear' that they do supposedly cover. All major claims denied. Go...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty contract violation

johnmartin48 on Oct 16, 2016
Before you choose to purchase this home warranty program please read the following: I am a combat veteran who just returned from my fourth deployment overseas, during this deployment, my HVAC system ceased operating while I was away. I originally purchased Choice Home Warranty’s program back...

Choice Home Warranty / Terrible customer service & denial of claim

Jem2 on Oct 11, 2016
Do not fall for this scam. I signed up for choice home warranty in august, ironically at the recommendation of a friend. On october 3rd, I called the company when my dishwasher stopped working - - no lights, no power, nothing. They initially scheduled me with a company who was to come out...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty

hwh on Sep 26, 2016
Do not do business with choice home warranty they deny alot of claims and do not pay there contractors that do make the repairs. i was doing work for them until i realized wasnt getting paid i was only paid 240.00 for 10 months i worked for them. and also what i saw was they were denying...

Choice Home Warranty / Service contract

Shepsy on Sep 22, 2016
Choice Home Warranty is the only company that covers everything. However when you put in a claim that does not need a small part but needs a replacement...It's not covered. when purchasing the policy, EVERYTING is covered the sales person tells you if they can't fix it "they will replace it "...

Choice Home Warranty / A/C repair

Capt BJ on Sep 15, 2016
If you are purchasing this for A/C service, "Forget About It". They consider Freon as a secondary damage, (the most expensive part about a repair. Even thought their contractor performed a service 9-15 they said the system had not been service. With temps in the 100 plus range A/C is a...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty protection

Sebrina Johnson on Sep 15, 2016
This company has to be the worst Home Warranty company ever. We have had them about a year and they have not covered any issues we were experiencing. It takes weeks fro them to assign a technician for your issue. Our refrigerator went out and for a number of issues but because one of the...

Choice Home Warranty / AC Unit

T&S on Sep 15, 2016
After waiting 10 days (in 90+ degree weather) for them to find a technician we ended up buying a new unit. We switch to them from Home Warranty because they told us they provide service in two days. If they're going to sell you a warranty please stand by it. We definitely did not save any money on this service call!

Choice Home Warranty / Coverage and payments

Laura Sobel Levitan on Sep 12, 2016
I would never do business with Choice Home Warranty again. There are many positive reviews of this service, but not when it comes to Air conditioning parts replacement. Choice charges an additional fee for this service, which I paid. When my air conditioner went out in 2015 I called and...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty

DarlinDonna on Sep 7, 2016
If you are considering this company for a home warranty, please think twice, three times, etc. Less than a year ago, I purchased a seven-year warranty. A portion of it ($1, 000) was paid by the previous homeowner as agreed upon in the sales contract and the balance was paid by me in four...

Choice Home Warranty / Coverage and payments

lbrown2011 on Aug 22, 2016
I signed up on July 14th and they took a monthly payment that day then again took another payment on August 1st. Then my A/C stops working on August 19th and I was told that they would not cover the Freon because it was a pre-existing condition. I have not had any problems with my A/C in...

Choice Home Warranty / Extortionist, won't pay, claims withholding funds promised

Brittany Cearley on Aug 17, 2016
Purchased a home, with warranty. Paid $450 for a year. A/C part broke a month later and they agreed to pay for the work to be done. I called to check on the reimbursement check and they decided they were only going to pay a fraction of what they promised. After hours of time on the phone...

Choice Home Warranty / Ripoff, lie, Illegal

NicoleMe on Aug 15, 2016
Choice Home Warranty June 3, 2016 claim #[removed] Had membership for over 7 months and never filed a claim until our A/C stopped working in June. Besides the long hold time over an hour and several calls to file the claim, was denied coverage even though their motto is we will make it...

Choice Home Warranty / Does Not Perform. Had to take them to Small Claims Court

Peter44139 on Aug 10, 2016
Had a problem with a Bosch washing machine. company that came out had never worked on one. They then lied to CHW about the issue, even though the machine had a digital read out of what was wrong. Tried for weeks to resolve the issue with them, to no avail. Could not get anyone other than a...

Choice Home Warranty / Fails to pay claims.

randy66 on Aug 10, 2016
Beware...Beware...Beware...Predatory Company We purchased a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty after believing their promise of "never having to pay for covered home repairs again." In June of this year we had our air conditioning unit serviced as it was failing to cool properly. A...

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