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Choice Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Service

proph on 2016-01-28
Got Choice Home Warranty a few months ago. They claim to cover all. I contacted them as I had a broken stove, they assigned a repair person, he never showed or called. When following up with many calls and e mails, they never responded, nor did anyone come to fix stove. I stopped monthly...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Dishonest and Crooked - Illegitimate Claims Denials

Reviewer87241 on 2016-01-21
I have made 2 legitimate claims to this company that have been denied for ridiculous and illegitimate reasons. After you file a claim, they have someone "diagnose" the problem for $60 and then they search for reasons to reject the claim, no matter how silly or dishonest it may be. If you...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Claim denied - Bait and switch, deceptive trade practices

MKW123 on 2016-01-04
Stay away from this company. A judgement was recently brought against them by the Attorney General of NJ for unethical behavior. My AC quit cooling this summer (June 2015). Choice sent out a tech on a Friday who said the compressor went out. On Tuesday, he calls me to tell me that the...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Claim Denied

DJ Singleton on 2016-01-02
Submitted a claim for plumbing and was told to call for additional information. After speaking with a representative was told my claim was denied due to an exclusion marked in section blah, blah, blah. Even though the piping is connected to the home, it's not covered under the plan because...

Choice Home Warranty / Home Maintenance Contract - not honoring claim

Reviewer63421 on 2015-12-31
I recently moved into my home and felt that a home warranty would be a good idea... Buyer beware with this company... the list of coverage with the total package was outstanding at first glance... however, The blower motor went out on my heater. They dispatch a technician that said he...

Choice Home Warranty / Lack of service

Reviewer41210 on 2015-12-15
They are no different than any other home warranty company. You call, get assigned a technician and this is where is goes down hill... The company assigned to you is busy, it takes a couple of days for an appt, your appliance always needs a part that they dont have, so it has to be...

Choice Home Warranty / Customer Service

Reviewer49369 on 2015-12-15
Just moved into a new condo on 11/20/2015, warranty came with the condo. First time I went to use the washer, it wouldn't start. Have been working with a tech on repairs. Customer Service refuses to address my concerns and questions about next steps if the washer is not fixed. Russ - who...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Worst customer service

Divelle Stacy on 2015-12-03
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! SAVE YOURSelfF THE HEADACHE! Worst customer service ever. They are quick to take your money but when you cancel a policy it takes an act of good to get a refund. I have been waiting for over 4 months and still have not received a refund. Bounced around from...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Policy Exclusions

Reviewer25522 on 2015-11-18
I bought the policy in August 2015, and until today (November 18, 2015), had never received a copy of the policy I purchased. I had to ask them to email me a copy of my policy. When I bought the policy, I added pool/spa equipment coverage, which I paid extra for. Yesterday, I discovered we...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Don't cover valves

George Wernery on 2015-11-03
On October 6, 2015 my heater broke and they sent out a tech and said it was gas valve, when we got the gas valve a new tech said that not the problem. Choice Home Warranty don't cover valves. After several times to get the heater working they said its the main board but it will take...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Denial of a covered claim on my washing machine

CWF70 on 2015-11-03
I purchased a home warranty through Choice Home Warranty in September. It had a 30 day waiting period for service to begin. Actual coverage began on or around October 7th, 2015. Last week I went to wash clothes and my washing machine would not fill. I called Choice Home Warranty and they...

Choice Home Warranty - Florida, Milton / A/C repair

Reviewer17870 on 2015-10-26
On October 10, 2015 I filed a claim for my air conditioner not cooling. On October 16, at approximately 830 pm Burgess A/C Sales and Service came to my house. He was very nice, stayed until my unit was cooling, he made every effort to complete the job. I would recommend this company for...

Choice Home Warranty / Customer Service and Failure to Provide Any Service

Reviewer70779 on 2015-10-26
Let’s take a few minutes to hear from a real customer of Choice. We have a contract with Choice and we pay a monthly fee. On September 14, 2015 our covered washing machine began to malfunction. I contacted Choice via the posted toll free number. They stated that Sears would schedule an...

Choice Home Warranty - New Jersey, Edison / Denial of a covered AC Unit compressor malfuntion

Alex Brumley on 2015-10-20
Today date is October 20, 2015. I have Choice Home Warranty and they have denied my AC Compressor repair. It malfunctioned on October 14, 2015 and I called the 15th. The sent out a ac tech and they replaced a dual capacitor and discovered that my disconnect box was also not working. They...

Home Choice Warranty / Scam/Deceptive. Legitimate claim denied

popodb on 2015-10-16
Choice Home warranty is a COMPLETE SCAM.. Please, please do NOT sign up with this company or else you will regret it, i promise you. Ive had 3 different companies over the pat 10 years and this company is a complete waste. Morally and ethically deceptive. I had a dryer break down > called...

Choice Home Warranty / Customer dis-service

Reviewer23942 on 2015-09-24
My wife and I are currently researching home warranties for a house we are buying. Choice appeared to be the most highly rated but now I think they post those reviews themselves...they failed at the very first phone call. A rep called after I filled out info online. I explained that we see...

Choice Home Warranty / Claims for air conditioner

Reviewer75432 on 2015-09-22
They did not say and then decided to tell us they have a waiting period and they choose what is a pre existing condition or not. We bought home and air compressor went out sent out a service rep to see what it needed he confirmed and they decided not to cover it as a preexisting condition...

Choice Home Warranty / Customer Service / Deceptive Trade Practices

Reviewer92463 on 2015-09-17
I entered into a home warranty coverage plan with Choice Home Warranty on 08/19/2015. At the time that I entered into the coverage plan, I was told by Adam Green that the plan would go into affect in 15 days due to having an existing plan. At that time my current plan with American...

Choice Home Warranty / Ac unit

Reviewer63230 on 2015-09-16
Choice Home Warranty takes your money yearly but denies almost everything. Don't use the. Also service is very slow. Just save your yearly payment to them for anything you need serviced. You will be much better off. I will not renew when the policy expires but I will call them for...

Choice Home Warranty. - Alabama, Odenville / water line leak

Reviewer57988 on 2015-08-31
Never Pay for Covered Home Repairs Again repair company came in looked at problem, charged $45 and never returned, called repair company 6 hours later stated choice warranty would not pay for parts and asked if I would pay another $150 to do repairs, I declined and repaired it myself for $70...

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