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Charter Communications Complaints & Reviews

Charter Communications - Montana, Billings / payment harassment

dplatt on 2016-05-16
So, I have been with charter for two years now and have never missed a payment up until recently when some losses happened in my life. I have been trying to pay my bill with what I can and I'm only a hundred dollars behind. So, I guess they take it upon themselves to call me 15 to 20...

Charter Communications / Charter services

sekvall on 2016-03-09
I am a current Charter Customer (although I never will be again). I am moving and wanted to determine if Charter offered service in my new location about a mile down the road. I spent 26 minutes on the phone with these uninformed, rude, condescending, abrasive, clueless people and still...

Charter Communications - Missouri, Saint Louis / internet

Reviewer41047 on 2016-02-26
My internet service has always been poor, starting Sept 2014, i could sign on forvapprox 30 seconds before being dropped, this went on until Sept 2015, numerous phone calls, service calls and lies, stating its my ipod, needed software update on modem, services working fine, very...

Charter Communications - Louisiana, Hammond / Poor Internet/Phone

Mamaredjes on 2016-02-08
I have been with Charter for over a year and no problem until suddenly in late December the internet and phone service began having intermittent service. There are good and bad days and many bad ones dealing with call centers (I was called a liar when I told them I was having internet...

Charter Communications / Soliciting "deals" to senior residents in a posted community.

Reviewer81287 on 2016-01-06
In late December 2015 and first week in January, a female solicitor canvased a senior community in Ripon, Ca, offering deals to change carriers, phone, TV and internet. At least one woman gave her information to switch a phone service. After re thinking, she called to cancel any change. On...

Charter Communications - South Carolina, Taylors / Worst Company: Order, Support, Customer Service

Reviewer58379 on 2015-11-08
Charter must be the worst company. Their employees can't be bothered to do their jobs. When I signed up they told me I would get a list of products in their bundle including a battery for the phone. ( which they are still debating if they carry) After a 5 day install at 8 hours a day each...

Charter Communications - Michigan, Traverse City / Bundle package and customer service

Reviewer53353 on 2015-09-28
I ordered charter bundle package. Wanted to pay for 6 months up front. No problem the representative on the phone said she quoted me the price setup the installation and took payment. This was in February. The team came out installed equipment and everything was great. Than May came and I...

Charter Communications / High price, low variety, bad customer service

Reviewer45803 on 2015-08-27
Prices start out fairly reasonable but as the package perks drop the price goes way up, just like satellite TV does. The premium channels rarely have anything reasonably new. They rotate the same bunch of movies around that we were tired of long ago. Adam Sandler, Sandra Bullock, Keanu...

Charter Communications / DVD Box

Joel Joergensen on 2015-04-26
This past week Charter has replaced 2 DVD boxes in our dining room. The last time a service representative replaced it with an older box that only lets you program for a few hours where the newer boxes let's you program a week or longer. The company makes you feel like an idiot when you...

Charter Communications / Charter Contract Buyout BEWARE

Jeremy Warren85 on 2014-09-30
I just started Charter services and the reason I switched to them from Dish was because of the Contract Buyout promo that was going on. To make a long story short, I was charged an Early Termination Fees (ETF) From Dish in the amount of $280 and submitted that to charter. I paid the bill...

Charter Communications / Tech support

M Ham on 2014-08-01
I have one of my 3 cable boxes that stopped sending a signal to the TV. I called Charter for help only to land in some automated tech support b.s. that wasted about 10 mins of my time trying to send corrective signals to another TV in the house. When I kept telling the auto service that...

Charter Communications - Tennessee, Tullahoma / Tennessee

Lopezland on 2013-12-27
I have tried contacting customer service to ask for assistance with lowering my bill and they were extremely rude. The person on the phone would not help when I tried explaining that my bill was way to high. I have always had a set price and for some reason my bill keeps being raised. For...

Charter Communication / Constant Lying and Tricking Customers

CharterLies on 2013-09-21
1. Charter Communication is pushing all customers into what they call an upgrade. It is a package of useless services we don't need. 2. I went through 4 people when I received the "push" letter including Scott who was supposed to lower the bill to $125.96 and two useless supervisors. I...

Charter Communications - California / customer service

catherine12 on 2013-04-07
I called to request a payment extension due to a delayed paycheck.The customer service rep was very difficult to understand and refused to give a 5 day extension.And proceeded to tell me that my services would be interrupted if I didnt pay right than n there.I have taken services off to...

Charter Communication - Texas, Fort Worth / Installation

SamanthaE on 2013-04-02
I have Charter for cable, internet, and home phone. On September 20, 2012 a technician came to my house to fix my box. He took my old box out and went to his truck to get a new one. He came in and the box HAD NO PACKAGING on it and set it on my old box. I was minding my own busine...

Charter Communications - Texas, North Richland Hills / service

roger davis 1 on 2013-03-30
I have read the reviews for charter communications on several sites, my complaints are mostly all of the ones mentioned but here is my story as short as possible. Customer since 1999 due to the fact that I wanted a bundle package and did not want to use AT&T or one of their subsidiarie...

Charter Communications - Alabama, Fort Payne / Poor service

papa green on 2012-08-29
Charter moved in and took over our local provider. 7 months ago a car struck a power pole and knocked out our service. Several days later service was restored, however since then we have had extremely poor service. We have had every tech support person out to the point where we know each...

Charter Communications - Michigan, Zeeland / Billing, WiFi

Service Sucks on 2012-08-05
Charter sucks: When you are a month behind they don't have the common decency to give you a recorded courtesy call that your service is about to be disconnected for non payment. Mind you 1 freaking month In addition to that if you want to use your computer in different rooms there i...

Charter Communications / Bad Billing System

TruTest on 2012-06-29
The day before the Super Bowl, I received a "final notice" in the mail from Charter warning me that if I did not pay my "outstanding balance" my service would be disconnected... which was news to me since I had paid my bill on time every month since I signed up! After calling customer...

Charter Communications - Michigan, Zeeland / cancelled service never receieved last bill

unhappycablecustomer on 2012-06-29
I cancelled services on May 25, 2012 and expect4ed to recieve the final bill. I never received the final bill instead I recieved a call from the collection agency because I was placed with them on June 21, 2012. I then contacted Charter and they told oops the final bill was not even...

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