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CenturyLink Complaints & Reviews

CenturyLink - Colorado, Broomfield / Internet

Reviewer35165 on 2016-02-09
I've had three horrible experiences with centurylink. First of all let me say that before I retired I worked with the broadband development with qwest/kpmg venture and I am a master electrician with MCSE, CCNA, CNA Certs in computers so I have an expert's opinion as well. First horrible...

CenturyLink - Florida, Lehigh Acres / internet speeds constantly being throttled

Reviewer75278 on 2016-02-06
I have heard every level of excuse from this company, and every time they throttle my speeds down to 4mb/s. They have had to repair their weak infrastructure lines to my home twice, and I pay for a 8mb/s service and know it can get the full 8mb/s when they aren't throttling me. I have...

Century Link - Colorado, Parker / Internet Service

Reviewer99749 on 2016-02-03
We recently moved about 5 miles away from a home that we had Century Link internet service at 12 mbps. We have been told by Century Link that the fastest speed they can provide us at our new home is only 1.5 mbps. This is 2016 and to offer speeds that low in this day and age are...

CenturyLink - Arkansas, Atkins / Internet Speed

Reviewer79404 on 2016-02-02
I have been with Centurylink for 4 years. I have paid for 10 Mbps and have received 1.2 Mbps. I've been told that's ok because i'm paying for up to 10 Mbps. I have never even gotten close to that. They say in my area that's as good as it gets and they can't do anything about it. Why do I have...

Century Link / Vacation Plan

Patricia LaRue on 2016-01-25
We signed up for a CenturyLink account (basic phone service plus internet) because that's the ONLY reliable means of communication at the house in WI. We drive a semi cross country and are often away from home for weeks at a time. But when we're home, having phone & internet i...

CenturyLink - Missouri, Lebanon / Internet service

joelineman on 2016-01-23
In May of 2014 I bought a house and moved. I contacted centurylink and they said they could save me money by going to direct tv and internet. I was currently a customer of centurylink and when the day came to have my internet service connected and the direct tv installer showed up I called...

CenturyLink - Ohio, Avon / 25 Mbps Internet Service/Customer Service

Bill Reynolds on 2016-01-20
GET OFF OF CENTURYLINK SERVICES IF YOU CAN!!! I have spent the last week dealing with CenturyLink trying to get our internet service working. We were having strange error messages and other weird things happening on our DSL modem so Stephen looked into what might be going on and found out...

CenturyLink / DSL

bitbrush on 2016-01-12
Sent back our faulty modem but still got billed for the cost of the modem! Tried talking with a chat rep and they affirmed we would be credited back for the modem on our next bill. Well the next bill arrived and we've officially been charged. Talked with a chat representative a second time...

CenturyLink - Colorado, Denver / Billing for Internet

Inside Beauty on 2016-01-10
I've had internet service with CenturyLink for a few years, and I have never missed a payment. This new incident began on 10/28/15 when I upgraded from 12 mbps to 20 mbps which is a free upgrade - activated on November 10th, 2015. My account # 952-934-5113 which I've always used for my...

Century Link - Arizona, Mesa / Stay away from the Internet with them

NickFriese on 2015-12-29
Where to begin... When I first signed up, the put two accounts in my name and sent me two modem/routers. After an hour on the phone - they realized the mistake was on their end and closed one of the accounts. Yay! They did something correctly! The rest of the story has no happy points. I...

Century Link - Florida, Naples / Charges

Yogesh Malhotra on 2015-10-27
I was contracted for two years for the Internet and prism TV with Century Link. I was told that my monthly bill including all modem, HD and DVR costs will be $89 plus taxes. Now when I receive the bill it is double that amount and my calls to Century Link has been unsuccessful. I was told...

Century Link / Monthly bill

Mandm Wynn on 2015-10-21
I was told that my monthly bill would be 20 dollars a month, I added caller ID, for 10.00 more a month which should have been 33.33, but now was told that my bill is 45, 87. I was told that the federal charges would be 10.87. Taxes and Federal. Seriously? 10.87?

Century Link - Colorado, Fort Collins / Customer Service Experience

ssteele1224 on 2015-10-21
I had literally the worst customer service experience I have ever had from the Century Link team. I have been a faithful customer since 2002. I paid my bill on time every month. I received a bill stating I had not paid my bill for several months. I created an investigation and provided all...

Centurylink / Prism / Prism TV and billing

JohnnyOhhhh on 2015-09-04
Prism TV experience…….First the billing; to sign up was offered great promotions for a year. At 7 months promotions dropped off and for the month prior I was peppered with emails and mailer cards pushing me to auto-pay, curious? Of course I called C.S. to ask why my bill jumped so...

Centurylink Internet - Utah, Roy / Fraudulent termination fees

Linda Klein Berrett on 2015-08-04
Please be aware of deceptive practices of Century link Internet. After trying to negotiate a cheaper price for their services, I was made an offer of 19.95 per month. The catch was you had to agree to a one year contract, and auto pay and paperless billing. I did not see the problem with...

Century Link - Connecticut, Portland / Business Phone Service

Century Link has been nothing but difficult for our business. Our biggest issue is that a tech was supposed to come and fix our lines on 7/17/15 and never arrived. When we called century link they said someone arrived and our phones were fine. After stating no body showed up several time...

Centurylink Core Connect - Alabama, Salem / Try to work with the company and be punished!

Very-disappointed on 2015-06-22
I have been a CenturyLink customer for over 10 years. I was promised when I changed locations that my internet speed was going to be 20mbps but when they got there, they said sorry it would only be 7mbps. I thought it was a good company and I tried to work with them, but after a few...

Century Link - Washington, Vancouver / Can not fix internet drop off

carrotbroccoli on 2015-06-07
About two months ago we experienced internet issues. We had to always reset the modem finally called Century Link and received a new modem. Once we installed the modem our wireless stopped working. Called again and again another modem arrived, still no wireless finally decided to get a...

Century Link - Arizona, Tucson / Poor Internet Service

WeAreNotAmused on 2015-05-03
We signed up for Internet Service. We were off-line more than on. It took a least one call a day every day to trouble shoot. Some technicians were not able to solve the problem and told us that the lines in our area were "old" Other techs were helpful, and got us connected for a couple of...

Centurylink Internet / Returned modem, CL says didn't get it, credit score took a dive

washirv on 2015-04-07
I canceled service in Oct 2013. I sent the leased DSL modem back with prepaid shipping label. I just happened to check credit report this morning, 4/7/2015, and it showed a derogatory mark which tanked my credit score. Turns out it's from Centurylink's modem, which they claim...

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