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YMCA - Missouri, Kansas City - Did not want to honor online 3 day pass

Posted: 2015-07-25 by    Shalimar Ali
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I would like to file a complaint about my treatment today at the Cleaver YMCA (Kansas City, MO). I received an email from the YMCA with a link for the 3 day trial pass. The email says to print the form and bring it to the Y. So I did that.

But when I got to the YMCA, I was confronted by a rude employee, Katrina. She said the YMCA no longer uses the form that I printed out.

Then why in the world did I get the email????????

Something is wrong here. If you no longer honor the email forms, then don't send them to people! I bet if a white person presented...

YMCA - Deceptive cancellation policy

Posted: 2015-05-20 by    Cantstandya
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The contract says you have to give 30 days cancellation. What it doesn't say is they are going to charge you one more full month after the end of the month you have paid for when you turn in your cancellation request. If you give 30 days notice in the middle of a billing cycle, you still have to pay for the rest of that billing cycle PLUS one more full one. That is 45 days. You can require 30 days notice and charge someone 45 or more days. They hold your credit card number hostage when you sign up so they can steal as much as they want from you. When I brought the 30 days policy to their attention...

YMCA - Ontario, toronto - terrible and rude pool staff

Posted: 2015-03-28 by    anonymous earthling
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The YMCA pool staff are terrible in the area that I live in. My children attended swimming lessons and I recently took them out because of rude pool staff (lifeguards and instructors). I don't know if it is the same at the YMCA where you live but my children came home with a story about how the instructor was unfair and did not teach them anything. I would not advise you to continue swim lessons at the YMCA because you will probable end up disappointed with the results. After all it's teenagers teaching!...

YMCA - handicapped lifts

Posted: 2014-07-29 by    bobkruse
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Their handicapped lift chairs to get handicapped people in and out of the pools are in need of repair. One one the far side by the slide pinched my fingers told and asked for this one to be fixed since last 2 years. its the cool pool best for some one with my handicap to be in. The 94 degree pool that lift chair is tilting to much to bring people in and out with out help from life guard. These to chairs are close to 10 yrs old time to be replaced after all, the equipment in fitness room gets replaced more. Ignoring how many handicapped people use these chairs during the week.
I looked into...

YMCA - Noise

Posted: 2014-07-28 by    Stephanie Wood
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Incessant, DAILY noise ALL SUMMER LONG at YMCA camp
housed at PreK Montclair NJ (corner of Church Street & Orange Rd)

Screaming on megaphones, or yelling and chanting - sounds like
Nazi Nuremberg rallies. ONGOING ... CONSTANT... DAILY.
Town refuses to enforce noise / nuisance laws. I have called
Essex Co, DEP. Governor's office...you name it.

Stephanie Wood Orange Rd Montclair

YMCA - Sexual / racial harassment

Posted: 2014-06-28 by    dell hello
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Stephanie DobsonAssociation Aquatics Director
This women is racist and said horible name calling about me being fat in my swimming suit and being too black "Big=boned" bcause im a black women an my boobs are too big.. My swimming suit covered up my whole body and nothing was showing. I was assulted by her and a staff person on my way out. when i was leaving the staff followed me out to the parking lot and took pictures of my car, and they called the police because they are liers, and we should go to court and show the tape of their sexual and racial harrassment. that was my 1st time there,...

YMCA - financial

Posted: 2014-02-17 by    Johnnie A.Borrero
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my wife came in to sighn up for membership to ymca. we applied assistant had approved at 28.00 and was under imppression w/ towel service. when my wife came by to pay fee, she ended up paying fiftyone dollars and today when arrived at ymca was confronted with a worker much to my disliking and he says we have to pay an extra chage of ten dollars more for towel service. when i was first sighn up afew years all i had to do pay financial assistant fee and pay one dollar more a month for towel service. i feel i dont want to be party of the ymca because of worker there and am sur this person at front...

YMCA - Minnesota, Coon Rapids - spray in locker room

Posted: 2014-01-22 by    Iwa2
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The folowing are my opinions and beliefs only:
I was at this YMCA in coon rapids, MN. I was alone in the locker room with a strange looking black woman who hovered around a mirror that was near my locker. I believe that She was kind of heavy set, had bow legs. wore tight clothing, had medium or long black hair. She always had her back or side to me so I never saw her face. She held a silver can in her hand. I heard a long spraying sound. My eye suddenly felt irritated. I left the locker room. I had a severe reaction. My eye turned bright red and my face, arms, and legs swelled with bumps...

YMCA - Liars and kidnappers and child molseters

Posted: 2013-10-26 by    You don't care
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The YMCA st.catharines hires prostitues that sell drugs to children they allowed someone other then the parent to pick up a child that got kidnapped and sexuall abused by their employee Colleen. They allow this to go on because the managers Mimi and Allen help with the kidnapping and sexual assault to take place at st.catharines family YMCA...

YMCA - Mean

Posted: 2013-09-10 by    Gary Bumble
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
In YMCA in the mornings at Scms, my child says that it is boring and they only play basketball in the morning! She also says that the person in charge is mean. I don't think there is any learning in basketball. I want my child to be in a safe environment to learn and have fun. I also don't like leaving my child outside 50 mins before doors open too get to school....

YMCA - Ontario, Niagara Falls - To little equipment

Posted: 2013-02-12 by    bob58923
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
YMCA has to little equipment you spend a lot of time waiting on machines and benches to use and you do not get to play basketball because they have like 6 balls (cheep ass people) a company so big should supply the right gear for the over priced memberships and some of the people there are rude and when you lose your swipe card you have to pay 5$ for a new one that's bull shit for me having a swipe card makes their job easier and i got to pay for that you should get 2 cards a year included in the membership. Also most of the staff don't do much they talk and hang out don't help with...

YMCA - Idaho - Financial/volunteer

Posted: 2013-01-04 by    kimki
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Make sure you get everything in writing, especially if it has to do with the financial department. I was quoted a membership of $25 dollars a month, but when I got my bank statement it was $35. The personel was rude and screamed at me on the phone when I mwentioned it, and no one got back to me after I complained. For all we know, someone might be embezzling money.

I also quit as a volunteer because they were never appreciative. They don't hire anyone because they are so cheap and can't seem to make their budget work, and they tell you it's an oppurtunity......

YMCA - Iowa, Council Bluffs - Thieves

Posted: 2012-12-07 by    Karissa k
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
They went ahead and charged my credit card for a membership I stopped. And they aren't going to refund my money because they lost there paperwork. They basically called me a liar. They told me they are keeping my money and there is nothing I can do. Well there is. This is how it is going to start. I will do everything in my power to let the world know about the YMCA in council bluffs Iowa....

YMCA - Oregon, oh - lack of training

Posted: 2012-04-10 by    dingess05@yahoo.com
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I was hit in the faced with a basketball while waiting for my grandson game to start by 3 employees playing basketball in the gym with 3 rims and they choose to shoot the ball in the rim where they have chairs for the parents to sit. After I was hit the the men came over and apologies while laughing and making a big joke of it. I said what the hell is the matter with you there's 3 fucking rims in here and you choose this one to shoot the ball at with people sitting here . The so called activities director came over about 5 mins later and said they said they were sorry and I said yeah and they...

YMCA - Ohio, Columbus - Depsoit not returned

Posted: 2012-03-19 by    NoahBuell
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My name is Noah Buell and I am very angry with the YMCA residential service I recieved in Columbus, Ohio. I lived their for about 6 months, I gave them them a 30 day notice when I found another place to live, I gave them their keys back on the day before the last day of the 30th day. They said they would send my deposit to me in a few weeks, now its over a few months, I stop in and they say I didnt turn my keys in, when actually I did, because while the lady was puttin my keys back I had to fill out a dumb survey about my stay, and the only reason I would be behind the desk to do a survey isIF I...

YMCA - complain in regards unfair procedures

Posted: 2012-02-25 by    jassy38
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I have lived in west london ymca for over two years. I would not like to disclose which Ymca as i am scared it might lead to other things. Since living in ymca i had an incident where i was assaulted by another resident. i have taken the matter to the management however i did not get any help i received a warning letter which i felt was right. The management did not investigate the matter before i just received the letter. Furthermore the incident involved 5 people its only 3 who received the letter. i have made a formal complain in regards i receiving warning letter. i particularly complained about...

YMCA - England, Surrey, Surbiton - Abuse

Posted: 2012-02-22 by    Klantee
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
‘Move on House’
16, Victoria Avenue

(Formally of)
(YMCALSW) Hostel
49, Victoria Road

To: Chief Executive Office
YMCA England
29-35 Farringdon Road

I am writing this letter as a formal complaint regarding the conduct and behaviour of your staff, based in the Surbiton office. I also request responses via email only, in light of my issues...

YMCA - California, Tujunga - Swim Lessons

Posted: 2011-06-08 by    manvel1969
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I am the parent of two members at the Verdugo Hills YMCA and my child is not being accepted into a swimming lessons for this month, because supposedly there is no room left. My child has already been in swim lessons for four months. When we attended the YMCA in Glendale, CA, on the last day of class we were given a certificate of completion and after that we went and paid. Here we were not given anything and it was explained that sign-ups went from the 23rd of every month. My child was sick for two weeks; however, I came to pay on the 27th but I was told that the class was full. How can they can...

YMCA - England, Greater London, London - Uncharitable charity

Posted: 2011-05-12 by    Kym Suttle
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
This establishment has no idea how to treat it's volunteers with respect and care. I was one of several people (whom I personally know) who worked as volunteer instructors for many years and when we left weren't given so much as a thank you for our time and dedication. I volunteered as a dance teacher and also worked as a paid yoga instructor for 14 years. In that time I know for a fact that some of the members maintained their memberships in order to attend just my classes. In terms of money I brought into the club from members renewing memberships and the salary they saved from not paying...

YMCA - England, Dorset, Bournemouth - bullied

Posted: 2011-02-21 by    applemcall
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I found myself homeless over the summer of 2010 in Bournemouth. I applied and was offered accommodation, i after the first month I had started a new job keeping up with my bills and moving forward with my life. I noticed I was one of only a few in the YMCA that had a job. A few months later was signed of work due to depression some of the residents pick up on this and decided it would be funny to harass me by knocking on my door, window and jump on the ceiling. I complained and it got worse the staff did nothing to stop this in-fact they denied it was happening. This encourage the residents more...

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