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YMCA Complaints & Reviews

YMCA - Michigan, Southgate / Lunch w/Santa

Reviewer79189 on 2015-12-13
Good afternoon, My children and I attended lunch with santa today. I am very upset with the turn out. My daughter, son, and I watched as the staff brought pizza to each table but our table was not served. We had to go up along with the other family of four at the table to get pizza. We...

YMCA - Missouri, Kansas City / Did not want to honor online 3 day pass

Shalimar Ali on 2015-07-25
I would like to file a complaint about my treatment today at the Cleaver YMCA (Kansas City, MO). I received an email from the YMCA with a link for the 3 day trial pass. The email says to print the form and bring it to the Y. So I did that. But when I got to the YMCA, I was confronted by a rude...

YMCA / Deceptive cancellation policy

Cantstandya on 2015-05-20
The contract says you have to give 30 days cancellation. What it doesn't say is they are going to charge you one more full month after the end of the month you have paid for when you turn in your cancellation request. If you give 30 days notice in the middle of a billing cycle, you...

Bridgeport Ymca / Staff professionalism

ispearing on 2015-05-14
I currently work at a school, and I applied for several jobs so I could work during the summer while I am off from my regular job. After being offered a summer camp position at The Bridgeport YMCA, and filling out all employment paperwork, I then discussed a preplanned vacation that I had...

YMCA - Ontario, toronto / terrible and rude pool staff

anonymous earthling on 2015-03-28
The YMCA pool staff are terrible in the area that I live in. My children attended swimming lessons and I recently took them out because of rude pool staff (lifeguards and instructors). I don't know if it is the same at the YMCA where you live but my children came home with a story...

Cy - Creek Ymca / Not honoring date of contract termination

Kim sommerfield on 2015-03-23
Early November of 2014 I had to withdrawal my membership due to my physical illnesses & inability to attend the gym. I pointed out to the woman that I had only used my membership about 4 times & was wasting my money. I was also in need of future surgery that would not be done for a proud...

Surbiton Ymca / Victor Warden / personal trainer abusing his role

Mr Victor Warden on 2014-10-30
Ymca in surbiton surrey are employing convicted men (inmates from prison) volunteer and become personal trainers to only abuse there roles and neglect young females with low self esteem!! This is where we the public should be asking our self's.. are we safe? With these convicted men...

Greater Dayton YMCA / Over Charged Bank Account for Memebership Fee Refuse to Credit Account

Brenda Leffel on 2014-10-22
I was quoted a monthly membership fee of $20.38 and agreed to an automatic bank withdraw from my checking account. When the bank withdraw was made $52.55 was charged to my account. When I contacted the corporate office and the membership director at the Y, they refused to credit my account...

YMCA North / Staff rudeness/theft

I went in to the North Spokane YMCA to sign up. I was given a Guest Pass to see if I like the equipment and I was able to use the equipment one time and thought I would give it a shot. A few days later, I came back in and signed up officially. I specifically asked on my tour if I could...

Ymca Nyc - New York, Bronx / Instructor continuously playd loud music

bobbyray82 on 2014-09-15
There is aok is on its highest level.ection ymca who blasts the zumba session music waaay too loud. The zumba instructor at the bronx castlehil to ymca staff several times about a zumba instructor named erika blasts the music at its highest level. A few other members complain each time she...

Wilson - Gray Ymca Youth and Family Center / Bullied, discriminatory and threaten

Alex DeJesus on 2014-08-27
The Ymca have a Discriminatory and Threaten policy inlace whereby if your forced to stay one due to being made a deaf. We attend 5am-7am to play basketball every wed and friday. I am very disappointment with YMCA Staff Because when Somebody say that he going punch in my face and Staff...

YMCA / handicapped lifts

bobkruse on 2014-07-29
Their handicapped lift chairs to get handicapped people in and out of the pools are in need of repair. One one the far side by the slide pinched my fingers told and asked for this one to be fixed since last 2 years. its the cool pool best for some one with my handicap to be in. The 94...

YMCA / Noise

Stephanie Wood on 2014-07-28
Incessant, DAILY noise ALL SUMMER LONG at YMCA camp housed at PreK Montclair NJ (corner of Church Street & Orange Rd) Screaming on megaphones, or yelling and chanting - sounds like Nazi Nuremberg rallies. ONGOING ... CONSTANT... DAILY. Town refuses to enforce noise / nuisance laws. I have...

YMCA / Sexual / racial harassment

dell hello on 2014-06-28
Stephanie DobsonAssociation Aquatics Director This women is racist and said horible name calling about me being fat in my swimming suit and being too black "Big=boned" bcause im a black women an my boobs are too big.. My swimming suit covered up my whole body and nothing was showing. I wa...

YMCA Greenpoint - Brooklyn / Unbelievably rude on the phone to me for no reason

Anthony L J. on 2014-06-21
I am writing about an important issue that I feel maangement at YMCA needs to recognize...I called to inquire about a small room and the guy told me the system was down to call back in a few hours when its up. I did so, and he said he had a small room available then. I said ok I would like...

YMCA / financial

Johnnie A.Borrero on 2014-02-17
my wife came in to sighn up for membership to ymca. we applied assistant had approved at 28.00 and was under imppression w/ towel service. when my wife came by to pay fee, she ended up paying fiftyone dollars and today when arrived at ymca was confronted with a worker much to my disliking...

YMCA - Minnesota, Coon Rapids / spray in locker room

Iwa2 on 2014-01-22
The folowing are my opinions and beliefs only: I was at this YMCA in coon rapids, MN. I was alone in the locker room with a strange looking black woman who hovered around a mirror that was near my locker. I believe that She was kind of heavy set, had bow legs. wore tight clothing, had...

Ymca Gym - England, Surrey, Surbiton / breech of client confidentiality and abuse from gym personal trainer

Ymca Surbiton on 2013-11-24
I was a member of Surbiton ymca gym for over a year when ive had the most horrific time with the way I was treated and how the situation wss dealt with... I have been badly treated by the Surbiton ymca, as they are still employing a man that works and personal trains there. This horrific...

YMCA / Liars and kidnappers and child molseters

You don't care on 2013-10-26
The YMCA st.catharines hires prostitues that sell drugs to children they allowed someone other then the parent to pick up a child that got kidnapped and sexuall abused by their employee Colleen. They allow this to go on because the managers Mimi and Allen help with the kidnapping and sexual assault to take place at st.catharines family YMCA


Coleton on 2013-10-17
I was lifting wieghts at 3 pm like i always do when one of the hourly employees tells me disrespectully to take it easy on that bar. She watched me for a few minuets and kept following me aroung the weigh lifting area. She said for me to stop dropping the weights then i told her there i...

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