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WinCo Foods Complaints & Reviews

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WinCo Foods - Texas, Garland / Lead Clerk

Jacinta Perez on 2016-06-25
I'm currently an employee at Winco in Garland I have a complaint against a Lead Clerk on the overnight crew I'm not sure what his name is, but he was rude to my fiance as I had got off work my fiance wasn't doing anything except waiting on me I didn't know my fiance couldn't stand and wait for me along side me when I clock out. It was the first time anyone said anything and the guy started causing a scene and other employees and customers were looking over at us like what the world is going on. I did not appreciate the guy acting the way he did. I love working with the company and this is the only complaint I have. He did not show good customer service at all.

WinCo Foods - California, Eureka / Customer Safety

Bob U. on 2013-08-20
In my opinion Winco in Eureka CA. is not a safe place to be after 10 pm. It appears that they do not have any security personnel after 10 PM. I contacted their Corp. office about the liquor section being locked up after 10 PM and I was told that this was a local store manager's choice due to theft problems. However, the wine on the floor and the beer cooler have no need to be secured from theft, this is strange. I pointed out to them that they had video cameras monitoring every possible location in the store they refused to respond with an answer. What about safety for their employees, a...

WinCo Foods - Nevada, Henderson / Bulk Bin Dog Treats

Troy E on 2013-07-18
WinCo foods, Henderson has unsafe dog treats in their bulk bins. They will not take responsibility for selling these treat to pet owners. These treat killed my AKC Service dog, when my dog got kidney disease from two of their treats sold at their store and died. An accident report was made at this store in Feb. 2013, with no response. So with this in mind, I feel the public needs to know about their dog produces and that they do not stand behind what they sell to pet owners and if it will kill your dog or not. We buy food and treats for our pet in the best intensions, to train and support our...

WinCo Foods - Utah, Ogden / Employment harrassment

bradyjensen4 on 2013-03-04
Hi my name is Brady and I was an employee at winco foods in ogden Utah but I did post an personal ad looking for someone to be with yes I am gay but Winco Foods corporate had some complaints about my AD so management took me into the office and talked to me and put me on suspension for 3 days but they told me to take my ad down or take their companies name out of my ad so I took it down and Winco Foods got 4 more complaints after I took my Ad down so I got fired. I would think that to make it right was to put me on longer suspension instead of firing me.

WinCo Foods - Nevada, nevada / unfair promoting practices

no where land on 2012-07-07
Ive been an employee for years i applied for a position which i felt qualified for and they give it to someone that has been an winco employee for 3 months i didnt even get an face to face interview i find it so unfair that ive asked to learn more things but feel only a slap in the face now im beginning to feel that winco treats the employees that dont kiss ass like shit but golden to the ones who do i feel l shouldnt be working hard because its getting m no where since winco foods wants to treats certain employees half ass then i should work half ass im completely vested pay me my money so i can find a better employer who appreciates ALL their employees not the ones who constantly kiss ass!!!

WinCo Foods / problems with promotions

no where land on 2012-06-26
Ive been an employee with winco foods for several years ive asked and requested to learn new things but management refuses and blows me off its not fair that newer employees are learning new things and im not winco foods is suppose to support their employees atribution to wanting to promote within i feel that even though ive been with winco for a long time i feel like a worthless unappreciated employee i also feel that there is alot of favorism and that managers arent considering all employees work all i know is that im tired of doing the same job i want to advance and learn more things and i...

WinCo Foods - California, Temecula / Rude Manager / Discrimination

EFam on 2011-10-20
The Temecula Store manager by the name of Brian King or Key (he refused to provide his last name spelling when asked). Declined me and my wife's manufacturer coupon because in his words "the deal is too good". Its a buy one get one free manufacturer coupon that DOES meet your current coupon policy. I want to be clear that it is NOT a print out. We got it from the Sunday newspaper. We feel that the manger went out of his way to be rude. We have never had a problem using coupons at what was out favorite store. This is the first transaction where we feel discriminated against for using...

WinCo Foods / Thanks for awful customer service

Ciblike on 2011-09-13
I was at the seafood counter and questioned for three lobster tails. The sign read $3.98 ea, and I request they guy behind the counter to double check and he said they were. I had a hard time talking to him, because his friends kept talking over me, asking for "individually bagged shrimps" among other things, thinking they were amusing. When I was paying at the register I notice the price was over $14.00 DOLLARS for the lobster. I went to customer service immediately after being rung up to right the error. Chad S. went to check the price, that is when I found out they only wrapped TWO TAILS...

WinCo Foods - Nevada, Reno / Rude Sean

unbelievable86 on 2011-07-13
I just called the Winco in reno at the Northtowne Shopping Center around 8:46am to see if the shasta cola was still on sale for .58 cents, and was spoken to on the phone like a child by an employee who called himself Sean. This of course will not stop me from shopping there because i love the prices and product quality. But when I told him I go there every week and was planning to be there to purchase some, he did explain to me that he wouldnt know because he had been off for the last 5 days, and if he would he wouldnt be able to give me the price. And continued to say in a high pitched...

WinCo Foods - Oregon, Portland / ants in bacon bits

benjaminmorse on 2011-02-15
i went to winco on 2-13-2011 and did some grocey shopping for dinner among thes groceries i purchased a bottle of hormel real bacon pcs i returned home wer i fixed dinner and then i got the bacon peices out of the bag to put then on a baked potato wen i opened the jar ants came out everywher i feel i deserve some kind of compinsation for this it ruined a whole meal aside from just ruining my appitite and all iwas told is that i needed to bring back the bottle of antds and fill out a incedent report and get back my 2 dollars really...is that all thats going to be done i think not i want somone from the company to contact me about this matter my name is ben my number is 270 816 0119

WinCo Foods - Oregon / job harrasment

islander99 on 2011-01-10
Seems that they can't take time to train new employees but can threaten them. Jennifer seems to think she can harass new people . I've watched her go after a new fellow that is working with me. I thought adults worked for winco the sexual talk is out of hand on the sales floor at night. making fun of people is what the manager does best. I've been with winco for awhile they just cant seem to give new people a break ... good way to keep hiring new people so they don't have to hand out health and other benifits. They work this kid alone while we get help, There trying to get rid of him. Shame on Jennifer she is a major tattle tale and bully.

WinCo Foods - California, Pomona / food poisening

my sister and i got food poisening on meat we bought and cooked it on dec 12 2010 and had to go to the doctor for some medicine for the vomiting and neausa. the store wrote up an accident report for thier insurance company and said it will take 72 hrs to get back to us. have not heard anything back as of yet. it felt like someone reached in and ripped out my stomach.

WinCo Foods - California, Bakersfield / low standards, no customer care

There Are hundreds of flies at the bottom of the open freezer and rusty razor Blades in the bottom of the fridge section. All kinds of products are have slits cut into them with the product going stale. If you go in there in the middle of the night you will see they pull there frozen and refridgerated products out of cold storage hours before it gets stocked. That explains how all the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom of my 5 galloon tub of mint and chip ice cream. i guess thats ok since there dirt cheap to shop. what pushed me to report this is i had a shopping cart put a nice dent in my...

WinCo Foods - Washington, Kennewick / customer service

I was at the seafood counter and asked for three lobster tails. The sign read $3.98 ea, and I ask they guy behind the counter to double check and he said they were. I had a hard time talking to him, because his friends kept talking over me, asking for "individually bagged shrimps" among other things, thinking they were funny. When I was paying at the register I notice the price was over $14.00 dollars for the lobster. I went to customer service immediately after being rung up to correct the error. Chad S. went to check the price, that is when I found out they only wrapped TWO TAILS instead of...

WinCo Foods / Bad Employment Practices

WinCo Foods is the WORST Employer I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. Are all the other employees on food stamps while working for them too??? Is it normal for the Person In Charge to yell at new employees during their training??? Do the customers at all WinCo stores complain about the management??? Do all employees that don't have to be on food stamps degrade those who are??? Even when they have a job??? Working at WinCo!!! Do all stores hire new employees to avoid paying medical and giving the current employees the hours they need and want??? Do all WinCo's give their...

WinCo Foods - Oregon, Corvallis / Treated Unfairly

DBD on
Ive been working at Winco Foods in Corvallis now for 5 years and the last year to 1 1/2 years my co-workers and bosses have been making these rediculous accusations; saying im not doing anything, my area is never getting completed, my orders are all late or wrong; they also say im being rude and disrespectful. They are saying and accusing me of all these things when none of it is true.

WinCo Foods - Oregon, Portland / Bad customer service

On November 28 2009 about 7pm I have been in town visiting and I had never shop at this store Winco before the cashier Jennifer the person in charger was very rude to me not knowing she can ring up two customers at the same time I had said that's my things, and she replied I know I am not dumb I replied I didn't say that Mame I just didn't understand why you rung my stuff up with they stuff she had develop the worse attitude to be a supervisor as I was handing her my money she yank my cash from my hand and I ask for her manager and she said she was in charge so I went to...

WinCo Foods - California, Pittsbug / Old Food

My Aunt had recently bought some fried chicken from there on Aug 8th 2009. Would you believe that when I had a piece today that inside the chicken were baby maggots!!! Now the store wants to say that it couldn't have came from them because it was friend chicken and the maggots wouldn't have servived in the temperature of heat that the chicken is fried in. But how do you explain the baby maggots being inside the chicken and not outside of it? How gross!!!

WinCo Foods - California, Pomona / Customer Harrasment

Today in WinCo located at Pomona, CA, at 8:45pm, cashier in lane #4 (named Lisa) snatched from my Wife’s hands a Chinese lucky cookie’s bag and threw it under the cash register (do not know if it was the garbage) just because it did not have any bar code / price. A friend that was accompanying my Wife asked the Cashier if there was a problem and she answered “No I do not have a problem, do you have one?”, after that her behavior was very sarcastic and at the end when my Wife and friend where leaving, she shouted “Hey men, have a good night”. After the...

WinCo Foods - California, Pittsburg / Couldent buy beer. not following CA Law

My husband and I had a bad experience at Winco Foods. We just finished our grocery shopping and went to check out. I told the checker we also have a case of Budwieser beer. The checker told us she needs to see all of our I.Ds including our friends I.D who is only 20. Mind u hes not a minor, so we are not responsible for him and neither is the store. We ask him to wait outside to make it easier. We showed her our I.Ds. Then she told us we couldent purchase the beer cause our friend did not provide I.D and is under 21! First off by California law, only the person purchasing the beer is required to...
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