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WinCo Foods Complaints & Reviews

WinCo Foods / Harassment

Boobri13 on Jan 20, 2017
Today went in to winco to go grab some of the candy and when I walked in that store my intention was to pay for my candy. Well I see people pack all sorts of candy in one bag and I go to pay and she told me to do it separately so went back and did what she asked. Well I hear her page 519...

WinCo Foods / Maggots found in food

Cetrina rugado on Dec 7, 2016
I went shopping this morning and as I was checking out there was a liquid split on some of the food. I couldn't find the source so I continued packing. When I got home i found a jar of spaghetti sauce that looked like it had burst. Inside the sauce was black mold and it was filled with...

WinCo Foods / Winco distributef grated parmesan cheese, 8oz glass jar

GD Foulke on Dec 7, 2016
I purchased this product at your store located at 57th Ave and Bell Rd, Phoenix AZ in Dec 3rd. I did not notice the contents of the jar container, , primarily due to the label covering most of the container. On Dec 6th, wanted to use the "grated cheese" on some lasagna (ingredients also...

WinCo Foods / Rude behavior at the customer service return/exchange counter

Mrs. Lady Walker on Nov 29, 2016
Dear Winco, Today November 29, 2016 at 5pm, I went to your Duncanville, TX. location, store #0124. Today was an annoying time for me in your store. I returned two packs of berries that went bad very quickly. In returning the berries to your store for an even exchange, your customer service...

Su Ollom / Del monte fruit cocktail

Su Ollom on Oct 23, 2016
Well i was enjoying my fruit cocktail when i looked in the can to find a 2''stem in my can i will enclose a couple of pictures as i feel this not a over sight and some of the fruit bad spots were in the can also very dissatisfied.my address is su ollom 310 19th ave longview wa 98632 and...

WinCo Foods / Deli Head, Management, Mira

Mendez51 on Jul 26, 2016
The woman who has taken over the Deli/Seafood departments is a hateful discriminatory woman who imposes her personal beliefs on all of her employees. I have watched one store in particular, as it is the one in my area, Eugene. She has forced her employees to remove their WEDDING RINGS, and...

WinCo Foods / Customer unprofessional service

Tryssiduous on Jul 23, 2016
On July 22, 2016 at 22:29 The store wasn't as busy as usual and the cashier by the name of Maria decided to close her line as I approached to be checked out. I understood and moved to the next available cashier. After unloading my cart with 15 items I noticed that she allowed another...

WinCo Foods / Lead Clerk

Jacinta Perez on Jun 25, 2016
I'm currently an employee at Winco in Garland I have a complaint against a Lead Clerk on the overnight crew I'm not sure what his name is, but he was rude to my fiance as I had got off work my fiance wasn't doing anything except waiting on me I didn't know my fiance couldn't stand and wait...

WinCo Foods / Hamburger

jackd83 on Apr 1, 2016
I bought 2 lbs hamburger for my wife, and was told when she cooked it and ate it, it had hairs in it. Then week later, she asked my to buy more hamburger, but not Winco, so I went to Costco, and had to buy her a large portion, which was way too much for her, but she finally used that up...

WinCo Foods / Racist comment by Winco employee

m. Cummings on Jan 15, 2016
Nov. 2015: I am shopping at the Winco in Orangevale, CA, and as I am searching for onion buns, a Winco employee (dressed in the black win on polo shirt, walks right by me and says, "What, no fried chicken today?" he kept walking down the aisle all the way towards produce and entered into...

WinCo Foods / Mistreated

ashleynala on Oct 27, 2013
On 10/26/2013 19:15, I went into Winco on Ashlan Ave in Fresno. I happened to be driving on the street saw Winco and decided to make a quick stop since I have few coupons for any Armour products, which were about to expire in a few days. I don't even live in the area, I just happened...

WinCo Foods / Bulk Bin Dog Treats

Troy E on Jul 18, 2013
WinCo foods, Henderson has unsafe dog treats in their bulk bins. They will not take responsibility for selling these treat to pet owners. These treat killed my AKC Service dog, when my dog got kidney disease from two of their treats sold at their store and died. An accident report was made...

WinCo Foods / Deceptive Meat Packaging

WinCo Foods NO MORE on Apr 4, 2013
I have a food smoker I use to make my own jerky. I buy sliced beef roasts to make my own marinated jerky. I usually give some of it to family and co-workers. Yum Yum. As a teenager I worked in the meat department of a Thriftway store, wrapping meat and cleaning the meat dept. at night...

WinCo Foods / Employment harrassment

bradyjensen4 on Mar 4, 2013
Hi my name is Brady and I was an employee at winco foods in ogden Utah but I did post an personal ad looking for someone to be with yes I am gay but Winco Foods corporate had some complaints about my AD so management took me into the office and talked to me and put me on suspension for 3...

WinCo Foods / price and size

Cathy Bentz on Aug 11, 2012
The store I shop at has started only selling Family Size Sabra humus, costing almost $5 per container; I was used to buying a smaller one for $3 something and I can't afford to buy it at the price they're selling it for now.

WinCo Foods / unfair promoting practices

no where land on Jul 7, 2012
Ive been an employee for years i applied for a position which i felt qualified for and they give it to someone that has been an winco employee for 3 months i didnt even get an face to face interview i find it so unfair that ive asked to learn more things but feel only a slap in the face...

WinCo Foods / problems with promotions

no where land on Jun 26, 2012
Ive been an employee with winco foods for several years ive asked and requested to learn new things but management refuses and blows me off its not fair that newer employees are learning new things and im not winco foods is suppose to support their employees atribution to wanting to...

WinCo Foods / Rude Manager / Discrimination

EFam on Oct 20, 2011
The Temecula Store manager by the name of Brian King or Key (he refused to provide his last name spelling when asked). Declined me and my wife's manufacturer coupon because in his words "the deal is too good". Its a buy one get one free manufacturer coupon that DOES meet your current...

WinCo Foods / Thanks for awful customer service

Ciblike on Sep 13, 2011
I was at the seafood counter and questioned for three lobster tails. The sign read $3.98 ea, and I request they guy behind the counter to double check and he said they were. I had a hard time talking to him, because his friends kept talking over me, asking for "individually bagged shrimps"...

WinCo Foods / Rude Sean

unbelievable86 on Jul 13, 2011
I just called the Winco in reno at the Northtowne Shopping Center around 8:46am to see if the shasta cola was still on sale for .58 cents, and was spoken to on the phone like a child by an employee who called himself Sean. This of course will not stop me from shopping there because i love...

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