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Victoria's Secret Complaints & Reviews

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Victoria's Secret - Illinois, Aurora / Scam

Victoria's Secret Scam on 2013-06-29
I like the complaint I just read on this site, signed up for Identity protect through Victoria's Secret. Never received the information. Called and was told I could get the information and print out the form for the $20 gift card on myidpro.com I can't get this website to come up. Called the company back at 1-866-802-7621 and told them I just read a complaint online stating there was no website and that i also couldn't get it to come up. And these people want to protect my identity. This is a scam shame on Victoria's secret and new york & company for not investigating the...

Victoria's Secret / nudity

concernedMom321 on 2013-05-18
Ads displayed in the windows a each Victoria's Secret store portray unrealistically skinny women barely dressed in underwear that they are literally falling out of in every way. The only thing keeping this from being pornography is that there is no pubic hair showing. It is disgusting and unrealistic.

Victoria's Secret - Missouri, Joplin / very rude employee/manager

Cheryl Paugh on 2013-01-05
I experienced very rude customer service from victoria's secret and I am writing to advise I will be contacting my attorney Monday morning because I believe I was spoken to very rudely and the store manager touched my arm twice and she treated me as if I was a shoplifter but my main problem with this all is that the lady touched me I will never go into that store again and the lady is lucky I didnt punch her in the face for touching me I dont feel like any employees and especiaslly not a manager should have any rights to touch a customer and treat ANYONE with the disrespect like I wa...

Victoria's Secret / Terrible Service and bad practices

mcramos on 2012-12-07
I was put on hold for over 5 minutes without ever being asked what I needed first. I eventually gave up and called back. They put me on hold again of course. I know its the holidays and all, but that is no reason to but snotty on the phone. You would think it would be the season to be of "good cheer" and all? You "would think"! I asked for a manager to help me after the cold shoulder, and even the manager seemed a little "huffy". After asking if they had an item or two I was looking for and it appeared that they didn't carry I eventually gave up. I told them thank you for checking and to...

Victoria's Secret - Texas, Humble / Managerial Treatment of Employees

I have worked for Victoria's Secret long enough to observe that the managers do NOT treat all employees equally and do NOT listen to what the employees have to say, nor do they care about their employees safety. On numerous occasions I and other girls have had to walk out late at night by ourselves yet they want us to feel "safe". I've overheard managers gossiping and criticizing both customers and employees. The store manager Monica is the worst. Every couple hours we are supposed to make a certain amount of money but Monica treats every customer as just a sale and she openly say...

Victoria's Secret / Unauthorized charges

Monica2020 on 2012-09-05
! I’d strongly discourage anyone from buying online from this company. They are complete SCAM artists. I’ve honestly had no problems shopping in the store BUT my online experiences have been pure HELL!! The first time I placed an order, I received a couple of body creams and a shower gel that were not to my liking, so I packed the items up along with the original receipt and headed to the store for an exchange. None of the items were used - I only wanted to exchange them for the same products, different fragrances. After getting to the counter with my new selection and items to...

Victoria's Secret - New York / commercials

trece on 2012-04-05
I am appalled at the Victoria's secret commercials on tv! They are provocative and inappropriate for daytime viewing!! I have a 2 and 4 year old and am very upset that this is on!!! What are they setting my children's generation up for?? How do you block it or get rid of it?? It is on my local channels!

Victoria's Secret / Gift Exchange

DiamondDeb on 2011-12-05
I HATE VICTORIA'S SECRET! My mother-in-law sent me some apparel from VS for my birthday. I sent them back for exchange. I neatly typed my new merchandise on Word to send with their receipt. They actually credited back my gift givers credit card instead. So I get no gift this year or call my gift giver to explain what happened which will just hurt her feelings. No apologies from VS. No compensation for their f*ck-up. I wrote them to cancel my account and delete me from their mailing list. I doubt they will do it or even respond.

Victoria's Secret - New York, Syracuse / No Men's dressing rooms

Kriptonus on 2011-05-21
There isn't much for men to wear in Victoria's Secret, but some of their underwear works well for guys IMHO. At any rate, Whenever I shop VS, I always see lots of other guys in there too, some helping their girlfriends / wives shop, some alone. I never see them shopping with their buddies. Go figure. My complaint, is that with so many guys shopping VS, shouldn't they have a men's Dressing room? I'd feel really dumb standing in line with a bunch of women holding a bunch of Women's underwear, Yet they'd make us do it. Victoria's Secret should have a separate Dressing room for Men.

Victoria's Secret / Products

MP02 on 2011-05-05
A few months ago I went into a Victoria's Secret store. I was specifically going to buy five pairs of underwear for $25 as a part of a deal in their PINK collection. When I got up to the counter to pay for my underwear I noticed one of the panties had something on it. There was a large blood stain on the inside of the underwear. I showed the salesperson and she just told me to pick out another pair, like it was not a big deal. To say I was disgusted is an understatement. It is foul and unbelievable that they would have dirty underwear, especially with blood, for sale.


yolanda k on 2011-05-03
I would like to know how Victorias Secret charge double for shipping? I was charged $15 for shipping and the Customs Form at the postoffice notes that they only paid $7.64...I would also like to note, I ordered a 8.5 shoe and the shoe I received had to be a size 7 but I would not no because the size was NO where on the shoe!!!The shoe box read 8.5 but the shoe had NO ink of size on it. I think they are filling orders with what they have left (this shoe was on sell) I would like to note we are a military family living overseas and we have a APO box. This company is a ripp off. I would like to...

Victoria's Secret - New Jersey, Edison / no returns for children under 17

Ann J on 2011-04-04
My daughter made a purchase on 3/23/11 went to return it unworn, with the original receipt on 3/27/2011 and was told that she could not return it without a driver's liscence. She's 15 years old and the yoga pants did not fit her. They can allow her to make purchases there without a driver's liscence but will not allow her to return them? When I inquired about this the cashier informed me "yes, she can purchase anything she wants but we cannot give her her money back. It's our written policy." This is discrimination and is unacceptable. I will never go back to that store again.

Victoria's Secret / Online Order

fishylee on 2011-03-21
I placed an order from VS early January. They ended up sending me the wrong order, so I sent it back. When the stuff I ordered arrived, I returned that stuff too. They gave me a refund and I thought that was that. A month later, I get an email saying they never received the return of the incorrect items, and would therefore be charged again in 14 days. I called customer service and the lady checked my tracking info and saw they in fact everything was returned. She said she marked the items as returned and said I wouldn't be charged. 3 weeks later, my credit card was charged again. I...

Victoria's Secret - Ohio, Dublin / Store at Tuttle Mall, Dublin, Ohio

Ann Sowers on 2011-02-04
Buyers Beware. I have shopped at Victoria's Secret for years. I know what I am looking for and I have worn the same sizes for over 15 years. As I am shopping the sales associate asked if she could assist. I asked her nicely, no. I know what I want and know my sizes. I grabbed size 34B bra and panties size Small. As I continue shopping the associate actually states that I should buy a bra in size 32 ! I was shocked in disbelief !!! It was not only insulting but I felt discrimination and judgement. I had a sweater and coat on, so again, it was very very insulting! I felt harrassed. I later...

Victoria's Secret / Bad customer service, online ordering

I have pictures that are too big to upload here, video, and/or video, in some cases both, of every “incident” of this too-bizarre-to-believe nightmare except for one: what the customer service reps have told me. If those calls are recorded, then there is 100% proof, although I highly doubt they would even give it a second thought. But if I can prove everything else as fact VS, the why lie about the crap service your customer service reps. I do realize my story will sound exaggerated or even fake so if you’d like to see some pics, just email me and my new email addy: Fact...

Victoria's Secret / mean customer service, bad online service

I have pictures that are too big to upload here, video, and/or video, in some cases both, of every “incident” of this too-bizarre-to-believe nightmare except for one: what the customer service reps have told me. If those calls are recorded, then there is 100% proof, although I highly doubt they would even give it a second thought. But if I can prove everything else as fact VS, the why lie about the crap service your customer service reps. I do realize my story will sound exaggerated or even fake so if you’d like to see some pics, just email me and my new email addy: Fact...

Victoria's Secret / Say Bye-Bye XL panties and LARGE Bras..

I sent this to corporate- I am not expecting to hear anything but it was nice to get it off my chest :D I am extremely disappointed in the Victoria's Secret company. I am 28 years old and have been shopping there for about 9 years now. I buy lotions, perfumes, body sprays, bras, panties, etc. All of this has come to a stop and I will not ever step foot in the store again. About one month ago, I was going on my honeymoon and was trying to shop for a strapless bra - I went to VS and asked for help in purchasing it in a 38DD. There weren't any in the store. I asked for a 40DD and...

Victoria's Secret / Shipping

I just had the worst experience in my life. I am a very good customer of Victoria's secret, the famous underwear and clothing company. I always purchase at least twice a year, even if I do not reside in the US (I live in Australia) I always pay a ridiculous price for shipping... Anyway, I make my purchase a few weeks back in sales! I was so happy I bought for more than 500 dollars, yeah I loved VS... I usually get my parcel about a week after they charge me but this time I keep waiting even if they did not wait two days to charge me ($520 + $20 banking fees)... After three weeks (time...

Victoria's Secret - Illinois / return

I had my first experience with Victoria's secret two days ago. I have never purchased any bras from your company before and I was excited to finally have a 'great' bra. After picking out two bra's (that were the same brand, size, but different color) I immediately went home and put my brand new VS bra on. It fit like a dream, aside from the loose straps I had my husband tighten for me. As he was tightening them he told me to remove the bra because one strap was being held my a thin piece of fabric. Disappointed, I removed the bra. We examined it and found a very weird long...

Victoria's Secret - California / CROOKS! RETURN RIP-OFF

NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP VS!! My letter to customer service: Dear customer service, This letter is to inform you of my complete dissatisfaction of my catalog order with Victoria's Secret, the rude phone call with Jasmine from the Bank service that handles Victoria's Secret credit card services on 5/10/10 (which I understand is not Victoria's Secret), however they do business for you, and last but no least the amount I have due from keeping ZERO items, and how I have to calculate this on my own. 1.) I have shredded my Victoria's Secret credit card, and will ban all...
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