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Tesco / Unethical services

wan radzi wan deraman on 2015-10-09
Last Saturday on (03/10/2015) i had applied for AEON monthly Installment to buy a freezer and was told by staff the procedure will took two days for processing. 05/10/2015-Received call from AEON STAFF, that application is processing. 06/10/2015-AEON told me that application is succeed and waiting for claim from TESCO. 08/10.2015-Asked TESCO STAFF to get information regarding my application, the answer was given is, the staff who handling this application is on leave and TESCO currently running the AUDIT and not any application will be process.The staff have no any ideas to give explanation...

Tesco / customer services

Ann Low on 2015-08-09
I would like to make complaint about Seremben Tesco Customers service of Cashier Counter number 21 staff name : FATIHAH today timing 3pm, I'm make a purchase of Liquid with all house home item during make a payment the Casiher Fatihan very poor of customers service talking to me in direct say Won't touch my think they reason she say my item non Halal . I'm Malaysian and Understood what it's called Non Halal and we had tell her we help to hold the products to scan instead you touch . But she really poor service to rejected me that won't do any of this cashier job. In term...

Tesco / kad tesco

rugayah binti yahay on 2015-06-24
saya kecewa dengan sikap lepas tangan kakitangan tesco ...mengenai kad ganjaran tesco pemengang kad tesco saya dah shoping berkali-kali dekat tesco tapi voucer tak dapat bila pergi semak nama orang lain bukan sekali tapi dah 3 kali...ikut kan hati ni mau je buat report...

Tesco - England, Surrey / terrible store

melissay on 2013-07-19
This store is terrible. The Costa coffe machine is out of order more often than not. They never ever have any pastries on Monday and Friday mornings and on Monday mornings their sandwich selection is whatever was left over from the weekend. The ONE cashier(female) is bad mooded, sullen and unfriendly. There are never enough staff and when they do have staff in they stand gormlessly in front of the shelves pretending to be stocking things and getting in your way.

Tesco - England, Greater London, LONDON / confrontational staff

Piet Retief on 2013-06-29
Verbal abuse by aggressive member of staff at Tesco Supermarket: the most parasitic dehumanising carbuncle on the face of humanity. Tescos was voted worst UK supermarket for service Yesterday I was waiting to pay for a few items at till 2. There appeared to be an issue at the till, and as I was 3rd in line, I decided to gather up my items and head to the next till. Margaret, cashier on till 2, started speaking at me, uninvited, in a raised voice; “I don’t care if you don’t want to pay here, you can pay somewhere else, go on!” She was quite difficult to understand as a result...

Tesco - England, Cheshire, Crewe / lack of products

TESCO on 2013-06-14
hi as a regular shopper at my local Tesco i have been getting more and more dismayed by the lack of products on the shelves on a Friday at 12 noon. as i shop after i finish work i do expect that the store is stocked with basic things like bread but oh no there was none of the brand that i wanted so they have obviously not ordered enough and then i to my surprise and great disappointment there were no egg custard tarts and as a friend of mine was visiting and can really only eat those i was most upset, however i then went to purchase a couple of bottles of rose wine only to find the shelf empty...

Tesco - England, Middlesex / Tesco pinner green Middlesex London

Mr raichura on 2013-05-03
How safe are we really? Common Assault without CCTV evidence cannot constitute a crime - don't be so ridiculous Tescos! Officers were called by way of 999 call when a father of two from Pinner was assaulted by a Security Guard called PATRICK employed by Tesco's Store in Pinner green the 29th April 2013 at around 5.30pm. The victim alleges that the Security Guard used excessive force three times, including a punch to his back, in order to stop him from seeing the Store Manager. This victim claims "this happened because the Security Guard was trying to stop me from speaking to the...

Tesco / Terrible, uncaring attitude

Tlake on 2012-06-08
I visited my local Tesco store in Bury St Edmunds. As I was walking around by the green grocery section, I slipped on some grapes that had dropped by someone. Fortunately I didn't hurt myself or fall, but it gave me a start. There were two of the staff nearby and one of them saw what happened. I got annoyed when he looked as though he thought it was funny so I had a word with him. A manager appeared and he listened to my complaint about not keeping the floor clear, then insinuated it was all my fault, for not looking where I was going! No apology was forthcoming. They couldn't care less.


Jorg on 2012-01-05
I asked a cashier about the Tesco policy on prices when I realized their offers did not properly register. If I found a price to be more than the offer, would they respond? The cashier went to ask but the manager decided she was not going to bother and walk over three cash registers to come and answer my question. I then walked over to her because the cashier pointed her out to me. At which point, I approached the manager and she started talking down to me and smacking her lips and rolling her eyes like a child. I told her she did not have to behave that way. How unprofessional of her. The audacity of this person to treat a customer this way. I will never shop there again. AVOID Tesco Sligo at all costs...

Tesco / policies

tescohater on 2011-06-13
That's it I've totally had it with the corporate c**t/profit whore that is tesco. Every time I shop there I come away angry. If it's not their CONSTANT changing the locations of items on shelves around...no it DOESN'T make me buy more, just makes me forget items and get so irritated the last thing I want to do is browse, whoever decided that was a complete moron!... it's also their constant discontinuing of my favourite items...over 50 now! And they can't claim they weren't selling, some of them regularly sold out very quickly. The truth is tesco doesn't...

Tesco / Changing Store

Sophie Mills on 2011-05-12
Sir/Madam This may sound like a simple matter, but it is extremely irritating to me as a regular Tesco customer (I shop probably twice a week for a family of 4). Can someone tell me why Tesco keep changing the way they place their products around on the shelves. Some shopping guru has obviously told them that, psychologically, we shoppers actually like being made to hunt for the fruit and veg - that it is actually good for us to have to dig out the apples that have happily been displayed against the wall for the last 2 years, and have now been positioned in the middle of the 3rd isle. The reality...

Tesco - England, Middlesex, London / Tesco banned me without a reason

On 24/12/2010 did my shopping at Tesco Perivale (Hoover building), security turned up to me and start abusing me of eating they're donuts: Said: Had empty package on front of me and said: Either you pay for it or I call to the Police! I said: I have touched or eat it, and said call to the Police or I will myself! He call to the police, They've arrived! Policeman asked security to see Video, were they can see me eating! Security said non of the cameras in the shop are working for some reason, so we can't see the video! Police man looked at about 20 cameras above us and said you mean...

Tesco - England, Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe / milktokens

to who this may concern i went to do my shopping .i got to the counter and tried to use my milk token then i get told i couldnt use them and then i just got nothut abuse of one of the staff i really needed to use my milk tokes as i needed to get some electrick now i carnt do iam now going to look at legal advice and also go and see a laywer as well as it is not this first time that this has happend .iam decusted the the manerger did not do nothing iam very upset have no elc now what do i do lynsey barton my email is karnal30@yahoo.co.uk

Tesco / Be aware

Magat on
After going through a total saga with Tesco's, over the last 6 months, I HAVE A WORD OF WARNING TO FELLOW DRIVERS OUT THERE! if you value your sanity please stay away from this organisation. As a result of their 'PERSISTANT HARRASSMENT OF ME', which has taken me to the point of near 'Suicide' and has resulted in me having to seek counselling for severe depression and loss of work. Even though I had gone right to the top, to Sir Terry Leahy it got me nowhere, and they still maintain they did nothing wrong. Their Chief Executives Office in Edinburgh is staffed by people...

Tesco / about manager

zub on
saya zubaidah nor salah seorang pekerja di tesco penang ingin menyatakan bahawa kami selalu dipersalahkan oleh manager kerana menipu wang syarikat. kami bekerja sebagai juruwang di tesco, tetapi manager kami Encik. Nizan selalu menuduh kami mencuri wang tersebut sedangkan beliau dan assistantnya yang bernama Zuhari tl dari front end department main dengan wang syarikat dan menuduh staff lain yang bekerja di situ, termasuk saya. disebabkan mereka tl lain juga kena buang kerja walaupun dia seorang yang jujur. mereka juga menuduh semua staff sebarangan. saya berharap pihak berkuasa akan mengambil...

Tesco - England, Surrey, Horley / impolite cashiers

I used to go tesco shopping about 2-3 times a week, but now it is barely once a month for the following reason. I went to the local tesco branch tonight and the same thing happened again. When I had finished having my shopping scanned by the cashier, I wait now to see if they actually will tell me how much my shopping has come to, finally he told me after I had just stood there. This happens all the time, don't matter what time of day you go. It's impolite to say the least, and for the benefit to those customers who may be partially sighted. I have complained to the customer service...

Tesco - England, Essex / higher prices/no market value foods

fran on
Over the last few years tesco in Gt.Dunmow has been removing more and more Market Value items, and even now their relatively new discount brands are disappearing to be replaced by more expensive items. Obviously tesco's in Gt. Dunmow think this is a wealthy area - maybe a few are - but the majority are normal people. We also suffer as there is no competion from other supermarkets in the area -causing them to put their prices even higher -pertol is a prime example. I want to see the Gt Dunmow store stock more market value items -as believe it or not some of us are really suffering in this reccession.

Tesco / Customer care

davidh on
Hi my name is David Hines. I am a loyal customer to tescos at the beggers bush sutton coldfield where i do my shopping on a regular basis. Today monday the 8th June about 16.45 approx i went to grab a few things i needed this included petrol for today as i would do my weekly shopping tomorrow Tuesday 9th June for the week. I grabed a basket and had a walk around, before long i had what i needed (pork-chops and a tin of mushy peas). I made my way to the last 10 items or less counter near to the main doors and joined a small cue, as i did the lady behind the counter said "can you do me...

Tesco / Tesco allow their customers in China to buy and butcher live turtles at home!

Tesco are selling live turtles for food in their supermarkets in China. A customer can choose to have the turtle they have purchased butchered alive in the supermarket, or they can choose to take the turtle home, to end its life in whatever manner they choose, before cooking and eating it. It is currently being challenged that the killing of the turtle in-store is not humane, that is awaiting research results. Tesco, of course, are unable to guarantee that the killing of the live turtle taken home is humane. By allowing their customer to leave with the live turtle, Tesco are shunning their...
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